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Army Offering Largest Enlistment Bonus Ever As It Struggles To Secure New Recruits

Amid the struggles of labor shortages and the woes of the nation's pandemic, the Army is working to entice new recruits

The US Army is working to overcome the nation’s labor shortage with its most significant bonus ever — $50,000.

In a release from the Army on Wednesday, military officials said the incentive had been created for qualified recruits who sign up for specific career paths and agree to active-duty six-year enlistments. The bonus is intended to attract the “same talent” that private companies are working to capture.

Maj. Gen. Kevin Vereen, head of Army Recruiting Command, told the AP Wednesday that changes in the nation’s job market and education system have posed significant challenges for Army recruiters. The first quarter of the year is a historically tough time to recruit. The Army hopes that some extra cash and a few incentives will entice qualified young people to sign up.

“We are still living the implications of 2020 and the onset of COVID when the school systems basically shut down. We lost a full class of young men and women that we didn’t have contact with, face-to-face,” Vereen said. 

The two-year-long pandemic has made recruiting more challenging in schools and at public events. Plus, the competition for quality workers has intensified as young people have been open to more non-traditional career paths.

While fearful of getting sick or being unable to find child care, millions of people in the US have quit their jobs in the last year. Multiple corporations have responded with sign-on bonuses, significant raises, and other benefit-based enticements.

Companies such as Target and Walmart announced employee reimbursement programs. Many restaurants groups began offering 401(k) retirement accounts. While many larger professional corporations such as banks have turned to remote positions.

As for the Army, enlistment bonuses previously maxed out at $40,000. But with full and part-time positions vacant across 150 areas of the armed forces, military officials increased incentive packages by $10,000.

For example, a new recruit who enlists for a six-year commitment as an air and missile defense crewmember would typically earn a $40,000 bonus.

The military is now offering a $9,000 “critical accession” bonus for the position and $1,000 more if the recruit attends training within 90 days.

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6 responses to “Army Offering Largest Enlistment Bonus Ever As It Struggles To Secure New Recruits”

  1. Turk_Longwell says:

    I agree with all the below comments. It’s sad that the leaders think that wokeism will work to their benefit. How are they so ignorant to what their usual base of recruits want and believe. Libtards are not your usually military recruits. The majority of the Marine Corps and Army enlisted are right leaning. You’ll get more liberal folks in the Navy and Air Force, IMO, because the jobs in those two branches are less physically straining.
    I do hope we turn it around. Man, I pray that we do, or we’re done for.

  2. ZeroBalance says:

    Reenlistments are also low. More soldiers are getting out because they see the military becoming increasingly political. High ranking leaders are seen as yes men more like the zampolit than the hero’s of old. That on top of the illegal vaccine mandate being forced on troops. Only the president or congress can mandate an EUA vaccine on troops and that has not happened yet. Service members simply dont have a reason to stay in.

  3. chris1 says:

    The military has off larger sign on bonuses. There where guys in afghanistan gettting 90k tax free for reinlisting over seas.

  4. pandusa says:

    Yes, you would be foolish to go into the military at present for reasons listed in previous comments below. Hang tight and wait till tomorrow. There always is one. People have not realized who they SHOULD be against in America…and it is NOT each other.

  5. ZedS says:

    Don’t do it, young folks. Once you’re in, they will chew you up and spit you out. Speaking as a veteran, I cannot in good conscience recommend joining any branch of the armed forces now. Even if Trump were to be re-elected in 2024 (or some other no-nonsense, anti-woke/CRT candidate, like DeSantis), it will take two years at a minimum for really proactive leaders working flat-out at purging leadership positions of those leftist, racist, communist sympathizers before the military’s internal divide will not chew up dissenting, junior-ranking members and recruits.

  6. Fedora21 says:

    Wokeism cancer spreading through ranks and being used as pawns in a social experiment.
    Botched Afghanistan withdraw.
    Warhawks constantly trying to get power and get the country involved in more wars.
    Never ending horror stories about the VA and how veterans are otherwise treated after discharge.
    Discharges if the clot shot is refused.
    A man with advancing dementia that can’t utter a complete sentence without a teleprompter is in charge.
    A universally hated corrupt and evil politician that slept her way into power is 2nd in command.

    Xir! Recruitment is down!

    *surprised Pikachu face*