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American Airlines Flight to London Forced to Land Over Maskless Passenger

According to the airline, an American Airlines flight to London returned to Miami after a passenger refused to follow the federal requirement to wear a face mask.

Late Wednesday, American Airlines Flight 38, a Boeing 777 with 129 passengers and 14 crew members abroad, turned back for Miami International Airport just over an hour into the trip.

The return was “due to a disruptive customer refusing to comply with the federal mask requirement,” American said in a statement. “The flight landed safely at MIA where local law enforcement met the aircraft. We thank our crew for their professionalism and apologize to our customers for the inconvenience.”

The airline called Miami police and officers escorted a woman off the plane without incident. 

A spokesperson for the Miami-Dade Police Department said American Airlines personnel handled the passenger “administratively.”

An airline spokesman said that the woman was put on American’s internal no-fly list pending further investigation. Many airlines have banned passengers during the pandemic if they refuse to follow mandatory mask requirements.

Under the US federal mask mandate, everyone must wear a mask covering their mouth and nose while on flights and other forms of public transportation.

According to the Federal Aviation Administration, airlines reported nearly 6,000 incidents involving unruly passengers last year and 151 in the first two weeks of this year. Most of the reported incidents involved passengers who refused to wear masks.

Some incidents have included physical assault against crews. In October of last year, an American Airlines flight attendant was hospitalized after a passenger struck her in the face.

The Federal Aviation Administration says it has initiated 32 investigations out of the 151 unruly passenger reports it has received so far in 2022. 

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7 responses to “American Airlines Flight to London Forced to Land Over Maskless Passenger”

  1. beharris9 says:

    Yes, masks have worked so well the pandemic is nearly over. Everyone on that plane should demand a refund for the delay.

  2. HerrDoktor says:


    You’re forgetting the orgasmic rush of excitement authoritarians get when they successfully force someone else to obey. That is, in the words of an ancient Mastercard commercial, “priceless.”

  3. Foxy says:

    I run meetings with management in my company all the time and think about how much that one meeting is actually costing the company.

    The cost here to: 129 people’s personal time, air crew, police, missed connections that need to be rescheduled, jet fuel, any complimentary gifts for apologies to customers, and of course the Environment. Seems like the cost benefit analysis is a little off over a small piece of cloth for someone who already tested not positive for Covid.

  4. Maiafay says:

    They chose to land. It’s on them for drinking the stupid juice.

  5. thisismyusername says:

    “Forced” to land? How was the plane “forced?” Were a pair of F-16s sent to intercept, flanked the plane on both sides, and forced it down under threat of destruction should it continue? Did the Karen Krew break into the cockpit, subdue the pilots, and land it themselves?

    Come on, you guys can do better with your headlines. This one is something I would expect to see from CNN, NCS, or any other statist-cult media outlet.

  6. HerrDoktor says:

    Imagine wasting that much time and money because you want to make someone else wear a science burka. And then trying to blame the waste of time and money on the person who wouldn’t accept your intrusion.
    Mask Karens are rapists in disguise.

  7. marc.cgk says:

    What a joke. How low have the mighty fallen…

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