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Actor Michael Rapaport Returns to Empty Neighborhood Rite Aid to Show Impact of Crime Surge

Less than a week after posting a video of a thief walking away with two bags of stolen items, the actor returned to show empty shelves

On Sunday, actor Michael Rapaport returned to his neighborhood Rite Aid to find shelves almost empty days after filming a thief walking out of the store with two shopping bags full of stolen goods.

The actor posted the return video to Instagram

“Back in my Rite Aid, and there’s nothing to steal because this Rite Aid, like so many other Rite Aids, is closing down because everybody stole everything. And the workers here don’t know if they’re getting jobs,” he said in the video.

“Congratulations, losers,” he concluded in his now-viral video.

The visit came nearly one week after Rapaport filmed a thief strolling out of the store at 80th Street and 2nd Avenue with no interference or issues.

According to a security guard in Rapaport’s videos, the Rite Aid in his videos has been devastated by thefts of similar nature almost daily.

The store is set to close on Feb. 15 and 63 other locations in the coming months. The surge in crime and theft is one of the primary reasons for the closure, the chain said in its closure announcements in December.

Rapaport said he was “disgusted” and “surprised” when he saw the thief simply walking through the store last week and filling his bag from multiple sections before exiting.

“These criminals know there are no ramifications. We have to put more of these m-fers in jail,” he said.

“You see all these videos on Instagram of people shoplifting like they’re going for a walk in the park. It’s pathetic that this is happening in the greatest city in the world,” Rapaport said in his videos last week.

Rapaport blames former Mayor Bill de Blasio. In multiple statements last week, he said that it was de Blasio’s embrace of soft-on-crime policies and police budget cuts that led to the rise in crime.

Rapaport did say that city’s new mayor, Eric Adams, could make a change: “I think Eric Adams knows what’s going on; he knows how to deal with crime. I’m just hoping he lives up to our expectations.”

Rapaport said Sunday that he relies on his local Rite Aid to buy his mood stabilizers. He and many others in the community are now losing their neighborhood pharmacy. He also pointed out that dozens of employees are now out of work due to the rampant shoplifting.

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