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62-Year-Old Truck Driver Who Spent $153 on Campaign Unseats NJ Senate President, Longtime Dem

A 62-year-old commercial truck driver in New Jersey officially defeated the long-serving State Senate President Thursday, with the Associated Press calling the race for the Republican and first-time politician two days after the polls closed.

“I have lived here all my life. I have been a commercial truck driver for the last 25 years. I consider myself to be ‘blue collar,'” Durr states on his campaign website.

Durr spent only $153 on his primary campaign.

“I didn’t beat him. We beat him,” 62-year-old Ed Durr said on “Fox News Primetime” late Wednesday. “The state of New Jersey, the people of New Jersey beat him. They listened to what I had to say and I listened to what they had to say, and it’s a repudiation of Governor Murphy [who] went and locked us down and ignored the people’s voice and senator Sweeney chose to do nothing for those 18 months.”

“You cannot tell people they can’t have a job. You can’t tell people they can’t go to church. And that’s what was done. And there was nothing done by the legislature, so this was the people’s voice being made heard clear,” he added.

Read the full report at Fox News.

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8 responses to “62-Year-Old Truck Driver Who Spent $153 on Campaign Unseats NJ Senate President, Longtime Dem”

  1. varange says:

    And asked Rogan for advice, and got rid of the coof within three days.

    We’ll done, Tim!

  2. UppityG says:

    This is what makes America great. It’s like a Vitamin B12 shot to my soul.

  3. prcntm says:

    Can we just discuss for a minute the way the media tried to skew this? I read another story on here about how the Press kind of just immediately called it for Murphy and basically just assumed he’d win, and I’m sure for some that reinforced the idea that he was going to win. They only retracted it almost two days after when the race was still too close to call and they couldn’t just assume that Murphy was the outright winner. They basically tried to propaganda Murphy back into office by setting the expectation that he’d already won. Just thought that was worth mentioning.

  4. neilinda says:

    He’s had covid.

  5. neilinda says:

    Thought there would be something here, but can’t find anything. Hmmm…


  6. infinityphotorob says:

    This is fucking epic!!! This is what America needs. Regular people helping make decisions for everyone vs career elites making decisions for themselves. I am keeping my fingers crossed Muffy loses. It will signal a huge change in the US of people waking up to this bullshit.

  7. Taryn says:

    I have lived in NJ my entire life. This win brings me joy, though it probably won’t be enough to get me to stay. I think this state is hopeless.

  8. Meagleycreep says:

    Where can we get news about what’s going on at the beanieplex?