Twitter Refused To Remove Video Of Child Sex Abuse Because It "Doesn't Break The Rules"

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Twitter Refused To Remove Video Of Child Sex Abuse Because It “Doesn’t Break The Rules”
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70 responses to “Twitter Refused To Remove Video Of Child Sex Abuse Because It “Doesn’t Break The Rules””

  1. DrewWestPress says:

    There’s a lot of old videos missing that I can’t watch. That sucks.

  2. UppityG says:

    It’s 21oct5 and either this post has never resolved the video upload loss or it’s been removed … without … removing the page and its comments. Weird.

    If anyone were to just show the illegal content to their local DA or AG, Twitter WILL be compelled to remove it, its guidelines notwithstanding.

    • Element says:

      They used to upload the videos directly to the site but that used too much bandwidth and was buffered too much. The switched to using Vimeo and then Rumble to host the videos. It looks like they didn’t go back to reupload their old videos. Maybe they got lost with the site update. Interesting that this broken video was listed as “trending” on a recent Timcast news article.

  3. appalachiaceltic says:

    I have tried clearing my cookies and changing browsers. It does not work. I followed the instructions and it doesnt work. Im cancelling my subscription. These videos are what I wanted to see. Waste of 10$

  4. Badscience says:

    Twitter is and always been a mess. Definitly biased but I dont blame them for having trouble moderating. When will we have real discussion about pedophilia, trauma and abuse. Pedophilia is morally wrong it traumatizes people and ruins lives. Some people are pedophiles and its probably a combination of genetics and trauma. Killing people and life long incarcerAtion is wrong. I don’t have answer. Pedophile colonies in remote areas with factories or farms for them to work on would be a great solution. People are going to immediately curse me for not wishing death on them but you so not dispensate life and death.

    • Masshole says:

      Actually, yes, we do dispense both life and death. Also, putting a bunch of criminals in a commune somewhere only gives them freedom that they do not deserve. Grow a spine.

  5. WingedLion says:

    Putting Q and pizza gate on the same level is highly irresponsible and shows no research was done. It’s real and big.

  6. Oiache79 says:

    Just curious who your host is? I would hate to see you guys go the way of Parler, and get black listed that way.

  7. WindyChimes says:

    Great stuff!
    Is what I would have said if the video was watchable.
    Hope you guys get that plugin issue fixed soon.
    All the best.

  8. Necro_P_Hagist says:

    This shit burns me up; I’m surprised it wasn’t followed up by a twitter trust and safety council tweet about “the horrors of child trafficking.”

  9. Orpheus says:

    The best way to tell a lie is to include as much truth as possible and the best place to hide something is in plain sight.

  10. Baalshazar says:

    I hope they see this, but I doubt it, I’d really like to see a documentary or something like pizzagate and Eipsteen. Like how it was found what the accusers were saying was an example of secret code. That kind of stuff. I am so late too the party and I also don’t want to browse the deep web.

    • Masshole says:

      This is pure speculation and probably slander. You should do some research and stop just believing the wiki page that didn’t make it to wikipedia.

  11. MaNicXs says:

    I wonder if the kid is even old enough to have an ID, I mean like most 10 year old don’t.

  12. Waterrose says:

    . . . I use words for entities such as twitter, youtube, facebook etc etc like EVIL, disgusting, corrupt, veil and some people think I am being hyperbolic? Really? Does anyone really believe this was a lack of informed “moderating’? nNaaahhH…. call it what it is, EVIL. To find something evil does not require a belief in some religion ……

  13. Merdrah says:

    Where is the footage now?

  14. DonniePie says:

    We’re you jus conforming for you tube when you said its illegal to make your own firearm, or are you guys just silly?

  15. skyler says:

    Tim, love your content, keep up the good work man. I Just signed up, reluctantly. As snooty as it sounds, I don’t like paying for content. However, in the crazy world we find ourselves in today, I really have no choice. We need to support you independent voices. I don’t agree with you on everything, but you don’t lie to me and that is what I’m willing to pay you for. I’m just a struggling mechanic, I don’t make much money, but this is important. Keep preaching the truth bother, we will support you.
    You too Luke. I’m happy to find you guys this last year and a half.

    Rational voices in an irrational world!

    • skyler says:

      Are any of us really surprised by twitter? Lets hope the courts do the right thing in that case. Wont hold my breath.

    • jfish says:

      well said my friend.
      All the best to you and yours Skyler

    • Marcos says:

      On Epstein: sounds like he was the Hough Hefner of Pedophile Isle.

      On Twitter: They know how to scratch the government’s back the right way, which is why they get away with it.

      On Pedophilia: It’s controversial but such people are literally only attracted to children. But it’s not just perversion. They want the romance like same-sex couples would want of each other. Sadly, like gay conversion therapy, pedophile therapy is ineffective. My thoughts are that the part of their brain that’s supposed to make them attracted to “blossomed” adults didn’t grow. Please note that this doesn’t exuse them from their actions for those who take part in it.

  16. IanD505 says:

    Wow I never liked Twitter but I mean holy shit talk about a worthless ass company SMH! Insane people there seriously!

  17. Spidge_Bandersnatch says:

    Trump signed an executive order to modify Section 230 in May, 2020. In October, General Counsel determined that FCC had the authority to modify Section 230. In January, FCC head (appointed by Trump) decided, “Nah, we’ll let the next administration handle it.” I see his point in turfing it to the newly-elected President, but why did it take until 2020 for the administration to move on Section 230 when it had been obvious for years that the platforms were abusing their liability protection? Republicans squandered the Trump years.

  18. Diogenes says:

    Tim, you need to be EXTREMELY careful about saying things like Pizzagate aren’t real in the face of evidence like the existence of Epstein and the Catholic Pedophilia scandal. Once you SAY something, even if you are only saying it because Youtube is forcing you to, you internalize it, and it becomes your real opinion, even when it is completely counterfactual. I see this process playing out with you on the election fraud stuff on a daily basis.

    If there is something that youtube doesn’t let you discuss fairly and openly, DO NOT DISCUSS IT THERE. Just say “we can’t talk about it openly here, go to Timcast and give me $10 to hear real discussion on that topic.”

    I was very pleased that you finally started discussing Q as being something that WAS official, but something that was there to undermine Trump. I had noticed that there was an odd psychological effect around Q that was truly genius. Q supporters believed Q was real, and supported it. People who opposed Q thought Q wasn’t real, and IGNORED it. There was no middle ground where anyone believed Q was real, but was a bad thing. They actually murdered a Democrat operative, John Perry Barlow. Q called his death and cause of death 10 days before it happened (Q said his name in one post, then “heart attacks can be deadly” in the next, and he “died in his sleep” exactly ten days later, at which point Q linked the article and repeated “heart attacks can be deadly”. The CIA is known to have had a “heart attack gun” since the 70’s). That shifted me from a supporter to a “what they are doing is wrong”. If there had been more people in that camp, we might have realized that it was something to undermine Trump, rather than simply Trump running it and doing bad things with it.

  19. Cuban_Danger says:

    Crazy that simply talking about the subject gets you shut down.

  20. GregLC says:

    So as I look back in recent history and knowing what I know now, was Pizza Gate more than a conspiracy theory?

  21. Chris_lewis13 says:

    Best comment is we can’t trust the government until we get some answers….. I wish I could afford 500 bucks a month for this site. This is important content.

  22. GregoryAlanBurhoe says:

    It’s a real shame you feel this conversation had to go underground (not that I blame you.) Everyone needs to know about this. Twitter is a serious (no hyperbole) threat to democracy, taking part in tearing apart American and modern online culture. Parents would be outraged across America and the world if they knew this. I am alerting people how I can. Spread the word, people!

  23. omegahunter9 says:

    Twitter makes me sick… but Gab is so slow to load. I do like Minds though but there aren’t enough people on it imo.

  24. Wakes says:

    This is messed up but I’m glad Tim has made a platform where he can discuss this

  25. Diogenes says:

    The video is extremely stuttery. Could we make it so that we can buffer the whole thing ahead of time? This is almost unwatchable, despite being exactly the sort of thing that brought me here (content that is censored on youtube).

  26. SaStrixS says:

    We need an internet constitution

  27. UncleDaryl says:

    Twitter is stupid. I’m on their for cerno, posobiec, and a misdemeanor of other people.

  28. UncleDaryl says:

    Twitter is cancerous garbage bullshit. Their position will lead to their downfall.

  29. Bo_Knows says:

    I will never understand this adhoc bullshit.
    The establishment tells us to shut our peasant mouths and watch our great county burn.

  30. redxpen says:

    so twitter found the porn and decided to treat it like a DMCA violation. “prove it’s you if you wanna claim the clip as your own”

  31. WolfWilde says:

    You’re surprised???

  32. says:

    Twitter is nothing but a trash pit. I’ve never signed on to them, thank God.

  33. Buddy says:

    When you eventually release an app, please implement the ability to turn the screen off or minimize the app but still be able to listen. This is my favorite feature on the YouTube app. Bitchute and Minds don’t do this either.

  34. Vashts1985 says:

    you guys really gotta sort your mic situation. i can hear Adam fine over games. you guys not so much.

  35. says:

    After 10 years I have deactivated my Twitter account and stripped it of any data. Im 100% off the grid as far as Jack knows. Now I need to talk the fam into killing FB, and Insta. That will be tough for the older folks.

  36. Bballs19 says:

    Keep talking about this kind topics, with all hope the more it’s talked about, maybe some type of justice will come of it

  37. Vercuric says:

    Every time I think I can’t hate Twitter any more than I already do, they find a way. They are the worst company in America, and I’m not being hyperbolic. No company has done more damage to society than Twitter. But what’s really frustrating is how the vast majority of people are just too stupid, tribal, or apathetic to give two shits about it. They’ll vote Electronic Arts as the worst company in America for fucking with their video games, but continue blissfully using Twitter which has fucked news, free speech, and government into the dirt. Christ I hate Twitter.

    Trump and the Republicans had 4 years to do something, anything, about this and did nothing but hem and haw and oh jeez you know that’s not good but invisible hand of the market and all that. Pathetic.

    My only hope is that when Biden fucks the world up even harder and the pendulum swings again (if our tech overlords allow it to swing), people will remember how fucking cowardly the establishment Republicans were and primary their asses with people who will at least pretend to give a fuck.

    • GregoryAlanBurhoe says:

      There will always be idiots and jerks but a great many people would turn on Twitter if they knew about their protection of child porn. Spread the word.

  38. Cigar_Sam says:

    Like the Hodgetwins would say, that was a DAMN GOOD SEGMENT

  39. T1g3rL1nk says:

    Why does it seem like all the odd movies that were made about the secret societies, sex cults, and all the other weird stuff may not have been so weird.

    Eyes Wide Shut, Ninth Gate, Lolita; Piano Teacher, etc.

    I mean there are probably hundreds of movies that people fake stories but who knows at this point.

  40. Djtheartist says:

    I love how you guys can talk about the important stuff that is not allowed on youtube.

  41. Muzical says:

    Anyone who lets their minor child have a phone/tablet/anything with a camera should just freaking lose custody. Are the parents going to be held accountable for their neglect in this? Or are we all just too happy to dunk on Twitter, (who deserves the dunk and lawsuit, absolutely,) and we’re going to ignore that?

  42. monkeycan8 says:

    Thank you for talking about this. It truly is a thing that needs to have the light shined on it. Twitter can’t keep getting away with not following their own rules/breaking that law.

  43. says:

    Tim great job! Keep the content coming. I want to live my life without YouTube.

  44. byrnedk says:

    I already cleared out my Facebook account, kept it to be able to log into Oculus Quest, I should delete my Twitter account now too, I had it deleted, but re-joined in 2016, I think it’s time to stop using all these sites and move to gab and/or

    • says:

      YES!! We do not need any of these things. I’m gen x and long for the time before mobile phones, Turfed my Phone for a few years and the feeling of freedom WOW!! I told anyone I could. Such a simple solution, a SACRIFICE! Less connectivity, big deal.

  45. says:

    Sorry to hear that my fellow Australians have shown their moral failures and intellectual shortcomings. I’m an dual citizen of US and AUS. I am distraught with the state of the Union and feel the call to action and fear that COVID will prevent my ability to physically assist my fellow patriots, Please my prayers are with you.

  46. Iowan_80 says:

    What do they say… ” All things said can and will be held against you in a court of law” . so it might be free speech but that does not it can not cause consequences. A lot of people did not know that Parler worked with the FBI against Violent speech, yet that is ignored…

  47. Iowan_80 says:

    You got to f****G kid me. They should be sued by every single Child Sex victim that this has mentally affected…