Transwoman Competing In Olympics Posts About Wanting to BURN US Flag On Podium w/ Ron Coleman

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Transwoman Competing In Olympics Posts About Wanting to BURN US Flag On Podium w/ Ron Coleman

82 responses to “Transwoman Competing In Olympics Posts About Wanting to BURN US Flag On Podium w/ Ron Coleman”

  1. metatron206 says:

    hey its seth rogans dad

  2. Magster73 says:

    You have chickens Tim. Have you ever heard of breeding rabbits for food? They have babies like crazy. Then you can use their shit as fertilizer for your garden.

  3. Magster73 says:

    I would love to see some transwomen get their ASS kicked by a girl! I would laugh sooo fuckin hard.

  4. says:

    Really enjoyed listening to Ron Coleman as your guest… keep up the good work !!

  5. says:

    We could end this in less than a year: a group of recently retired male athletes should join women’s leagues proclaiming that they identify as women and dominate. The trick is maintaining the public line under public scrutiny that they “identify as women.” After they claim all their championships, they can admit the truth and take a media tour making their points.

  6. UppityG says:

    If women would just boycott women’s sports until the governing bodies return to sanity and set up the rules to protect the women, it would happen. This nonsense of bending to the tyranny of a tiny, tiny population of a highly unself-sustaining except through artifice and political currency is killing America. The emperor has no clothes. Do not say otherwise. I’m looking at you Crossland.

  7. Skriff_The_Derg says:

    Stop calling them women, they are mentally ill men. Cutting off your dick and injecting hormones does not make you a female. The inverse also applies.

  8. CzechTex says:

    First time seeing or hearing anything from Ron Coleman, that I’m aware of; dude is absolutely calculated in his responses. Definitely a lawyer, doi, but even in casual engagement with the Beanie Brigade, he is incredibly calculated in his answers apparent by his body language and long pauses, which tells me: this is a man used to the manipulation of his own words. Really interesting guy.

    Great segment btw, enjoyed the hell out of it. Keep it up y’all.

  9. davida says:

    So the solution would be to force a woman that wants to compete to stop being a woman? How will that impact there life, body, reproductive system?
    That sounds horrible.

  10. LimitlessPower says:

    Ian… lol

  11. James Haddock says:

    HAHAHA. Read the title and the first thing that came to mind was:
    Why the hell does Ron Coleman want to burn an American flag on the podium with a Trans athlete???

  12. NoOne123 says:

    Why did Tim’s talking point in regards to living, “sustainably” suddenly shift this episode? His previous point was that any sort of, “climate change” happening was not the fault of the every man but the, “elites” who run and own the factories and farms that kill the animals and pump pollution into the air and ride their private luxury jets and own all these luxury vehicles and massive houses that require both people to maintain and take up a lot of land and electricity.

    Suddenly out of nowhere, he seems to pivot the blame and liken the, “everyman” to his chickens shitting in the drinking water. That is an enormous shift in tone and point of view. One that i would expect the, “elite” to have of the everyman.

    I don’t know if Tim knows this but our economy is in fucking shambles! The fucking cost of everything is going up. It is becoming EXTREMELY hard to get anything done as this current administration continues to just fucking print money. I’d LOVE to buy a home out in the country in a lovely state that actually respected its people but there’s a coalition of companies(including the CCP) buying ENTIRE FUCKING NEIGHBORHOODS AND ITS DRIVING THE FUCKING COST OF REAL ESTATE WHERE HOUSES ARE THREE TIMES THEIR NORMAL VALUE! I also want to say that there are blue states trying to take away gun rights, force a poisonous racist ideology onto its people and their kids(while not actually teaching them anything of value), and restrict the ability for individuals to sustain themselves. Oregon passed a law that restricted most people from owning chickens. Certain states have also passed laws to restrict what you’re allowed to grow in your garden(this includes a lot of foods). i THINK Cassandra Fairbanks mentioned this on twitter.

    I don’t think the, “elites” are actually interested in, “sustainable” living. I think they just want control. No one, not a single person says shit about the CCP. China will continue using oil and fossil fuels while America restricts its energy independence.

    • NoOne123 says:

      One thing i want to add to this. If the, “elites” TRULY and i mean TRULY cared about climate change. We would be building nuclear reactors not fucking wind farms that dont even work that well and fall apart and need to be replaced every couple of years. Also they kill lots of birds. Nuclear power doesn’t do that. This “climate change” and, “sustainability” narrative is horseshit.

      Also the CCP uses windfarms to spy on US military bases. This happened in Texas recently.

  13. Caladors says:

    Hey guys I am a paying member and I love that Cassandra is doing articles but I may only click on one or two of them. I am usually doing something with my hands, painting, sculpting, cutting and so on. I have a good connection (for an Australian) so I can listen to you no problem and look at the screen occasionally. But I can’t read things because I am doing that and I don’t want cut my hand open or ruin whatever I am doing.

    So if you would be able to give me some ability to sort video from article that would be fantastic. I read one or two but not much, time is the currency of life and I am short changed.

  14. Bradtv says:

    May be a slippery slope for some Countries, but I think a Country is well within their right to disqualify an athlete from representing their Country if they blatantly disrespect it. Perhaps some other Country could take them up.

  15. johnnyFive says:

    With the whole “get rid of women’s sports” thing you should take a look at how powerlifting meets are setup. There’s your standard Men’s Division and Women’s Division but then it’s also broken down by age groups and then weight groups along with there being a “Raw” division, “Wrap” division, and “Equipment” division. Raw is nothing and just raw strength while Wrap lets you make use of the knee wraps that can help with getting even higher records with squats and deadlifts, finally the Equipment one lets you make use of full on suits for deadlifting or bench shirts again because they can help you get an edge. The thing of course is they are determined individually so if you’re in the Equipment division you can only get first place there if you want first place in Raw you have to do it without equipment.

    So for all this stuff with the Olympics and other sports, just make a “testosterone” division or something like that. Where those between this range are all judged as a group and those in that range are judged as a group.

  16. Matt24 says:

    So how long until we have an Olympian who looks like the the dude from South Park?

  17. jrhaile says:

    Stop calling them “trans women” and Men. They ‘re MENTALLY ILL SICK SUCKS. Call them what they really are.

  18. Spidge_Bandersnatch says:

    Here’s what Rene Richards has to say about competing in pro tennis as a woman (source:
    Richards has since expressed ambivalence about her legacy, and came to believe her past as a man provided her with advantages over her competitors, saying “Having lived for the past 30 years, I know if I’d had surgery at the age of 22, and then at 24 went on the tour, no genetic woman in the world would have been able to come close to me. And so I’ve reconsidered my opinion.”[22][23]

  19. Spidge_Bandersnatch says:

    nmol stands for “nanomole.” A mole is “the amount of substance of a system which contains as many elementary entities as there are atoms in .012 kilogram of Carbon 12. So there ya go. Crystal clear.

  20. Spidge_Bandersnatch says:

    I have to disagree that an aspiring Olympian, who has spent his entire life pursuing the goal of competing, wouldn’t go to extreme lengths to compete for a medal. We need to keep in mind what a gold medal means to the winner’s financial future. Plus, I don’t think any of us have any idea how trans people think about their lives. I don’t think we can necessarily attribute negative motivations to them. I’m sure they don’t mean to harm anybody by unfairly competing against women. But that’s effectively what they’re doing.

  21. Catherine0402 says:

    I have been an athlete my whole life and I will never accept to compete again biological males….. unless I decide to play hockey with men…. I played Varsity university and college women hockey and if biological male (transgender women) would have been allowed to play in women league…. it would have been hard to compete and even have a place on a team as a biological women. It is sad because those transgender girls/women are pretty much cancelling biological women’s achievements and chances to be the best.

  22. The_Civic_Nationalist says:

    Here’s the sport where there is no physical restrictions on the sportsman. The Motorsports. Your MotoGP, the F1, Motocross, World Rally Cross, World Rally Touring and NASCAR. There are next to no women in that sport why? Because they just don’t want to compete and it is a very highly dangerous sport. And yet they wanted to create a female Formula 1 and it got shot down because they can and sometimes do compete in the Formula 1.

  23. Boomer624 says:

    Interesting everyone talking about cow farts and methane and how bad it is now. How many realize there were almost as many Bison running around the plains in the 1800’s. I also notice the elites that are preaching about the environment live in in the cities and want to maintain their level of comfort. I have seen these clowns and their bullshit since the 70’s. They hold big events and then refuse to pick up their own trash. It is all bullshit. Yes some cooperate farms are bad and need to be cleaned up but as usual they paint with a big brush.

    • NoOne123 says:

      Bro do you remember the whole fiasco about the hole in the fucking ozone layer? Whatever happened with that? Did that just magically fix itself? There were bands that literally wrote songs about it and i remember hearing about it in school as well and even seeing some things about it on TV.

      Here’s a thrash metal band called Annihilator and their song, “No Zone”

      Some lyrics
      “Can’t you hear me crying
      I’m trying to send a message out to you
      It’s time to put out the fire
      Get ready for the nozone

      Dream and pray, the ozone mustn’t burn away
      You can try to run, you’ll never hide, it’s global suicide
      Why aren’t you listening to me, you better listen!”

      Sounds pretty serious huh? So what happened? Why aren’t we dead? Did we really just magically fix it? I honestly think the climate change narrative is fucking horseshit. There’s no real measure of, “success” and its vague enough that you can continue to make policies, shift goal posts, and control people indefinitely which leads me to believe it might be a retarded cult.

      That being said, homesteading fucking owns. You SHOULD have a garden and grow food. Its awesome to raise animals if you can and there’s a very serious feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction seeing the seeds you plant in the dirt grow into something beautiful.

  24. Yoshi says:

    trans women hate real women

  25. Element says:

    Factory farming is far more efficient. In terms of amount of land used, in time to grow animals, and however else you want to look at it. People living in cities have lower carbon foot prints than people living in the country side. Whether you believe this or not, the elites believe this. They would not implement policies that intentionally working against increasing urbanization. Read Matt Ridley’s book The Rational Optimist.

  26. says:

    This basically comes down to population reduction. Sterilize 80% of the population and produce only 20% to maintain the human species. This will shrink the wars and maintain starvation.

  27. Element says:

    Olympic athletes can not make political statements while participating.

  28. armyvet590 says:

    Mental Illness

  29. Kexessa says:

    We’re going to need a third category. Call it mens/womens mixed sports. Any gender, any trans, any person can compete. Women are losing scholarships, prestige, college, endorsements, opportunities because men are allowed in women’s sports. It’s misogynistic. Talk about the “patriarchy” well now they are taking over women’s sports.

  30. AstroDuck says:

    Im going to enter the olympics on behalf of a country an burn its flag. Then after being cleared to do so by the justice department I’m going to call them bigots for opressing me.

    Mental Illness at work.

  31. Dack says:

    That show letterkenny explained men v women in sports so perfect. Totally ended the discussion when you compare stats times and scores

  32. Robby888999 says:

    And yet VAUSH says where are all these giant dude transwomen playing in womens sports when im constantly seeing examples like that giant dude. I hate vaush so much please have him back on lol

  33. says:

    Joe organ once said that steroids and performance enhancement drugs should be legalised in all sports, as stupid as it sounds it actually makes some sence just think about this for a min, athlete strive to be the best possible athlete in the sport they compete in and your not really getting to your full potential bkos it’s illegal when performance enhancing drugs will help take you gain your full potential weather it be in muscle mass helping in weight cutting or gaining cognitive development increasing reflexes ect ect it’s helping your body reach its highest levels of performance .

    Just some food for thought 💭

  34. says:

    So the most simple way to fix this trans athlete issue is to remove all genders from all sports and replace the categories with chromosome leagues (xx and xy) this will make a level playing field for all people and ensure they compete against people fairly, otherwise if there is so Manny trans people competing then open a trans division.

    • McCaffrey6100 says:

      Which is just another way of saying male and female. The difference between them is we compromised by modifying our terms to placate delusional people with a mental issue known as gender dysphoria.

      No more compromises. There are only two genders: male and female.

  35. neilinda says:

    Wondering if anyone else is thinking of -vocally- boycotting Olympic corporate sponsors and games themselves?

  36. 5ths says:

    Even Ian couldn’t resist Elvis’ pelvis. His hips are truly legendary.

    • Starchuk says:

      But to Ron’s point …
      Now we have 5yr olds twerking on mainstream, and an ambulance can’t even get to the patient 🤦

      One thing about a socialist, they’ll always tell ya what they’re going to do …

      Pay attention.

  37. Thequaz says:

    Gotta love Tim shitting on conspiracy theories constantly but when it comes to his crazy ass ideas he ties him self in a knot explaining how it’s different lol

  38. firemedicwolf7 says:

    Where are the feminists at on this issue…….. 🤔

  39. Timuh says:

    I can explain the trans athlete thing, it’s very simple, they want attention. And boy do they get it

  40. impediment says:

    How can someone represent a country in the Olympics if they want to burn that countries flag?

  41. Murryfairy says:

    See though, with something like an alien invasion there’s issues too. I encourage you to read Ender’s Shadow and the series following. Goes over the political and military turmoil that the world gets left with after wiping out the aliens they were fighting. Very good series.

  42. Natemckam13 says:

    I like the flow of this episode. More calmer. Although I love the turn up and lively shows, this one was good conversation and debate.

  43. LVIII says:

    Family farms are much more efficient than corporate farms and make up 3/4 of all food production.

  44. Toratiger says:

    Tim, your logic fails because the ‘elites’ you’re describing don’t live by what you’re suggesting. They’re also crapping in the peasants’ drinking water, they just attack other areas to get more water for themselves. And, they have no issue reaping the benefits of practices like factory farms & slave labor and fossil fuels as they preach for others not to do theme same things. They’re hypocrites. drunk on power with a borderline God complex, Plain and simple.

  45. Medgarjr says:

    I have cousins who are farmers. Typically animal waste flows into a settlement pond and the manure is used to fertilize the fields to grow crops for feed. I also have seen a show where there are farmers who contain the animal waste and produce methane which is then used to power the farm equipment

  46. Yobuyahouse says:

    Funny the one person at my gym that rides his bike there, I’m a republican.

  47. Plaguen says:

    Let the Ian rant! My monthly contribution demands more Ian. I have a fever and the only cure is more Ian, and I don’t know, maybe DMT or Psilocybin. Either way this guest was awesome, he had me cracking up a few times.

    Make a Trans Class for sports. Let women have their time to shine. The weird thing is when the people shouting for women’s rights applauded a guy fracturing the skulls of women he fought in the MMA. Shame on them for that.

    I will leave you with this. I hope MrBallen is the paranormal investigator. If you don’t know MrBallen, do yourselves a favor.

  48. Yobuyahouse says:

    If these laws stay I will push my kids to play in the womens why not free school

  49. Conrath says:

    im dababy

  50. beijingbiden says:

    The World Economic Forum are technocrats (communists), they want to bypass the first communist period where the nation is ruled by thugs and people are killed, they want to go right into the CCP stage of communism where they get to be the rich elites and everyone else are serfs. Communists tend to kill of people in the country side to feed the city people. Mind you, communists tend to use rural people for their armies but then turn on the country side and kill them after the revolution.

    • Plaguen says:

      I have been pondering lately whether or not the jab is for the people they wish to save or not. Either way I’ll take my chances without it. Check out the Dark Horse Podcast with the guy that created the MRNA vaccines,

  51. Lildav3232 says:

    No Tim. You’re wrong. These women train their whole lives to live their dreams of competing in the Olympic. And some fucking man takes that away. It is not the biological women’s fault. It’s our fucked up woke society letting men compete with women.

  52. beijingbiden says:

    You can’t call a male a female, they are biological terms. You can call her a woman, girl etc, not female.

  53. Capt_Cook says:

    I appreciate Ian always playing the “idiot’s advocate”. He’s the Timcast Juan Williams. Bravo sir, bravo!

  54. andrei says:

    Massive S/O to Lyds for being on the ball regarding any medical info / issue.

  55. TomGom1984 says:

    No professional team is going to be the first one to take the liability of having a female player. Imagine the headline first female NFL player injured. Whatever team she’s on would have a PR nightmare

  56. Cursed108 says:

    wouldnt that count as a political statement? which is banable by the Olympics

  57. PhatJimmy says:

    So this asshole wants to use HIS spotlight to burn the American flag? While Woke Cultists in America and Biden cheer HIM on as he competes against women? WTF man. Fuuck that.

  58. NIKBLAZE says:

    Hello world

  59. Gilga says:

    *spinning seal*

  60. Stickywicket1977 says:

    I’m on the west coast but if I was on the East I would be waiting until the morning to watch this segment

  61. zepolkram says:

    Waiting… Waiting… Waiting… (Old commercial) Open… Open… Open…