Richie McGinniss Members Podcast: France Votes For Prison If You Can't Prove You're Vaccinated, Tim Says Mandatory Vaccines Are Coming To the US

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Richie McGinniss Members Podcast: France Votes For Prison If You Can’t Prove You’re Vaccinated, Tim Says Mandatory Vaccines Are Coming To the US
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126 responses to “Richie McGinniss Members Podcast: France Votes For Prison If You Can’t Prove You’re Vaccinated, Tim Says Mandatory Vaccines Are Coming To the US”

  1. says:

    The porn stash is not working looks more along pedostash! Srry

  2. Shovelz says:

    Richie’s Fauci sounds more like Dr. Girlfriend from Venture Brothers.

  3. Karma says:

    So the thing is, if they are pushing for ids for being vax why not voter id?

    I feel like this is getting more close to the “mark of the beast” from Revelations in the Bible.

    There’s no anti-Christ but a global elite which poses as the idea from it to push a nwo. Which is why Matthew 7:15 separates left from right in most cases.

  4. Andybob1981 says:

    Can we start counting fatal motorcycle crashes as vaccine deaths too ?

    • Karma says:

      So the thing is, if they are pushing for ids for being vax why not voter is.?

      I feel this is getting more close to the “mark of the beast” from Revelations in the Bible.

      There’s no anti-Christ but a global elite which poses as the idea from it to push a nwo. Which is why Matthew 7:15 separates left from right in most cases.

  5. Malfeasance says:

    Richie is correct about opiates. The pharmaceutical companies paid to have scientific studies done that would find opiates to be non-addictive. They also had the studies claim that opiates were the best drug for pain management. So ultimately doctors were given data that opiates were better than ibuprofen or naproxen for pain, and that the risk to become addicted was less than 5%

  6. Stringmaster413 says:

    my school is asking for my vac records and im getting my updates. Second time going to this school and never was asked before for this until now.

  7. 5ths says:

    Yo shout out to Freedom Toons!!

  8. Angelle says:

    My biggest issue with the fauci-ouchie is that we don’t know the long term effects of this new vaccine. I have a relative that was a nurse during the AIDS epidemic and she said that they were told by the CDC to make certain recommendations to everyone. When she pushed back asking why they are supposed to make these recommendations, nobody could tell her why and she was told to just do it because they said to. I don’t doubt that doctors believe that they are properly recommending certain actions, but I doubt that they can provide specific reasons why beyond this is what I was told to tell people. It’s all a situation of just do what I say because you don’t know anything. I am not against vaccines at all, but I am not going to put a long lasting substance in my body or my children’s bodies with no clue if there will be some serious long term side effects.

  9. Jackalope says:

    Tim: they’re not gonna let you get two different vaccines

    Tim! wake-up. At least up here in Canada we have been encouraged to mix n match whichever vaccines we want. You just gotta Get The Jab! It’s insanity.

  10. Dealingzman says:

    Tim! Bret Weinstein would be awesome to have on for the members only show!

  11. Junebugtorres09 says:

    Next government of fascist

  12. OkieSciFarmer says:

    I would like someone to report on the how the government supports the families of those that died from the vaccine or were severely and permanently impacted. The fact the gov gave the companies total immunity to liability should make everyone question the safety of the product. If it is SO safe the why is the total liability immunity needed? Someone who dies from the disease is sad but a fact of life. Someone who dies from getting medicine should have their families extremely well compensated. But is that happening? If it is like most adverse vaccine reactions, the answer is NO!!

    Tim, has your friend that was severely impact been compensated any?

  13. Bignate says:

    France is wonderful and has many faces. Paris looks very similar because a German engineer fixed the city layout in a most amazing way. But it did include a very homogenous look to all or the buildings. Outside of Paris in places like Burgundy (see pictures of Beaune) have really amazing and diverse architecture.

  14. NateDOhDoubleG says:

    Richie is a fucking riot 🤣

  15. KingCheops says:

    Anti-antibacterial was the MSM back in the 90’s. News was full of stories about how overusing them would result in a superbug that was immune and kill us all.

  16. Reckless008 says:

    Pharmacist know more about drugs than most doctors. Maybe you should have one on to talk about this.

  17. Curs3d says:

    Ian’s great… but he has the annoying ability to completely derail an entire conversation at the worst possible time. He IS the Agent of Chaos.

  18. dbhill says:

    The anti-antibiotics crowd exists and they consider antibiotics to be over prescribed as well as having adverse effects on the gut bacteria in the digestive tract contributing to dysbiosis.

  19. ky says:

    The Covid vaccines do not stop infection or transmission. The efficacy in the clinical trials only measured how effective it was in reducing symptoms. It doesn’t stop anyone from infection or transmission. The term breakthrough infection doesn’t relate to the vaccines nor can we reach herd immunity from them.
    The way the vaccine injured are cancelled and marginalized I would rather take my chances with covid. A previously healthy young girl who is now in a wheelchair with a tube in her nose was diagnosed by one doctor with anxiety. She was actually part of the clinical trial.

  20. Username. says:

    I am a nurse and informed consent is supposed to include other treatment options. If your healthcare provider is telling you about other options, you’re not getting proper informed consent.

  21. crass2047 says:

    Vaccines are definitely a good thing. However, these mrna vaccines are not even FDA approved, yet the DOJ just said it’s legal for an employer to mandate you take a non-approved vaccine. And what I hear, is that the military is now saying vax up, or get discharged. Unbelievable

  22. jclampett says:

    I used to work for a federal entity that did climate research and the fuckery in peer reviewed studies is real. Also, every scientist used to lament reviewing papers out of China because their science is often flawed to the point of being non-nonsensical.

  23. Incognitobandito says:

    Are you kidding just a sore arm?
    You need to do a little bit more digging Tim there’s far worse reactions then that and well death. They have lied about the numbers of vaccine deaths, do more research instead of google searches.

  24. Nightmareblaze says:

    I was fired from my job for refusing to get the Vax on the whim of my boss. I asked to just talk to a doc first. It makes me happy yall are talking about all this. I just wish my higher ups listened to yall as well.
    Anyways. On to the next job.

  25. Howfar says:

    You realize that Dr.s are no longer allowed to classify ANYTHING as Polio? Polio is heavy metal poisoning and happened in areas in the country that sprayed heavy metal sprays?

  26. MeSoTrashed says:

    Can’t find the like button. 1/10
    Real talk 10/10
    Total 11/10

  27. petar says:

    Ian is 100% right on piracy. Intellectual property rights is not the same as property rights since a copy of information is not property. You can make a law that says it is, but you can only also make a law that says 2+2=5.

    You are entitled to your privacy but once something is broadcast to the public then it can be copied freely.

    I’m sorry for you’re friends who lost their jobs in the movie industry but no one is entitled to a job under a bad business model, only authoritarians think people are entitled to jobs.

    I give money to the content creators I like because I want them to keep doing it and I encourage everyone to do the same or else don’t be surprised when your favourite creator gets a different job.

  28. Tylerja says:

    Plan on making it so we can link our Timcast and YouTube so you don’t need to subscribe to both???

  29. Heartlandsoul says:

    As a parent of a vaccine injured kid- over my dead body will they inject my children.

  30. KDiddy says:

    Gosh darn social contract. It’s about broken.

  31. Homesteadingwoman says:

    Ya’ll need to watch this. Former Pfizer exec is speaking out.

  32. Whatnofish says:

    Bayer took blood from prisoners in the U.S, many who injected drugs and Homosexuals with aids. HIV infected blood plasma that was rejected by the U.S, so Bayer sent it to Europe knowing it was tainted and said nothing.. thousand of people with Haemophilia was handed a death sentence..

  33. LovieDovie says:

    Passing laws is one thing.
    Enforcing them something quite different.
    If I were in a Blue State, I would move NOW to a Red State.
    Red States are NOT going to let the Federal Gov run rough-shod over the people.
    Yes, I truly believe that. But then, I’m Texan.

  34. KDiddy says:

    Well, that’s all mostly acceptable. I’m just curious as to why the kittens are kamakaze? Can’t they just be too cute and on their way to Abu Dhabi in a Boeing?

  35. TheInfamousScratch says:

    For the love of God pick another topic than the vaccine

  36. StephenLonghi says:

    The hospital at which I work forced everyone to receive the Covid-19 vaccine. I was perfectly healthy up until I took the 2nd shot in January and now my heart is damaged. Within 6 hours my axillary and parotid lymph nodes swelled to the size of a tennis ball and my heart went into an arrhythmia. For three days my heart rate was in the 180s and I felt horrible. Now I cannot even walk of the stairs without my heart rate jumping into the 120s and I always feel short of breath. Ponder the risks and benefits of this vaccine very carefully before you make this decision or you could end up like me.

  37. says:

    Tim if you look into vaccine statistics the timeline with the rise in amount of vaccines it coincides with the the rise of cases of children born with health issues inparticularly kids being diagnosed with autism, down syndrome asbergers ect . The narrative that this has been studied and tested but found no issues is a little dishonest, the only tests on vaccines for kids that were done was to 1 vaccine and only 1 chemical/ingredient of the vaccine was tested and found to be safe but the numerous other ingredients in the 20 or so give or take vaccines are yet to be tested which raises questions and concerns why biopharmasuticals refuse to properly test each vaccine and the combination of numerous vaccines in. Children.

  38. NoVA_JB says:

    Alexander Tytler documented the lifecycle of democracy If you look at what France is doing and even the Democrat party here in the US it’s hard to not think we’re somewhere between apathy and dependence, which only leaves us with bondage.

    From bondage to spiritual faith;
    From spiritual faith to great courage;
    From courage to liberty;
    From liberty to abundance;
    From abundance to complacency;
    From complacency to apathy;
    From apathy to dependence;
    From dependence back into bondage.

  39. Theronal says:

    Ian man Your wrong, I’m sorry! I’m a professional artist, I’ve only done art for a living, most of my life. Honestly most people always think that we just pull art out of our ass and its easy that’s not the case , we work really hard to cultivate our talents.
    it’s not always the simple fact that we are just gifted! When you see someone do a beautiful picture quickly, it took that person possibly 10 years to be good at doing that and its not as easy as you think! Non artist just take us for granted ALL THE TIME! If you were there the whole time they practiced each individual technique on thousands of pictures or witnessed them screwing up that guitar rift a hundred thousand times until they got it just right so the first time you see or hear it you fall in love with it or get goose bumps! So when someone copies it for free and adds it to their personal library or collection so they can gain enjoyment from it whenever they want to, they didn’t do their part by funding there enjoyments and helping the artist!
    You should try and really open your mind to understand when an artist’s puts in the time effort and training it’s just not always an easy thing. We work hard, just like other jobs, most artist want compensation not just gratification or credit. Gratification is wonderful an is always appreciated it’s so easy to give and it is free and always in abundance! Sorry Gratification doesn’t pay the bills! Most artist of any kind, if you truly enjoy their work, whether it’s just enjoyable to see, use or hear maybe it even truly grabs your hart and moves you! Then People including yourself should be honored to compensate them monetarily it’s a way of supporting their work to keep them around for you and others to enjoy. When Funding there dream passions and aspirations, this allows us artists to keep being inspired to do more and to keep creating more wonderful stuff for our fans and continue our lively hoods.
    I mean seriously the way you are thinking about artists says to us that our art jobs are less important than other jobs that can’t be copied and shared. Honestly that’s sort of sad because without artist the world would be a really boring place. Understand, because you have artists in this world you have the most amazing cultures, places, sounds, music, architecture and many enjoyable life experiences. You should really try to understand how important art is and it shouldn’t be thought of as a free expressive thingy to just give away all of time, when it was not truly yours in the first place.
    Ian Just as an example: your good friend Tim Pool, I believe him to be a true artist as he takes hours and hours to deconstruct the deep piles of information scattered through the rubble that is the main stream media! And to turn it into cohesive and engaging information for us to try and make better sense of, and give us away for us to come to our own informed opinions! (Amazing job by the way!) Which I’m sorry and no offence intended, but you would never hold a candle to Tim in that!
    I truly hope you can see the value that Tim provides. But in your way of thinking anybody should be allowed to copy his content and share it? So what if I started coping his show from the after you tube segments on the website and just started giving them to the patrons that pay him to enjoy the content behind that beautiful pay wall Tim has built, well quite frankly if we did that and it became an excepted thing by his members , no one would pay him a dime and just keep enjoying it for FREE! There would be no web site and Tim would be back to relying on youtube until they ban him, then Tim and you are out of a job!
    I work very hard Ian, I’ve been a spfx teacher, I’ve worked on film and tv and I’m not famous or anything I’m also not rich from my art! I’ve even suffered for it, I’m sorry but when you just take mine or any other artist work and give it for free to people they will not pay us cus they don’t want to work for it, earn it or share wat they have to get it, most times. But when someone truly appreciates wat you do for them they pay you for your time and services to keep that artist around and show they appreciate your art. I’m a paid member to Tim and a probably will be for life as his art has enriched my life I very much appreciate him for that and im hoping it helps keep you employed as well because of my appreciation for Tim as I would never take your material for free and or give it away!
    Greg F.

    • Nicademus says:

      By your flawed logic if I go to louve and take a picture of the Mona Lisa then I’m an art thief… this is just nonsense. If people aren’t buying your art it’s becuase its not nearly as good as you think it is. Or your distribution method sucks. How about you get me all the money back that I’ve spent on shitty art that wasn’t what was advertised and was overpriced and we can talk about who is stealing from who.

  40. KingJimison says:

    It would not take much effort for Richie’s voice to pass as Dwayne Johnson

  41. Wolv256 says:

    However, the pro-anti-bacterial movement has been lead by… let’s see, it looks like it says… your mom.

  42. Wolv256 says:

    If they ever do universal health care it cannot be completely free. If they wanted to implement some type of catastrophic coverage, but still had a personal deductible that was high enough to deincentivize people from abusing or clogging the system, then while I’m still against that, I could accept that. But if it were to be completely free then it just opens up people to abuse the system. You can buy healthcare, you don’t have to be given it. The big change, however, is that it should decoupled from the employer system.

  43. Redfox2045 says:

    The anti-antibiotic movement exists just in the form of avoiding meat that’s been treated with Anti-biotics and growth hormones. There’s also a TON of pharmaceuticals in the water, which is why a lot of crazy people like me only drink filtered water.

  44. CavScout says:

    I feel like the guest dude started just trolling for this segment…

  45. Wigston22 says:

    Nine07even, I am starting to suspect that Ian was hired in order to make Tim look big. I wish Tim hadn’t fired Adam, he was a good and intelligent cohost

  46. Nine07even says:

    Ian is damaging to your brand. Please consider a replacment.

  47. UppityG says:

    HEADS UP TECH DUDES: “Reply” buttons here not working as of this comment.

  48. UppityG says:

    No to France, yes to Spain, says Pool: check, totally agree. I got friends in both countries, but too many French still kinda jones for the French Revolution and I most assuredly am not down with that vibe. Cf. Andrea Chenier by Umberto Giordano.

    Crossland continues to try to make the conversation about his sudden hobbyhorses, by introducing a “what about this” angle that is completely, totally, entirely meaningless. He constantly frets about tiny details that do not matter. I blame his drug habit. That said, so far, I’ve not asked for him to be replaced entirely or to sub in someone else every other week. I’m beginning to consider the alternating sub option more seriously with each episode. He helped found and great, that’s his field of expertise. Occasionally he says something highly entertaining or obliquely interesting. Occasionally.

    McGinnis asks a great question that no one is answering because they know that it’ll be too common sensical and will point up that rushing out to get the jab is simply not advised. For decades, we’ve all known, as our doctors have repeatedly told us, once you catch a virus, such as the seasonal flu, and covid is clearly one type of a seasonal flu with slightly — slightly — higher infection and death rates, AND YOU RECOVER, you are now immunized against that specific virus. But the jab fanatics pretend that’s not good enough. They’re being fascists when they double down on it and they are who need to be watched and kept at a distance.

    The problem is viruses mutate so readily, always have and always will. As I understand it, from the great guest I never tire of seeing you invite on, Dr Martenson, and based on the CDC, covid is simply *not that bad* to warrant handling it like the CCP. We’ve allowed China to set the tone world-wide and it has been a colossal mistake. We now have a tube of Ivermectin ready to go. Because we live in the tullies, we can afford to wait (and wait) on getting the jab, even though the missus and I are over 60 and we have co-morbids.

    We’re all dying, from the moment we exit the womb, it’s just moderated by what stage of life we’re at.

    I downloaded a copy of the video compilation assembled by Rittenhouse’s defense team showing the progression of events and what was happening simultaneously in the area. I do not believe any of what the NY Slimes wrote about BRCC, so I will not be boycotting them or scolding them re Rittenhouse because it is glaringly clear that Rittenhouse acted, rightly, in self-defense, and if Hafer and Best cannot see that for themselves, I will need to hear them say that quite unequivocally on camera. Until then, innocent until proven guilty, just like with Rittenhouse.

    Now I’m craving a burger. lol But it’s In-N-Out or Texas Roadhouse or nothing. Somebody, straighten McGinnis out about O’Keefe and PV, he’s clearly got some bad info.

  49. DNelson03 says:

    June of last year I asked my doctor if he thought getting a COVID antibody test done would be beneficial as I had a upper respiratory issue back in January of 2020.
    I also asked what he thought about the vaccines in the works. He told me that he would wait and see what the side-effects were. I asked him if he thought i should get it and he said that with my weight he would suggest it but with my age he wouldn’t.
    I did my own research into the tech and determined that it was ok for myself.
    Not to mention most of my family got it before me (some Pfizer and some Moderna).
    I had a sore arm for about 2 days on the first shot (Moderna) and I forgot I got the second shot because I had a very mild if any reaction to it.
    You must be your own medical advocate and ask questions. If your doctor is of any caliber they will appreciate it.

  50. KMerckCPA says:

    I got frustrated watching this because Richie kept asking if you’ve already have covid if your immunity is stronger than what the vaccine would give you. I was frustrated that no one in the conversation knew the answer, because it’s already been proven that if you had Covid then your immunity is stronger than taking the vaccine. We already know this.

  51. PseudoSwede says:

    Ian asking whether or not he should “give a f***” tells me everything I need to know about if he’ll ever do so without being told to.

  52. Ldyhorse says:

    Husband just had kidney transplant. He has been told NOT to take the vaccination. This whole thing of get the vaccination or else is absolutely ridiculous. People need to understand there are those that can’t.

  53. Behemoth says:

    Why the fuck do you think universal healthcare is going to solve obesity?

  54. MZero1294 says:

    Tim “We’re already here (govt issued SS card, therefore everything else that could follow is inevitable.” Pool.

    Pessimists always say they’re realists. While optimists are more often a little more humble, they can also be the realists.

  55. Aeris1284 says:

    HEY TIM! ; I saw that episode of freedom toons -day of release- so did my dad and my bf – we all love it!! Keep ’em coming both you and freedom toons!

  56. Trailblazer68 says:

    Ive protested having a government number. Ive protested being forced to have to pay into social security too. The fact is for what i dump into social security if i put said money im currently forced to pay into that program into even a very conservative retirement plan through the private sector i could easily retire and live on it at a far younger age than through social security,and at the age of 31 social security is quite likely to never do me any good. Its barely good enough to survive on now and only low cost of living areas even then. In another 30+ years? I wont be able to live off the payments that social security gives out.

  57. leafericson says:

    Both Tim and Ian seem to be getting at something. To Tim’s point, in The Waterboy Coach Klein’s physical playbook is legit stolen. But to Ian’s point, every team in the NBA runs many of the same plays. Nobody pays royalties to they dude who invented the pick and roll or the ally-oop. Any NFL team can run a hail mary. Is that stealing? When does copying/imitation become stealing? Are cover bands and tribute acts stealing?

  58. Turk_Longwell says:

    Richie was bigly funny here. I interrupted the office silence twice with laughter. I, too, love a good big Mac, but twice a week, dang. It stinks the burgers are too small on them. I gotta rip off a bunch of bun, so I’m not just eating bread. I’m not a bread guy.
    Whoppers are good too. They do good with the onions on them.
    Onions and Garlic in everything I make, for the most part. Shoot, now I sound like Tim… for the most part. 😁😉
    I recently made my own homemade burgers. I mixed in a lot of spices, onions, peppers and garlic. Made the burgers are big and juicy and froze them. Now anyone can have a homemade burger whenever they choose.
    Yelp, looks like this episode Turk’s Take of the Member’s Content was all about burgers. Thanks, Richie. 😋🤙

  59. DanaMarie says:

    I love McGinnis’ Dr. Girlfriend voice–or is it Mrs. The Monarch?

  60. mainten84 says:

    Do you notice in urban areas, a crap ton of building everywhere? Well, if you read Abigail Adams letters, wife of the second U.S. president, she recounts her first visit to Paris. She said it was crowded, dirty, and there was “building” everywhere. This was in 1784, after the French spent millions supporting the Americans and directly fighting the British.

    The French government was bankrupt. Where did all this capital come from for urban building?

    How much has our U.S. spent? What is our current debt? How can our government spend trillions they do not have? How can such large sums be spent upon urban renewal today by society, when it’s government is beyond broke?

    The French government collapsed and liberalism, women, the poor and minorities were at the forefront. They actually invented a machine to efficiently murder people without bullets. They made every day a different national holiday. They recognized all sorts of previous debaucherous acts, and protesting of all institutions of French society, were promoted by French mason organizations backed up and supported by English mason houses who wouldn’t let the same social influence into England.

    Now, how does this correlate to today and the U.S.? Think about it. Mao, I believe, was asked “what do you think the influence of the French Revolution has had upon humanity?”

    His answer: “It’s too early to tell.”

    Now, how much of the French

  61. Anony says:

    I’m getting tons of ads even signed on as a member!

  62. FxTwT says:

    Getting infected with a virus and presenting symptoms typically will produce an immune response which causes your body to manufacture antibodies (which eventually die) and also memory T cells. This kind of acquired immunity will make you more resistant to the virus to the point that you won’t present symptoms in a second infection. You can still get infected again or get a variant, but even the current “delta” variant is a joke. A true variant of any virus would produce different symptoms(not proven by any science behind the delta variant) and because the Covid PCR test has been admitted as faulty by the CDC, then there is no actual science backing this “delta variant”. PCR testing does not give you the full genome of a particular organism/virus, it simply replicates what is already present in a given sample, making the information incomplete. When the PCR process is amplified, it copies the same information to the point where it may seem that someone is highly infected, but in reality they just made a ton of copies of a piece of DNA that was found. In other words, the detection process is not accurate within a significant statistical value. So maybe one piece of DNA from Covid has not been found yet, and then in a PCR test which is over amplified, someone finds “new” DNA, but in reality, it is simply a different part of the strand.

    It’s like kamikaze kittens. Imagine a bunch of kittens flying down and crashing into people’s houses. One person finds a kitten leg, and another person as well finds another kitten leg, etc. Everyone blames the exploding houses on kitten legs, but Jimmy finds a kitten tail. Now kitten tails are the new “variant”.

    Sorry for the weird analogy, but it conveys my point nicely. So in short—herd immunity is always the goal of a given population when a virus is concerned, whether that be from natural acquired immunity or artificial acquired immunity (vaccines).

  63. RRoof3 says:

    I had an argument with my Ma yesterday, where she was asking me to get vaccinated because of Delta, and it started out with the “I just care about you” and quickly devolved to “You’re going to kill Nana” and “Stop believing the news (NBC) dresses people up to make them look sick, that’s crazy conspiracy theories”. This is precisely the reason I don’t want the vaccine, when people ask me to get it but can’t back it up with scientific data and try to threaten me with hypoteticals & insults to my character – I’m 24, fairly healthy, have seen data on deaths & co-morbidites cited in this ep, and made a personal decision based on risk assessment, I don’t like this idea of getting a vaccine out of pressure from outside forces who can’t give me a proper argument and call me a lunatic immediately after I disagree. Call me whatever you want, say I’m irrational for not getting a shot because I don’t trust this one-track mindset of “Everyone should get vaccinated because”, but it’s my personal choice, I have agency over my own body at the very least, and I’ll sleep in the bed I have made if I so happen to catch Big Scary Delta.

    I’m like 99% sure I could cite this video to my Ma to back up my feelings, and everyone in the video would be dubbed “crazy anti-vax conspiracy theorists” a minute in and she’d immediately tune out. You just can’t win with people who consume the mainstream media TV channels all day, I guess.

  64. says:

    I don’t think Universal Health Care is the answer. It’s not injectable, there’s no pill/tablet, no inhale-able form. Pretty sure people will have trouble accepting its viability until the science demonstrates that UHC has no harmful side effects and is not harmful to……

  65. Chrisriley94 says:

    I don’t agree with the Covid vaccine but Covid isn’t polio, hepatitis, and all the other vaccines you get as a child which I have given to both my kids. Covid is the flu and I don’t get the flu shot so I’m not going to force my kids to get the flu shot either if they want to them they can. That’s why I’m “anti vaxing” for Covid. Now if Covid had the same effects as let say polio then that’s different.

  66. Typho says:

    Cast the science into the fire! Destroy it!! Fauci!?!!

  67. MikeM says:

    lviii that’s very biting social criticism. Of me. =)

  68. Michael.c.neumeyer says:

    On IP law and piracy.

    Say I have plans for a device I’ve designed sitting in my safe. I’ve contracted a company to buy my plans for $100,000 tomorrow. A person breaks in and without doing any damage, copies the plans and sells them to the company for $90,000.

    I still have my plans because they were not taken. Nothing was physically damaged. My plans are now worth nothing to me or the company. I’ve had my property reduced in value maliciously and without my consent by this action. Effectively I’ve had $100,000 of my value stolen from me.

    With IP law, I can make back my money by sueing. Without IP law I’m broke.

    An adjacent example is never before seen pokemon or baseball cards in pack. They sell for a lot of money.

    An expert can open the cards without damaging them or the packaging and livestream or post a video of the contents to everyone. The expert then reseals the cards in packaging with no physical change and returns them to me.

    The very act of exposing the cards to view even without any physical change diminishes their value and if I didn’t consent to my property being handled in that way then the value taken was theft/damage as asuredly as is denting a Lamborghini door with a bat.

    Having the original physical item in it’s original state does not preclude the act from being damaging or being theft.

  69. Michael.c.neumeyer says:

    Mr. Doctor Professor “The Science” Fouci to you!

  70. JoshHickey says:

    Geez Ian is getting a lot of hate on this one. Dude’s wild but he’s valuable to the show, keep doing your thing Crossland

  71. VeganSausage says:

    Enough personality cultism. Tim was wrong on multiple counts, and instead of conceding certain points, Tim went ad hominem straight for Ian’s throat. “You don care bout muh frenz”. I pay for the guests, not Tim and his chest thumping me never wrong irrationality.

  72. VeganSausage says:

    After that tag team on Pim, don’t expect Rick Flag to make another appearance any time soon.

  73. anonymous_user says:

    I think covid-19 deaths isn’t necessarily the are way to thing about it. Covid creates other problems like reduced lung capacity, not being able to taste and Brian problems. I know was texting a girl on tinder that had gotten covid she was 24 and lost her ability taste food. The owner of the gym my dad goes to haven’t fully regained her lang capacity months after and a coworker of my uncle got covid and it messed up there Brain to the point they had to quit. I don’t know a lot of people that died from COVID-19 but I know a lot that got long term damaged from it. I think you really need to Factor other negative effect into the vaccine discussion. The question should be “what is the chance of death or other long term negative effect from covid vs the vaccine?”

  74. MikeM says:

    Sorry I got upset. I’m only Human.

  75. MarksCNC says:

    Richie is a straight comedian. Ian is downbad. Gotta replace him with a far right extremist.

  76. Jasonconnolly says:

    It’s technically not a vaccine, it’s a mNRA.

  77. Steezymac23 says:

    Each Vaccine contains Aluminum so you are pumping a baby full of Aluminum for the first year of its life. I mean for a 10 year old sure that is not alot but for a baby? Its insane and why are they getting a Hepatitis B vaccine if the mom doesn’t have Hep B?

  78. Davy says:

    Great conversation this. As there is no like button, I shall simply say… LIKE =D

  79. EnderN7 says:

    You are the first online content creator I have ever chosen to financially support, and Ian is such a terrible regular guest im likely to cancel. Holy shit that guy has the cognitive function of a dead cat

  80. Enclyclo says:

    Ian is hurting your discussions, not because he disagrees with you he simply lacks critical thinking and abstract reasoning skills. Just get another regular guest to improve the content mix. I don’t dislike Ian but the rabbit holes are taking more away from the conversation than he is adding. Please, don’t get rid of him just reduce his role in the on-air discussions. I don’t want to hurt anyone but, you can not give what you do not have and you need someone more like Lydia (sorry I don’t know how to spell her name) who has reasoned and evidence-based opinions. Having the ability to admit you are wrong is a very valuable trait, it shows character.

  81. Marilyn says:

    “Comorbidities” is PC speak for obesity and its associated diseases. The flu also kills the obese. Any respiratory disease kills ppl too fat to take the stairs. Most ppl who died where the elderly in nursing homes or other similar facilities. Ppl who are effectively being kept alive (barely) thru artificial means. This is mass hysteria and everyone with a rational brain knows it.

  82. LVIII says:

    I wish I could find the quote, but I once read that the downfall of human society can be tracked to the recording of music. The town square, or the social commons, were simple gatherings where actual people from different families played actual instruments together. Once records could be mass produced, this broke apart the natural tendency of humans to congregate socially. The playing of music has been denigrated to very few individuals, despite the correlation with higher intelligence, dexterity, critical thinking, etc.
    I usually don’t give much merit to Ian on his seeming outlandish comments, but the argument about pirating is much more nuanced than Tim will accept. I was around the internet before P2P sharing, and have worked in the performance industry. There is nuance, and Ian isn’t totally off-base. I find it interesting though, that Tim would advocate at all for ‘freeing the code’ which is also intellectual / performance property, but seems so hardline against ‘freeing the art.’
    Yes, you can track some losses to pirating, for sure. But you also could have one friend buy a movie, then invite a bunch of friends over to watch it. Are they stealing it? You could listen to your new album, then give your friends the 8-track, cassette, laserdisc, CD, ssd… while you’re listening to your next new album. Is that theft? Sure, you could argue that you’re sharing it freely with people you don’t know by being able to copy the digital files, but you also have to recognize that not long ago… nobody heard music unless someone was at your physical location performing on an actual musical instrument or singing out loud.
    So… should musicians, performers, artists, producers be able to sell digital copies that are not the original work, but copies? If so, why can’t they be shared? The main argument behind pirating, iirc from back in the day, was that it was being shared, just as previous iterations of digital and analog recordings had been. When they’re copied on a larger scale, you should expect them to be shared on a larger scale.
    As Ian pointed out, but Tim refused to recognize… many more people will see a performance that would have otherwise not bothered because of the price. I know that I have purchased lots of music / movies / etc that I saw originally in some other way (visiting a friend, listening to the radio, etc). Just my $0.02.

  83. AdeptDS says:

    Here is the answer to Richie’s question

    OF COURSE natural immunity is far better than the vaccine as far as protecting you from re-infection.

  84. Boden says:

    Just here to tell Tim his anecdotal argument about “piracy” is wrong and Ian is right for once.

  85. Koko says:

    Also Tim you’re wrong again, if someone with healthy status died of the shot then it’s worse than we all thought. Co morbidity aren’t just assigned at will you are correct in that but this is basically genocide

  86. Roseofsharron says:

    My problem is insurance! I had to fight to get i needed for my diabetes.

  87. Koko says:

    Viruses can lay dormant in people for years and most are, even some of the worst ones

  88. Koko says:

    If the question is are tv doctors worth saving the answer is no.

  89. ElijahFrye says:

    Hey it made me log in to comment but i was already in the members area watching the video whats up with that? Like i think i was already logged in cause i assume if i wasnt it wouldnt let me watch but idk just a heads up for yall. Im sure i was logged in but who knows id check to make sure yalls members content is still for members only imma still pay regardless but ya.

  90. NeoN says:

    Very rare that people get COVID twice, but a TON of vaxxed folks have; what does that tell you?

  91. Koko says:

    Trump tower also requires you have Lysol lemon drop breath mints on arrival

  92. NeoN says:

    These guys are just realizing now that we are being used as guinea pigs…

  93. GreMIO420 says:

    Fuck off ian, you’re a piece of shit.

  94. JoyCenters says:

    fart cream? talk to my doctor? what if my doctor might be racist? 🥸

  95. DarthWho says:

    “Trust the Science”, “Follow the Science”, etc. are just cult prayers.

    The worst part is the absolute dumbest fucking people I know will repeat this shit like they all of a sudden could pass 7th grade math all of a sudden.

    In the beginning I was trying to be nice with them and ask them to show it to me or have them explain what it says, but after a year of this I am absolutely finished. If you say that I immediately assume you are a moron and I move on with my day.

    My only hope is someone more specialized than me can start up CultBreakers-R-Us and make a fortune fixing these people

  96. redscores says:

    Uh… McGinnis should inform himself.

    Germany has some of the best world class chefs in the world. And only france has more.

    Germany has excellent cuisine. Much more loved in general compared to france.

    For example Bratwurst, Sauerkraut, Rinderhaxe and so on.

  97. Mbarstow07 says:

    You give the percent of deaths, not infected. The death to infected rate is even lower.

  98. Rasmussi says:

    Please, please, please.

    Get Adam back and move Ian to one of your different shows.

  99. Carp says:

    If you’ve not read “Brave NEW world” read it! It’s coming true.

  100. Koko says:

    The Plague is coming

  101. Brianziskie says:

    Brett Weinstein was talkin about ivermectin on the joe Rogan podcast a month or so ago, it was the first emergency podcast joes ever done because of the censorship from big tech blocking the discussion! It’s on Spotify still

  102. blancahc says:

    Great conclusion: The decision to get the vaccine should be left to each of us. If we die, it was our choosing!

  103. dreamscape.artisan says:

    What happened to Ivermectin? I’m kind of surprised no one even brought it up, especially when the question of corrupt pharma companies came up…

  104. Nova says:

    The shark example is the exact example I use in my state. In 2021 you are more likely to die to a shark in South Australia than you are covid, you are also more likely to die to the vaccine than covid.

  105. He3Fusion says:

    Tim I have been calling out the SSI card for years. My original, that I still have, says right on it NOT FOR USE AS IDENTIFICATION.

  106. GreMIO420 says:

    Not that he is going to see this, but I’ll comment this before watching this. Fuck off Ian, you know nothing. Grow the fuck up.

  107. smitty1910 says:

    They do give you another 20 vaceens when you go into the service and go overseas.

  108. Mbarstow07 says:

    Social security took a long time to be implemented. They do things over time to normalize it. They slowly take power and control.

  109. ChrisChaosX says:

    If your not apart of the establishment.
    Your just part of the game.

    Every day feels more like a simulation of something..

  110. blancahc says:

    According to Biden, Faucci is the “Thing”… so you have to listen to him.

  111. blancahc says:

    We will end vaccine passports

  112. Lildav3232 says:

    you say there is no problems from vaccines. maybe all the new vaccines are causing men to have low t and lower strength? and fuck the vax. i’m 47. got it. sick for a day. i know 2 people who died from covid. both over 65 and drank way too much alcohol. and they didn’t go to the doc till there were very ill. i know two people who died from the vax. one 45. one 50. i’ll take my chances

  113. DogFacePonySold1er says:

    Been to Venezuela, you don’t have to get shots to go there.

  114. AvengerXP says:

    The reason they want people who got COVID to get a vaccine is because they cannot check if they are lying, and a paper is much easier to manage It’s all about crisis management. Do you think anyone care if you are protected or not? They dont, but they REALLY want you to tell them you are double vaxxed to make them feel safe, and even better if you show them the paper with the signatures on it. I’m single-vaxxed and I do not intend to get a booster shot until next year if they implement the new strains in it, I am not anti-vaxx.

  115. dreamscape.artisan says:

    I’m also anti ‘having the page reload when I make a comment’…

    …but hey, one step at a time right?

    …one step at a time until Tim finally realizes that his true power is under the beanie.

  116. dreamscape.artisan says:

    I’m anti Merriam-Webster…

  117. MikeM says:

    My superchat comment was relevant and valid.

    How dare you refuse to read it because, what, you sort of don’t like me?

    Sorry you want to accuse me (by proxy through Ian) of being arrogant and mean. If you had been through a tenth of what I have you’d be arrogant and mean, too. Actually you wouldn’t. You’d be dead.

    I have to wonder who has been talking to you behind my back without me having a chance to answer them. I have to wonder if you understand that’s how the FBI has always worked. Still do.

    It’s escalating, too. On the 5th someone drove a car into me in an attempt to murder me. My neighbors are organizing to kill me. The government is egging them on. But you think it’s okay. Because I’m mean. Or arrogant.

    Fine. I guess that’s a capital offense. But don’t ever complain that others don’t hold their whole lives up to your values when you’re willing to kill someone who does. They’re going to kill me anyway, I deserve to at least give my story from my side and answer your accusations. Have me in, even if you hold the footage until after I’m killed.

    You’re sure willing to condemn me for my flaws, but you’ll never give me credit for my merits. Typical. Did they tell you that you’re good for that? Did they say you’re a patriot? Wait, did they make accusations of racism? Surely not!

    You could have at least told Madison that she’s loved.

  118. nroslm says:

    I just downloaded a car.

  119. Rumproast says:

    Tim: We will be back with the members only section at 11 pm

    Reality: We will upload the members only content at 11 pm with our shotty services

    Time stamp 7/26/21 11:30 pm

  120. says:

    cmonnnnnn encode dammit!

  121. HemiWk says:

    Unless I get gun to my head, as a 27 year old there is 0 chance I’m taking a vaccine, if anything at this point its just because people are saying I have to. I know there are a lot more people like me that when it comes down to telling me shit like get a vaccine or that a 4 year old is trans or whatever other shit is pressed upon me I’m just gonna go as far the other way as possible just to piss you off for telling me what I “have to” do go fuck yourself anybody thinking they have a right to force things like this upon people..the poplulus needs to stop being afraid of being ostracized or intimidated because soon you won’t have the ability to stand up for your beliefs as of now you do, though it’s trying to be squashed at every corner it’s still not to late but it not far off either…..check out my youtube channel “tiggs” of me doing cover songs let me know what you think unfortunately I don’t know how to play any instruments and have never written a song so it’s just covers right now help me not have a day job and be independent thanks all who took the time to read this comment and timcast crew for these conversations that have helped me stay somewhat sane the past year haha

  122. pxystick says:

    haha, no more flies on the opening Timcast Page! looking great!

  123. BigJoe77 says:

    Free the encoding

  124. TheDarkworld says:

    How to encourage dissension without being put on a terrorist watchlist? 🤔