Neo Con RINOs Threaten To Quit Republican Party, Robby Starbuck Cheers "The Tumor Excising itself"

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Neo Con RINOs Threaten To Quit Republican Party, Robby Starbuck Cheers “The Tumor Excising itself”

87 responses to “Neo Con RINOs Threaten To Quit Republican Party, Robby Starbuck Cheers “The Tumor Excising itself””

  1. Vmanzo says:

    I hate when Tim and everyone else does this “oh you’re refusing to wear your mask cuz you’re conservative/republican and you want to be tribal”
    Uhhhh noooooooo. I refuse to wear the mask because I’m young, extremely healthy, 22 years old, and the masks are bullshit that don’t do anything; and are not backed by any science or real world data. it has nothing to do with being tribal and it has nothing to do with trump. im an individual who makes my own decisions for myself

  2. Magster73 says:

    I just took the Political Compass test. And I was a little surprised. I always considered myself center leaning right, but the test told me I was Actually center leaning 2 points toward the Libertarian Left!

  3. Magster73 says:

    You can burn the flag as long as you bought it and not another persons property. If you want to spend 20 dollars then burn that 20 dollars, be my guest.

  4. Masshole says:

    Trump 100% plans to run in 2024. He just can’t say so yet because it would change things as far as campaign finance law is concerned. He basically said as much in an interview on the Candace Owens show. Looks like the ticket might look something like Trump / DeSantis in 2024

  5. Fricken says:

    Rand Paul, Candace Owens ticket 2024, please, Or Rand Paul, Tim Scott 2024, please.

    I Think Desantis is using the “movement” change in the republican party to rise quickly where Rand is tried and true to his beliefs and shown to always fight for the individual. Maybe 2028 Desantis if he can show a long record of fighting for people.

  6. BillH says:

    Ya’ll might want to look into M1 Carbines. 1/2 the weight of an AR and not “scary” looking with less parts. Not as powerful for sure, but easy to shoot and more accurate than an handgun. As for black powder options, look in to steel frame 1858 Remington remakes from Italy. A little googling will let you know why you want the steel frame instead of the brass frame. Just MHO. Great show and thanks for doing it.

  7. crcook84 says:

    Texas, Florida, Tennessee, as long as you’re in a state where you’ll be protected.

  8. Zach9127 says:

    When is Tim gonna have tom Mcdonald on lol

  9. Unsung_Lord says:

    I approve of Gambit being the new police. I don’t think there would be much crime with him on watch. Sadly we live in the real world.

  10. Unknown says:

    The most effective technique to educate the arrogant is being almost right about a major point but just understanding it enough for someone to fact check you… if done correctly, they will prove you wrong by proving you even more right than you claimed. You loose the battle but win the war.

  11. Bignate says:

    Love the gun choice discussion. Gave me a lot of great ideas

    • KoR33 says:

      love the show, but not where i’d go for home defense advice. shotguns don’t have that big of a spread at that range and i disengage when i hear “clips” for mags. talk to experts

  12. Jawsy401 says:

    Hey Ian! I can teach all of you tactical shooting. How to use different firearms in a house. How to fight from a vehicle.

  13. Boomer624 says:

    Very good show. I left California for Idaho 2 years ago. I love it here. I have family in Tennessee Knoxville/Tri Cities area, I love it there as well. Romney leaving the party…take Liz Cheney and the Bushes with you!

  14. DBranham0017 says:

    Ian you need to go to a range with serval options . to see what fits you best . stay safe 🙂

  15. UppityG says:

    21may16, Sun, just now got a chance to watch the bonus. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again, I agree with Trump and Candace Owens: fuck with Old Glory, get the penalty box. All rules have exceptions. I believe in protecting all speech, and not just so it constrains the govt from censoring us but from any of us censoring each other, as in Big Tech providing a free speech platform and then yanking it away from who they don’t like, and that should be the rule. We all follow the Constitution, all of us. How can we rally ourselves around the Constitution and America if we keep allowing the burning down in front of us the standard that IS THE EXPRESSION OF OUR BELIEF IN FREE SPEECH? The flag is the expression of free speech by the nation of America, by all her people and why doesn’t that get protection?

    Popper’s Paradox guys. Popper’s Paradox. We gotta draw the line on that. If you play on football team A and one of your team mates burns the team A flag in front of team B, think they’re gonna stay on the team?

  16. TRose says:

    Empty your mag! Not a clip! Come on man!

  17. Rawdog says:

    Alright, enough with the ragging on FL’s weather. It is a breezy 75 deg right now…BTW: what jobs are in TN? I’ll move if someone needs a maintenance mechanic.

    • Rawdog says:

      And here I was going to compliment Popular Science on his rise in IQ over the last 2 shows (day B4 this show he actually had a better logical argument than Tim) but he proved once again that he is a few bricks shy of a load with his “shotgun” rant. On the other hand, it could still be a 15D chess move by Tim to get the idiot argument out so that he can debunk….Or it could all be just for ratings…only time will tell…still very entertaining…

    • Rawdog says:

      Fallout 4 anyone? Who was that general from the Anchorage simulation?

    • says:

      Florida is freaking phenomenal this year and I’ve lived most of life here complaining about the humidity. I’m sitting lakeside right now enjoying the hell out of this breeze. 🙏🏻❤️

  18. CorsoCasualty95 says:

    This site is bugged like mobsters club house but I’m digging these after dark shows!

  19. AdhocArtisan says:

    Only way Trump wins 2024 is with Owens or DeSantis and a living proponent of carnivore. The Anti-Biden, if you will. Having clearly more mental capacity than the leafy oatmeal & porridge they shovelled down Biden’s throat. xD In the end, he may just be more valuable outside the political system.

  20. Vashts1985 says:

    if you can shoot a 12ga you can shoot just about anything else.

  21. Acyour says:

    on the TV show Highlander they would run electric cord attached the swords. to have electic archs come from the swords and sparks when two sword touched.

  22. Bigx5murf says:

    Ian, shotguns aren’t a great choice for a beginner. The spread at SD distances isn’t that big, you’ll need to aim it with the same accuracy as a rifle. Most shotguns have rudimentary sights, and upgrading sighting isn’t straight forward. Pump actions under stress, can easily short stroke. Then there’s the recoil, the biggest problem with recoil and new shooters is, it makes each follow shot less accurate. For most people an AR15 as a home defense too is superior in ergonomics, and firepower. The main problem with then is the excessive noise and rapport.

  23. CzechTex says:

    Ian, the shock glove idea was done as a jacket years ago…sadly I believe the manufacturer is out of business. Here’s a link I remember ready back in college.

  24. BrotherPaul says:

    Nashville weather is shite as well, humid summer reach1ng to 100 plus 100% humidity, winters moisture ridden making it colder than it seems and more ice and black ice than snow. I lived there from 1994 – 2010 so I should know. Then again with the Calicommie exodus it will get worse with the like of Ben Shapiro and more.

  25. Cvettori says:

    Hey Tim love the show. Im almost positive the most recent war to use swords in any capacity was World War 2. I had a grandfather who fought in ww2 in the pacific front and he brought back 2 flags, a Japanese dudes dogtags,and his sword. If there was a way to post a picture here on the website I would show everyone.

  26. Domjuan says:

    I am wondering if we should start meet ups in each state to help continue to build culture? Like a legit hang/community service to create more ownership in the change we want to see No title just a mission, Unity and fellowship for instance. Just a thought, I would like to see what you all think.

  27. e92dream says:

    Hey Tim.. have Ian try out an AR pistol chambered in .223/.556. If he tries a shotgun compared to that he will love it. And eventually I’m sure he will want to go bigger bc… Murica.

    • Kshthymyla says:

      Fuck yeah! Comin again to save the muthafuckin day!

    • Drengr94 says:

      Completely agree with you. A 10.5in barrel 5.56 AR pistol with a brace would be way easier for a beginner over a 12 guage. Another option would be a cmmg 9mm AR. With the radial delayed blowback it’s very light recoil and still suitable for self defense ranges.

  28. ShockTheCasbah says:

    God Damned McMuffin – The plant from the two party system that literally only ran in Utah to specifically take from the Libertarian vote when Johnson was polling at 20%. FTG.

  29. MarkVA71 says:

    The swamp reached out of the toilet and flushed itself!!

  30. gbill71 says:

    Seriously if you are looking for a place in TN. Cookeville is AMAZING. It is a more small/rural town that is an hour from Nashville, an hour from Knoxville, and just over an hour from Chattanooga. Amazing hiking areas and the people around here are all very level headed. I moved away from here for a while and had to come back been here most of my life and it truly is home. Tim and gang if you guys are looking to open an office in Nashville area I could not recommend checking this town out more!

  31. 0th3rGuy89 says:

    Ian should get a shotgun and load it with Reduced Recoil Tactical Buckshot. Ian however is SUPER wrong about not being accurate with a shotgun. In a close quarters situation inside a home, pellets will spread very little, and may still be in the shot cup when it impacts the target. You are responsible for EVERY projectile that misses the target as well. Even if 99% are hits, that 1% could seriously hurt someone. Also, Tim doesn’t know what he’s talking about with shotgun penetration. Buckshot WILL penetrate a person, and both interior and exterior walls with enough force to kill.l, depending on shot placement and distance. You DEFINITELY NEED TO AIM a shotgun. I’d suggest a Maverick 88 for Ian. It’s a great starter gun you can get for around $300.

  32. jturnbull45 says:

    Hey Ian, regarding shotguns. The pattern spread of your typical shotgun at maximum home defense distance of ~30ft is only going to be a couple inches. You will still need to aim it. Also the 32cal balls that make up buckshot do penetrate both interior and exterior walls. Shotguns rock but you need to understand their limitations. Any decent AR will have a lot of advantages. My suggestion is to go to a gun range that lets you rent guns to try and shoot an AR with a red dot or similar illuminated sight. I think you will be pleasantly surprised. Warning, they are loud. Ideal home defense gun on budget would be a smith and Wesson m&p15 sport with a white light mounted (to positively identify the threat so you don’t pop your cat accidentally) and an always on red dot sight such as a holosun, or trijicon mro. Check out Clint smith from thunder ranch on YouTube or John Lovell from the warrior poet society. Enjoy and be safe dude.

  33. Durnjulio says:

    Love this show man

  34. Staylor88 says:

    Tim, you do not have to pin the taxes on to us. Plan for it being part of your overhead and then you wont have to pass it on. Its 6%…. nothing is saying you have to have tax added after the subscription cost. Lower your subscription plan by 5% charge the 6% and it should come out about the same.

  35. NickP says:

    Lmao wanna talk about crazy fucking morons I live in ontario and our “conservative ” led party just extended our stay at home order to June 2nd … thinking about trying to claim refugee status because of a repressive gov

  36. Zuni8816 says:

    Lol I was glad Robby said something about Tim waiving his pistol around lol

  37. Chach24 says:

    I believe the Japanese used swords during WW2 in an effort to take out as many Americans as they could before they died.

    • Irris30 says:

      They had tab running in the papers on kills with the sword in combat. Pretty nuts how the people eat up the gore in the news. I am incidentally watching Heaven Knows Mr Allison. Great movie with Robert Mitchum and Debra Keer. Its a story about a marine and a nun stuck together on a Japanese occupied island in WW2. She just suggested that she turn herself in and he was like nooooooo. Its hard to find a copy of the novel.

  38. Skibamf says:

    Check out the taser shotgun rounds. Shoots out and fins spring out to spin it. Once it sticks into the target the battery shocks the person. I think they were made illegal or for police only. They were good up to like 50 meters tho.

  39. Spiflcator says:

    I love how Ian hates GOP for wanting war after 9/11 but has bulk sympathy for Hamas after they fire 100 rockets at civilians. Somehow reminds me that I’m retarded, just like Ian.

  40. Tylerklovic says:

    Great topic, especially calling out the digital sales tax in Maryland, never knew it changed until my PSN charge was about $10.59.

  41. DarthWho says:

    I have a S&W 15-22. I like that infinitely more than the Ruger 10-22. Honestly its the magazines, the Ruger mags suck to reload where the S&W are basically standard AR mags.

    Mind you I will never rely on that for self defense and I dont know anyone that would use a rimfire cartridge over centerfire for that.

  42. HotSauceage says:

    Love Ian!

  43. brandon_jang says:

    It’s about time to excise the RINOs. Better that they excise themselves as to reduce transaction expenses.

  44. Whodamus says:

    On disability can’t afford more than my 10 a month, feel a little insulted

  45. Whodamus says:

    On disability can’t afford more than my 10 a month, feel a little insulted

  46. Chroneros says:

    I was born and raised in TN. I may be biased but you cannot go wrong here. I grew up near downtown Nashville. Nashville itself has become quite shit over time but surrounding towns are great.

  47. Bikerbob59 says:

    Works fine now. Good show guys. Thanks.

  48. Lildav3232 says:

    Nobody likes Mississippi but it’s pretty good. Just come to south Mississippi. Casinos. Beaches. Pretty good

  49. JSynMoor says:

    The new conservative movement needs to leave behind the the Lily-White Strategy & reach out to Black Conservatives like Felicia Killings, Jeff Charles, Sonnie Johnson, Kira Davis, Olivia Rondeau, Aja Smith, Lenny McAllister, & Solomon Graham.

  50. tealmarimba12 says:

    Can someone post the link to the MIT study that was quoted here? When that was being read, I literately spit my beer.

  51. Medic49SC says:

    Oh wow, it appears that Trump invented the technology for the self-emptying trash can/self-flushing toilet…

  52. jmusto says:

    I really want to hear Tim argue pro choice.

  53. says:

    Tim, I live here in Nashville, I’m in the event production industry already, I would love to be a part of your team here when and if you decide to grow here! There is a lot of music production here, because music is such a large part culture, I think that would be a great help in shaping culture.

  54. says:

    You don’t have to start a new party, Robby, we in the Libertarian party will accept you with open arms

  55. SIlver says:

    The hell ian talking about. Force being electrical? What uh the first light saber maybe but the force itself nah

  56. Alonzo-Kairo says:

    Superior phone superior video, no problems from me

  57. Sully35 says:

    What a pim tool moment

  58. yamyule says:

    At least I could login today.

  59. MtRoamer says:

    Not working

  60. Doty says:

    They’re probably in the middle of uploading it, they have to create to space for the clip.

  61. DorseyWoods says:


  62. lt_cossak says:


  63. sharpty says:

    rut rohh