Michael Knowles Bonus Podcast: Female Athlete Forced To Retire After Transwoman Crushes Female Weightlifting Record

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Michael Knowles Bonus Podcast: Female Athlete Forced To Retire After Transwoman Crushes Female Weightlifting Record

155 responses to “Michael Knowles Bonus Podcast: Female Athlete Forced To Retire After Transwoman Crushes Female Weightlifting Record”

  1. Clif2003 says:

    I’m so mentally vexed with the absurdity of trans-men in female sports. It’s fundamentally bonkers! If one chooses to make this type of lifestyle modification, have the courage to start a trans category in sports. Stop robbing little girls of opportunity for a future in sports and stealing their scholarships. I don’t even care to discuss this issue beyond pointing out the fact that it’s wrong. I reject the ridiculous arguments of hormone therapy arguments that btw are absurd!

  2. Etan-Ra says:

    I have no problem following Jesus I just cant worship him.

  3. Lesleylow says:

    south park has always been very prescient about these things…

  4. B00kitty says:

    If you do a longer video on religion you should get Jordan Peterson!!!! That would be amazing

  5. Wolv256 says:

    Love you guys, but I just can’t believe in your religion stuff. I grew up around it, and it’s just not logical. At least not a three O-type God. If there was a God it seems like it would be a more mischievous, Greek mythology type God. Or like the alien-zoo architect type. There’s too much evil in this world to think some big fella out there has all of our best interests at heart. But, that said, not trying to change your minds, if you can find some peace in the notion, you do you.

  6. Fluff2Buff says:

    Lol im listening to this after oli London’s surgery! Transracial > transexual >transgender

  7. BlueAnon says:

    I’ll come on and argue for Christianity, specifically Orthodox Presbyterianism. But I’d rather chat at a barbecue.

  8. unwokegamer says:

    If you do the religious episode, make sure you get Allie Beth Stuckey in there! Or Kyle Mann from the Babylon Bee!

  9. Anony says:

    With any luck the next thing he breaks will be his elbow

  10. Magster73 says:

    HeHeHe! he said snatch and clean and jerk….HeHeHe

  11. bhuvan123@gmail.com says:

    Became a member only for Bannon… Will exit soon, Tim seems to lack empathy for the normal people out there..
    A guy(Myself) in the 30’s having a diabetic parent CANNOT just leave the city when they are dependent, and have a child.
    Despite agreeing with almost EVERYTHING Tim as to say, his spectrum on everyday people is grossly limited. I personally have an amazing Job in a IT Company. Thanks to that, I am able to put food in the table, and take care of my child and wife. Majority of us can’t just leave the city like that.
    Tim is in the position that he is in now with Timcast.com and doing extremely well, thanks to people like us who support his website. He has to make the noise on our behalf as Banon pointed out.
    TheQuartering has an amazing video on this.

    • Mattical1980 says:

      I feel your pain. I also currently work in IT at a fairly large company after changing careers mid way through life. I see almost daily company-wide emails of “woke” ideology often talked about here. The company I work for gave everyone a copy of “How to be an Anti-Racist” last summer, and had Ibram X Kendi on a Zoom call. I don’t like any of it one bit, but right now I have no choice but to stay. My wife stays home with our 5y.o. autistic son. Where I work happens to have great health insurance, and his therapies cost upwards of 85k last year alone. Although I hate that the company I work for takes a political stance, I feel I would be doing my family a disservice by not staying, at least for now.
      I think Tim has the same issue a lot of successful people do. He worked hard, took chances, and became really successful. It worked for him. Even on a smaller level I can attest to the formula working out. When my son was a year old I saw the company I used to work for start to rapidly decline when the owner’s son started to take over. I’d worked there for 16 years (from 20 to 36). The last thing I wanted to do was start over at 36, but I felt like, if I didn’t try, I didn’t have much room to complain if I was left out on the street without a job. But I also didn’t decide right then and there and just quit. It took 9 months of planning before I left. When I left I left for a warehouse job making less then half what I was in my old career. Point being, I think sometimes successful people forget, don’t consider, or don’t have the same prior responsibilities as someone else. And if I’m being fair (and self-critical), I’m sure I don’t fully consider other peoples prior responsibilities or hardships when I take certain political stances either. I don’t think it’s a problem with Tim, I think it’s a problem with humans.

    • Wolv256 says:

      Yes, I also disagree with some of Tim’s stances. However, I throughly enjoy his content and believe he comes from a genuine place, with the exception of him constantly toeing the line to avoid being censored (which is big tech’s fault, not his, he’s just playing by the rules they gave him) and the way he purposefully swears too much on the members only content (which I don’t have a problem with and find it funny, just not genuine and authentic). That said we are both adults and are free to disagree and I’m not afraid to hear opinions other than my own because I am a confident and independent person and sharing discourse openly benefits society.

  12. PDXkmac says:

    I love your conversations on religion. I’m a Christian. One thing you don’t get to frequently hear is an honest, non-argumentative conversation about religion and god between people on both sides. I’m all in on your idea for a longer conversation. Great stuff

  13. Mizati says:

    There is no way I can say this where it doesn’t come across as rude. I’d definitely be interested in seeing a you guys do a religous episode going into the philosophy so I can hear Michael and Seamous actually back up their assertions of “It’s true, it just is.”
    I grew up Christian, left the church and have yet to hear a single actually convincing argument that doesn’t boil down to, “Well, either you believe this book or you don’t.”

    • CashBells says:

      @Mizati Have you watched Jordan Peterson’s YouTube series on the books of the Bible? I think it’s the best attempt yet to explain what is so True about the stories told in those books.

  14. mayakrieger13 says:

    If you guys end up doing a big religious conversation, I think it would be great idea to bring on a Jew as well, especially with how much you guys talk about judeochristian ideas!

  15. ArcadianTwilight says:

    All these appearances by Michael Knowles, I wonder if this might be a sign a particular bearded Senator might make a surprise appearance in Beanievillle.

  16. Zacchaeus says:

    Real quick on Michael Phelps. I remember him having something like a 7 ft wing span and a 5’7 leg span lol

  17. Redrookie7 says:

    On the Trans athlete discussion, you should compare World Records

  18. Bignate says:

    Best comment about Shiite Catholic. Love seeing Michael Knowles on here

  19. UppityG says:

    I look forward to the day Pool can feel comfortable pointing out an obvious truth, without having to say “I’m not trying to be mean.” To actual adults, we know that already. Only children, in fact or functionally, need to be told or they’ll assume the worst of you or screw up their faces to cry. Once he does, it’ll save a ton of time. So remember kids, extend the benefit of the doubt to Pool & Crew, so that you can receive it in return. And, you’ll waste less of your time.

    • UppityG says:

      Also, I’d be so down for a philosophy/religion episode and it’d need to be at least either a 2 hour bonuscast or a two parter. And btw, when we all showed up to watch the Bannon bonus, and it would not load, not the first time that’s happened to me, I gave up and watched it the next day. So why not just load the bonus whenever, but by the next morning minimum, esp if it goes long or very long. It’ll work out fine for most time zones.

  20. Irris30 says:

    I grew up on a farm. I did labor lifting bales of hay and buckets of water and corn….I had strong arms and legs. I was fit and I thought I was strong. I was with an artist/musician city boy for a few years. He was skinny and tall, lean with no muscle mass and I could even wear his pants. We were playing around and he tried pinning me by pulling my arms straight up and almost pulled them out of the sockets and I screamed like he was killing me. I was a humiliating lesson that even weak guys are stronger than women. I am married to a marine now. Pretty much every man is stronger than me but I want my man to be stronger than the weak men now. Since I am so weak I want my partner to be able to protect me always. Men are stronger. One more point. When I was in basic training, only one female in my flight (60 trainees) that could do the pull ups and she was a light girl. Only one female outran the males as well. Only one. so out of 60 women only one could do a pull up and only one (track and field hs athlete) was able to outrun the males. We are just not as strong as them. My little brother from the same genes did 300 pushups in boot camp and then 3 with another trainee on top of him. We did the same choirs, ate the same food, had the same parents but him being a boy was called a beast and hoss. He even broke 4 weight lifting records in our high school. We had the same advantages but completely different outcomes. My brother also won four rounds cage fighting and won 1100 euro in one night. I at one point was able to beat him and sit on him and he couldn’t move an inch. We had the same start but different outcomes.

  21. Ben_Zelius says:

    I just don’t understand why someone would put themselves in a prominent position where most people–countless people–resent their presence and consider it cheating..

    Not just Biden, but that trans athlete too.

  22. arjohn42@hotmail.com says:

    Those are some really big snatches. I still prefer natural snatches to surgically designed snatches.

  23. Sunnie20 says:

    Definitely have the religious conversation That would be amazing. Add Jack Posobiec, Michael and Seamus. Dream team

  24. Sunnie20 says:

    I identify as a unicorn. 😁

  25. Gollond says:

    Very Powerful interview. Love Ian’s challenging and questioning perspective! Thank you for the excellent content! SO Glad I joined!

  26. BigbubenTEN says:

    You know the thing that I find issues with in religion is that people tend to pervert the religion and I think that’s what Ian picks up on is where a human has perverted the actual intention of god because we can never understand how a god would think. Inactive Mormon here

    • KyleS says:

      Great segment, loved the theology conversation at the end. I would love to see Frank Turek involved in a future conversation with Micheal Knowles.

  27. SunnyShowers says:

    I really like Michael Knowles. But when I hear people talk about murdering babies…I roll my eyes. Now…I’m not a “shout your abortion” feminist, but I am absolutely not a “millions of murdered babies” person either. I also get so put off by religious people who speak about scripture as if it’s history. Especially people who are “rational” and claim to be operating from a place of “facts”. I agree with Ian – I think society needs religion. I love religion…I LOVE reading about religion, nothing compels me like religious stories. But they are just stories. They are morality plays. They are there to help us live good, meaningful, fulfilling lives…I don’t believe they are history. Jordan Peterson’s videos on the book of Genesis where he explains the stories in psychological terms – absolutely blew my mind. Perfection. But anyways…I do like Knowles. And I love religious conversation. Just wanted to throw in my two cents. Love the podcast Tim!! Looking forward to all the things you’ve got in the works 🙂

  28. Stevonid says:

    I play Roller Derby. We include Trans. There have been a few times I have gotten my ass kicked but most of the time we kick thier ass. You are right about the Q angle. I have blow my pcl on one knee and acl on the other. Roller derby is super woke and it is hard for me.

    • Stevonid says:

      Oh and the MVP for last year was a female rocking a full beard…

    • ContraChloe89 says:

      Thats so wrong that they had a full beard if your going to come out as transfemale as i have 3 yrs ago after dealing with gender dysphoria since i was 5/6 then you should do your best to present female!! If not you are justifiably seen as someone just trying to take advantage of the trans moment and be a man who earning top spots best for real women and transwomen!!

  29. DeathBySexy says:

    Seamus, Michael Knowles, and Matt Walsh for the religion episode! Somebody who is very good at apologetics would be good too. Like someone that can answer questions like Ian’s hesitancy to believe the authenticity of the gospel (the councils changed the wording of them etc) like someone that can explain that the more logical conclusion given the historical data is that the writers of the gospels truly did believe what they wrote. To me the historical perspective was what drove me back to catholicism as an adult

  30. prcntm says:

    With respect to the Theology argument: I prefer to believe in something like the Greek Pantheon. Just a group of highly powerful deities that, despite having near infinite power and understanding of the universe, fuck up just as badly as, if not worse than, the humans they look after.

  31. prcntm says:

    With respect to the Trans-Athlete issue: I’ve always wondered why they don’t just create a third category for them as Ian pointed out. Men’s Sports for biological males, Women’s Sports for biological females, and Trans-Sports for individuals who have transitioned. I suppose the primary argument is determining at which point someone becomes eligible for the Trans-League and ineligible for the Men’s or Women’s League, but beyond that, coverage of the problem by media would suggest that there are more than enough Trans-Athletes to make this solution possible. That is unless the coverage of the problem hyper focuses on scattered, infrequent events and then creates hyperbolic stories explaining why Transitioned Individuals should be allowed to compete in any league they desire.

    For me, the fact that we aren’t arguing about how to identify the criteria for entry into a Trans-League and are instead arguing about how to properly incorporate Trans-Athletes into existing gender-divided sports says that this problem isn’t nearly as encompassing as it’s being portrayed. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to exclude Trans-Athletes from competing. I just think that sports commissions and regulatory boards haven’t had enough time to figure out how to properly deal with this emerging problem and as such, there are growing pains.

  32. FotoPhanatic says:

    IF you have a show about Christianity, Please include other people other than Catholics….. Just so you have more than one christian religions viewpoint. Maybe have on an evangelical as well.

  33. DCDave says:

    Arguing that men and women are the same physically is another in seemingly never ending list of Clown World stories. It is not something I consider worthy of my time. It is beneath me as sane human being. I prefer to simply sit back and watch what will inevitability be the Clown World burn.

  34. FotoPhanatic says:

    Ian, Please don’t EVER compare your experience on psycadelics and you thinking you are god to Jesus ACTTUALLY being God. You just sound STUPID!

  35. rgibbs1980 says:

    If you have a relationship with Jesus Christ then you know undoubtedly that he is God! Jesus died for our sins and rose from the dead! There is historical evidence that this did happen! But that’s why he gave us free will you have a choice to accept him or not, but I wouldn’t want to be the one that rejects him! I hear the afterlife will not be fun.

  36. SplitSocks says:

    I’m an atheist BECAUSE I have read the bible. Simulism is just a technocratic mirror of Christianity.

  37. ManXBearXPig says:

    I agree this is “fucked up shit” which everyone agrees with me when they aren’t around other people.

  38. rancidl says:

    Jesus was a man, and high initiate, whose body was used to incarnate Christ, the spirit of God, inside of him when he got baptized. God made a sacrifice to pull his spirit down to Earth to save mankind from becoming too material, with no way to continue their development beyond just animalistic humans. Christ died on the cross, on purpose, so that his spirit would be contained in the Earth’s aetheric and available to all humans. The entire point of Christianity is to willingly embrace Christ so that you can continue to develop as a human into more – this is Theosis, to live virtuously, study, be healthier, be happier, and merge into what it is like to truly be God. This was written out of the Christianity when Catholicism was written (by a dictator to rule over his people). Do not let them take Theosis away from you, it is available to all. You are spirit destined for greatness, you are not merely flesh. Read the Bible. Read any religious text, as they point out how to do Theosis, regardless of religion. Accept Christ as God and allow Christ to work through you, allow Christ to dissolve your guilt and fear. You are loved, everything has a plan, do not judge anyone’s journey. Reincarnation is real, your choices matter, but truly learning how to love because you ARE love is Theosis. God does not represent power over others, God is love. <3 much love to all of you.

  39. Cmenser1990 says:

    I would love for you guys to talk about religion.

  40. Plastdunk says:

    metric system..
    you guys needs to evolve..

    when you type 10 punds as 10 lbs.. case closed

    Ian-story, inches and all other older measurement could differ, just between villages.. thumbs where of diffrent sizes, but the it was the builders thumb that matters, his feet was perhaps bigger than the neigbours.. that called for the metric and a system that was converatble.

  41. Plaguen says:

    Anyone else chuckle a little when Tim talked about Hubbard and the 123kg snatch?

  42. Waaterbee says:

    I think sometimes, Christians are extremely biased in how they think their scripture is… ‘truer’ than others.
    I’m not religious myself, but I have often found solace in some aspects of Buddhism, which I was familiar with from Childhood as the Korean side of my family is Buddhist. The humility, and the saying that everything around you, even a rock, is your teacher. There’s a similar ‘deep truth’ to that – you can learn from anything, and you should aim to learn from everything around you.
    However, I think that it’s a consequence of religion playing into wisdom, not that wisdom is inherent to this one religion. And just like common wisdom can sometimes be contradictory (You can’t teach an old dog new tricks; it’s never too late to learn), religions can be contradictory too, but they all play into a fundamental truth, not about the universe, but about human nature. In that way, Christianity explains a lot of human nature, and there’s a reason it’s so popular. It ‘rings true’ in the same way a fable might.

    • 1976 says:

      Some people are less wishy washy about what they believe. Knowles seems like a stand up guy; definitely not passive aggressive on the subject of religion.

    • adentw17 says:

      Christians do think their Scripture is Truer than others. Jesus claims he’s the only way to God, the only way to eternal life. That he IS TRUTH & IS LOVE. The Bible claims God the father to be the ONLY God. The creator of everything. All powerful. All knowing. These are some VERY BIG claims. Either it’s true or it isn’t.

      Finding solace in aspects of religion is all well and good. There can be much advice & wise sayings found in the texts of many religions.

      The Bible claims that the all of creation points towards him. Points towards God. That Wisdom shouts out calling all willing to learn.
      I would say that Christianity, if not delved into and considered can APPEAR contradictory, as it does provide wise saying such as you mention
      “4 Do not answer a fool according to his folly, or you yourself will be just like him.
      5 Answer a fool according to his folly, or he will be wise in his own eyes.” Proverbs 26:4-5.

      Literally right next to each other, but brings great truth out that should be considered and weighed before answering a fool haha.

      I’d say that yes, Christianity does indeed explain a lot of human nature and ring true, similar to how a fable might ring true… But the Bible contains many genres of writing. Some story/fable, some poetry, some history, some philosophy, etc. There are tons of claims, about Heaven, about Jesus being the only way to be saved, etc. that are written among history, fact, philosophy. they are written that you may believe.

      This passage summarizes it well:
      “12 But if it is preached that Christ has been raised from the dead, how can some of you say that there is no resurrection of the dead? 13 If there is no resurrection of the dead, then not even Christ has been raised. 14 And if Christ has not been raised, our preaching is useless and so is your faith.” 1 Corinthians 15:12-14

      In other words… if some of what the Bible teaches (like the resurrection) are not true… then the whole faith is useless, cause it would be based on a lie. It goes on to even say that if the Bible isn’t true, “we are of all people most to be pitied.”

      Either Christianity is right and true, or Christians are to be pitied as they toil and struggle for nothing.

      As a Christian I MUST believe the entire Bible is true, and must seek answers for the questions I might have. I cannot simply seek solace in some of the thoughts about humanity present in the Bible… I must fully believe all that it says or I must discard the faith as a lie.

  43. dakota1bmx says:

    The fact of the matter is that Chelsea Wolfe the trans bmx Olympic alternate will never podium against Hannah/Perrin: or Natalya they are bad ass mfs so you don’t have to worry about the bs flag burning stuff 😂

  44. Jme3 says:

    I went drifting
    Through the capitals of tin
    Where men can’t walk
    Or freely talk
    And sons turn their fathers in
    I stopped outside a church house
    Where the citizens like to sit
    They say they want the kingdom
    But they don’t want God in it

  45. Clicwinko516 says:

    With a background in exercise science I appreciate Tim’s knowledge of q angles and center of gravity differences in men/women.

    The best solution I’ve heard is changing the men’s category to “open” and include anyone who qualifies (trans, women, whoever) and keep the women’s category as it is. I think sports are so important for women and it’s important to recognize the differences where they are. And yes that might mean the open category is mostly men but the really good ones will rise to the top. It would be even more interesting honestly. And the women can still compete against other women and it can be interesting there and still inspiring.

  46. Strategos says:

    Never has there ever been a more apt description of Seamus then “Shiite Catholic”. Also the idea of bringing a group in for a theological discussion sounds great. Bring in Douglas Wilson of Man Rampant infamy for some good opposition to our favorite Catholics.

  47. boostinsteve says:

    I dont even lift very often anymore because work takes up all my time, and I still deadlifts 585lbs the other day.

  48. Bosco912 says:

    Like Tim, I appreciate these types of discussions, as well. Being a Christian, it’s interesting to find that Ian is closer to the truth of it when he had stated “I’m God, you’re God, we’re, all of us God,” albeit, while on psychedelics haha. In Luke 17:20-21, Jesus says that “the Kingdom of God is within you.”

    • adentw17 says:

      If you are saying that “we are all gods” because of that verse… you are not following the Bible and are not a Christian.
      “the Kingdom of God” is not the same as “you are a god”.

      The Bible is VERY explicit, that God is the one true God. That Jesus is his Son, the Christ and that they are one and the same. It’s also VERY explicit, that there are NO other gods, nor will he have people believe there are others.

      Herod is killed By God for not correcting a crowd that claimed Herod was a god.
      Acts 12: 21-23
      21 On the appointed day Herod, wearing his royal robes, sat on his throne and delivered a public address to the people. 22 They shouted, “This is the voice of a god, not of a man.” 23 Immediately, because Herod did not give praise to God, an angel of the Lord struck him down, and he was eaten by worms and died.

      The 10 commands tell the Israelites (and us) to have no other “gods” before Him. that no worshipful images are to be made.
      Exodus 20:3-4
      3 “You shall have no other gods before[a] me.
      4 “You shall not make for yourself an image in the form of anything in heaven above or on the earth beneath or in the waters below.

      It claims ALL men are sinners:
      Romans 3:10-12
      “There is no one righteous, not even one;
      11 there is no one who understands;
      there is no one who seeks God.
      12 All have turned away,
      they have together become worthless;
      there is no one who does good,
      not even one.”[b]

      It is only through Christ’s sacrifice on the cross that we are redeemed in God’s eyes. He never claims we are Gods. Quite the opposite.

      Other discussions of God as the ONLY True God:
      Isaiah 65:16a
      Whoever invokes a blessing in the land
      will do so by the one true God;
      whoever takes an oath in the land
      will swear by the one true God.

      About Israel being tempted to follow other “gods”
      Deuteronomy 8:19-20
      19 If you ever forget the Lord your God and follow other gods and worship and bow down to them, I testify against you today that you will surely be destroyed. 20 Like the nations the Lord destroyed before you, so you will be destroyed for not obeying the Lord your God.

      I’m happy to discuss this or other subjects with you. Please understand… it’s very important for you to know, Christianity does not tolerate the idea of “other gods”. God is the only one true God. We are made in his image… but we are no gods.

      • Bosco912 says:

        Please, I ask, do not misconstrue any of what I said to mean that we are gods or that there are other gods. That’s not all all what I said. What I did say was quote Jesus when he said “the Kingdom of God is within you.”

  49. SpartanSpear says:

    The transgenger ideology for sports and even trans kids comes more from queer theory (QT) than anything else. CRT and QT have different origins and different goals. QT took over legitimate transgender/feminist issues just like CRT took over legitimate minority issues. The difference is CRT is based in reperations and speeding up affirmative action while QT is based in sexual kinks from college feminists. Obviously they have both become part of the same woke cult now. It’s why they can be transgender but not trans race (barring a few outliers who get a pass for most likely tribal reasons like Shaun King).

  50. Nabaus says:

    Could you guys make it so there is a comment button at the top, I reckon having to scroll to the bottom to comment is decreasing engagement.

  51. inadash says:

    No one comes to the Father except through the Son. Yes, Michael.. so that would exclude though confession and the papacy. Good point.

  52. inadash says:

    The only thing women top the bell curve at is long distance swimming due to buoyancy. Thanks JRE :p

  53. Space-TimeCurvature says:

    “The first gulp from the glass of natural sciences will turn you into an atheist, but at the bottom of the glass God is waiting for you.”

    ― Werner Heisenberg

  54. ThorAsgard says:

    So Joe Rogan seems pretty atheistic to me…is he a “mid-wit”?

  55. Scratt69 says:

    I’m from nz that is fucked up

  56. Macatac007 says:

    Ian, when you said there’s enough trans athletes to start their own leagues. I thought, it won’t be as attractive because they won’t be competing on the Olympic stage, or World Championships! I think their is some athletes that have event on their minds and telling them they will have their own league is not the same as competing in a established league or the Olympics, and no extra incentive of the noteriety, and fame in winning the Olympic or World Championships!

    • Macatac007 says:

      All Men & Women Are Created Equal. Unless Your A Trans-Women Competing Against People Who Were Born In The Body They Still Identify, NO, WHO ARE REAL WOMEN!

    • Macatac007 says:

      So if a man who played football transition to a women, then went out for her college football team and played a position like running back or an. Would they be considered the first women to play a major position in college football? Also, do you remember when the commercial with the girl who pitched for the littleclegue baseball team in the world series of little league championship. The commercial showed her 10 years later, pitching in her first major league baseball, what an exciting moment! Now what are these people telling this young woman now, because they are the same people pushing her as a future MLB player, who are now pushing former males to take over her sports & possible taking away her dream?

    • mj1055119@gmail.com says:

      When you go watch Women’s sports, you expect to see the best of the best women. If you watch Women’s sports lol.

  57. MarieAlvarez77 says:

    Could I suggest to Lydia Rabbi Jason Soebel. He is a christian Jewish Rabbi who can very adequately explain the prophesies of Christ and how he fulfilled them. Ian my favorite guy in the corner! That feeling you got off of the psychedelics you took is not too far off. You should look up how all human DNA has the name Yahweh encoded in it. Now that doesn’t make you God it makes you His. He believes in you too. In Genesis the promise the serpent makes to Eve is you shall be as gods… Be careful of the forbidden fruit lol. Jesus was the Word the breath that was breathed into man so we have the spirit or breath of life of God in us. We are His hands, fingers feet etc. It’s really beautiful who and what we are in Christ when you really sit down and read and study the Bible. I am super excited to go on this journey with you guys. Y’all are awesome and intelligent! I enjoy all facets of your shows. I just became a member bit I have been a long time fan on YouTube. I am glad to support a great team and fairly unbiased information. Thanks you guys!

  58. SunnyZ says:

    Hey Tim, this is regarding your live show, thought posting here might get a better chance of you seeing it.
    If you like super interesting well produced paranormal/spooky/weird stuff, check out DestinationDeclassified on youtube.

  59. Nova says:

    I would like to see an atheist on the show. I’m so sick of hearing people say that their religion is the one true religion. Like here, every religion but christianity got it wrong… fuck off. All the god of old are dead and one day so will the present day gods. Religion is just for those who fear the unknown.

    • swampyne127@gmail.com says:

      No. Because god is not dead. God is omnipotent. Outside our universe. So idk how you can say god is dead. How would you even know. If you dont believe in god you cant make an argument for god dying. You may have experienced spiritual death which is why you belive god is dead. I used to be athiest… until I had my experience. Everyone has it eventually unless your spiritually dead.
      It would be cool to see though. I’d like to see an athiest and a christian and a catholic discuss it.
      There is a YouTube video where this exact thing happened and it was very good..
      I mean the entirety of not wronging other people is religious and spiritual. If we are just another animal in the kingdom.. meat suits with no souls then why does murder and racism and individual rights matter. What tells you its wrong if another person is simply just a creature. Human dignity and such comes from god. From having. a soul and a spirit.

  60. Macatac007 says:

    Question, How will they pass the steroid test? The male genomes in this woman will show up in the test! What, are they going to adjust the test to give the advantage to the transition. Any liberal our there want to tell me how a man or man un the past running in the olympics, when tested would be disqualified for having to much testosterone in their blood their blood, both men and women, how is this any different? Please tell me how??? Anyone, this goes beyond fairness and being allowed to participate, we’re talking bout Olympics, World Records, world championships!!! Yes Tim, Look at the West German womenin the 70’s, they had more testosterone in them then the men did!!!

  61. Macatac007 says:

    Question, How will they pass the steroid test? The male genomes in this woman will show up in the test! What, are they going to adjust the test to give the advantage to the transition. Any liberal our there want to tell me how a man or man un the past running in the olympics, when tested would be disqualified for having to much testosterone in their blood their blood, both men and women, how is this any different? Please tell me how??? Anyone, this goes beyond fairness and being allowed to participate, we’re talking bout Olympics, World Records, world championships!!!

  62. Mrsparkle_detailing@hotmail.com says:

    Ian Jesus wasn’t going insane, the reason Jesus allowed for him self to be captured and killed was to give humans a second chance as they strayed from the teachings and the 10 commandments and participated in evil vile acts against one and other, look at the story of Simon and Gomorrah and it will make u understand how humans strayed away from the teachings,
    Humans sinned and commited so Manny atrocities that the human experimenting to was going to come to a end but when god come down to earth in the form of Jesus he seen that not all humans are bad that there are Manny who were good and wanted to follow the good word and cared for one and other which is why Jesus sacrificed him self to cleans the world of its sins and give humans a second chance .
    The worship of Jesus that u don’t understand and confuse isnt worship it’s love, when you feel the love of god you also know that he gave his life and his only begotten son for us to have a chance to do right. It’s not a cult worshipping Jesus it’s god’s children who love their creator, there father and understand the sacrifice he gave for us.

  63. GreenGables says:

    Good to see Michael on the show again; I just bought his Speechless book yesterday. Also Great idea for a longer theology/religion segment in the future. Thanks Tim & Crew.

  64. YaBoyRich says:

    Tim ! Please add likes and dislikes .

  65. AverageScruffy says:

    Motorcycle racing is my sport. There are no rules separating men and women in the sport. In the history of Supercross (motocross racing held inside large stadiums like Angels Stadium) there has been ONE woman to make it through qualifying into the main event. She barely made the cut in the last chance qualifier, and was dead last in the race. She was the fastest female supercross racer, and couldn’t even compete against the other 30 or so men in the single race she was able to qualify for. It’s not even an argument

  66. RuthlessAdmin says:

    This one was hard to watch as someone who came from Christianity and became atheist. Without a transformation from theist to atheist, though, it’s hard to really articulate the amount of new knowledge that most fence sitters typically don’t digest… It’s like low information voters, sadly.

  67. Sparky_1993 says:

    A full segment on Religion and Theology would be so great, I would love to see that!!!!

  68. tobie.lepine says:

    pool, chess, sport fishing, drag racing, offroad racing, rally racing. wherever women have no physical disadvantage, it’s already a no gender sport. Some of the worlds best poker players are women, the world best pool trick shot is a woman. In any sport where brains and practice work better than brute strenght or center of gravity, women shine against the best men. Trans in sports should be limited to the sports where men and women have no physical advantages against each other. Put a straight man, a straight woman, a trans-woman and a trans-man each in a turbine boat with 1000hp…. It’s still a fair game, skills will make a winner, not testosterone levels or center of gravity. We need to DEFINE sports where gender INEQUALITY exists and use POOL, CHESS, RACING and SPORT FISHING to be the example of how men and women are EQUAL once you take PHYSICAL caracteristics out of the equation. And don’t try to tell me fishing aint sport !

  69. Stonespeaker says:

    With regard to what’s next and “transspecism” I am aware of several individuals that identify as foxes, otherwise conforming to their actual gender norms.

  70. JeiYuri says:

    The Russians cant compete under the flag of their nation at the Olympics do to doping, they can have athletes compete for a different federation but no medals can go to Russia.

  71. BrianCDunham says:

    Lydia, you should consider Dr.James White for a discussion on religion. He has done over 150 public/moderated debates. Love you guys!

  72. Cristiano says:

    Good stuff, yet again! Not that anyone who has any say would see this, but just in case… if you do a “religious” talk episode, please have on someone who also represents a Christian perspective that is not Catholic.

    There’s plenty of great apologists out there who I’m sure would love to join. Unfortunately, Ravi Zacharias is no longer with us, but there’s even this really chill dude on YT who’s channel name (which I find super cringe) is “Whaddo You Meme??” Just a suggestion.

  73. Leo_ says:

    Oh man I would absolutely KILL to see Knowles and Seamus on together.

  74. MFnHammer says:

    HONESTLY, no offense to Knowles here. That said, it was discussed last night with Bannon about the ‘grifter’ right. There are MANY! I’m honestly not sure about Knowles, tbh. That said, there are MANY ‘grifters’ FOR SURE. Ones who are asked about their past, and they INSTANTLY block on whatever platform it may be. I’d LOVE to be proven wrong. I’ve seen other people ask the same questions I have. I’m a constitutionalist through and through, and I DON’T want to ‘promote’ ‘infighting’. That said, there are many who are ONLY at this for the money.

    Bannon brought up J Proseibic last night. WHY is it that NO ONE will ask him why he was photo’d holding a ‘rape Melania’ sign?!? tracey beanz video’d speaking of marx type revolution. There are many others especially in the Q cult, but the other ‘reputable’ right ‘side’ ‘fighters’ aren’t coming to mind. The idea/opinion still stands. If there’s a legit reason why this EVIDENCE exists, WHY block the people asking about it.

    P.S. I’m one of those people tired of the infighting, but there are MANY who shouldn’t be ‘followed’! Who are only ‘in it’ for the $$$! Will leave you all with a VERY relevant quote:

    Mayer Amschel Rothschild, “Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation, and I care not who makes its laws!” <— The ROOT of all evil, and 99.9% of our 'problems', which the 'elite'(what THEY/scum call themselves)! Goes back to the infighting($$$), and the question of 'identifying' the 'enemy' in last nights after show. Would LOVE for anyone to prove/correct me wrong!

    • wolfbetter says:

      Like Chernovich?

      • MFnHammer says:

        Yeah, he’s probably one of the people that are only really in it for the money. He makes a lot of good points(h3ll, so does Posiebic), BUT……. They’re probably also scheming how to make their next buck. The only thing I’ve heard about Cernovich… If you look at the Gueiffre(one of epsteins victims) court case, Cerno claimed he wanted to help get the truth out, but if you look at the filing he was actually in it helping dershowitz(I think that’s how it went down, I could have missed part of the story there).

        Again, I don’t want to promote the ‘infighting’, but….. People need to know others motives. It’s not that I disagree with what their saying, but do they even believe in their words?

  75. Bikerbob59 says:

    Good episode thanks to Tim and the crew. The hippie is funny.

  76. Jado says:

    Speaking of trans skaters, I believe there’s a female skater who came out as a trans man but still competes against the women. Interesting how it only goes one direction.

  77. Chrisj2000 says:

    Ian, Yahweh is also the tetragrammaton, the opposite but parallel structure we see in everything from DNA to our binary understanding of good and evil. It is the God of the living and we are children of God. The star of David represents the father,son and holy spirit as the vertices of the top triangle and the downward facing triangle represents the divine feminine, the divine masculine and the child (son). The y axis represents time while the x axis represents male and female. Many of our problems and the breakdown of culture is due to the fact kids do not recognize the divine feminine and masculine in their parents and thus do not see their own divinity or connection to God.

  78. ChrisChaosX says:

    One big podcast, do it please!

  79. JustinM says:

    Whoa Ian came off extra crazy in this one.

    • Thequaz says:

      Oh yeah. He has totally fried his brain with drugs. And I’m not against drugs. Just in moderation. I feel he’s just gonna have a psychotic break one day

  80. frankaron says:

    Episodes with Knowles are really good. I’m not religious at all, but I don’t hit skip button on any bible talks when listening to daily wire podcasts.

  81. ctiraterra@gmail.com says:

    The religious section of this was very interesting.

  82. battygirlrachel@gmail.com says:

    I identify as dead; my pronouns are deceased and dearly departed. And I’m stuck in this purgatory shit show and can’t change the channel…. Benjamin Boyce just uploaded an interview with a coach who went into more detail about men competing in women sports than the typical conversation for anyone wanting more info.

    Lydia, if it hasn’t been suggested before, Benjamin Boyce might be fun to have on. The coach he just interviewed might be as well if your looking to go more in depth into trans athletes… and since I’m making suggestions, Christian Watson might be good too… he deals more with the philosophical side of politics. If any of these ppl have already been recommended, please just consider this an upvote.

  83. faricle says:

    Ian! I believe you!

  84. Pennywise1234 says:

    Ian: Are we human?
    Me: Or are we dancer?

  85. TheDarkworld says:

    I fuckin love Ian.

  86. DogFacePonySold1er says:

    Nah, the left embraces transgenderism because they want total chaos and trans people are literally the embodiment of chaos. Their minds are in complete chaos, and the left are trying to tell us that it’s normal…. It’s completely insane.

  87. Cplenny says:

    A few reasons I like feet and inches:
    Twelve can be divided twice and still be a whole number which makes designing and making things easier in one’s mind. It can also be divided by six and be an even whole number, hexagons/honeycomb shape which has inside angles of 120 degrees.
    Something about degrees Fahrenheit is water is solid at 32F and steam at 112F. The difference there is 180 degrees…
    PS. I have a fairly developed argument for using our measurement system including aspects of computer language/binary, national security and yeah, anyway.

    • Plaguen says:

      I thought the metric system was a better unit of measurement because it breaks everything down into 10s really until I started to watch this – HIDDEN MATHEMATICS – Randall Carlson – Ancient Knowledge of Space, Time & Cosmic Cycles.

      Tim, Randal Carlson is someone that you should get on, not only would the show be awesome but the members only would be one of the best.

      • Cplenny says:

        Tim’s pool of knowledge could benefit significantly by having Randal Carlson as a guest. Ian would love looking into him if he’s not already familiar. He has been on JRE at least once.

  88. Chrisj2000 says:

    The people who exert their reality as a right are more than likely the ones who will choose to link or upload their consciousness into the technology that is coming very soon. They will choose to live in a vr world of their own (Babylon the great) and once this technology reaches fruition the sun will separate those who chose Babylon from the kingdom of God on earth. Please check the pitches email for a genesis novel synopsis I sent explaining things better.

  89. Kyle23 says:

    Amazing guest! Love the videos as always 🎉

  90. Lildav3232 says:

    i played college tennis in the late 90’s. there are 6 singles spots. 1 best. 6 last. i was 5. i could hang with the number 1 guy. occasionally beat the number 2. the number 1 girl never took a game from me. not even close. we would play i would get one serve and the girls got to use the doubles alley and i didn’t. the number 200 man played venus and serena a set each. while he walked to the court eating a biscuit with a beer and a cig. he went 6-0 6-1 and said he didn’t go 100. that is nothing against women. its just biology. men and women are different. which is how it’s suppose to be

  91. Another Beer says:

    Women are going to get mad that men are better at breaking that glass ceiling

  92. Yobuyahouse says:

    Hasn’t take a Testosterone in 2 years legalize steroids! and that one girl gets kicked out for a pork burrito fuck the olympics!

  93. Locke-n-Paine says:

    This whole thing is preposterous, but I believed that even before considering that New Zealand is basically cheating by including men on their women’s team.

    Every. Country. Should. Boycott.

    • Locke-n-Paine says:

      I propose a coordinated campaign to have the top male and top female in every sport compete head to head in an exhibition match. If the man wins, he then transitions and proceeds to demolish the female category. It’ll take something like that to make some people understand the injustice (or to be brave enough to admit they always knew).

      Testosterone categories won’t be enough. Hormones have profound effects on physical development, so your current levels can be low, but your body architecture was formed when they were high. It’s not unlike what you said about femur angles…men have decidedly different pelvic and shoulder girdles that are optimized for strength and support. All of these things are a result of the gender-specific hormonal environment during a particular interval when these things develop, and they don’t markedly change when those levels drop. There is no way to make this even a little bit fair to the women…these people have to be stopped.

  94. Blankfield says:

    Go New Zealand! next superpower shot caller of the world all must bow down before jazzy horseface ardern.

  95. Sally482@netzero.com says:

    Fatman thinks his women

  96. AUDREK says:

    I just watched a girl get smoked in a foot race to a boy yesterday both were fit.

  97. WoodworkerAnon says:

    My tomato plants are full of tomatoes. cant wait for fresh sandwiches. Definitely a highlight of summer.
    Also Tim, if you need a grounds keeper/handyman, i do house flips and remodels. Im well versed in framing, finishing, electrical, plumbing, landscaping, etc. im sure you’ve got a guy, but figured i’d throw that out there.

  98. CJack1881 says:

    What does encoding mean

    • spoonsofdoom says:

      the video data is compressed to a format fit for viewing on the web. think of putting a bunch of physical photos in an envelope and that envelope is transparent and can view each image in order.

  99. CivilLib says:

    Did Ian drop some graphene into the encoder or what?

  100. Chinook says:

    How long these videos usually take to encode?

  101. ivoryTrader says:

    If they could could just, go ahead, and get a transgender encoding thingy that is faster and stronger than Tim’s current encoding thingy, which forces the old encoding thingy to have to retire, that would be great.

  102. zepolkram says:

    Tim, Lydia, and Ian… Love you and all of those behind the scenes!!!

  103. DogFacePonySold1er says:

    Let’s not forget that on this day in history in 1992 John Gotti, the Teflon Don, was sentenced to multiple life terms in prison without the possibility of parole.

  104. Joshbrandenburg1985 says:

    Hey Tim, just to let you know after all the Juneteenth talk. The Emancipation Proclamation didnt free all the slaves. It only freed southern slaves. The slaves in the North werent freed until the 13th amendment. Just another fact around the civil war that they dont teach cause it goes against the narrative. The North had slaves before, during and shortly after the Civil War.

    • Felen says:

      Interesting. So Juneteenth has little to no historical significance outside of Texas because true emancipation didn’t occur until the ratification of the 13th Amendment.

      As a side note, I hadn’t heard word one about the North retaining slaves until AFTER 13A was ratified while I was attending the little red schoolhouse.

  105. alphasavage1 says:

    Mother of god

  106. DogFacePonySold1er says:

    Crickets up in the chat tonight folks, lol.