Mask Fanatic Goes NUTS And Threatens Man With Baseball Bat For NOT Wearing A Mask

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Mask Fanatic Goes NUTS And Threatens Man With Baseball Bat For NOT Wearing A Mask

91 responses to “Mask Fanatic Goes NUTS And Threatens Man With Baseball Bat For NOT Wearing A Mask”

  1. austint2806 says:

    We need super Governor Ron DeSantis to stay in Florida.

  2. TheGiff says:

    I love the Uncensored discussion. I don’t mind some swearing, but it doesn’t need to be over-the-top.

  3. Max316420 says:

    Very very cool I can watch these videos on my firestick

  4. IanG says:

    Ron DeSantis is no bueno. I thought he was great too but learned he implemented harsher sentences for things that were already crimes regarding individuals protesting or harassing/injuring police officers. He went way too far with it in other words and is very pro police state. Be careful what you ask for guys.

  5. Nodatron says:

    I love when Eric July calls it putting a diaper on your face.

  6. MisterElsewhere says:


  7. Savant_PCs says:


  8. justlikethecaptain says:

    China builds cities like crazy because the chinese save money like crazy and love to invest in real estate. It’s like America’s credit card debt problem, but in reverse.

  9. Dzikun says:

    Ghost cities in China are the typical communist central planning failure. Soviet Russia had that too and Poland the country I live in had it on a smaller scale. There was always a shortage of homes in Poland but there was always huge investment somewhere wasting material. This whole Depopulation agenda conspiracy seems silly to me. Conspiracies that big wouldn’t exist and the population of the world is slowing down anyway.

  10. c0de6349 says:

    fauci email said the virus was too small to be helpful by a cloth mask.

  11. rgibbs1980 says:

    I haven’t wore a mask since this started and I didn’t catch it neither did anyone in my family or any of my friends.

  12. TheOne says:

    Masks do NOTHING. I read ALL of the papers on it. Some studies have machines breathing through masks that regular humans can’t breath through. Then another one that references droplet sizes and all types of masks so it sounds inclusive is an observation study that accumulates to people who already had it didn’t get it again… It’s an endless smoke and mirror with zero science in it. One only needs to hold a surgical mask to their face to realize you can’t breath through it without becoming oxygen deficient once it is tight to the mouth.

    Furthermore even if they stopped “3-4% and it’s worth it” is STUPID. Think about it, if you walk into ANY interior space with people breathing covid out, do you think breathing 90 some % of covid air is less likely to give you covid than 100% of covid air? You’re still breathing covid… Anyways the masks don’t really stop small enough particles anyhow…

    Also like that other commented it’s nice to hear you sound human, to call something fucking stupid.

  13. Sirro says:

    I love hearing you unplugged “fucking idiots” I have a thing, where I trust people that swear more than measured, planned words without the FEELING. As far as I’m concerned if you aren’t being passionate and off the cuff…. I’m not really listening to you.

  14. GingerGoat says:

    This is the first video that I watched after becoming a member and was immediately greeted with “this shit is fucking nuts” and it just really caught me off guard.

  15. Starchuk says:

    Just the fact that it’s now legal to pull up a bandana, and stroll right thru the front door of the bank …

    Well, here’s your sign 🤷

  16. KoR33 says:

    libby is so much more level headed when in person in real time. saw her on internet delay on unsafe space and was intolerable talking over everyone. i felt so bad for their other guest where he couldn’t get a word in edge wise and felt like a constant attack

  17. urbanmusicgal says:

    For what it’s worth, Biden acts as if he is very confused, and also drugged, but so does Harris. She is so slow on the uptake of basic questioning, and appears cognitively slow to respond. I see her inappropriate cackling as a cover up for lack of ability to retrieve information as well. I wonder if she is being drugged. I would hate to see her acting as president because she is so out of touch, she’s scary. Then, the next alternative, Pelosi is downright terrifying.

  18. CivilLib says:


  19. Bratrnr says:

    If i comment, will it bump this video up in the algo? Lol,jk… just in case

  20. TheAcquisitor says:

    If you ruled the world, what kind of people would you want to populate it? Ask Hugo Drax. I’m sure that Bill Gates must *love* the film and novel of “Moonraker”.

  21. TheAcquisitor says:

    Luke! When you wear your earphones on your temples, you look kinda Princess Leia-ish, bro!

  22. MontyLalado says:

    Tim, no one thinks the civil war is going to be north v south, get a grip

  23. Tlino says:

    I don’t like all this craziness in Georgia. I haven’t had to deal with much over the past year. Fought my employer over masks a bit, but nothing crazy has happened near me. But all these stories keep creeping towards me. I don’t wanna be put in a situation where I have to be arrested for kicking someone’s ass.

  24. JiltedValkyrie says:

    Here in the suburbs outside San Francisco, I was the only person in a hippie dippy food shop without a mask standing in line, even though our mask mandate is gone for vaccinated people. I’d say about 90% of people are wearing a mask, maybe 75% outside, which is more than normal. I feel like people are keeping the masks on in defiance of the mandate lift. And this county is over 90% vaccinated… and it’s like 85. I’m seeing parents forcing their children to wear masks outside in the heat. The funny thing is that the one place almost nobody was wearing a mask was the one place where actual healthy people go to: the gym.

  25. Steven.white says:

    At least he can’t remember nuclear codes.

  26. Kellerjas says:

    We need MAGA masks.

  27. shadowfoxx says:

    Please explain to me how more vaccines are supposed to reduce reproduction?

  28. RichieRich3 says:

    I disagree with Tim and his premise that Fauci lied in the beginning about masks and is telling the truth now. I think it is the exact opposite. Fauci was telling the truth in the beginning, masks do almost nothing to help protect either the infectee or the infector from Sars CoV-2. The mask is just theater for the left so they can virtue signal and divide. They went all in and will never admit its worthless, they are too far down the road, which started with being anti-trump in all shapes and forms.

    • CBTMDC says:

      Agreed. n-95 is actually ineffective against this virus. PPM is smaller than the filtration system. The only effective mask is the P-100…but no one is going to wear cartridge filters.

  29. Noah_Pologies says:

    Became a member today finally just heard Tim swear more in two minutes than I have in the last six years, funny though, just seems like the twilight zone or something, (and no I’m not offended) and for the record I think Bill Gates does want to kill everyone he makes Mr Burns look like the apostle Paul.

  30. DoomBaby888 says:

    Guys, you need to learn about China, they have just relaxed the one child policy, plus they won’t invade Taiwan. They have always asserted that it’s part of One China and they will wait for the West to fold first.

  31. Element says:

    You should get Peter Schiff on your show to argue about Bitcoin.

  32. Element says:

    First off, Fauci said in his email that regular masks don’t work because the virus particles are too small. The size of the particles did not change so there is no medical reason for him to change his opnion on people wearing them. Second, there has not been any proof of asymptomatic spread. There was the Nature study in Wuhan that tracked millions of people and could not find any examples of people getting sick from coming into contact with asymptomatic people. You could say that is just China lying but there hasn’t been any evidence of it from anywhere else either. So, asympotmatic spread cannot be a reason why Fuaci changed his advice on masks,

  33. says:

    I live in Michigan. Our governor sucks but we have plenty of food. I’ve seen no shortages here. 🤷🏼‍♂️🦍

  34. covfefeovich says:

    Luke is close. My theory has been that the mast mandates were simply the mechanism they used to provide disguises for all of the goon squads to go out and riot with mayhem, and provide excuses for never identifying the leaders in the goon squads.
    That was necessary because in many states masking at a riot is another chargeable felony, and with a weapon becomes a second chargeable felony. Masking = ticket to riot.

  35. spoonsofdoom says:

    50 first dates biden was the funniest thing xD give that woman a medal.

  36. Dickie_Greenleaf says:

    Emma Jo Morris is a goddamn SAINT. You gotta get her chill ass back on.

  37. Vmanzo says:

    Tim proved tonight that he’s a mask boy
    Fauci clearly came out in the email saying cloth masks do not work at all.

  38. Bruce says:

    Me simping for the nerdy girl with the glasses with the sexy voice 😍

  39. Puddle says:

    Work for a USPS contractor. Gaining in and out of bulk mail centers. They all require masks.

  40. Yobuyahouse says:

    Nah time its ARRRR pirate coin!!!

  41. flinx101 says:

    The vaccinated vs masked argument makes no sense to me. I am refusing to get the vaccine for many different reasons that I do not want to get into now. If you are vaccinated whether I wear a mask or not will have no affect on you. You as the vaccinated person are a risk to me if you are not wearing a mask. I can get Covid from a vaccinated person.

  42. ThorAsgard says:

    You agree that we shouldn’t save the lives of dumb people, Tim? That sounds rather utilitarian and evil.

  43. Hampton says:

    What’s with the idiot guests the last couple of night either not giving a shit that about demonitizing the stream or being too fucking stupid to be aware of the words coming out of their own mouths?
    I love how Tim was super passive aggressive about it yesterday and yelled “fuck” a bunch after the stream and today he just said at the end of it to go to where we can curse all we want after the dumb lady was doing it the whole stream.
    She was just listing off talking points the entire time and had nothing of value to say anyway.
    She also lied about the definition of “mirth” at the beginning of the show for absolutely no reason other than an attempt to look smart. Super gross.
    The blonde lady was cool though!

  44. Hampton says:

    This Rawdog dude is full of hate. I hope you find Jesus some day man. Christians will still fuck you up for being a douchbag even though you think we’ll “turn the other cheek” without even reading the rest of that Bible passage or knowing what it means. I bet you’re too much of a coward to call a Christian or especially a Muslim a relig-tard to their face but great job being a douchebag on the internet though! 👍

  45. Evocatus says:

    Are we sure that it was even about masks? Remember the guy who was killed over a chicken sandwich?

  46. Ambrossia188 says:

    Maybe the reason for the Pro Maskers going insane is the lack of oxygen… 😏

  47. Rawdog says:

    Wow, this was a good show tonight.
    Only halfway through the members only segment but I can explain the “ghost cities” of China. This is a perfect example of Commie/Leftist/Libtard thinking.
    About 30 yrs. ago the Chinese Politburo decided to show the world how great China is by declaring that by (I think) 2030 at least 50% of the population would live in cities & work in offices/factories.
    There was no thought given to education levels, IQ or cultural level. (Remember the Communists had killed off all of their intelligent people [the few left were hiding or emigrating]). The vast majority of people were living in the stone age culturally &, in most cases, literally.
    The local govs kicked many of the peasants off the collectives, told them that they were now construction workers & started building cities on the land where the collectives were. Since no thought was given to the future (exactly what you “prolife” assholes do), no one could afford to live in these cities. Also, the peasants couldn’t go back to the collectives as there was now a bunch of tar & cement on top of everything. So the government sent the workers (say it with a sneer like the Chinese do) off to other areas to keep them employed & to continue lying to the West.
    I’ve been in a few of those ghost cities & even cities that have people have huge sections that are “ghost neighborhoods “. They are ALL falling apart-some as little as a year after they were built.
    The workers’ shanty towns are atrocious but it is all that they have & they are still in the stone age.

    • Rawdog says:

      Sorry, I should have written, “the government sent the workers to other areas to build MORE cities…” (the Chinese government has absolutely no idea what to do with these people)

  48. says:

    The war is like the conflict in Ireland between catholics and Protestants. People would go around and ask if they could recite the Hail Mary. Kind of like when blm goes around and ask if Black Lives Matter. Watch out for American car bombs.

  49. mrmap says:

    the other day the dude at the gas tation got mad at me because i didnt put my mask on fast enough before entering the store. i had it on before the door closed. i didnt cause a scene or anything, but yeah peoples brains are fried.

  50. SpaceDaimyo says:

    Please try and talk to the guys from ADV China so you can get informed on China. They can clearly explain the reason for the ghost cities and the mindset of the CCP and Chinese people. Please at least talk to them off-air if not on the show!!

    • Rawdog says:

      Hate to write this but Winston Sterzel is a perfect example of why we need to stop with immigration. He was already pissing me off with his “I LOVE the vaxx & let’s wear masks ” bullshit. But then he HAD to go and tell us that nobody should have an AR15.
      You know what Winston, go back to your shithole country & stay there.
      Wish I never bought his “documentaries”…

  51. SpaceDaimyo says:

    Please try and talk to the guys from ADVchina so you can get informed on China. They can clearly explain the reason for the ghost cities and the mindset of the CCP and Chinese people. Please at least talk to them off-air if not on the show!!

  52. jayoQ2 says:

    Droplets Tim!!! You forgot about the Droplets!!! I am trying to protect you and everyone from the Droplets!!!! 💦 -FauxChi

  53. Del_The_Person says:

    to be honest guys, trump ordered troops out of the middle east and they said fuck off, but Biden has the Nuke codes and you think they would let him launch!? I just cant buy into it…LOL

  54. says:

    My store was CRAZY about masking here in NC. As a manager, I regularly had to go tell customers to properly put them on.. This was NOT because I wanted to; this was because my woke, college-aged employees were so scared of non-masked people and could easily report me to HR for not enforcing the policy. When it became “masks for non-vaccinated people” I had a small panic attack. Do I keep masking bc I’m not vaccinated and the staff knows? Does that make me a liar if I don’t wear one? I have a hard time with ever appearing dishonest, but I also hate tyranny and insufficient information. It was a real mind melt because I was having to choose between standing up for my beliefs (aka no masks) or lying that I was vaccinated to employees that knew I wasn’t. I chose to wear my mask on my chin for about a week and a half (I WAS wearing one after all). Now, I don’t wear one at all. I softly made them comfortable with me not wearing one. If slowly infiltrating is the game, I’ll do it too.

  55. tehkenny says:

    Tonight’s podcast was wonderful. That’s all I have to say.

  56. RaneyNickel says:

    Just wanted to say that I really enjoy the bonus videos!

  57. BillH says:

    My favorite mask is one that says “This mask is as useless as Gavin Newsom”. Good conversation as always, thanks team!

  58. ftaugust says:

    I wore my GOP logo mask and my favorite Gadsden Flag mask when the lying JB Pritzker was dictating we wear it everywhere.

  59. HoosierRoss says:

    The vaccine is a twisted IQ test. You are correct without even knowing it tim. They want to remove the dumbest. The kind of people who aren’t capable of thinking for themselves or dumb enough to be bribed into taking it. They want to lower the population but keep the intelligent

  60. Doughppe says:

    Oh goody, I live near that hardware store and have seen baseball bat bro working there.

  61. Rhodes87 says:

    I work at Whirlpool in TN. They have been offering $200 just to take the shot since it first came out. Until enough people get shot we cant take off the mask. They just put up a sign at the front door to show the % of people that have got it. We are only at 10-20%. No one wants it. So we still have to wear our mask in 100+ degree heat. Complete BULLSHIT. I haven’t been back since April due to an injury and don’t plan going back for a few more weeks at least.

  62. Joshrcp72 says:

    I went to Costco in California today and didn’t have to wear a mask. I’m fully vaccinated and I was told at the entrance, those fully vaccinated don’t have to wear a mask. I was not asked to show proof of vaccination. Only a few people in Costco were not wearing a mask.

  63. Cursed108 says:

    Nah those empty chinese cities were built with the Failed idea that they would build cities and people would move there. Becuase these cities were in the middle of no where no one moved there rofl.

    • Rawdog says:

      Perfect example of Maoist thinking.

      Not only are many of them in the middle of nowhere but they are all “Luxury Apartments “. Hell, I had a bunch of OCT salesmen try to get me to purchase (lease) a place at Da Mei Sha. They were completely convinced that Guailos were dying to move to China. I did suggest that they try to get libtard retirees to move there (I told the salesman to advertise in NY, MA, CA).

  64. tobie.lepine says:

    i disagree about gold going valueless in a zombie apocalypse. Gold is the metal with the MOST , corrosion resistance, electrical conductivity, ductility, maleability… Even in the darkest of ages, Gold will always have its place, might it be plating guns and knives for durability. A 14g gold wire can be bent and vibrated gazzillions of times before it breaks. Even in a zombie apocalypse, there will be shit that CANNOT fail to protect the species, If im still alive to design such stuff, im going for 4140 steel and gold to protect it. I can no longer stand hearing your opinon about gold going to no value even in the worst of times. All computer electrical contacts on cards are gold plated. Electronic stuff wont cease to exist in a zombie apocalypse, some will have to be built, some will have to be repaired. Gold will be required… Gold as jewelry will sure drop in value and interest, but gold will still be smeltered, brass and copper connectors will still need to be plated…. even the home shop can use gold to protect other metals. Get 2 1911, lectroplate one with gold and bury both for 25 yrs, you will then appreciate how gold isnt just a shiny metal. Again, stuff that NEEDS to be reliable for your PROTECTION in any crisis will require GOLD. If there are zombies around the well pump feeding the community, armed truck required to service it, connectors will be gold plated, pump wont fail! I hear you’re getting into CNC ? Cast castle should bring some shop time on… maybe electroplate something ?

  65. TAMMY85887 says:

    My daughter’s fiancé wore his “Dasantis 2024 Make America Florida” hat to Denver and said he had MANY people compliment him on it. He had them made and is launching a website to sell them but I thought it was funny that you all don’t think he has enough steam.

  66. TheHoneyBadger says:

    Their plan for population control is unfolding precisely as they’d like. It’s sickening, really.
    And the fact that this country has people that are willing to initiate violence against anyone that’s not acting in compliance with the edict of intentionally divisive bureaucrats, politicians and various other sellouts is a testament to the disturbing and dangerous levels of deeply indoctrinated individuals that allow themselves to make their decisions based on the lies that are propagated for the obvious purpose of instilling fear in them. All while believing that they’re actually doing something that’s somehow justified, and not realizing that they’re the brainwashed order followers that they hate if they’re wearing a uniform..but they are all the same fools that create the masses of willfully ignorant victims of their own prideful egos.

  67. krazzington says:

    Trump/DeSantis, then DeSantis runs 2028, you’ll have 12 years of that legend in the making.

  68. RuthlessAdmin says:

    It’s all going to culminate in either WWIII or a period of globalism, followed by a period of the working class saying “nope”.

  69. Nick1diesel says:

    Fucking sheep ! Living your life in fear is not living !! Wake the fuck up everyone. I live in FL work in AL and I haven’t put a mask on one fucking time !

  70. Crowfficial says:

    If you have had the vaccine or are not at serious risk of potentially dying from Covid-19 and are STILL wearing the mask, it is purely political at this point. It simply signals to others which “side” you are on.

    Let’s not do anything stupid, we don’t need to sink to the identitarians low life level at all, we need to organize as they have over the last 20+ years and win this civil war.

    The great reset? I doubt if any of these phonies have any idea how they are being used as pawns to further a global agenda. As for the U.S., those who would still live for the Constitution and die for our flag need to seriously plan and consider how we are going to win this war being fought on our very streets. Yes, there will be blood, perhaps there doesn’t have to be.. but at this point, I don’t see what other option we have other than to find our grace in the almighty God and fight back against those who exemplify the seven deadly sins and it starts by adopting and living by the 10 commandments.

    God bless everyone of you who have become members here, I think Tim and the party he keeps are really on to something that will help in the change I believe we all want to see in the world.

  71. Lildav3232 says:

    i’ll take the odds with masks and pronouns < no masks and no pronouns

  72. Stickywicket1977 says:

    the Seattle/Tacoma/Olympia/Portland area is filled with brainwashed sheep bahhhhhhhh

  73. says:

    Here in Ohio mask are a far and few between. The governor removed all Covid-19 restrictions as of the first week of June. Now when I go out there are some people wearing masks. employees are still mostly wearing masks. For the most part though people aren’t wearing masks. The signs on the doors say “you do not need to wear a mask if you have been fully vaccinated”. No one has asked me if I’m vaccinated though. All and all in Ohio it seems like the pandemic is fully over.

  74. WedgeVIII says:

    Relating to the mask vs no mask comments… Most people just don’t care. A lot of people just wear them because they want to show that they care about their neighbors. Other people wear them out of fear. Some wear them to show their devotion to the cult. Then you have people, like myself, that refuse to wear one out of defiance, born from the knowledge it’s all a game to make you bow. I will not bow down. Ever. I will not be subjugated, and I will die before I allow that to happen to my family.

  75. TheDarkworld says:

    Unpopular opinion but I think delivering a few ass beatings ourselves would move things along a bit

    • Rawdog says:

      Not an unpopular opinion.
      The reason we have manners is because ratchett assholes used to get their asses beat (stabbed, shot, etc.) when men were men.
      Then we let a bunch of relig-tards tell us to, “turn the other cheek”.

      • says:

        Na manners were a way for nobles and other Elites to recognize each other among a commoners in place they weren’t well known. It was a way for them to separate them from the peasantry. The lower classes were respectful to each other cause they had to rely on each other. Cooperation and and respect is far older than manners. Its a way to create trust between people. The world was dangerous back then, stakes were higher. In a way manners were like masks, but the other side believed the people who knew manners either were better, or would severely punish them, if found to think the opposite.