Man Describes Getting Trans Reassignment Surgery And Regrets Removing His Genitals, Calls it A Living nightmare

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Man Describes Getting Trans Reassignment Surgery And Regrets Removing His Genitals, Calls it A Living nightmare

169 responses to “Man Describes Getting Trans Reassignment Surgery And Regrets Removing His Genitals, Calls it A Living nightmare”

  1. kellybw says:

    Before you get to reading my comment here, just a FEEDBACK note to the team at “The comment form doesn’t allow for paragraph formatting.” I write very eloquently and formal especially when dividing my points into paragraphs. However, it all becomes one conglomerate pile of words here since your comment form doesn’t allow formatting. Definitely something to look into! This comment section could be a very interesting forum for discussion if it were refined. Now, onto my actual comment…

    “I don’t feel like a man”.
    Son, that is because you are a boy. The idea of “being a man” is an idea which takes away from the physiological reality of gender then replaces it with a subjective reality based on our interpretations of what people do as adults and why we do them. You are a human, a person, an individual. Your body is male in that your reproductive organs are that of a male. Roles do not determine gender nor does your gender determine your role. What you want to do with your life has nothing to do with your penis. Instead of staying concerned with “feeling like a man”, relax a little bit and start thinking about what you want to do: do you want to draw a picture; do you want to build a road; do you want to walk a dog; do you want to raise a child; do you want to drive a car; do you want to learn about plants; do you want to look at a fish farm; do you want to grow food; do you want to make sushi?

    I also get fired up when we talk about the education of children. I am an early childhood educator, I work in daycares, and I take my job very seriously. Most parents and teachers just gawk: “Oh, so cute, look at their little outfit” while they lose sight of the reality that these children are actual living entities – people, conscious and aware. It is so fd up how ignorant people are to the reality of early childhood education. I believe children shouldn’t watch superhero movies, either – and, believe me, I know how different that seems. Avengers Endgame is PG-13: while that doesn’t mean sit there and watch the movie with your child then walk away from it. What does “Parental Guidance” mean to you? Do you speak to your 13 y’o about what is happening, ask them questions about why these people are making the decisions they make; ask them what kind of emotions and expressions they see the actors making – how are they feeling right now; why do you think Tony Stark didn’t want to help the Avengers? How many 3-5 y’o children have seen that movie? For 3-5 y’o child to witness all the death and viciousness is horrific. They don’t even understand the part when Bruce Banner talks to his friends about how he “put the brawn and the brains together” – all those little children see is the Hulk giving an autograph to some children. “Hahaha, look dad it’s the Hulk!” Dad’s like, “Oh, son, haha, yes, ” while dad thinks to himself: “Wow, my son can identify the Hulk, Haha, so adorable. He’s so smart”. Suffice to say, I don’t get along with a lot of people in my field of work because of how assertive I am about these ideas and how seriously I take the education of our young minds. That, and being a man working in a field of 99% women doesn’t allow for a lot of discussion because I’m too often seen an intimidating force rather than as reciprocative or collaborative.

    I live in Canada and I am very afraid that these ideas will begin to permeate our public education systems. It already has begun. An acquaintance of mine from middleschool ended up becoming a university professor and is now touting the new sexual education curriculum she wants put into the public schools that includes dildos and other weird shit like that. We’re in for a wild fn ride, team. Stay genuine.

  2. NeoN says:

    Unfortunate thumbnail for that headline

  3. Anony says:

    Tim was wrong about what he said regarding the golden Gate bridge jumpers. It was not a study of a thousand people, there aren’t a thousand people who have survived that jump. It was a single person’s experience in the documentary about Golden Gate bridge jumpers

  4. r_nicole says:

    I think the concepts of non-binary and a gender spectrum were invented to allow people to present themselves as the opposite gender while still maintaining their genitalia. So a woman can keep her uterus but as a trans-man they are a “man who can give birth”.

  5. apann says:

    My view on it is wait til the person that wants to transition is 25 so their brain is fully developed. Having a diagnosis and not just “i want this so i get it” should be needed as well but thats a slippery slope.

  6. JoeVasco72 says:

    Todays transgender Frankensteins will be tomorrows right wing radicals.

  7. KellyAnn says:

    This conversation makes me want Jesusland to really happen, & I’m not even Catholic.

  8. Blankfield says:

    CNN will be in the shitter 😂😂 a man on a mission with the aerodynamic head. Fuck em up Tim members area better than I expected 👍

  9. Bing says:

    I love how Lydia went off! I watch a lot of your stuff and seeing that for a first time was awesome! Put Lydia on center stage!

  10. Spidge_Bandersnatch says:

    If gender is biologic, then why would hormones need to be blocked and genitals need to be removed? To confirm a “social construct” you have to alter biology, which, left to its own devices, would create male and female genitalia and hormones? That’s a complete contradiction.

  11. Kkaye13 says:

    I’m glad after a year of watching I finally subscribed, this is my first members only video. My nephews mother “transitioned” and hated herself so much a year later she was committed. Sad but also.. I don’t understand how they didn’t see it coming

  12. BHardt says:

    You guys need to get this conversation out from behind a pay wall. think of how many lives you will save from one of the worst tortures possible… I wish I could share this.

  13. says:

    Man, Lyds went off…

  14. paulwhatever says:

    There is not link between the trans community and the gay community and many in the gay community are not happy they are lumped in. The trans community attached themselves knowing it would give them more clout and shield them from criticism.

  15. Smknjoe78 says:

    I can attest to what Tim is saying about cluster headaches, they are soooooo painful and the worst part is you know it is not going to be your last. The headaches come in waves and go away for a while but always come back you just don’t know when.

    • Smknjoe78 says:

      I.will add this in 2003 one of the people I worked with wanted to switch genders, the made them.go through 2 years of counseling before the surgery was option, what happened?

    • Smknjoe78 says:

      I will add this in 2003 one of the people I worked with wanted to switch genders, the made them go through 2 years of counseling before the surgery was even an option, what happened?

  16. Textra says:

    If you’re behind a pay-wall, you’re not public.

  17. DavidTheGrey says:

    Love this. Keep it up you guys rock

  18. EliamGreywind says:

    I think that sex reasignment should be only allowed at the age of 25, or whenever they said the brain fully developed. And that religious emotion should take a backseat on this one, morals aside, happiness should come from the self and that should be reaffirmed through good parenting.

  19. Bigly12025 says:

    Keep up the good work, Tim and cast.

  20. Johnli says:

    I heard this story and I feel my insides flip. As a premed student this is crazy for me.

  21. PhatJimmy says:

    Lydia – You are an inspiration to my teenage daughters. I love your passion for what is just and what is right. I too am willing to die on the hill for being pro-life.

  22. says:

    Again and again, we see if there’s 2 sides to an issue, and one side is silenced, that is typically the side that is correct

  23. MC says:

    I’ve been watching you since the first time you went on Dave Rubin, this might be the first story that I’m like Lydia, I can think of spicier things to do to those doctors

  24. RebornJuice says:

    Jesus Christ

  25. Klunk says:

    I do not have enmity towards members of LGBT, but I have an argument that I believe could collapse the entire concept of homosexuality if anyone is interested.

    • Klunk says:

      It’s a three-part proof.
      First consider puberty, whose function is to create sexual maturity. When I was pubescent-age and was put through summer camps and school locker rooms (scenarios where there are only members of the same sex and full of hormones), it was common for individuals to have “queer” feelings towards others and even participate in sexual practices. Even if a kid did not participate in sexual acts, they still had the funny feelings, and it could therefore be used as an indicator for their sexuality though it is normal can be observed in both boys and girls.
      Then consider that most of these pubescent kids later identify as straight, and their pasts are only spoken of through the anonymity of the internet. You could argue that they are lying, because to even have feelings toward a sex presents itself as physical evidence of their sexual preferences, regardless of what they say they are. Or, you could argue that your sexuality IS what you say it is. It’s what you feel it is.
      Here’s the kicker. If we conclude that homosexuality is defined by physical attraction and sexual acts, we must then recognize all sexual attraction, even the most minute instances of anyone acting gay or straight. This option suggests we are all on a spectrum of bisexuality, that there aren’t any who are truly straight or gay, only bi. However, if we conclude that different sexualities exist, then considering those who experience sexual urges at one age, but identify as something else later, that suggests that sexuality is not concrete and we are not “born” one way or the other.
      If you believe someone is truly straight or gay, fine, but it does not take into account the people who do and have changed their preferences. It’s possible. If you believe your sexuality is rigid and will never change, fine, but it must account for the complete bisexual history of you and any person who has ever lived, proving we are all more the same. But to say that a sexuality is determinable AND we should accept it because it’s unchangeable, well, it just makes no sense, and I refuse to observe a season-long celebration every year for something that doesn’t make sense.

  26. Yobuyahouse says:

    The suicide rate is sad. No one really cares for these people.

  27. fat_cyborg says:

    You guys could always do like AIU and join too if anything happens. I guess you need to pay extra to not be lied to so often.

  28. Mattical1980 says:

    Just to reiterate the change in sex reassignment surgery in the past 30 years, go back and watch ‘The Silence of the Lambs’. Although it is fiction, in the film they track down Buffalo Bill in part from his history with going to different doctors looking for a sex change surgery. In 1990, you had to be seen for years by physiatrists and live as the other gender for years for before you could get the surgery. Now, (apparently), all it takes is 3 doctors visits.

  29. Domitan1980 says:

    Is it possible to livestream here following your IRL on youtube? It would be awesome if when you cut the feed on youtube we could jump on over here and keep watching, or if you can have an uncut session straight through on here

  30. Android421 says:

    Part of the problem I think is that if you are a male, feeling feminine can make you feel like something is wrong with you. And masculine females the same. We have both energies inside of us. We shouldn’t identify with these feelings as they shift and change though out our lives. Even by the hour. When we identify with these feelings we think it’s because we are in the wrong body. It’s ok to feel feminine as a man it doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with you. It’s completely natural and everyone experiences it.

    • Clicwinko516 says:

      Puberty is hard enough as it is- not that long ago when I was growing up, we used to encourage the idea that you didn’t have to fit any mold to be who you are. You could be a girl and be good at sports or athletic or cut your hair or whatever and STILL be a girl. Likewise; guys could wear pink or like flowers or whatever: but they’re still a guy. And we can accept all those things and embrace the amazing diversity of human interests. It’s hard enough figuring out what and who you like when your young – and coming to terms with your body, your growth, puberty and all these things are about learning about yourself and accepting what you cannot change as you grow up. It’s healthy to know that you are who you are but within that confinement you have the freedom to do a lot of things. Giving the option to change your body so drastically and unrealistically is just going to make all that harder and instead of ACCEPTING our bodies through a really hard time of growth, they will instead learn to reject their bodies in ways we have no idea how harmful it can be later on.

  31. VauxhallViva1975 says:

    Very happy to be a member here. There are SO MANY things like this that are in the no-no basket over at Them-Tube. Refreshing to come here and have uncensored content.

  32. Grumpe says:

    One of the most important conversations of our time. Jumped out of my chair to cheer Lydia on.
    Wish I had friends like you guys. Keep tackling the tough questions!

  33. says:

    I like what Seamus said about moderating how he speaks in front of a woman..myself my Father and Brother don’t speak the same way in front of my mother and sisters as we do to each other..I think its a lost value

  34. says:

    Excellent discussion, Lydia is spot on, thank you for your passion. Please have Abigail Shrier or Ryan Anderson as a guest. Their books are so important.

  35. shadowfoxx says:

    Segments like these are why you deserve my money. Thank you

  36. RaneyNickel says:

    This is NOT unsafe for children to hear! – this should be something they hear about, see, and are exposed to at an age appropriate level.
    At the very least, talk to your kids right now about the subject of transgenderism because they WILL get only one side of the story from outside influences as soon as they socialize with kids and teachers outside of your home.

  37. Tribe39 says:

    You guys should have a mom who stayed home and raised her kids on the show. There is so many times that normal developmental stages are being misconstrued and blown out of proportion. Let kids have the freedom not to have labels, let them figure out their own individual quicks and oddities.

  38. Shapeofevil says:

    If someone wants to remove their hand or foot because they don’t feel comfortable we’d get them mental help. But if it’s their breast or genitals they’re celebrated.

  39. Lastandtheleast says:

    You guys are almost there, keep taking those red pills man. Seamus is right that libertarianism is not the way, at some point there needs to be an authority to legislate some sort of basic morality. I’m sad that we as a nation have fallen so far before we woke up to the reality that we need a more authoritarian approach to dealing with the degeneration of society. Antifa called me fascist so much I might actually be starting to think like one, especially after what the left is doing to hurt kids and family values. Looking forward to you having Nick Fuentes and, God willing, Jesse Lee Peterson on the show. Shout out to Groypers!

  40. DogFacePonySold1er says:

    Dang that Seamus is a big brain! No wonder he’s still hanging around. He gives me hope that the younger generation (well, younger than me at least) is now doing too bad.

  41. SunnyShowers says:

    Benjamin Boyce has a really great series on gender, transitions, detransition, etc. He does a great job of digging into this…I know he’s way far away from you, but if he’d fly over he’d be a fantastic guest. 🙂

    • says:

      second this in spades! Benjamin has had nuanced conversations with various groups about this issue. definitely check out his channel on YT. channel name is same as his name

  42. Traditionalist says:

    Tim you should really do a segment warning your listeners about the dangers of porn. A lot of people don’t realize how bad it is and they listen to you. Could make for a good bonus segment.

  43. RobLMissouri says:

    When talking about kids growing up in broken homes or not. At times, kids will feel like everything is completely out of their control. So they will grasp anything they can to gain some control even when it might be completely unhealthy for them. It’s sad because if they got to the root cause of their problem, maybe with mental health help or reliable adults in their lives, they probably wouldn’t even be thinking about transitioning whether it’s before puberty or not.

  44. abodine130 says:

    I had to come to the bonus episode to get Tim’s reference to the movie “The Patriot” take a drink!! LOL!!

  45. Unit_108 says:


    Tim, we need a lot more of this content, get Scott Newgent on for a podcast, especially a long segment here. He was born female and does not regret their choice, but they openly say they would not advocate anyone do this. This conversation needs to happen, maybe even host it as a free exclusive on this site, it’s extremely important to get this conversation out there.

  46. Durnjulio says:

    Wish i could leave the website and the video would start from where i left instead of restarting the whole video

  47. TriTheForce says:

    Some dead horses really need their ass kicked 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  48. Tommy_Curry68 says:

    Seamus is a sharp guy, really grounded.

  49. PlumberDave says:

    Did Tim give a knife hand to end the video??😂😂😂

  50. Graysfang says:

    As a programmer, who happens to be gay, my theory on what homosexuality is comes from how programs handle errors.

    Think of human DNA as a super complex program to make a person. Like all programs you may encounter errors along the way as things build and some errors are small but can be handled quietly, while others are extreme such as malformations both physical and cognitive.

    These quiet errors aren’t apparent, hence the quiet part, but they must be handled and so we have homosexuality. To prevent the error from spreading to subsequent programs, children, the system will “cap” it off by tweaking the sexual/desire to replicate/breed mechanisms. The program finishes with no extreme errors producing a functional unit with minor differences / deviations. In essence a functioning human who can still fit into the machine of life without detracting from its overall mandate.

  51. Aarin81 says:

    So thats what happened to Tim’s penis and balls…thats how he is able to ride the fence better..okay i get it now

  52. Bellmorte81 says:

    What kills me is this happens more often than people think. But then the stories are suppressed, the people are ridiculed and no one is allowed to talk about it. People have the right to access information about the pros and cons of any desisions they consider.

  53. says:

    I get not wanting to live according to a set of preconceived notions relating to your genitals. Choosing not to live within societal gender norms is fine as long as you’re living a fulfilling and meaningful life in accordance to personal morals. The problem with transgenderism is they’re just trading one box for another not realizing the trans and gay community as a whole allows less diversity of thought and expression of individuality.

  54. Danielos889 says:

    For a community that is so about acceptance, the alphabet people are really unaccepting of playing the hand life has dealt them, instead opting for medically questionable cheat codes that give you a new skin. EVERYONE wants to change something about their body, but part of being an adult is not allowing your imperfections define you.

  55. Dirty_Donkey says:

    Ian: where did transgender even come from?
    Me: Satan

  56. MarkVA71 says:

    We gay people still have kids. We either use surrogates or we adopt. I find it fascinating after all these years how straight people still think they have some kind of false insight into the LGB mind…

    • BryanCocksman says:

      True it’s something of an assumption I am also guilty of. I think it’s probably leaning towards finding relatability and commonality. May not be the correct way.

    • Autonomous says:

      @MarkVA71 Tim didn’t say that you belligerent, duplicitous narcist. we need a report function for shit like this, it’ll be used to smear you guys. I can totally foresee a “journalist” subscribing to, taking a screen shot and writing an article that everyone else will pick up.

  57. MrZorg says:

    While it may be a logistical and marketing challenge, there should be a conversation about a YouTube alternative. Even Crowder – while promoting Rumble – stated he “did not know them personally” but trusted that they were “straight shooters.” Why aren’t conservatives, classic liberals, IDW types, politically homeless business types making “Right YouTube”? Run by them, owned by them, policies in the company inherently protecting against Left influences/employees? Run in both lanes until the half of the country (world) that does not mind cursing, sensitive subjects and are Free Speech Absolutists are in that new economy. I am not for parallel world views, but until corporations and the Left agree to a neutral board – why should everyone else play their game?

  58. Zedshow says:

    IMO homosexuality is a signifier of overpopulation, not necessarily over the globe but within a locality. I think that when you get too dense of a population there’s a hormonal imbalance which causes excess of male or female hormones within the population. This leads to stunted sexual development in a percentage of the population which makes them remain in a more juvenile state of attraction so they tend to be same sex attracted. This, I suspect, is a natural mechanism designed to quell overpopulation in a natural state but due to modern civilization and civil rights we have work arounds that allow the population to continue to grow despite this mechanism kicking in. Trans phenomena may be due to our thwarting of this mechanism causing it to spiral out of control and push back our sexual development as a whole resulting in dysphoria and high suicide rates. Nature is trying desperately to curb us and we are trying to squeeze it in our fists but it keeps squeezing its way through our fingers. This is only based on my observations on the matter and is just a hypothesis.

    • Nick21521 says:

      I heard about a rat study where the scientists gave them unlimited amounts of food within a dense population and they started acting crazy. Lots of gay sex and violence towards each other. They took away the food, and everything went back to normal.

  59. Vashts1985 says:

    i know you cant host this on YT and you want paywall content, but this is the type of thing we need to be able to share to everyone…


  60. PDXkmac says:

    Who decided that SRS is the first and most viable solution to gender disphoria? Being a permanent and extreme measure to take with people that are so young, you would think the better path would be to exhaust all other possible solutions. I’m fully against SRS. I just can’t fathom how this became so prevalent.

  61. Yoshi says:

    preach it lyds! seamus, ive never agreed with you more! END CHILD ABUSE!! keep talking about this please 🙏

  62. RyanDrew says:

    Been said by Shapiro before, 40% is the suicide rate for trans with or without surgery. Maiming your body isn’t a solution, neither is forcing radical acceptance of a trans lifestyle on 99% of society, seems obvious. A lifestyle that leads to 40% suicide foisted upon the rest of civilization as normal parlance in our modern culture seems more like a strategic attack on our culture and way of life. Reminds me of BLM a bit. We are arguing over insane ideas instead of real problems like forever wars and military industrial complexes, the fed (right Ian?!). Trans movement is just another globalist red herring for the pawns to quibble over why the elites run the world.

  63. Oldguyknowscode says:

    OMG!! Lydia cursed!!!!!

  64. Richards says:

    Leave your hands off children’s genitals. This is one of reasons why I’m against circumcision.

  65. SillySuzyBumblebee says:

    Alex Jones says all of this comes from chemicals in our food and water. He says the chemicals are making the frogs in Houston turn gay and hence they are becoming endangered. I think he’s probably right again! He’s right a lot, isn’t he???

  66. BlackYoda says:

    These conversations need to be longer, I know that’s easier said than done but I believe if you cut the youtube segments shorter and told the listeners why you are gonna spend more time in the members-only segments talking about the subjects social (Satan) media doesn’t want you thinking about, more people would join in supporting your work (Curiosity), I know I enjoy it and I used to think you were commie trash. Godspeed, Lydia is a babe and I’m not Black. Merica!

  67. Goodwin1776 says:

    Anorexia is another form of body dysphoria.

  68. GuruMystogan says:

    I’m a new member just wanted to say I appreciate all the work you do at Timcast it’s inspiring in a lot of ways I’m 26 years old and find myself more and more confused every day as I look at the world around me I have been paying attention to your work for a few years on YouTube and I’m enjoying all the content on this website it helps me feel a little more grounded in reality and fact checking a lot of the information you release has become a fun/terrifying hobby when I’m board so again thanks 😊

  69. Jude says:

    Jazz started the gender blocker drugs at about 9, she was in her early teens when the surgery was supposed to take place but it turned out that giving her those drugs so early prevented enough of a burst of puberty that the penis never grew enough to provide enough penile size to create the vagina that is made from that tissue, basically turned inside out in the process. So I don’t think she was able to have the surgery when it was time to. Not sure if that was ever rectified so that could have changed.

  70. Imortalaxe says:

    Pro-life and anti-transthekids. We have no right to take children’s futures whether in the womb or 16. This is a hill I will die on.

  71. John3667 says:

    I don’t know if I’m one of the few that support Tim outside the USA, I’m a dutch guy living in Bulgaria, but these kind of conversations are why I support this side. There are topics I don’t agree with but learning the USA way of thinking made it clear for me why I disagree, for example, I disagree with the way the USA kind of direct other countries where they buy the gas / oil from. I agree with breaking the peer preasure to do harmful things to kids, just let kids play and choose their way, listen to them, correct them, feed them healthy and take care of them. I was told at a young age, children may eat everything but don’t have to know everything (sounds better in Dutch), some things are adult stuff that kids don’t can understand because they haven’t learnt all the background information yet. They same is true on this topic, children or young adults may think they know everything but in most cases they ain’t aware of the greater way of looking at it. Keep up the good work of being as truthfull as you can be and I support you this way.
    p.s. my membership gets cheaper every month bc the dollar/ euro is getting out of wack pretty fast

    • Rosegarden says:

      Thanks for bringing up conversations like this Tim. I’m a 29 y.o. trans woman and started transition at 27. I am happier now than I was before transition. I agree on a lot of the points you brought up. I think there should be more counseling required and medical transition should not be available until someone is an adult. Children should not have a part in this topic. Also listen to Dan Crenshaw’s podcast episode on transition, very similar.

      I wish you would do an interview with Blaire White on this topic for a couple hours. Many of us stand with the right on the child issue, don’t throw fits over pronouns, and just want to live the life that brings us happiness. I wish I still had access to one video that shows the breakdown of sex chromosomes. That for proper development, it requires the right genes being present and engaged. Plus specific hormones being present at certain levels during development. Not saying that is the cause for transgenderism, but it is a working idea.

      Thanks again. If we want to talk about the good then we need to talk about the bad. Also glad you correct the Jazz surgery age, almost turned it off.

    • BryanCocksman says:


  72. Michael_Ashcroft says:

    The evils that men do.

    I’m sure the surgeons sleep well with their bank accounts.

  73. JRob says:

    I can genuinely say that I have never believed in someone and their mission more than I believe in Tim. I PRAY that I get to meet him and shake his hand one day. Just to thank him for inspiring me and remaining to be such a humble, yet focused individual. I truly believe in you Tim & Crew. & I’ll find any way I can to be a part of this journey with you guys.

  74. NoOne123 says:

    If i recall correctly, weimar germany in the 1920’s had transgender ideology coming up. Its been refined over the years and mostly just comes from i THINK the frankfurt school of thought and that its really just post modern communists being post modern communists attempting to subvert society and create the conditions for “revolution”. James Lindsay discusses the origins of these ideologies on his site and podcast called New Discourses, definitely check it out he does a fantastic job of breaking all of this crazy stuff down and making it digestible.

    I want to bring up an interesting point that a lot of people seem to overlook that Carl Benjamin of The Lotus Eaters(fantastic podcast btw) recently brought up(i think it was the podcast for 6/4/2021). The argument with trans people is that they don’t feel like they’re in the correct body. The solution is to put them on hormone therapy. For MtF they’re placed on estrogen to make them feel more aligned with the gender they think they are. Why are we giving them estrogen? Why not give them testosterone instead? If the solution proposed is hormone therapy, would it not be less destructive to give them more of the same hormones that align with their physical bodies? I genuinely wonder if that would solve the issue. Testosterone has an enormous effect on the mood and focus of men and when it gets low men tend to adopt more docile demeanors and have a tendency to not feel like themselves.

    There are studies that have come out that say that which each new generation born in this modern age, the males appear to have less testosterone than their fathers and grandfathers before them. There are a number of reasons for this, poor diet, sedentary lifestyle, lack of exercise, xenoestrogens in plastics, the water supply in cities being tainted with birth control, ect ect. I’ll bet hormone imbalance combined with peer pressure and this subversive trans cult indoctrination is contributing to the explosion of trans people we’ve started seeing over the last 10 years.

  75. Fishbiskit says:

    The connection of trans people to the LGBT community is due to the very simple fact that that community doesn’t all support the Corporate socialism of the woke mob and the Democrats only realistic claim to power is their defense of the oppressed.
    When the majority of your oppressed speak out very loudly that they do not feel oppressed then you need to go create more oppressed to defend. And who is more defenseless than kids who are being forced into submitting to the vicious demands of a society that won’t allow them to immediately & surgically create their own identity without “artificial social constructs?”
    “Come on man! If you don’t mutilate your junk, you ain’t woke!”

  76. LilyAnne says:

    I have to disagree with some of this. Before this modern time both the charakee and Navaho had more then 2 genders. Man with male soul, Man with female soul, woman with male soul, Woman with female soul. And man and woman with both souls. But there was no judgment on if you were like this and no surgery to make you so that your outside reflected your inside. Please look into this subject.

  77. MiriamtheLevite says:

    Keep pushing guys. And Tim, you’re not a medium sized outfit. What you may not see is how impactful your influence really is. You are now the subject around the water cooler. This is how we win. This is how we defeat this ideology. If it means we fracture the country, then so be it. Because we will never bow down!!!

  78. jabrann98 says:

    I’m literally only < 5 min into the segment & speaking as a medical professional +20yrs exp who is still absolutely passionate about loving compassion kindness to all people yet disgusted & so disheartened with our US medical SYSTEM, the red tape, the ridiculous hoops that DO NOT CARE ABOUT AN INDIVIDUAL. My soapboxes are many, prioritizing though, MENTAL HEALTH!!!
    THANK YOU TIM & CREW for discussing a very sensitive & important topic very appropriately, professional, & COMPASSIONATELY. *BTW- I’m a 44 yo female, married 23 yrs in a loving relationship & mom to 2 amazing young men 15 & 18 yo w/ NO further plans/ desires for more children, yet though still hormonally & biologically physically able to become pregnant, yet these hormonal influences have, at this point in my life have been not only been self acknowledged but also medically acknowledged by other medical professional providers, significantly has been detrimental to my mental health & physical safety yet I am continually denied at my educated request to remove my ovaries yet if I were an 18 yo female w/ 1 visit to a physician w/ c/o gender dysphoria I would not be questioned, there would be no hesitation, & even a promotion of removing my ovaries! WTF!!!

  79. Aesatidlam says:

    This kid seems to be very pro regulation, big government.

  80. inadash says:

    Let people eat, smoke, consume, inject, and mutilate themselves if they want to. Its their life. Just don’t expect me to pay for any portion of it or the repercussions to you. Dave Smith for President 2024

  81. Digota says:

    Ahaaaa! Love the lightning strike at the end Tim! Get hype!

  82. Danno2112 says:

    Tim, in the private website business, you are in good company. Lots of cover but also room to grow.

  83. justlikethecaptain says:

    I don’t get the assisted suicide thing. Even if you condone it…don’t assist. It’s one thing not to physically intervene to prevent someone from killing himself, quite another to kill him.

    • Digota says:

      As someone that has loved ones with dementia and Alzheimer’s. If that was their will.. And they can’t pull it off anymore… It’s obviously illegal for family members to help them.

      Nobody wants to degrade until they completely lose their dignity, until they must liquidate everything they’ve worked for just to cling to life.

      To me, it’s not moral to take that choice away from them when it’s finally slipped outside of their power to control.

      • jabrann98 says:

        I have not personally experienced your situation, yet my mother in law lost her mother to early onset dementia resulting in her death at 49 yo, with my best friend of 30 yrs I witnessed her grandfather’s decline & years of suffering with severe dementia, I’ve worked in healthcare >20 yrs w/ a love and passion in geriatrics specifically geriatric dementia & mental health. In saying all of that I want to send your family loving kindness, compassion, & respect. The topic of assisted death is difficult, complex, & individualized to each situation. 💚🙏

  84. justlikethecaptain says:

    A lot of people need to go to jail for this.

  85. Aich says:

    For the study on trans suicide from NBC: of course the longer you remain alive the less likely you are to have committed suicide.

  86. says:

    a little boy comes up to me and asks me about what is a man, and says they don’t feel like one.
    my response: you are not a man, or a women. you are a child either a boy or girl who either has a XY chromosome, or XX chromosome. for now you are small, and haven’t developed yet.

    I remember something from Persona 4 about the child nanako, and…. (Spoiler) her lack of Shadow, or persona is because she is a child without an established ego like the older characters.

  87. AlexaGetOutOfMyHouse says:

    Damn, I’m so moved by the work you guys do. You’re easily the most honest crew doing work and more than happy to contribute to your future success.

    LYDS- I’m in love with you and you were a badass in this episode. That’s my girl right there!!

  88. says:

    Super personal, but… as a kid I grew up in an all female household. 2 older sisters ,1 single mother; often babysat by my grandmother. I was always dressed up in dresses and skirts by my sisters, I remembered loving it! I remember the feeling of fitting in with the women of my family that I loved, not a man around. I even remember enjoying the breeze and freedom of a skirt, but I’m terrified to think of the consequences of that kind of upbringing if I grew up in today’s modern world….To put it simple, kids learn through imitation at first, and need 18 years of wisdom, TRUTH and knowledge taught to them before they become people. This is why I encourage my nephews to embrace and master their natural masculinity “know thy self”

    • JustinOther says:

      Thank you for sharing, we have to continue to be the light in the darkness that is slowly choking the childhood out of our children. Much love and respect.

    • jabrann98 says:

      💚🙏👏☮️✌️Speaking as a mom & someone with clear distinctive childhood memories starting from 2 yrs old, any loving positive attention received feels amazing & we are naturally responsive to it & craving of it. Thank you for your genuinely personal & vulnerable comment.

  89. Donald says:

    cosmetic social constructs

    dresses / skin colour / sitting to pee…

    all meaninglessly cosmetic

  90. willyarborough says:

    Hell yeah Tim. I like your mindset there at the end. I just subscribed today, but have been watching you consistently for at least 2 years. I love listening to your view on things and as bad as it is, I rely on you to get a lot of news. It is my take that you put it in front of my face where Facebook and other outlets show me what they want me to see. ( I guess the same could be said about what you do, but I digress) Keep up the good work, and I look forward to seeing news come from your journalists.

  91. M.e.leechee says:

    I went to the UN 2 years ago and saw a whole exhibit on genital mutilation and how rampant it is in 3rd world and terroristic environments. It was about 3000 Sq/ft in total and it was horrific it made me think of that. This is basically the same as transitioning your kids at at a young age and should be viewed as a terroristic engagement in human rights not just child abuse. I can’t believe there are lobbyists doing this and politicians doing anything for cash especially progressives. its so gross and appalling to hear the festering wounds of what a faux vagina should be from a USA professional doctor and tribal member with a rusty knife. Fuck man this messed me up hearing that. Anyways love to be an on ground Antifa insurgent for you, tatted up and sit enough to get by and have before. “Flawlesly”(trump voice). Ill be sending a resume within the day.

  92. BennyOcean says:

    Transgender ideology is effectively a eugenics program. “Primum non nocere” or “first do no harm” is the primary principle of bioethics, and is supposed to be the followed by all physicians. This principle of harm avoidance is being flagrantly ignored in the case of transgender ideology. As Seamus said, this should be illegal and the doctors doing these surgeries should be imprisoned. Crimes against humanity.

  93. StevenV says:

    This title with the still of seamius…..👌 perfection

  94. EchosandWhisper says:

    Super hot takes here. Two parter.

    First: I see a side of this that wildly paints this as being a mental ailment. This is further fueled by the mix of of messages between being gay or remotely trans. Back in my day, gay was very effeminate but now that is being gaslit as trans. There’s also a clique. It’s a mess that needs to be detangled by people more appropriate than I. I was in the apartment of a trans (male to female) today, and it was raining inside because they allowed a hot water leak to go for weeks. There was piss all over the bathroom and it was clear to me, they were a far cry from okay. This isn’t the only trans’s apartment I’ve worked on, and they are all abysmal. These are clearly people in distress and relying on the social backing for emotional backing. It’s all a terrible fallacy, because so many back it without any investment or honesty.

    Second: You’re never gonna have an orgasm again (if you’re a man, post op). You’re going to want to go back, and you can’t put that toothpaste back in the tube.

    P.S. I feel like there is a massive movement culminated via online culture that is bleeding into real life. You get your vibes online, people in person smile and nod and you feel assured because a real challenge is quashed. Anyone who will bely this narrative is the enemy and hate trannies, therefor, ignore them all. Nevermind some of us might be thinking a bit further ahead than you (may) be. P.P.S. kids aren’t trans, fucking fight me.

    • jabrann98 says:

      To your #2 point, you will never have an orgasm either way after sexual transition surgery. Regarding a male to female transition with a clitoris surgically formed using the tissue from the penis won’t achieve orgasm due sensitive & fragile nerve endings of the tissues surgical severed & manipulated w/o a rare miracle (which I do believe happen). Female orgasm achievement is notably researched & documented in a general sense more rare & difficult to achieve for emotional & psychological reasons yes, but I would add an emphasizes to the biologically natural anatomy of female vs male genitalia.

  95. Acyour says:

    I have a no sympathy for self inflicted wounds. Stupid is what stupid does.

    • beatnik11 says:

      It sounds like Tim came across that Metokur video about trans operations. Seriously though, Gender Dysphoria is a mental disorder, playing into the delusions that they were born the wrong sex has only been a disaster. There is a reason 40%+ end themselves, its because mutilating their body never solved the underlying issues, it has nothing to do about society “accepting” them.

  96. Old_dude59 says:

    Hi Tim and crew from the UK. IAN you got a mention on The Duran an independent global politics show.

    They mentioned your “Do not fight a crocodile underwater” quote as mentioned by Ian.

    Tim Pool has been mentioned a couple of times you have called out something on Twitter.

    Give it a watch. We are interested in what happens in your country because it will come to our countries as well, If you’re economy fails we we all fail.

    Keep up the truth bombs we need people like you

  97. Kleon333 says:

    If you guys want to get a better idea of how the T got added, reach out to the organization LGB Fight Back.

    Zuby interviewed them recently, they explain how their movement was co-opted, check it out on Odysee…

  98. willc233 says:

    I wanna fight Tim. Boxing gloves, padded head-gear, no kicks, first to yield. All in good spirits, no beef. Tim likes roller athletic stuff, but does he want to exit the comfort zone? I’ll come out at my own expense, my friend. Any Sunday, Monday, or Tuesday. “You do not truly know someone, until you fight them”. I’ll take Ian if Tim refuses. BTW, Who the hell is the bathrobe guy in the latest cast-castle vid? He’d be my 3rd choice.

    • Digota says:

      Get hype!! More over.. So aggressive! Why so aggressive? Haha. There’s not even anything to be gained, nothing’s even being fought for.

      • willc233 says:

        WTF? This isn’t aggressive! Just friendly sparring. Damn. How sheltered are you? Man, join a gym, don’t look back. Envision your future self. It’s not aggro, it’s brotherhood.

  99. lettergram says:

    There was a younger person who was raised as a women after a botched circumcision in infancy…

    David Remier –

    Reimer later went public with his story to help discourage similar medical practices. He committed suicide after suffering severe depression

  100. says:

    Holy shit Lydzz, PREACH!!

  101. Waterman1 says:

    Great takes and commentary, Seamus has grown on me.

    Great game theory explanation at the end by Tim about being more proprietary behind a paywall on his own site instead of YouTube. Steadier income, lower profile, and more autonomous. Sounds like he wants to supplement Veritas-esque expose, which is a very powerful tool in bringing down the established media and its narrative.

  102. Fishbiskit says:

    Wood-chipper go Brrr…

  103. Abraxas_1191 says:

    pop off lydia!!! love this segment.

  104. arakitai says:

    This subject matter of allowing 5 year olds to have gender reassignment makes me want to rip people’s face off. Well, I’m obviously not an ape and do not have the physical powers of an ape, but if I did, there would be some doctors without faces. Also, certain simians are known for gouging out eyes and ripping off genitals. I would probably consider that as well… if I was an ape.

    Seriously though, I support due process for everyone. Even monsters. And I don’t support the death penalty. But I would very much like to lock the parents in a cell with me where I sit, day after day, telling them that they are monsters who should feel nothing but shame and sadness for the rest of their lives for what they have done. They are not people worthy of love because they have failed their son to a degree that possibly exceeds that of mothers and fathers who drown their kids. Because in a way, at least those people don’t condemn their children to a lifetime of living hell.

    Okay. I’m calmed down. I apologize, this shit got to me.

  105. Dgwhsperer says:

    Seamus the Catholic……… upset about child abuse…….

    • Thequaz says:

      Ironic isn’t it. More worried about 5alking about a penis with a woman in the room than going to a church full of pesos that he wants to controll our government. As a baptist republican people like him make me sick

    • Thequaz says:

      Ironic isn’t it. More worried about talking about a penis with a woman in the room than going to a church full of pedos that he wants to controll our government. As a baptist republican people like him make me sick

    • NoOne123 says:

      Yeah he is and what of it? Pedophilia has nothing to do with Catholicism as a religion and set of personal principles/beliefs. There are pedophiles that will infiltrate communities and take up positions of power and use it to set up child sex trafficking rings. Its fucking horrible but has nothing to do with the actual beliefs of the religion.

      Its actually deeply upsetting how pervasive pedophilia is. Its in hollywood, politics, music, universitys, anime/gaming conventions, ect ect . Like literally everywhere, its awful.

  106. firemedicwolf7 says:

    This conversation is spot on. The biggest problem with this whole situation is that we aren’t even allowed to ask questions. If a person sticks their fingers down their throat due to body dysphoria, they’re diagnosed with an illness but this somehow doesn’t apply to a body dysphoria that leads you to cut off your genitals…

  107. Flukesofhazard says:

    I think there is something often overlooked with this which is the brainwashing aspect of any form of propaganda, in this case exposing children to the advanced sexual identity concepts you see in gay, lesbian and transgender communities at ages where these children barely grasp the difference between a boy and a girl let alone understand the ramifications of the sexual aspect that gets introduced later. I see it as something criminal when young children are being exposed to something they can’t possibly understand. Whoever is exposing young children to this stuff at a young age deserves to be treated just as badly as a pedophile.

  108. Curt says:

    Title and thumbnail makes it seem like Seamus is the man describing getting his genitalia removed.

  109. HankH says:

    The title of this bonus subject makes me want to hug my man parts a little closer tonight. Great show tonight team.

  110. 19dollarfortnitecard says:

    I am a young homosexual male who dates typically more flamboyant men and every single time they have approached me and said I think I am trans and I always say do you think you are trans cause you express yourself more feminine cause it is okay to be flamboyant and feminine and still accept yourself as a male and they always say I never thought about that these crazy alphabet mafia confuse people and will cause harm to these people

  111. bobthebuildest says:

    you should have john doyle on the show. He is a relatively small conservative youtuber that has done a great job analyzing the flaws in the republican party, he also does a lot to push men to better themselves (kind of like jordan peterson). He occasionally helps out on the Blaze podcast Slightly Offensive. While I am sure you will disagree on a lot, I think there is potential for a really productive conversation.

    Here is his youtube:

  112. Kfahr says:

    It was said on the Show the other day (paraphrase); Do your job well enough you’ll get promoted until you can’t “; perhaps Andy knows he is a trench Soldier, not a General, i.e. Hal Moore.

  113. BloodSnail says:

    Hey Tim. why not just implement a live-streaming feature via the video processor/software that your team uses or relies on?

    don’t you feel like the continuation of a live audience from YT to your website would immediately result in a net increase in [users] rapidly? Doesn’t the LIVE experience hold a special category in terms of gaining NEWS? I realize that there is supposed to be somewhat of a “TYT Aftershow” vibe going on here. I understand also that your guests may feel discomfortable when talking “loose” so don’t want to be recorded Live.

    these are some things I’ve thought about and I hope my observations can help your show grow. I respect your work greatly. Please consider the input and implement a solution that your team deems fit to work for [your team].

    • jacobmeacham says:

      I agree, I think they should do it like Steven Crowder’s show, where they stream live on right after their stream on Youtube ends.

  114. harumph says:


  115. BlazeCast says:

    Putting the notice that we’re here early and to be patient is one of the 10 good practices! Very beautiful touch team 👏👌❤

  116. says:

    I hope I get hired to the Beanie Crew. 🙂

  117. Susie says:

    Thanks for keeping most of us sane, in these insane times…

  118. SivaGeist says:

    Don’t fall for the tranny meme guys plz I love all just how you are.

  119. saccaed says:

    The progress bar does move. Nice to see.

  120. Dirty_Donkey says:

    Can we get quite frankly on with Luke and Ian

  121. JiltedValkyrie says:

    Whatever happened to seeing psychiatrists and councilors? I swear I remember that being a requirement, and needing approval first.

    • Plaguen says:

      They most likely still are required to see those people but when they are leftist zealots telling them to do it they listen I guess.

    • sweet_setite says:

      I find it concerning that as an adult woman, if you want to have your tubes tied, they won’t allow that till you are at LEAST 30 and you are still discouraged and have to have your husband’s permission. Yet, a child can decide they want to have medication that will end their ability to have children without parental permission in many cases and with only two doctor visits. We should be encouraging therapy till they are 18 and if they still feel like they need to make that choice, you can go forward. We really need to be considering the mental health implecations because surgery you regret could as easily make you suicidal.

    • PomPomEggy says:

      Patients are referred to “trans friendly” psychiatrists who are often trans activists, and many times trans themselves. These kids don’t stand a chance.

  122. jacobmeacham says:

    Can’t wait to have Luke back on the show, he’s always looking at the bigger picture

    • jacobmeacham says:

      btw does anyone know how to upload a profile pciture?

      • Silentwidow says:

        I have no idea how to do that either lol

      • xenithorb says:

        Search how to change or make a new “gravatar” it links to the email you’ve used here

      • TnTCesar says:

        Near the bottom of the page, it will say you “Logged in as [NAME]. Log out?”, click on that and it will forward you to page about your profile. In that page, you will find the option to change your profile picture and will forward you to Gradivar.

        • Captmatt says:

          I just LOVE IT when you want to change your avatar but in order to do so you must log into another website you rarely use. So then you have to reset the password…which then takes you to YET ANOTHER website you rarely use, and reset THAT password as well….THAT’S AWESOME!

  123. Splitscope says:

    Did I win?