Libby Emmons Member Podcast: Retired generals Call For Milley Resignation, Crew Argues Who Is To Blame For Rise Of Fascist Vaccine Mandates

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Libby Emmons Member Podcast: Retired generals Call For Milley Resignation, Crew Argues Who Is To Blame For Rise Of Fascist Vaccine Mandates

154 responses to “Libby Emmons Member Podcast: Retired generals Call For Milley Resignation, Crew Argues Who Is To Blame For Rise Of Fascist Vaccine Mandates”

  1. jmusto says:

    I basically said the same thing on the last post but it seems like Tim only believes in personal responsibility sometimes. He said that Cuomo killed 15,000 people through his nursing home policy. How is it not the people running the nursing homes’ fault for taking in the sick people? You can blame the people for complying but that doesn’t absolve the people in power from fault. I don’t think you can go absolute on this one. Again, I’m all for people pushing back against authoritarianism and I think the people who don’t are cowards, but I’m not going to pretend that these authoritarian despots aren’t to be blamed too for putting the policy into place. Everyone is responsible for their own actions.

  2. RyanShhit says:

    There’s a section of the “left” that certainly makes many calls that are genocidal. I’m in several groups that I see this frequently on Facebook, who oddly never get temp bans. These people tend to think anyone center left, center, or center right are “alt-right”. It’s “you agree with me, or you’re a Nazi and deserving of death” so much to the point they’ll openly say it.


    Complacency will be the death of our nation, instead of going along to get along, we need a LOUD and unified…FUCK YOU!

    • SNIPERBAIT66-67 says:

      Roger THAT! I say on a sign on my front door: I WILL NOT COMPLY! As is my Right under the Constitution. I have fought America’s ENEMIES ALL my long life. Both IN Combat and outside Combat. My Dad was a WWII Veteran…SO WAS MY MOTHER!! The NAZIS almost killed her one night as they attempted to Bomb her mobile RADIO VAN as she communicated with British Bombers on their way back to CHESTERFIELD after a night of dropping 1,000 lb bombs on the NAZIS. Her van was struck by a NAZI JU-88 after the British Gunners shot it down. My Mom’s Van was damaged when a crashing bomber struck its roof as it crashed…Great Blokes those Limey AA Gunners!!

  4. Wolv256 says:

    General Milley should not resign. He should be Court Marshaled and convicted of treason and sent to the electric chair.

    • SNIPERBAIT66-67 says:

      You’re right on the money. Milley Vanilly is a damned TRAITOR. My Mother was a bigger HERO than THIS cowardly PUKE! Milley was just trying to suck up for a more powerful slot in the CHICOM/DemonRAT Government…O’Biden is a Chicom Traitor! He’s been on their payroll since he was Oblahblah’s VP.

  5. violentpursuit says:

    OH MY…..Libby Emmons, you are THE BEST. You’re expletive-infused rant near the end was *chefs kiss* BEAUTIFUL. Gotta keep having her back. Some of my favorite episodes. Also NYC is a fucking Nazi-infested hellhole and is completely fucked. G’night

  6. Angelle says:

    The biggest lie of them all…”I didn’t have a choice.” There is only one thing that you don’t have a choice in and that is whether or not you die. Everyone will die. You can’t choose not to. Even not making a choice is a choice.

    • SNIPERBAIT66-67 says:

      Tell me about it. I’ve died twice, and been resuscitated twice. Knew I was dead the second time, was surprised as Hell when they brought me back. Part of what you sign up for as a First Responder. So, I enlisted. God watched over me very closely after that. A VC Sniper ruined my brand new ‘Aviator’ Sun glasses when he/she shot them off my face! The bullet travelled left to Right across my face, destroyed my glasses, deaf in my Left Ear now. Had to be the shock wave from the Rifle round slapping the left side of my head.
      75 now, STILL cheating DEATH. My Daughter came for a visit for a day. Ten hours later, on her way back to Tennessee, she became deathly ill from COVID19. That was a Month ago. I am STILL NOT infected, and WILL NOT COMPLY with that Communist Puke’s vax mandate!

  7. UppityG says:

    Very exhilarating dialogue. Emmons is a keeper. I’m as backslidden a Catholic as she, for a variety of reasons, some good, some not so good. But I’m not nearly as bad a Catholic as Xiden and his degenerate son.

    All the store fronts of any kind have to do is refuse to comply. Let it be known and people will do business with them. If the city says it’ll yank their license, stay open anyway, the people will still do business with them. If the city says it will yank their liquor license, stay open anyway, and the people will smuggle in liquor or open a speakeasy and the people will go. The police may make an effort at first at forcing compliance but when they see with their own eyes how wrong it is to put their hands on someone who has done nothing against the law, against someone trying to make a living no differently than they did before one elected martinet issued an edict, they’ll stop doing it.

    Crossland, as usual, resorts to his juvenile logic and can’t defend his half-baked analogy, he ends up hogging the floor and the attention. And I don’t pay my membership fee for that.

  8. Skynet0225 says:

    WWI officially started in 1914 and did not end until the fall of the Berlin wall in 1989 and the collapse of the Soviet Union in the early 90’s. Everything geo political in those intervening years is related to the politics running up until 1914.

  9. Chimerawizard says:

    4th generational warfare is the stage where the Authoritarians can win, as they will lie, cheat, and steal their way through any and every problem until you lose.

    The left’s ‘punch a nazi’ is close to the answer. blood of patriots and tyrants.
    Keep up the good fight. I pray this ends before it devolves into the necessary war.

  10. drewncharlie says:

    Tim if you call out new york. And take video of disabled people being rejected from bars and restaurants, i will have 1000 times the respect that i have for you now. I think the world sees you as a hyperbolic fear grifter. If you did that, you’d be a champion of freedom and human rights. No longer hiding in your compound. Even if you never left your house. If you set it up, you would be a hero. To all of us. A real one. Not just an internet one.

  11. Jaybediah says:

    What did Jordan Peterson say about the compelled speech law C16? I’m not playing. If you fine me I won’t pay it, if you jail me I’ll go on a hunger strike. All the NYC businesses should just go that route. Fuck following orders.

  12. Coyote says:

    Wait.. you skipped the best Fast and the furious movie?! Rip red evo.

  13. Rawdog says:

    So…a bunch of old geezers who spent their entire careers making the world safe for the mega-corps are writing a STERN LETTER to Milley & Co. I’m sure they’ll get right on that…

    Maybe the generals should go R.E.D. on their asses if they want to really do something…

  14. MikeM says:

    You owe me royalties for this one.

  15. RJIsaac says:

    Look up some of TIK History videos on YouTube. He points out that Hitler was not only a socialist but he thought that Marx wasn’t a true socialist.

    In essence, according the the presenter, the difference between communism and National Socialism is that communism is built on the idea of class struggle where as National Socialism is built on the idea of racial struggle.

    In this context, calling the woke left Nazis is very accurate.

    • Polymorphe says:

      Interesting and I will have a look at this channel. But I search for a long time on this subject and no one seem to agree whether nazi were socialist or not. Since the main argument paint the nazi regime as far right, the opposite point of view is not the most popular.

  16. Wagaman49 says:

    Hey Tim and crew,

    If you were serious about hiring 10 people to hound businesses in NYC to see if they fired their disabled employees, I will be one of those 10 people.

    -Chris Avery

  17. Doug1965 says:

    Another day, another example of Ian being a complete dumbass.

    • MitchStew says:

      Take a drink bitch

    • Wagaman49 says:

      I am pretty sure Ian simply plays video games all day. Lol

    • KDiddy says:

      I think Ian is here for reasons known, and reasons unknown. The reasons known, are for presenting a side opinion or giving input from his own experience. Reasons unknown, well, those are the excuses used to maintain his presence and so we go over those as needed. Like a need to know kind of basis.
      It always makes me smile when I see a, bash Ian, comment. The immediate image that comes to my mind, is the person sitting there, you (yeah you), in your space… Probably on break, at work, in your car, alone. Watching Tim, very intently, screen close to face, probably masticating with a gas station hot dog or a Tostino’s pizza, eating up every word from Tim and/or the guest. Then all the sudden Ian speaks during a silence or to interject during a decent moment, Lydia presses the button to go to Ian cam and you spew chunks of sauce, bread, and who knows what kind of meat all over the space in front of you while exclaiming “ha, stupid Ian saying something dumb again, why is he on even on this show? He’s not even a weatherman!” Your belly rumbles.
      I know this behavior very well. I’ve seen it since Tim started this, cast. Adam would start waves of “shut up, Adam” comments just as soon as he started speaking. I mean, I get it. You express your discontent immediately, in brilliant protest form, whatever means possible, mainly loud noises. Why not, seems logical right? Something bothers you, you say something, right away! Don’t waste a second! In fact, if you can spot something that will bother you, right before it bothers you, you win life! Especially for those around you! Like telling someone to put another plastic trash bag in the trash bin, as they’re bringing the recently removed bag outside! Who would have thought? That a bag would need to be replaced? Right? Like, these dummies just walk away after pulling the bag out of the bin without replacing it? So dumb, for real… What is that person thinking? Holding the bag, while another bag needs to be placed into the bin that they just took the bag that they’re holding out of. Also, Like honking right as the light turns green, or right before you crash into someone and create an accident that thousands of rush hour drivers now need to switch lanes for. Consider it this way, being more posed to honk when someone is about to “cut you off,” rather than ready for braking. You’d rather cause an accident by immediately speeding up to not let someone in. Even though physically it would mean less work for you to let off the gas and rest your foot above the break and let them in safely, regardless of their sometimes overly brave merging technique. Oh I know the type. I was you. I am you. I will always be you. We’ll always have these thoughts and make these actions. The first time we’re hearing something we want to stop but we cannot, we’ll always just be commenting like this. Like wolves howl at a full moon, or like moths are drawn to a light. The best you we do is follow those thoughts up with something more positive, or else they’ll get worse and we may have to deal with them one day.
      “Daddy, why’s the sky Blu…” Dad, “Oh my god STFU with these dumb questions from your stupid mouth! You’ll find out from your teacher in 5th grade, I think, I can remember high school. I can’t remember a lot of things… ask your mother when she comes to pick you up before the weekend ends.” Tim does alrght, he’s got some language to use when Ian or Adam starts speaking some nonsensical hippy shit, he says things like “no hold on dude,” or “you’re off topic” or “that’s not even what we’re talking about.”
      In any case, this is what I do to pass time before the new member episode can be watched. So I was reading some comments. Saw your dumb comment, and decided I need to interject myself into your comment reply string immediately to shut you down and teach you some manners, dang it! Let the adults make real comments, you shut up, Doug. Old ass Troll… I wonder if your slow ass typing is what helps you come up with these “witty” comments, or if you actually consider what you’re saying as your two index fingers rail the keyboard one at a time like a Treant steps.
      I should probably watch the video and see what Ian says. Oh god, I would cringe sometimes would Adam would speak, I couldn’t take it. I’d have to change the youtube channel to something else, like CNN, it was awful. I need help, Doug. You need help. We need help.

      • JackONeill says:

        That was a lot of bloviating to defend Ian’s dumb comments. What’s with the ad hominem attack with your whole hot dog and being alone comments?

        If you had seen this episode you’d be criticizing Ian as well for making false dichotomies which end up defending bad people.

      • UppityG says:

        @KD, what the actual fuck are you babbling about? Don’t answer that question, it’s rhetorical. TL;dr, srsly. Don’t comment while drunk next time.

        Also: Crossland is very immature 40 year old man who has stunted his ability to learn actual life lessons with all his drug misuse. The only reason he’s still around and being defended by Pool et al is because he’s like a puppy dog who has an otherwise likable way about him. And possibly he’s got a financial stake in Timcast.
        All I know is that just because of that and more does not mean he’s any good at being the second chair of this podcast. He’d be much more effective elsewhere on the Pool compound, and I suspect that Pool agrees on some level. But Pool is a stubborn fellow and he’ll take better advantage of Crossland’s true talents in some other capacity on his time table. For now, he’s doubling down.

        So I either don’t show up for the podcast or I leave when Crossland starts in with his shenanigans. As I refuse to superchat on YT (no way they’re getting my real name), I’m confident my sparse plain ol’ peasant chats are ignored. Oh well! lol

  18. Hose says:

    Where is the tweet? Where can I contact? I am in the NYC area and willing to go to businesses. Please set this up so we can put pressure on these businesses!

  19. Poltergeister says:

    I’m in Tim. I’m ready to go. You can have all the money made and put it into a fund to defend this.

  20. m_samuels says:

    They are definitely Nazis. I’m a grandchild of European Jews who fled the Nazis in the 30’s and 40’s and my spidey-sense has been tingling about this for months. WEF and Davos are the head Nazis. They are using Wokeness and Communism as a Trojan Horse to usher in their New World Order. Fall into the rabbit hole…its Nazis all the way down.

  21. Tyson@timcast says:

    What an amazing show i love it when tim gets amped up.

  22. AKelley says:

    Do the Business Audit! Im a disabled combat vet in Tx. Where I live, “out of the city” full a full year now, its super nice and no BS. However Denton, Dallas, El Paso, Houston, and Austin all need help with the business’s following the federal decrees for masks the same way NY people need help with the Vaxer ID. Put it together. Myself and many i know would help if a call goes out to.

  23. AArthriticGamer says:

    We did not withdraw from Afghanistan, we fled.

  24. CNN_sucks says:

    Good show. Libby saying the F word. Very therapeutic.

  25. cshuler76 says:

    You have to hold the people accountable that are just doing what they are told, so that the NPCs STOP just doing what they are told.

  26. ScooterZnuts says:

    Funny how Biden couldn’t see this going any other way, nor could the top brass and intelligence agencies, But everybody else and their no pilled Mom could.

  27. Greg says:

    Sometimes Ian is really fuckin’ thick.

  28. Agrimmar says:

    Wait till he gets to the ori episode’s in stargate

  29. Bugsy says:

    Eisenhower was one of my great-grandfathers. 🙂

  30. DionysianPirate says:

    “But perhaps, there is something in between resistance and cooperation, and only in that sense do I say that maybe some of the Jewish leaders might have behaved differently. It is profoundly important to ask these questions, because the role of the Jewish leaders gives the most striking insight into the totality of the moral collapse that the Nazis caused in respectable European society. And, not only in Germany, but in almost all countries. Not only amongst the persecutors, but also among the victims.

    I hold no defense of Eichman, but I did try to reconcile the shocking mediocrity of the man with his staggering deeds. Time to understand is not the same as forgiveness. I see it as my responsibility to understand. It is the responsibility of anyone who dares to put pen to paper on the subject.”
    -Hannah Arendt

    We need more journalists like Arendt right now.

    • UppityG says:

      Agree, she was a very astute observer of the events that unfolded before her eyes. Her “The Origins of Totalitarianism,” 1951, is recommended. Her description of the Ideal Subject shadows the names of so many I come across in our corrupt corporate media and now in the US WH Admin, among others.

  31. Space-TimeCurvature says:

    You all did a wonderful job describing the context of “Ordinary Men”. Christopher R. Browning would be proud =]. “the general argument Browning makes is that most people are susceptible to the pressure of a group setting and committing actions they would never do of their own volition.”

  32. Shapeofevil says:

    Go Tim! I’ve done this to businesses myself. But I’m one guy so it’s limited use. But yes this needs to happen!

    • BLACKSTAR says:

      Anyone else having problems with timcast site in general?
      Everything loads super slow like 5 minutes between pages.Finally get to the video click play and nothing happens as its telling me the video is 0:00 long.WTF?
      Having zero delays or issues anywhere JUST
      Just signed up a couple days ago, nothing but frustration since.

      • Deleyo says:

        Some I think it is to many scripts but who knows. I takes about a minute for anything to load on mine no matter the internet. The biggest thing is the missing video where it just gives the details of the player. The content is great though and totally worth the bugs, but Tim you have to crack down on your web team to roll fixes out long term.

  33. wcouch8 says:

    Re vaccine mandate in NY firing the disabled: A mandate is not a law. The ADA is a law. The ADA must be followed. A mandate is a policy that should be followed but does not havve to be followed.

  34. PseudoSwede says:

    The Third Wave experiment was something I learned about back around the election. Inside of a week, a middle school teacher in the 60s was able to conduct a social hive mind exercise so effective that by day 3 it had grown from his class of 30 to over 400 students, and instead of lasting a week, was canceled in a panic.

    It included a secret salute, a sense of duty, camaraderie, and other characteristics of the Third Reich, which was the original point of the exercise.

    David Zhang has a video titled ‘The Third Wave’ well worth checking out. The story is both frightening and draws many parallels with what we’re seeing in society today with the uniparty’s rise.

    Sorry to plug another show, but maybe some original content can be done in the future on this amazing social phenomenon.

  35. keldan says:

    We live in central Florida and at this time, my husband’s job isnt’ requiring him to be vaccinated. He said, that if they ever require it, he’ll say, “no way, I’m leaving.” He said he’ll just find another job. We’ll do what we have to do, before we lick someone’s boot…proud of him, for standing for OUR freedom.

  36. innominata says:

    Ian has his moments, but is overwhelmingly responsible for derailing meaningful conversation. Im so sick of him wasting 5 minutes every episode. Having him continually interrupt makes it look like Tim isn’t smart enough to finish an idea without it turning into a bullshit semantic argument. Is Ian simply there as a strawman for Tim? I don’t like paying money to listen to Ian prove he hasn’t thought anything through. Seriously Ian, stick to DMT and graphene etc where you have actual insights to share

    • Chuker2s says:

      Bro that’s literally Tim. He always cuts off his guests from talking and I’m sick of it. Also he needs to learn how to swear properly 😂 I cringe every time I hear him say “fuck” because you can tell he never says it in his free time haha.

  37. Smoknsoul says:

    I blame the company that would willingly build a camp, for any reason.

  38. BudLipton says:

    libertarians are equally as insufferable as marxists.

    my comment re: this episode

  39. Trailblazer68 says:

    You cant truly call yourself “PEACEFUL” unless you are capable of great violence.
    If you arent capable of great violence, then you arent peaceful. Your harmless. And that is a very important distinction.

  40. the3taveren says:

    The Colorado cake baker was not in a public space. He either owned the property or more likely rented from a land lord. Either way it was a private space that he allowed the public to enter for a conventual exchange of goods / services. The key to that is conventual.

    • UppityG says:

      @The3, having learned a new word from you, “conventual,” and wanting to be sure I’m understanding you right, here’s the definition I found online:

      “con•ven•tu•al kən-vĕn′choo͞-əl
      adj. Of or relating to a convent.
      n. A member of a convent.
      n. A member of a branch of the Franciscan order that permits the accumulation and possession of common property.
      More at Wordnik from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 5th Edition.”

      Is that what you mean? If so, this is the first time I’ve heard anyone say the CO baker is in fact *not* a traditional store front open to the public. If true, that does make a huge difference in why he should stop being persecuted by the LGBTetc Mafia & Its Media Friends.

  41. Michael.c.neumeyer says:

    You want a break it down Barney style example that Ian will cotton to? Watch a bug’s life. It’s the part where hopper has his monologue before going back to the anthill. “They outnumber us 100 to one”. The ants enforce the order at the behest of the grasshoppers when if they said no, they could just live happily ever after. And they do.

  42. 99centfury says:

    When life gives you Emmons you make Emmon meringue pie!

  43. says:

    Fast and Furious 3 Tokyo Drift is the best in the series.

  44. sirshade says:

    If these restaurants and businesses are in a tough position because of the new mandates who the f cares, it’s still their fault for contributing to the system that pushed the city that far to begin with. They’ve had just as much time as everyone else to resist the insanity and yet they did nothing. Now they want to act like they HAVE to enforce the mandate because some loser said so? Give me a break. They’re pathetic cowards too afraid to sacrifice anything after they sat idle and watched it get out of control.

    • sarge2909 says:

      Nursing homes are mandating the vax for employees because the federal government will withhold medicare payments if they don’t. Wife works at one, cant have the vax for medical reasons and will likely be fired.

  45. sirshade says:

    Ian, dude….you sound completely ignorant. You just LIVED through 2020 and still want to sit there and claim these psychotic leftists just have a problem with “whiteness”. So either you’re saying they have a problem with time, hard work, nuclear families etc AND/OR they have a problem with white skin….oh is that all? What does a “crazy” person look like compared to these winners anyway, the ones you say are making them all look bad?

    You have lost your mind if you ever had it.

  46. Deutscher says:

    Due all respect, Tim…
    You want to fight the machine with help of the machine?
    Your judicial system will eat you with bones.
    Good luck though.

  47. Deacon says:

    see when libby said we need to get rid of our pm here in australia, that is the issue. our current federal government is our right wing party. if our left wing party forms government in the next election (may 2022) (which is becoming increasingly likley) this shit our government is already doing is going to ramp up ten fold. the leader of our left wing party has already said if they win government he will not allow the country to open to the world until atleast 2023. the only things australians can do honestly is to get the fuck out. sorry but australia is too far gone to come back from this tyranny

  48. Juicepeezy says:

    Rock on Libby, Ian is full on mental pretzel

  49. steveo says:

    vax card and id to goto a bar how about this also to vote

  50. oldspicesmuggler says:

    For the love of God, Tim you need to wrap your brain around this FDA approval issue. You’re missing the plot here. It is still under EUA until CORMIRNATY goes to market! They can’t go back and retroactively relabel all the current Pfizer vaccines. They have to produce new ones with new fully approved labels. ALL the current vaccines are still under EUA along with all the other company ones (moderna, J&J, etc). Pfizer right now still has no liability because of the EUA. That goes away when CORMIRNATY goes to market. We don’t know when it will be available and thats the point people are trying to point out to you. They can keep this whole thing in this weird limbo in between stage for however long they want and still not be legally responsible for adverse reactions. The “news” of the approval is misleading and herding uninformed people to go get a vax that technically hasn’t changed status(still EUA). THAT is the sinister part. It is not informed consent!

    • JBodhi says:

      Even if it was truly fda approved they would still find ways to not be held liable for adverse effects. Its difficult to prove with certainty whether the vaccine was the cause of issues or death especially when the people who are investigating it are in the governments pocket. The thing im confused about is why isnt anyone asking why did they change the name? Is it because they cant “approve” it with the same name. Pretty suspicious if you ask me.

  51. Abakan971 says:

    Ian, you have a kind heart but you’re trodden on the path of thinking harmlessness is a virtue. I’ve watched every podcast you all publish for the last 5 months and you never have a pre determined line that shan’t be passed or a transgression that warrants retaliation.
    I understand your position of empathy and care , but if you aren’t willing to be combative and potentially harm someone for their deeds whether it be financially or physically when warranted then your empathy will eventually be snuffed out. You’re an active member of this society. Being involved also means taking up a fight when its needed. Upholding virtue, morals, our founding ideals/documents doesn’t come without the burden of action.

    Make peace with the fact you may need to hurt someone to make them learn. You won’t be able to avoid it forever man.

  52. John_Beart says:

    Boring………. We ❤️ IAN , Lyds and TIm.

  53. MikeM says:

    You’re welcome.

  54. Rosegarden says:

    God why does segment seem to turn into a screaming match? I’m not going to resubscribe my membership. Ian, stop with your semantic games and twisting everything.

  55. DorseyWoods says:

    That shit is wild… if memory serves correctly, a teenaged George Soros worked with a group who bought up the property of killed/displaced Jews for ‘pennies on the dollar’ after WW2. I’ve heard a lot of people say it isn’t possible because of his age but I’m pretty sure he was a teen during the war and from what I’ve read he was quite the criminal entrepreneur even back then. Funny how his money and influence have played such a huge role in the current deterioration of our country. How many of these DA’s who refuse to prosecute Antifa and blm then throw the book at mask/lockdown mandate dissidents were funded by him?

  56. Venrae says:

    When you lay blame solely on the collective authority, they will simply send the individuals that they control to snuff you out. This was one of the ways the Nazis gained power in Germany, and why a lot of German citizens went didn’t question the propaganda.

    If you remove support for the collective authority, you allow the opportunity for them to be toppled. It’s unfortunate that the support, in this case, are bystander business owners, however their capitulation is what supports and upholds the regime.

  57. garyha says:

    Yeah I’m surprised Australia and Canada have entirely lost their marbles.

  58. Dn1984 says:

    Couldn’t have said it better myself.

  59. garyha says:

    Anyone catch that sci-fi flick where an outbreak wasn’t real because the tests were rigged/secret and the vaccine was really about reducing fertility because on that planet there were an extra new 234,720 consumers per day and elites simply HAD to do something because people wouldn’t listen to reason?

    Wait, that was earth, my mistake.

  60. Leon92 says:

    I like when Tim gets fired up

  61. munchhasen says:

    You need to book super lawyer Robert Barnes he is a among other things a constitutional lawyer and a criminal lawyer. He has argued cases many federal cases and won. He has multiple cases contesting vaccine mandates nationwide. He SPECIFICALLY SAYS THE PHIZER DRUG which was recently approved and the prior emergency use authorized drug are different vaccines despite what you keep repeating on your show. He is very well versed on FDA procedure and law on getting drugs approved. For the love of God please book him as a guest. It will be entertaining and mutually beneficial to your youtube channel and your timcast site as well as beneficial to Mr Barnes as he believes in winning over the court of public opinion.

  62. Savage says:

    There will come a time when there is nowhere else to run. There will be no little farming community to hid in where they won’t find you. If we allow fascism to takeover then freedom dies.

  63. tealmarimba12 says:

    I’ll say it again for you in the back, if they are going along with it, FUCK THEM! They deserve to lose everything. Our country was founded on principles, and if you are not willing to stand up for those principles because it’s “hard”, you don’t deserve what you you have.

    • tealmarimba12 says:

      Also, again, Ian stop playing this character, you sound like idiot. If you really believe the things you’re saying, you’re an authoritarian. And stop trying to put context onto open ended questions because you can justify anything with the right context. Answer simple questions with simple answers. Trying to redefine the question to suit you is not the point, when you’re caught in a logic trap, it’s best not to struggle.

      • Goodwin1776 says:

        Well said

      • Venrae says:

        I think Ian voices opinions and logic that many people do have – even within groups who support the freedoms offered by the US Constitution. It’s important for these kinds of discussion to exist, it’s how we – as a society – can grow and better ourselves. If you simply silence one side, even if it’s because the idea isn’t sound, you end up being no better than the authoritarian Fascists taking over media and public discourse.

        That said, your input and criticism is valid, but shouldn’t crossover to demanding Ian not voicing a thought or opinion – even if it’s a thought or opinion made purely for argument-sake. Open discourse, and the free-flow of ideas, is a key goal of a free society.

        • cosmicjered says:

          Correct. A TimCast without a hippy would not be a TimCast at all.

          IMO the entire point is to include all of the ideas, including the esoteric. Especially because the esoteric is the most-excluded viewpoint from anything resembling a “mainstream” information source.

          I love seeing people like Steve Bannon engage Ian’s ideas. Its kind of like watching a dad be forced to entertain his kid’s weird brain because they are on camera in the same room. Its super valuable for the participants and the viewer.

          If the Ian/Adam viewpoint is not represented, then you don’t get the little sparks of genius that come from the Freak Mind. Its like if Rogan had a permanent Duncan Trussell on his show. Now, obviously Ian is no Duncal Trussell (no offense Ian), but he’s perfect for this show right now.

        • UppityG says:

          @Venrae, incorrect. The “free flow of ideas is the goal of a free society” is communist sophistry. The failing to set any standards upon which a sturdy and wise society can exist gives unguarded room for exploit to toxic ideas such as marxism, communism, socialism, maoism and their ilk. A “free” society is too often misinterpreted to mean everyone has a right to freely access whatever pops into their head and to then promulgate it, manifest it, share it, spread it around. You do not appear to have witnessed the danger, the very real and very potent danger, of ideas sprouted by children and scattered about on the internet as if advanced by an adult. As a result of not teaching young children to be Critical Thinkers, we have a generation genuinely thinking marxism is worthwhile and should be tried in America.

          No, what we need is more wise ideas being promulgated and manifest toward a more wise society. Mature wisdom will naturally protect freedom for all.

          There is no such thing as “free” anything. Not without a lot of hard work and maintenance by in fact adults. Children, of course, resent not being a part of the adult conversation. That’s ok, they’ll get over it as they grow and mature. Crossland is too old to be as immature as he is.

      • UppityG says:

        @Teal, exactly. Crossland is stuck in the consistency trap that juvenile thinkers fall into but eventually climb out of if they don’t resist maturity.

  64. GreMIO420 says:

    Damn man, Tokyo drift was the best one

  65. AdeptDS says:

    Tim needs to stop with this “disability” bullshit. The government should not be mandating any vaccine or medical procedure period. Disability or no disability. Oh and the Pfizer vaccine is not FDA approved – eventually someone will explain to Tim, he is wrong about this – I know it’s confusing, and that was the purpose. The EUA is only valid as long as there is no available alternative, and it has different safety and liability standard vs an “approved” vaccine. That is why the FDA EXTENDED the EUA for the Pfizer (and other vaccines for that matter) because there is no other approved available vaccine or treatment. Also the reason why they try to kill any talk about any alternative treatment – it’s just $$$, paid by you – the taxpayer.

    • MightyPaix says:

      I wish Tim would look further into this and past the few sentences he read. I posted similar response to issues you are pointing out in a reply to another post. There are legally distinct differences between the EAU and licensed ,hope Tim reads the final auth letter page 2 part 8 and looks into all of this in more detail. Amazing how media is not doing anything to help anyone discern and make sense of this. The fact he is getting so much pushback should clue him in to scrutinize more info, would be helpful for someone like him with a large platform, to share a more factual representation of what is going on.

  66. Koko says:

    Good luck with the mandates, gang and hostile work environment is already out of control in Chicago, spreading and the entire west coast.

  67. Koko says:

    Next step is you won’t be allowed into California unless you’re vetted by BLM, Mexico, black biker gangs, whoever. Otherwise tough luck

  68. Koko says:

    They get so upset when they lose at their own game. Sore losers!
    Lots of movies about cheaters and how it ends up for them…

  69. Koko says:

    You could move to the farmlands and might live peacefully for a little while. Then they will control the government, and come take your land. There will always be a threat of people taking you stuff. Be real.

  70. Lildav3232 says:

    if the vaccines are so effective, then why are the vaxed so worried about about unvaxed????? 15 days turns into two years. one shot turns into 2 then another 8 months. then 5 months. then what?????. fuck them. one thing i get annoyed with tim is about the vax being safe and effective. the effect isn’t looking good. israel seems to be down to like 40 percent. healthy people have like a 99.8% chance of recovering from covid. i’m 47. i got it. was sick for about a half a day. then kinda blah another day. took airborne zinc and vit d when i felt it coming. and nac. own a corner store. close contact with people 7 days a week. handling nasty money. havent felt anything since that one time. got the flu about 10 years ago. that was 1000 times worse. i think being around germs makes you more immune lol. 20 years i have been sick twice. went over 30 years without going to a doctor. went when i was 16 and went last year to get a blood check up.

  71. Aussie69 says:

    Islam is not keen on dogs . They are considered dirty animals , like pigs . Those dogs are as good as dead .

  72. MFnHammer says:

    If I end up cancelling, it’ll be due to Ian, 100%. It gets old hearing ‘justification’ for LITERAL BS.

  73. Emo6126 says:

    I heard through the grapevine that my company may be mandating employees to be vacinnated and if not they may lose their job. My company is a major conservative media company. If they do this they will be the biggest hypocrates.

  74. JohnGalt says:

    Tim needs to get off this BS cake thing. One reason taxes are evil is because they enable this kind of logic. Basically he argues that anyone can temporarily enslave somebody because they benefit from a coercion-enforced monopoly on infrastructure.

  75. Yobuyahouse says:

    TIm I am so down! i got a history of seizures lets do it!!! Its why small government is the best. People that are Sociopath would be in a company not government.

  76. DMC82 says:

    There’s more nuance to the Australian quarantine camp in than you’re giving on this podcast. The federal government (wet conservatives, equivalent to the USAs RinoCons) in Australia are against the camp and the lockdowns. They’ve ruled out vaccine mandates (but hypocritically are happy to let corporations like Qantas do it). The retarded quarantine camp was an initiative of a Labor (neo-liberal Democrat equivalent) state government who gets political mileage from 1) sticking it the “conservative” federal government and 2) sticking it to “them big city folk” in Sydney by not allowing any of them in.

    The quarantine camp is a political stunt that will not get off the ground, except maybe for international arrivals (which is still fucked up, I know) but sure as fuck is not going to be for protesters. Australia’s problem is APATHY, but certain things can and will shake people out of their apathy. A cynically opportunist Labor government trying to haul protesters into a camp would do that.

    • LynnH says:

      Tim check out Pen Farthing a brit. Who with great difficulty and politics got his 170b war dogs be rehabbed out plus dogs westerners left behind. So he and dogs on last civilian plane to UK left with dogs from Kabul. 300 empty seats. Dogs in cargo. But politics in UK. Wouldn’t let his 70 afgan vet and vet nurses leave. Brit press still stating dogs took seats. But 280 seat plane left empty.
      Pissing match with Minister of defense. Just check it out. My source is Kevin O’ Sulivan who did live interviews with Pen and his brit helpers. Talkradio UK.

    • JamesAshford says:

      you know the scary part about living in NSW is that the opposition party supporters are actively trying to impeach our premier not for her numerous actions against the people but for not going extreme enough. (yeah it’s honestly getting pretty disturbing here).

  77. Bittalion says:

    Nazi’s were race based Socialists, they thought that the Aryan race being alone in power or existence would be the only way to attain the ideals of the socialist utopia.

  78. Savage says:

    Milley is a shitbag. I looked at his ribbon stack. No combat action ribbon.

  79. MunkyDong says:

    Just started the video, but I’m pretty sure it’s everybody vs Ian’s definition of fascism

  80. DarthWho says:

    Did you ever stop to question why if Pfizer is fully authorized then why hasnt the EUAs on J&J and moderna been removed? If there is an option on the market then they can’t have EUA.

    Sure they say they approved it but you cannot go to the pharmacy and get a shot from a full labeled bottle.

    • says:

      That is a very good point that I hadn’t thought of, thanks!

    • MightyPaix says:

      Exactly, the EUA was reissued. The Comirnaty is the “Licensed” one & the vaccine we have available for use now is EUA approved. Tim is missing the point, yes the formulations are the same/can be used interchangeably etc. But they are 2 legally distinct products. If the Licensed one is available, the EUA for the other vaccines would have to be revoked. But it’s not available in the US, so therefore people are receiving the EUA approved one, and Moderna and J&J are able to remain in use under EUA. Really wish Tim would get this so he could discuss that people are being misled thinking they are going to receive the Licensed one, (which will have to provide informed consent ) but are really getting EUA/lacks informed consent and No manufacturer Liability. Also the legal interplay of mandating experimental use,that does have implications as people are pursuing lawsuits. So this goes beyond semantics, this is info being misconstrued more so on legal/informed consent/different info provided with each. I hope this clicks with Tim, and he can address the deception (looks like he was fooled by how they skillfully obscured things) & focus on the legal implications/deceiving people who waited and wanted the assurance of licensed vaccine (phase 3 clinical trials are still going on), there are differences including in the info they have to provide on each/potential legal implications/ethical and moral obligations of government, pharma companies, and media to be transparent with this info.

      • DarthWho says:

        Pretty much yup.

        Same product with different liabilities. The EUA law provides full, unquestionable liability protection to anyone involved where the FDA approved and labeled version doesn’t have such clear protections and will without a doubt end up in court.

        Plus just read the “approval” they gave it. They bipassed advisery boards, public comment periods, and they have estimated completion dates for studies ranging from 2024 to 2026.

        It’s all “fishy”

  81. says:

    How is it taking this long to encode? Uploading slow on his end of what lol. Or using a windows 7 pc haha 🤣

  82. NeverMetTheGuy says:

    Has anybody else had an issue watching on their phone? I had the login loop issue, clicked the link, and still get looped. I’m aware they’re working on an app, but this issue wasn’t a problem until about a week or two ago… Maybe it’s just me, but if it’s not then they should be aware.

  83. Intergalactic cheese burger says:


  84. andrewpuckett57 says:

    i believe that you have to to click on it to encode. i’ve clicked on it at 1:30 and it was still encoding before so idk i’ve been waiting 30 min so far

  85. Mahatma___Mundi says:

    Can Tim not afford faster uploading? I forget what I’m paying for when I access this site..

  86. T.E.N. says:

    Which one of you is the FED looking for wrong think?

  87. NeverMetTheGuy says:

    First time being here so early that the video IS encoding.

  88. Mahatma___Mundi says: