Joe Biden Video Sparks Conspiracy Theory of CGI, Is Joe Biden Using A Green Screen??

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Joe Biden Video Sparks Conspiracy Theory of CGI, Is Joe Biden Using A Green Screen??

129 responses to “Joe Biden Video Sparks Conspiracy Theory of CGI, Is Joe Biden Using A Green Screen??”

  1. jhoust says:

    This comment has nothing to do with this video.

    Fuck you Rocco I watched viva’s video, you’re a piece of shit and the funny thing is when Tim brought you forward to the audience we could smell the bullshit coming off of you. I got nothing against Emily except she’s involved with that filth. Fucking edgelord scriptkitty

  2. Arbarice says:

    I came back here to watch this video and it says it doesn’t exist..? Maybe your sight isn’t working tim

  3. says:

    maybe not a aux power could be wind-up. per-check and warm-up stuff

  4. Paige says:

    To me, the boom mic was added in, the mic is what’s CGI not Biden

  5. crcook84 says:

    Hearing all these religious perspectives, who’s to say that any one person’s religious experience is any more or less valid than another’s? Obviously, from the perspective of specific religions, being born again or converted is specific to a catalyst event that’s specified in those religious text. But, beyond that, I think, depending on the person, they interpret who God is based on how they internalize their day-to-day experiences.

  6. Zeknix says:

    Who else is starting to see more of these large grey boom mics more often now?

  7. MangoldMachine says:

    It’s funny listening to Joe Rogans old moon landing conspiracy stuff and then listening to him basically shit all over himself. But he makes it a point to describe how he came to those conclusions and how he shook off the stupid and came back to reality. There are certainly tons of real and true conspiracy stories that people expose all the time, look at project Veritas for instance.

    When it comes to the way the government actually works, we don’t need the silly bullshit that a bunch of lizard people fuck little kids or whatever they say. People give the government far too much credit in that regard. The conspiracy that needs to be exposed is the way so much of our culture and our government officials are being influenced/controlled by foreign agents disguised as lobbyists. Right now we are facing an enemy who claims to be the American left but holds no American values whatsoever.

  8. garyseven says:

    Someone on insta deepfaked Michael Scott’s face onto Pam and the result looks just like Ian

  9. Kshthymyla says:

    Sounds more like a jet than helicopter, but I have to give you the benefit of the doubt on the generator’s sound. Still..why’s it look like aliasing around the pinky, and why’s the border around the pinky look green? Is it all optical illusion? Could be, but damn..

  10. SadDog says:

    Tim i agree whet you 90% of the time the last 10% is religion. Dose hyper intelligent being exist most likely do any of them care about us? to them we are not even ants so why would thy?.

  11. 2aRooster says:

    Tim must have got ahold of the Biden transcripts, talking about his helicopter knowledge from his days working at “American Eagle” lol

  12. EpsilonNeon says:

    It would be really nice if you guys had at least just one damn episode where you didn’t talk about religion. I know it’s an interesting topic but as an atheist trying to cut out religious drivel from my daily diet, seeing every single member only segment where you talk about god is seriously making me consider canceling.

    For just one segment at least, could Ian not bring up smoking illegal drugs and misrepresent science too? That’d be great.

  13. Russ says:

    My three favorite parts are the green hue to Biden’s hair, the top of his head disappearing into the sky, and the person one the left walking away toward the green fence and fountain carrying some long item looks sort of like a t-shirt shooting device. And of course, Biden walking alone along this walkway without security moving with him very close to him in this very open area. Nothing to see here, move along.

  14. Maven says:

    I’m not as much interested in whether or not the Biden video was fake as I am concerned that trust in media and government is so low that most people didn’t have trouble believing it could be fake.

    Also, in regards to the AI discussion towards the end, read We Are Legion, (We Are Bob) by Dennis E. Taylor. It’s a great fiction book series about an A.I. created from the consciousness of a man named Bob that was use to control a ship in space.

  15. The_Civic_Nationalist says:

    The Moon landing was faked, but they hired Stanely Kubrick but because he’s such a perfectionist they filmed on location.

  16. Dzikun says:

    If you hear crap on drugs it’s not god it’s your brain frying. I really dislike people using the word god to describe the universe… It’s so bland and new age and just lame. Like hearing a hippie in the 60s…

  17. Frost27 says:

    The mics were added in post, but why? If you watch the gray one, they deliberately keep it away from his outline. It looks like there was layering but they have a software doing it on the fly and it messed up.

  18. covfefeovich says:

    Best snark evah……
    “Gravity! It’s keepin’ us DOWN bro!”

  19. JohnD says:

    There’s apparently another angle where his hand passes over the other side of the mic – one it passes over on the right side and the other it’s on the left side.

  20. Davidt92 says:

    That’s clearly a Kyle Dunnigan video. xD

  21. STranger says:

    Love the work you guys do and how you seek truth in everything!  Check out Peter Hiett’s book the History of Time and the Genesis of You.  Presents some very cool ideas on modern physics, the universe and the Judeo/Christian scriptures.  Keep the conversations on the mysteries of our existence coming and thanks for all the amazing content you all create!!!!

  22. BillH says:

    Irrelevant pop culture reference for you. Deepfakes were predicted in The Running Man movie back in 1987 where they fake CGI’ed Arnold’s character to make it look like he died. (So they could really kill him later.)

  23. Drewncharlie says:

    Is biden dead? Or is he really a robot? He cant do live stuff cuz he isn’t programmed well enough to have a dynamic conversation. Or maybe his dementia is so bad he has to know what to say before hand or he just speaks gibberish.

    But thats not important.

    The only important thing right now in the world is that covid is an overblown lie created to steal from small businesses and the working class.

  24. DivineMatrix says:

    I’m sorry Tim but that looks like complete cgi. C’mon Man whoever put that together wanted ppl to see it lol .

  25. h_marie says:

    I’m more concerned about Biden’s movements… how stiff his hands and arms are, how he walks… Biden is ready for a nursing home, physically and mentally.

  26. says:

    I don’t agree. His hand is under then black one too. There’s another video of him walking in front of a fireplace where the top of his head disappears

  27. Nizo says:

    Great episode great conversations Tim doesn’t miss

  28. Iamthepyro says:

    Funny you should mention magic as a complex thing that only exists in our minds. It’s true.
    There’s also a legacy legal deck that can (if you draw the perfect opening hand) lock everyone else out of the game, and without breaking the rules, act as a Turing complete computer so long as someone is there to run it. It would take about 42 trillion years (maybe billion) to run through the whole game.

  29. BillDozer806 says:

    His hand goes in front of BOTH mics, btw. Watch again. Do you think it’s the same explanation for both?

  30. FxTwT says:

    Love these episodes. I think that many people fall into the rut of consumerism and materialism because they are afraid of confronting themselves and their ultimate purpose.

    Jack is brave enough to go on that journey of true searching, and I think that when we genuinely seek truth, we will find it. Maybe we can’t describe it, but religion has some wisdom when it says someone is “filled with the spirit”. That’s real. We can’t quantify it yet, but it’s real.

    But you know what’s not real? THAT MICROPHONE.

    Kidding. Great episode.

  31. TheBlackBlade says:

    Is this the first video evidence of Cyber Biden?

  32. MarcAlexander says:

    His hands go through the mic. They aren’t just over the mics. Tim is wrong.

    • keotek says:

      There definitely is a video of that interview from the left (Biden’s right) that does not have the effect and shows both of those microphones sticking out

  33. brendanomalley44 says:

    I absolutely love the deep discussions about God, the universe, our purpose, and everything else in that sphere. These are topics that everyone has thought about to some degree, and they are the topics that shape who we are. These conversations are the key to getting people to think critically and begin to deconstruct themselves, it will save us all in the future. Keep having these conversations Timcast crew, they are incredibly important to us all.

  34. Vashts1985 says:

    pretty sure the rotors would be linked to the turbines via a transmission capable of disconnecting the 2, but it could be an APU, sure.

  35. Vashts1985 says:

    the video of the mics is lower resolution than Biden…

  36. jrhaile says:

    Damn Tim, you’re either really intelligent or you watched too much Big Bang Theory.

  37. Biscuits says:

    The whole block chain deep fake thing only works if the video is from the person themselves.
    What if I record a celebrity attacking someone… it of course would not be on the block chain, but it doesn’t make it fake.

  38. Bigly12025 says:

    What about the biden’s leg glitch /green screen earlier in the video? Explain that. I’m not slightly convinced by Tim’s explanation.

  39. LtAlchemist says:

    LOL IAN with the “Perspective’s a bitch!”

  40. BluesBrother says:

    For the god conversation: read Carl G. Jung – Man and his symbols, Joseph Campbell – hero with thousand faces. We can’t convey everything trough words or even gestures and that’s why we use symbols. It is kinda obvious but when we lose the original meaning of given symbol we lose, not only it’s power but it’s meaning. Note that those meanings are peaces of human psyche. Symbols contains the collective history of human spyche. In other words history of human behaviour that is meant to be past down thorough the ages.

  41. Feddy_Von_Wigglestein says:

    He’s a fake president. It should surprise nobody that CGI would be used.

  42. EndTheFed says:

    You guys should check out and see if you can get Captain Dissolution on. He’s amazing at CGI and debunking fake videos.

  43. Element says:

    Big crunch isn’t exactly disproven. Rather it is just that the majority of physicists don’t think it is the most likely end of the universe. The universe is expanding faster but we don’t know how or why. We call that dark energy because we have no idea what it actually is. If we don’t know what it is then we can’t know how it will continue to affect the universe billions of years into the future. We can only guess and most of the current guesses don’t predict it ever decreasing but Ian might be right. It might keep increasing for a billion more years but then suddenly start decreasing and eventually become weaker than gravity leading to the big crunch.

    • brendanomalley44 says:

      A thought I had is that there could be a force holding the universe together acting like rubber bands connecting the “center” to the edges. Two possible scenarios in this case. Expansion is weaker than the force holding the universe together and it stops expanding or it rebound the edges back. Expansion could also be stronger than the force holding the universe together. I don’t know what will happen when that force breaks, but it will either destroy everything or expel the contents into a new reality/dimension in some way(what I believe will happen). Crazy stuff.

  44. Txbow says:

    You explained the fluffy mic but what about the other one?

  45. Vmanzo says:

    The way Tim described how he sees the puzzles and algorithms in his mind to know god is real, is the exact experience I have had for the past 6 years. The exact same thing. I can see a part of the picture in my mind to know it’s there, but I can’t even begin to try to explain it or draw it. And I don’t think it’s a coincidence that I know many people who share the exact same realization before every conversing with one another.

    • Combatmedic25 says:

      Yea I think I know what you mean. I know God exists because I feel it deep down. I cant even begin to understand how to explain it. Its like… Gah i cant describe it

  46. FergusonRage says:

    So the reporters are CGI and not Biden?

    • Vmanzo says:

      Yes that what it seems to me. It’s kinda ridiculous for Tim to suggest they did an extravagant 3 layer video with Biden in front of a green screen. The Biden video is real af, he actually was there walking and getting on the copter. They video edited in the reporters to make it seem like he was answering questions. In reality, there were no reporters there. That’s why Bidens hand can slice through the mic like it’s not there, cuz it wasn’t. Just video edited in. But the Biden footage is real.

      • Feddy_Von_Wigglestein says:

        So sounds like he’s still being hidden from the press. Hmm. He can’t even answer softball questions from a friendly media that operates as state propaganda?

        • Vmanzo says:

          When he’s in the White House it’s different. The campaign they were able to control who was there and who was asking questions. White House is different, they can’t bar fox or other conservatives from being there or asking questions. I personally think they cgi’d the reporters because they are deathly afraid of that man being out in the open for a single moment.

  47. BobRot says:

    Another great show guys!

    As a physicist, you have me biting my fist again while you were speaking about physics… Tim (and Ian), you have what it takes to comprehend physical concepts and to incorporate them into your views and believes. I encourage you to have a scientist on the show (with a PhD), that would set some thing straight for you regarding all the ‘ I’m not a physicist’ subjects you keep bringing up. More so, it would be great hearing you discussing the scientific method, its applications and the philosophy behind it.

    Keep on the great work!

  48. Vmanzo says:

    Obviously depth perception has an effect like in the mothman example. But that is when there is significant distance. In the Biden video, we are talking about a distance of 1-2 feet. That distance is no where near significant enough to cause a visual illusion to trick the mind. 100 feet away? Absolutely. 1 foot away. Not a shot.

    Keep in mind we’re talking about a guy who spent an entire year campaigning from his basement to avoid questions.

    I don’t think Biden is CGI. I think the reporters, cameras, and microphones were cgi and edited in to make it seem like Biden is answering reporters questions when in reality he hasn’t been around anyone other than his wife in their basement.

  49. ApePower says:

    Moon Landing – The video was staged and a fake. What people saw on TV in 69 was not the real moon landing, however, the moon landing happened. What happened was Russia was actually succeeding in space technology and exploration beyond the US. They had the first satellite, Sputnik, they had the first animals and people in space, etc. In order to “win the space race” the US needed to put a man on the moon before Russia. The problem is we did not think we could do it before they did. So what we ended up doing was staging a fake moon landing recording to broadcast on TV for the world to see we won the space race. In reality, we weren’t quite ready. Manned rockets were launched in secret almost a year later in 1970, to actually land us on the moon. So, the video is fake, the landing was real, and Kubrick’s film 2001 A Space Oddysy, was proof of concept that a realistic enough moon landing could be filmed on a set on Earth, released in 1968 to prepare the world for the fake video by priming them to think the things Kubrick showed in 2001 were a 100% accurate representation of space flight and technology. That’s my theory, anyway.

    Great discussion, all, loved this episode and the last.

    • TheBlackBlade says:

      Consider the hundreds of flights and tests that were in practice years before the actual landing, every apollo mission was geared towards one moment and it wasn’t until apollo 11 that it happened. When thinking about the moon landing hoax theory, most people seem to completely discount the massive effort of thousands of people over years for that one landing. Also, upon Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin’s decent to the lunar surface, they still had NO idea if the lander would touch down nicely or sink into the soft surface, making takeoff impossible and thus the two astronauts would be the first 2 deaths of Americans in space. You think that their hearts were pumping out of their chests? Mine would.

      • Vmanzo says:

        So how did we make it back? I agree we did thousands of tests here on earth, but how did we get everything correct coming back the very first time? If we had no idea what the surface would be like, and had no idea what takeoff would be like off of an unknown surface. How did we properly calculate the physics behind the takeoff in space? Not only that, how did they successfully pull it off the first try coming back from the moon? It took us thousands of tests to get up there on a planet we know about. But only one trial to come back on a moon we know nothing of?

        Keep in mind I’m not an expert and don’t know a ton on the matter so I could be wrong about what I said (if so please correct me) but that all seems fishy to me.

        • TheBlackBlade says:

          Would love to explain more but I can only give my thoughts and perspective and hope it inspires you to check it out yourself, you just have to be ok with your research proving you completely wrong and willing to look into areas that your previous ideals would not allow. I can tell you have intelligence, but it’s ok to be wrong and learn new things, just like I have. That being said, I acknowledge the possibility that the landing WAS a forgery for the first time because I can’t definitively prove otherwise ?

          • Vmanzo says:

            I literally said I have not done really any research on this. And I did not make any definitive stance on it.
            All I did was ask questions regarding the return mission, and it seems like you have no answer to those questions…..

        • TheBlackBlade says:

          Short answer is all missions from Mercury to Gemini to Apollo all the way up to #11 each were a stepping stone to that point, including orbiting the moon for research before landing. Imagine being the astronauts that saw the moon up close but never had the chance to land.

          • Vmanzo says:

            Going back to your original point of them not knowing if it was soft or hard when buzz and Armstrong initially went. If they didn’t know the surface before making their first land, they would have absolutely no way of calculating the propulsion for blasting off the moon and going home. I’m not saying the moon landing is fake, I’m just saying that part of it does not add up.

          • TheBlackBlade says:

            There’s no way to know for sure dude, that’s why astronauts are bad ass and the best. Sometimes we take risks because nothing is 100% certain in this universe, you simply can’t calculate every risk. But chill dude, you’re allowed to disagree

  50. TheBlackBlade says:

    Tim, I still think you should do a skatepark tour segment, would be fun?

  51. Zacchaeus says:

    Tim!!!! Fucking look at the helicopter in the background of the video nearing the end. Helix don’t just chill without their routers spinning…

  52. Zacchaeus says:

    Did anyone notice that the helicopter is literally hanging out shooting upwards at a standstill???

  53. MblingBrdFrk says:

    His walk and his hands are so bad. He has Parkinson’s.

  54. TheInfamousScratch says:

    I’m just going to throw this out there, Tim knows an absurd amount of information, right off the top of his head.

  55. brandon_jang says:

    Great podcast and love to see the great guests Tim! One thing I wanted to point out (around the 28 minute mark) is that under the current understanding of the laws of thermodynamics, heat death cannot be avoided – the total entropy in any system will always increase. If we manage to create a device that avoids heat death, that would mean that we create a time travelling machine. My understanding is that at the time of heat death, the universe has effectively reached equilibrium (i.e. material still exists but there’s no movement going on).

  56. says:

    Good conversation. When I was a younger man, I thought my religions were in conflict. I thought it was unfair that my ancestors were forced into Catholicism. So I favored my spiritual religion more than “going to church”. Now, I realized that I have the best of “both worlds”. In general, my religion is based on selflessness, your happiness is based on the happiness of those around you. If they aren’t happy, you aren’t. (I call it “Man Happy”). Catholicism and the “Big Ten”, just made me that much better. I don’t really see the difference anymore.

  57. laranator369 says:

    Every president flys on Air Force 1, and Biden somehow uses this helicopter to travel. Weird…

  58. Timuh says:

    That helicopter is special, it can run the engine without the blades turning. Watch the Trump videos, same thing. (Not an APU)

  59. Uncle_Shadow says:

    You’re wrong Tim. Watch the two angle shots beside one another. Memology 101 did a video on YouTube. Watch it before it gets removed.

  60. TheBlackBlade says:

    Very deep guys. Ian dude, michael vsauce did a video about the speed of light, which featured a cgi rendition of what a trip to the moon from earth would look like irl. It is very very close to how you describe moving away and something getting bigger. Check it out in your free time, but consider that your consciousness travelled at or beyond the speed of light (or speed of causality as Einstein described in e=mc2)

  61. Sheila says:

    Wow. Loved the deep, philosophical discussion. Very cool guys. I would love to sit some day and have an open, nonreligious discussion on God, frequencies, colors, etc. Love to hear different views on religion and the related topics.

  62. StonedKrampus says:

    We are the universe’s way of experiencing itself.

    Best way I’ve ever heard it put.

  63. andrei says:

    That sounds more like a jet engine idling than a chopper…
    Did they add that on as well?

  64. Housersch37 says:

    Hey Tim, when are you going to put your live streaming on, at the same time as your youtube channel TimIRL?

  65. FoxtrotEnder says:

    To make it more rudimentary. Order is God/god, chaos is evil/Devil and sin entropy. We are all of us ‘divine’ we can through our very existence consume ordered systems and break them down to then re-order our environment. So we are made in the image of ‘God’ and our sins are the entropic nature of our existence and our ‘divinity’ is rooted in our ability to re-order our environment and create in much the way same as ‘God’ does.

    We have the free will to do with that what we please. For good or for evil.

    Also with what Tim mentions specifically reminds me massively of the Boltzmann Brain concept/theory. Also I like it because Futurama did some whacky shit with that idea while having Bender floating in space and it gave me one my favorite quotes and a mantra to live by.

    “When You Do Things Right, People Won’t Be Sure You’ve Done Anything at All“ -God….apparently.

  66. TheBlackBlade says:

    The circumference of the earth is the measurement of the base perimeter of the great pyramid of giza x 43200. And the polar radius of the earth is the height measurement of the great pyramid of giza x 43200. Too specific to be coincidence, I think they understood the earth a lot earlier, just based off math

    • TheBlackBlade says:

      Studies from Graham Hancock, also about 12000 years ago, the earth’s wobble caused Leo instead of Taurus to rise in the east on the spring equinox, to which the LIONS head sphinx faced directly with the three pyramids of giza lining up with Orions belt to the south.

  67. JiffGaherty says:

    100% need more philosophical talk. Id love to see Ian, Jack and Lids talk about God and just basic meanings of life. Love coming here for politics but shows or conversations about other things would truly make it a complete network. Kinda like how basic tv channels have the news hour which is usually the main-stay, but then have other programs as well. All in all, love the content.

  68. Housersch37 says:

    I believe in God. Why? It is because there is some design to this universe, there is an order. Without God, there would be no order at all, no design or anything that would matter; there would be nothing.

  69. dudebrahman says:

    That’s a poor and frankly nonsensical explanation. There is something very obviously wrong with those two mics.

    The gray mic would have to be *behind his elbow* from the perspective of the camera.

    That’s virtually impossible based on how he approached the reporters.

    Additionally, the microphone would have to be much larger than a “2 liter soda bottle” relative to his arm, and far away enough where he wouldn’t have struck it while moving his hands.

    The black microphone also goes under his hand which doesn’t make sense for the same reasons.

    • HOSEQ says:

      Well, to add to your comment, I did see a video which is a side view, from the left side of the crowd, would be Bidans right side, and he never even gets close to the grey mic, but, his right hand does the same thing with a different dark grey mic…..

      It’s beginning to get difficult to keep up with all the BS happening these days, and it has only gotten faster….

    • MarcAlexander says:

      His hands aren’t just over the mics. His hands go through them. Tim is wrong here.

  70. willc233 says:

    Thanks for NOT being a video about CGIJOE. Two points: 1) Your explanation of the Joe Biden video can suffice to explain the ugly weirdness with the mic’s. I actually appreciate that because the guy holding one of them didn’t take the time to explain the weirdness, rather to attack those questioning it in the age of video fakery. 2) If any of you want to go to Mars, just go to Antarctica. It’s literally the same biome. We can only colonize Mars as effectively as we have colonized Antarctica. It’s not only unreasonably cold, it’s very much more unreasonably remote. Moon-building is our most reasonable advancement at this point in time, but our goal must be to leave this Solar system because our sun will die one day.

    • urbanmusicgal says:

      Thank you for the comparison of Mars to Antartica. Antartica is a desert, and prospective Mars inhabitants should be able to survive and thrive in Antarctic before going to Mars. At least Antarctica is brighter than Mars.

  71. AUDREK says:

    During the show tonight Jack Murphy noted the 50s and 60s communist intrusion into or cultural institutions. When he said McCarthy was right I almost died laughing. This guy is my spirit animal, and my wife’s boyfriend…. i’ve been telling people for years that McCarthy was right and they look at me like I’m crazy nobody understands but Jack Murphy Goldman gets it.

    • urbanmusicgal says:

      When people look and behave shocked when you say McCarthy was right, it almost maps the growth of socialism, and communism in our country. For example, when did people start defaming McCarthy? I remember that happening in the 60s with the SDS, and when that madman LBJ took office. When do you remember hearing first the mumurings, and then the condemnation of McCarthyism?

      • HOSEQ says:

        What makes it even more fun is then telling them that the John Birch Society was also right about Communists and Socialists working to take over the democrat Party….
        At that point they really begin to lose their shit….
        Then you can point out that as of, something like 2013 or 14, People Ragazine put out an issue stating that we are all Socialists Now…..
        And then, point out that the Nevada DNC was Officially taken over by Socialists last month……

        Lots of people out there have ZERO Clue about any of this stuff…

  72. TheBlackBlade says:

    Happy St Paddy’s Day friends!

  73. Russ says:

    As heard from Jordan Peterson, half the people have not done one creative thing in their entire life.

    This half the people really need some ideal to follow or a meaning from outside themselves to help lead them toward promoting life and constructive activities. This same half is also susceptible to being lead down a very destructive anti-life path which is likely part of the issue with culture today.

    For Jack Murphy in particular- years ago designed a structure which heats itself, ventilates itself, lights itself during the daylight hours with a service free life expectancy of 50 years. In 2008 material cost was $10 per square foot at 1200 square feet for the no internal walls version. It does this with no electrical power required. Lots of fun!

  74. Lisa Evans says:

    Great conversation!

  75. trippingO_Oballs says:

    I love how the conversations always end up trailing off in a quest for Holy Grail ^_^ Rightfully so, lads! The Grail is out there, somewhere, just waiting to be stumbled upon in some old, forgotten Forest. Keep on questing, my friends.

  76. PhatJimmy says:

    Tim,Lydia, Jack ….. and also Ian too — I LOVE ALL OF YOU! Always enthralled with these discussions!

  77. Eric says:

    Salty had a good point. Everything about that video is legit with the exception of the mics. It’s obvious there’s something fishy going on there, and I am not a big conspiracy guy.
    Seems like ‘they’re’ laying the ground work for future green screen\deep fake f*ckery, and then accuse everyone who sees it as Q people or some other (insert name) group.

    Tim, I enjoy the content and subscribe to you, Ben and Crowder.
    “I’m doing my part”

  78. Bep52 says:

    What looked wierd to me was his hands, who keeps thier fingers together like that. Almost creeped me out. (Biden)

  79. Defiant_Black_Out1 says:

    Helicopter? But suit not blowing every where?

  80. says:

    Yup, it’s the APU. Something is up with that mic though.

  81. Bmwtech says:

    JACK how can you not know about moth man? Richard Gear 90’s movie…. came on you represent us older folks.

  82. TWPOTO says:

    Yo yo yo that Diamond hands gorilla shirt would look mighty tasty on me, just saying

    • MikeyG says:

      Yo Ian you just blew my mind when you said gravity pushes down! I thought I was the only one who said that.

      • Dovahkiin70 says:

        Just wanted to point out that Joe Rogan no longer believes the moon landing was faked. He’s had an awaking of sorts it seems. If you guys actually read the comments, here’s a link to one of his podcasts. I hope you find it as enlightening as I did. So many things make sense now.

        • Dovahkiin70 says:

          Just wanted to point out that Joe Rogan no longer believes the moon landing was faked. He’s had an awaking of sorts it seems. If you guys actually read the comments, here’s a link to one of his podcasts. I hope you find it as enlightening as I did. So many things make sense now.

      • TheBlackBlade says:

        Indeed, thanks for the perspective Ian, I never had considered gravity operating in that way

        • Yoshi says:

          hey tim, great show, always love jack murphy. i watched this biden microphone video here before i heard from my conspiracy sources. you say the fuzzy mic is huge and could easily extend past joes hand. did you notice tho that his hand also cuts in front of the black microphone too? same explanation? im not saying its a green screen but your explanation only debunks half of that clip.