Jack Posobiec Member Podcast: Capitol Cop Is Far left Cultist, Tim Says These Cops WILL Arrest Conservatives And Its Time To Wake Up

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Jack Posobiec Member Podcast: Capitol Cop Is Far left Cultist, Tim Says These Cops WILL Arrest Conservatives And Its Time To Wake Up
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156 responses to “Jack Posobiec Member Podcast: Capitol Cop Is Far left Cultist, Tim Says These Cops WILL Arrest Conservatives And Its Time To Wake Up”

  1. soliel says:

    15 years sober Jack? I’m 9!

    Always cool to find out cool people do the deal 🤘

  2. MikeM says:

    You guys owe me a lot lol

  3. Boomer624 says:

    Love this…Jack you forgot one war, Vietnam! I know only the old farts remember that one same thing as Afghanistan just shorter and they had the draft during Vietnam.
    I watch old shows from the sixties ie Dragnet and others and they have same arguments as today. It is funny that we are arguing over the same shit as we did 50 plus years ago. Just my 2 cents.

  4. Wilted_Brainz says:

    I sent Timcast a story about my neighborhood. We had a gas station owner, who put up a billboard, and it wasn’t appreciated by someone. It made it to the local news in Pittsburgh. The guy lost his supplier over it, and cost him his franchise. He found a local supplier, and changed the name of his station to “America”. Business is booming. BLM and ANTIFA threatened to come and do harm to the owner, and his business. The whole community came together, and invited them to try. There is hope out there.

  5. terry_c_34@hotmail.com says:

    joe biden could shit himself at the podium and the left would applaud him.

  6. Wolv256 says:

    We don’t need to defund the police. We need to defund the CIA and the FBI.

  7. TinFoilHatGorilla says:

    I’ll have to say when Tim brings up the Republicans that are fighters I would like to add Dan Crenshaw. Navy seal badass who got his eye damaged from an IED now goes after the Cronies of the Democratic party cristizing AOC and Biden and the rest of the idiots running our government right now.

  8. BFairfax123 says:

    Just as a last comment if someone is throwing bricks at me I’m going to have to see that as a threat to my life which will inevitably lead to a response . Since I carry I don’t imagine those responsible for throwing deadly objects will enjoy the deadly objects sent back at them .

  9. BFairfax123 says:

    The problem with your defund the police idea is it isn’t really relevant for where you live Jefferson County Sheriff’s Dept. isn’t going to come to your house and arrest you if people are protesting on your property . They are going to arrest the trespassers trust me I have personally had people arrested for trespassing in Berkeley without issue when people were on my property illegally .WV still believes in the rule of law an will prosecute people who break it .So maybe lets just let the people who want to live in chaos do it and leave the rest of us out of it .

  10. Brett_Aint_Dead says:

    The divide is real , they have infultraded every legitimate instatution, the war on terror 2.0 , is now a war on YOU< its an ideaological war , a cleansing, a clear cut war on anyone not part of the woke DNC BLM ANTIFA BORG. been watching so much star trek , good stuff tim , jack.

  11. Apoclord says:

    I’ve been saying it for some time now. We’re fucked. And Tim, if you honestly think we can win by just changing the culture and not resorting to all out civil war than you are dead fucking wrong, but holy shit do I hope you’re right.

    Know why? Because this is all rolling in the direction they want it to. In the next ten years if they keep getting there way with no push back, no telling them to fuck off, than it’s not just going to be that they’re teaching your kid there are 100 thousand genders in school. They’re going to arrest you if you try to teach your kid anything conservative and he or she won’t even have to report you for it because they’ll, like little kids do, will proudly stand in front of the teacher and say, “Yeah, well my Dad says there’re only two genders!” and the teacher’s going to ask him who taught him the word ‘Dad’ and send the cops to take the kids out of the home and arrest his parents because fuck us for having opinions, beliefs, etc. that don’t conform to theirs.

    We’re screwed, man. We just are and anything short of an all out war will just result in them picking us off one by one until we’re all in the gulag and they didn’t have to birth a single child to continue their idiotic, racist, halfwitted idieaology.

  12. Wolv256 says:

    No, the time to wake up was 20 months ago

  13. mrmap says:

    conservatives think ” not in my town. keep that in your cities and let them go to shit” they are too dumb to realize that if they controll the cities, and the institutions, they also control your small town.

  14. AuntieBarb says:

    Tim, you should watch “Jericho”. Its on Netflix…I think you’d enjoy it.

    • HeyThere78 says:

      That show came out when I was something like 8 years old, and it had a permanent effect on the way I think and view things. I’m glad I saw it, I think one of the main reasons it didn’t last very long is because it was TOO realistic…

    • uPpItYsLaVe says:

      One of the most important series ever produced. Pretty damn realistic. And it drove home that survival requires community. Many think they can go it alone in SHTF sceanario. It is the rare individual who has the skills to do that. Maybe Tom Brown types only and the have spend their lives honing their survival skills. But I digress! Jericho and Firefly are my two all time favorites.

  15. Justin says:

    That was a great final message. When the world seems to be falling apart on a massive scale, zoom into your locale. Focus on the things in front of you, that you can affect, that influences you the most. We all want to solve the world’s problems but we hardly appreciate the minor conflicts that exist within our home and community. Find compassion. Find conversation. Changing the world means influencing the nearest to us in minor direction of thought.

  16. c0de6349 says:

    have you all not figured out we are past culture building yet? we are way past that and at a few phases past that.

  17. Aldous says:

    Amazed I’m paying for this when there is no audio only version I can turn off my screen and still listen

  18. Dickie_Greenleaf says:


  19. BritMike says:

    American Marxism

  20. ThePodiumGuy says:

    Stop playing chess with these people who are playing checkers.

  21. Mmascioli2 says:

    Tim, I am a huge fan and have been for a long time which is why I’m here to begin with but with all due respect can you tone down the unnecessary cussing? I don’t care about cursing i myself am a potty mouth but still the way you’re overusing the words “shit” and “fuck” sounds like a rebellious preteen who just discovered foul language— it feels forced and unnatural. Otherwise, you’re doing God’s work keep it up!

  22. bstim80 says:

    We should be able to download podcasts for offline listening as members

  23. ScamCast_Alt says:

    We need a better comment section Tim.

  24. Mundy3780 says:

    Fun fact:

    Rambo 3 is dedicated to the “brave fighters of the Taliban”.

  25. prcntm says:

    With regards to the cops arresting the victim due to mob mentality:

    The cops are capable of taking someone into protective custody. The sad fact is Tim is right: it’s easier to deal with the one victim than the mob of many with respect to law enforcement. That said, there is a middle ground that exists. If there is no immediate way to control or disperse the mob, it shouldn’t be that hard to find their victims and remove them from the situation. That guy who was being chased and got arrested: all the cops had to do was remove him from the situation. They didn’t need to arrest him (meaning they charged him with a crime and booked him). They just had to get him out of there to protect him from the mob headed his way. It’s the same with the man trapped in his house with the mob threatening to burn it down. All they had to do was remove him from the situation. There’s probably some cultural debate to be had about the cops escorting a man from his own home, but at least he’d be safe, and if they didn’t burn it down, he could have returned to his home unharmed.

    The fact that the cops are indeed arresting the victims and charging them with crimes as they handcuff them and take them away is a dark omen about where the United States is headed, and if we don’t get a handle on this we are screwed.

  26. Rawdog says:

    Wow, this episode was a good one; along with the others from earlier this week.

    Tim is telling the truth about cops.

    Here is the truth about what is going to happen.
    The “America” that many of the listeners believe in is going away on a daily basis. And we will LOSE because of Tim Pool, Steven Crowder, Jack Posobiec, Glen Beck, Rand Paul, John Shnatter, Donald Trump, Ben Shapiro, etc., etc.

    The sad fact is…NO amount of protests, petitions, letter writing, boycotting or event talking to your neighbors is going to DO ANYTHING.

    There is ONLY 1 WAY to stop these fucking bastards.

    A Story: (Read it in an old time Voice of America radio announcer’s voice to get the full effect)
    Dateline: Germany, 1939
    A Nazi checkpoint was raided today by unknown freedom fighters who, against all odds, killed all of the jack-booted, coal scuttle wearing thugs who were separating people to haul them off to camps. In an exclusive interview obtained by this station, we have found out that the partisans were armed with black market and stolen guns such as MP-40s, Mauser rifles, Lugers, Walther P-38s. Many were “Prohibited Persons”. Our support goes out to these intrepid partisans and we hail the people, who at great risk to themselves shelter and feed these fighters.


    Let’s take the above story, keep the plot but change a few peripherals.
    Dateline: 2021
    The Jack-booted Thugs are still wearing “coal scuttle” helmets but they are carrying MP-5s, M16s, Glocks and the helmets are Kevlar instead of steel.
    They are not wearing swastikas but are wearing badges.
    They are separating people based on whether or not they have certain genetic sequences in their bodies.
    They are destroying these UNDESIREABLES lives and sending them to “camps”.
    The freedom fighters are a mixture of people fighting with stolen guns, GHOOOOST GUNS, AR15s, shotguns

    Re-read the story with those changes…

    The above named pundits WILL DENOUNCE the freedom fighters & call for their IMMEDIATE ARREST. They will SCREAM “Back the Blue”, “Those poor policemen were JUST DOING THEIR JOB”. (FYI: At the Nuremburg Trials, most of the Nazis attempted to use that as their defense. It didn’t work.) They will tell their listeners/viewers to NOT give aid to the freedom fighters because they are criminals.

    There are many of us who know what we will have to wade thru. We don’t have a problem with this “hero’s quest”

    So FUCK ALL OF YOU, especially you fucking christians.

  27. Labrmcmillen says:

    Tim your chickens will lay an egg and leave the nest for about 2 weeks until she has enough to actually sit on the nest then she won’t leave. Also this year we finally figured out our hen needed her own nest and to be separated otherwise the hens fight for the favored nest even though there was enough for each hen to have her own.

  28. Mockingsmirk45 says:

    They are the globalist uni-party and we all need to start calling them that. That is all.

  29. covfefeovich says:

    @30:20, that discussion is just one example of why you should consider the value of adding an archivist to your staff at some point.
    For example, right now there is no web page I have been able to find that has a comprehensive list of links to all of the most egregious events from the 2020 riots. Some of the video seems to have been memory holed into the bit bucket. Cathedral media has no interest in touching the project as they will land on the side of airbrushing history. And relying on google to be able to find web content is not likely to be MORE reliable in the future.
    It might also be worthwhile keeping track of the cathedral edits to history with before/after versions of their propaganda archived.
    But as your own enormous library of content grows, it will probably be useful to be able to roll your own video clips back in as needed.

  30. MZero1294 says:

    “Things have escalated and will continue to escalate, therefore I can say with confidence that they will inevitably continue to escalate to the worst possible degree.”

  31. SmithIsNotOriginal says:

    Didn’t know I could comment at the bottom. Glad to be a member

  32. covfefeovich says:

    John Birch, Whittaker Chambers, and Joe McCarthy were all way ahead of the newly red pilled leftists. This has been the inevitable outcome of the far left gaining complete control of the national Democrat party in 1968. No one remembers Henry Wallace?

    The one point Tim is still missing:
    After infiltrating and gaining control of every institution down to the fucking Boy Scouts, why can anyone not wrap your head around the idea that the far left have also infiltrated the GOP? Why would the left infiltrate everything else but ignore the GOP?
    There is a reason for the squishness every time the GOP is close to a real policy change, and it has nothing to do with sucking up. You all don’t really think Bill Clinton was the first leftist to feign moderation do you?
    There is no such thing as a moderate Democrat in national office, not since the purges of the mid 1990’s.

  33. mainten84 says:

    A LACK of tribalism in Americans as Americans in favor of civic cuckery has allowed for this nonsense to fester and grow for decades. Now the boil is bursting, yet these guys want to blame TRIBALISM as the problem because these leftists are engaging in tribalism.

    Tribalism fights and protects. Conservatives are the polar opposite of tribalists, and they keep losing so damn always because they do not fight and protect their own. Imagine Americans defending American like a tribe????????? What’s being attacked?


    These retards don’t know how to fight and defend to such as scale of ignorance, they only now acknowledge they’re in a life or death struggle of their own country.

    Tribalism is the only way to go. It’s the only strategy that wins a life or death struggle.

  34. Unworried says:

    First video I watched as a member, I like it.

    I look forward to the “how do we fix this” ideas, put more energy into guests that teach us new skills.
    I would suggest having Jerry Miculek on to do weapons safety, homesteaders that show the tricks to do living better, former military who can show the basics of survival.

    Politics/outrage is too basic.

  35. FreedomFiend says:

    Jan 6 is to insurrection what Covid is to pandemic. Everyone needs to get over it

  36. dji82 says:

    Seriously Jack, stop talking over people. Fuck it was annoying tonight.

    • Element says:

      Tim talks over guests all the time. Jack is just trying to get a word in.

    • FCTX says:

      Totally agree, really annoying

    • AmericaFirst says:

      I watched the whole clip before responding – that was NOTHING compared to how much Tim interrupts his guests every night.

      I’m glad Jack spoke up and got his points across. What’s the point of having guests if Tim just talks over them

      • dreamscape.artisan says:

        The interrupting and talking over guests is an involuntary psychological issue. Tim is insecure and yet the world needs him and people like him, so I really would love to see him get over it. Unfortunately he most likely won’t stop talking over guests until he takes off the beanie and learns to love his Hunter Thompson look…

      • Saphira_Reigns says:

        Have to agree that happens way too much. I’m listening to a guest, interested in what they’re saying and Tim starts talking over them constantly. Love the show, but really would like to hear ALL of what the guests are trying to say especially on the members only episodes.

  37. Ians_hallucination says:

    U must be a sexist, tim for like the 2nd time in a week you neglected to introduce lyds smh.

  38. VeganSausage says:

    Local police forces are the enforcement arm of globalists. This is not a left/right bullshit dichotomy issue it’s a nationalist/globalist issue.

  39. Todd_Marcus_13B says:

    (Respectfully) Tim, for your age you have a very uncommon clarity of thinking. Sir, I ask you what is the 2nd Amendment for? You admitted its for a tyrannical Government, did you not? In your defense, even if they take our rights completely away. We are still here and still armed. A lot of us literary, “From our cold dead hands”. As we get closer to a Socialist Government controlled by the CCP. I say controlled by the CCP because of how the CCP is in EVERYTHING. Then when do we use the guns? Agree with you on killing is bad. I served in the Army, I am a disabled combat veteran. Lost friends and have a lot of issues. I am still willing to fight and die on my feet for this country and its people. People have threatened to kill me. I tell them, “Don’t do me any favors, and GOOD luck!” I have been through a lot, torn and broken but still alive. You have stated you prefer to live under the boot of your oppressor (figuratively) and TRY to live in your van down by the river. Yet, you said you would take up arms if someone came to your house. A little contradictory my friend. The enemy doesn’t have to LITERALLY come to your front door. Are you the sort of man who sits back hoping that 3% wins so you may reap of the harvest the 97% wanted…freedom? That oath I swore to still stands with me and many other Americans. I am far from religious, but I HOPE THERE IS A GOD!! No matter what happens to me after this life, GOD’s will be done and I will happily take my judgement. “Destroy all which is EVIL, so that all which is GOOD may flourish.” Yes, that is barbarism. You have to cut cancer out. I agree with you to a point. We were taught how Hitler and Karl Marx was bad when I was in school. My opinion, this is all from China. Would really like to hear what you have to say on this. I am not coming at you or upset. Just really want to know your side fully. I think the proper questions have not been asked of you. I really hope you see this, and I hope it makes sense (Face palm) Haven’t slept in two days. One of my issues from combat. Whatever you answer and your thoughts. I hope you and your family and friends and their families have happy healthy lives and in freedom. I am proud of you!
    All the best, Todd

    • Todd_Marcus_13B says:

      One more thing. You have stated how the elites can do whatever they want, and nothing happens. They can rape, sell kids into sex slavery, snort mounds of cheese (cocaine). They are untouchable and to big to fail. When do we reach out and show them they are touchable and have failed. This rules for the and not for me has to stop. They think we are stupid and disgusting. Our rights go away to become their surf class of slaves. Death from gun shots are very fast. You every get a bad cut. You don’t feel it because you are in shock. But lets just say, you are bleeding so bad that you pass out. Because you are no longer adding direct pressure to the wound. You bleed out and die. Fast, painless. I hunt all year round (deer in season, hog, cat the bob type, unfortunately few lion in my area, the mountain type). I go fishing and camping. They are not going to take that away from me. Yes, I live in the country. My opinion, lots of Americans are sick of this…wink and a nod….

  40. Christopher says:

    There is a difference between could trump have won… or should he have won?

    The loss was the first crack to show weakness. Then…… Biden showed he was incompetent. Over and over.

    I don’t believe the elections. I can tell you my voting experience. The inspector walked me to the booth and watched me. Two boxes, was told to put it in one face down.

    I want to know where my vote went.

    • FxTwT says:

      Or the fact that they allowed people wearing Biden/Harris masks to count votes in some counties.

      The media has run the orange man bad narrative so hard into the mind of normies that they would not bat an eye if asked to cheat against Trump.

  41. PerryLane says:

    @ 15:30 Tim said at the height of the cold war no one would have believed you if you said the Soviet Union was going to collapse in just a few years.
    A man who predicted it would was Andrei Amalrik a Russian writer and dissident best known for his essay ‘Will the Soviet Union Survive Until 1984?’

    Good conversations! Keep up the good work.

  42. BoilingHotRock says:

    I’m more on the “abolish police” train now, more than not. Having gotten a speeding ticket for going 65 on a 55, at 10:30pm on my way home from work, on a road that had no street lights, and was the only vehicle on the road other than the police cruiser, being a danger to absolutely no one, might have skewed my stance more towards abolish. The lunatic left wants no police, but wants to burn my city? Let’s just put it this way, the police aren’t protecting the citizens, they’re protecting the insane lefties from the people who will take the defense of their city into their own hands.

  43. FREAK says:

    I’m a cop. I don’t and wont enforce masks or lockdowns.

  44. Hieronymus says:

    Bullets will be the currency of the near future. Good news is it is deflationary!

    • Plaguen says:

      While it might be a currency, it is not deflationary, in fact, it is the opposite. You can make more bullets.

      • ElijahFrye says:

        Not really if things are not going well when in reality can you replace the ammo at the rate its being used…. also it depends on where your at and if you can even get the materials to make ammo

  45. Devon says:

    Posobiec is real jack , buck Mr Murphy

  46. Ty_Bo says:

    I ripped my thin blue line sticker off my truck.
    I’m done.
    I have guns so ill just take care of myself.

  47. dreamscape.artisan says:

    Meh, they can’t all be the best episodes.

    Sending good vibes to the Timcast crew!! Chin up and sallyforth!!

    Ian is missed when he isn’t there, he brings balance to the force!

    Tim, your true power is under the beanie! Full self awareness cannot come before true self love!! We love you Tim, for the good and the bad! Love the shine, love the shadow!

    Lydia holds it all together, never forget and never surrender!! Sour Patch Lyds, stop promoting Sour Patch Kids or you’ll never surpass them! Hahahaha!

    Crazy Andres, all the Vlog crew, especially the quiet ones, the chickens and the wineberries! These are the times of our lives and gratitude is so subtle; it is a breathy mana that we mindlessly ingest keeping our chests puffed out so we can be the living, gasping snakes to each others’ chimpanzees!

    Your show has brought me plenty of joy, byzantine insight, inquisitive corneas, a sprinkle of despair and a sparkle of hope. Choke up that black pill, kiddos, like Uncle Poso says, focus on family and the grateful tonic of warm mountain air.

  48. ScamCast_Alt says:

    BTW @Timcast this comment section needs some work. Comment box should be at the top and posting or replying to comments shouldn’t reload the page. It messes up the video and then you lose your position where you were watching at.

  49. ScamCast_Alt says:

    LOL. Anyone else crack up when Tim says the F-Word? 😂

  50. SIMONTACCHI says:

    My money is on the Tribe with High-Powered Scoped Rifles and Hunting Licenses, not Black Bloc.

  51. coldwater says:

    I have commented on this before but it is very relevant. My dad was born into the Weimar Republic, grew up with National Socialism, was in the battle of Berlin saw total carnage and Germany of course divided into East Germany and West Germany. Then he lived long enough to see the collapse of the Soviet Union and the reunification of Germany. I say all this because the US needs to realize that things could collapse here and need to, as Charles Murray put it, stop engaging in “heroic stupidity”.

    I grew up in the USA but we lived in West Berlin for a year in the early 80s. I had no idea what the hell was going on…I was just a kid who found myself living in a fun, but walled city that was on high alert. It wasn’t just the surrounding Communists, they were threatened from within by groups such as Red Army Faction and an ongoing terrorist campaign. Furthermore, we actually went to East Germany, and even more memorable, Poland in 1981..my dad’s mom was Polish. Our car was stopped at a border check and dismantled by the police for an hour and a half. In Poland there was almost no food at any restaurant. Everything looked grim by comparison to the West at that time. Buildings looked run down, cars sucked ass, grim expressions, and an overall blandness to everything. It was so obvious a child could understand it. It was an early education in how bad leftists politics can get…on top of the historical mass murder.

    I have spent 40 yrs bringing this up in conversations and most “normies” mostly just give me a stupid look. Many California professors I had would not only not discuss these topics at all…but actually become furious if challenged. They will discuss National Socialists of course, which is totally fair and reasonable but Communism…usually not mentioned or it is discussed in glowing terms. On a positive note…I had a feisty conservative friend who went to San Francisco State in the late 80s. One of his communist history professors told him about the glories of East Germany and how it would last forever. He corned that asshole after the fall of the Berlin Wall and told him “you were wrong and I was right..and your the idiot with a PhD and and I’m just a nobody 20 year old.” This old bastard flew into a rage…totally hilarious. He was a true believer.

    I don’t think we are descending into that Soviet Union Communism, more like the National Socialism with the DNC aligned with the corporatists…CCP style. It is just being given the Marxist branding but whatever, take in from my Dad, Communism and National Socialism both completely sucked.

    Buy hey..what do I know, I am just a retired reservist and former airline mechanic and many smarty pants PhDs want to tell you different. There are some good ones but in general..do not trust the “intellectual class”. End of rant.

  52. Havok22 says:

    Twitter bots are verified. The other bots are canceled when they need to cull the herd.

    Your comment page still sucks.

  53. Koko says:

    We are living in a reality equivalent to if Jack-in-the-box won.

  54. bbet says:

    We would need a serious fracture in the military for it to happen.

  55. DonnieDanko says:


  56. MitchStew says:

    Bitcoin and guns/ammo baby. I am rushing to get prepared as I can over the next couple years. I talk to my normie friends and try to gently wake them up, but if only they knew, their brains would explode. I am hopeful things work out, but more and more I want to hedge my bets against that possibility.

  57. Turk_Longwell says:

    Gunny Cross was an Amazing, Impactful Platoon Sergeant of Our Crew-Served Weapons Platoon. The year was 2001.
    Assault Section, Echo Company, Weapons Platoon, 2nd Battalion, 6th Marines. and Twice 24th Marine Expeditionary Unit.
    Both times, too, on the USS Oakhill LSD 51.
    Gunny taught us lessons to remember.
    Tim knows what’s up.
    One that has lasted 20 years,

    “Never Forget Where you Came From”

  58. KMerckCPA says:

    Tim is Einstein?

  59. He3Fusion says:

    What should truly terrify people is what WILL happen when the right has had enough. People on the right will put up with a LOT, but when the time comes that the right says enough and turns against what the left is doing today, it will be a bloodbath to end all bloodbaths. The blood of the leftists will run as if rivers in the streets.

    • Maiafay says:

      I hope that the Right can put its money where its mouth is, so to speak. I keep seeing these claims and I fear that the opposition to the left is all bark and no bite. When someone has the opportunity to fight, it seems they just roll over. It’s really disheartening.

  60. MFnHammer says:

    (HOPING someone that watched the live stream, can answer, before I finish watching the live stream)
    —-From my boobtube live stream comments—–
    Just a heads up. I may be un subscribing from your website over this interview. I KNOW it’s not just me that’s had the questions I’m thinking of, I’ve seen them all in chat, from MANY people as well. I’m just getting to watch this stream. That said, IF you don’t ask why Posobiec(in this interview, including the superchats) is CAUGHT on camera holding a rape Melania sign, I’m out. There are other instances like this, BUT…… Is Jack one of those trying to ferment discourse? EVERYTIME he’s asked about it on tw@tter, he blocks people! Why block people if it didn’t happen. I’ve respected you for a while now, BUT……… I’ve seen the super chats asking the same questions I have! I’m NOT okay fermenting anger on EITHER ‘side’! I guarantee it’s happening coming STRAIGHT out of the #corrupt politicians mouths’!

    Guess I’ll watch the whole stream, and see if the questions that have already been asked in supper chat get asked! If not, honestly can’t say I’m sorry. I don’t/WON’T support shills of either ‘side’! PERIOD!

    • MFnHammer says:


      I WAS willing to look past the first ‘appearance’, even though there were MANY super chats asking these hard questions! If they’re not asked this interview, I have to assume your shilling as well(have been subscribed for MONTHS, probably closer to a year, but this is un-excusable). I’ll probably continue watching, BUT……… CAN guarantee you won’t get my subscription. I’m a disabled vet, meaning I’m on a fixed income. Have been pinning for REAL unbiased news, which very well be unavailable!)!

      P.S.S. Mayer Amschel Rothschild. “Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation, and I care not who makes its laws!”. ALL you need to REALLY know about ‘politics’, ie POLLS of TICKS.

    • MitchStew says:

      Never knew about this, but at a glance it looks interesting. Although, I try to avoid getting any more sucked in than I am now. I have my principles and I value the content. This show is entertaining and informative, but I know who I am and I am careful about what I consume.

    • ScamCast_Alt says:

      Wasn’t aware of this. Can you give us a link to the image? Thanks.

      • ajr5244 says:

        it’s fake. this guys pushing a fake buzzfeed story..

        also none of what he said is true, there were no superchats about this, everyone knows the story is a fraud man

    • neilinda says:

      I have heard this question answered several times… and maybe he/Jack doesn’t answer it every time because he gets tired of answering it… but I thought Tim was in charge of reading the super hats… hmmm???
      Anyhow, thinking it is something covered here… on YouTube FYI, so no pay window.
      Hope this helps. 🙂

      • neilinda says:

        Guessing reply button not working again tonight!!!
        Hoping that MFNHammer will know my last comment was a reply to his/hers.

      • imscooterpie says:

        Thanks for the link. I found the point of Jacks explanation then got sucked in for the last half hour. I found Jacks explanation very credible. Did some fact checking and yup, podcaster POS “Baked Alaska” made it up.
        These narratives get so complicated…Pizzagate,Lincoln project pedophilia, I can see why most working folks can’t keep up with all the dishonest and devious schemes of the left.

  61. Jessejamesh says:

    Talking about the kids brought up to be leftist activists and will be throwing bricks in 2024. I call them Obama youth

  62. DoobieMcNasty says:

    I’m so sick of the ridiculous democrat narrative, that the right is responsible for the increase in conflict throughout this country. I have been paying attention to every fucking aspect of all of this. It’s absolutely fucking bullshit. The left can riot for a whole year, and the first riot from the right that was less destructive than anything from the left happens, this piece of shit administration that’s destroying the country acts like it’s us that cause all of the issues. I just tweeted about Ruth Bader Ginsburg earlier, and regarded her in a positive way in response to the Steven Crowder issue.

  63. smc7 says:

    So what is talked about in here that can’t be talked about on YouTube? what am I paying for?

    • Leo_ says:

      you get cursing… and maybe a topic or two youtube would suspend tim for making content on.. sigh

      • smc7 says:

        Cancelling, not worth it. They also don’t even break stories, he just takes MSM articles and says
        “check out this story from Timcast.com”

    • StonedKrampus says:

      Go watch the Bannon episode or one of the others. Not all of these conversations are ban worthy.

    • ScamCast_Alt says:

      You’re paying to support the show, while having some extra footage to watch after the main show. Some people donate in super chat while YouTube takes a 35% cut of that. But here you can “donate” and he gets it all instead of giving youtube a bunch of money. Also pretty sure he’s screwed if youtube kicks him off, so having members here will help the show go on.

      • smc7 says:

        No, that’s not what I’m paying for. Tim advertised this as a platform where he talks about things that he can’t talk about on Youtube. About a week ago (I forget what guest it was) they went on some stupid rant about DC and Marvel movies, he needs to remember people are paying for this and what he advertised it as.

        • neilinda says:

          Although I have heard him say that they CAN say things here that could get them pulled from You Tube, i haven’t heard anyone say that is the only point. It is a more relaxed segment with less stress about watching every word, which means often (not always) juicy nuggets of truth are dropped- that sometimes could trigger a YouTube reaction. I have now witnessed two regular shows being pulled by YouTube and I can’t always figure the reason. I know some people like the additional swearing in these, but I don’t find that to be all that big a deal… but I do like the -usually- more relaxed atmosphere.

      • smc7 says:

        Also, YouTube will never kick him off stop believing him when he says that. he goes to great lengths too censor himself to make sure that will never happen, and I don’t donate to this guy anyway why would I do that? So he can censor Luke even on this platform when he goes off about the vaccine? Or so he can buy more Teslas and then tell us people shouldn’t “own so many things”? Tim has become incredibly out of touch and inconsistent over the past year. He also needs to make a lot of changes to this site if he’s going to be charging people, starting to the he’s somewhat of a scammer.

    • Creed4469 says:

      Tim cursing lol

  64. Stickywicket1977 says:

    Jack is a good dude love that guy

  65. Dandyman says:

    Abolish the police so I can properly defend myself and my family

  66. Aesatidlam says:

    9:50 All Sheriffs (not to be confused with Sheriffs deputies) are elected.

  67. GMONEY777 says:

    If a Republican ran on abolishing the police he’d lose Ohio, Florida and Texas, but sure Tim that’s the way for the right to move forward. Why not just call balls and strikes on the cops instead of generalizing?

  68. Turk_Longwell says:

    Republicans are a bunch of bitches, for the most part.
    The Left Laughs when the Secret Service does their job for Trump.
    The Left wants your babies. lol. but they really do.
    side note: ( I creep on Twitter from time to time.
    It’s all Shouting Out Hate and None Sense.
    I’m glad I can’t comment.
    How do you even TALK to crazy people? )
    We don’t speak their language.

    I made up a Jingle.

    Even if you back the Blue,
    They’ll still come Arrest You.
    Not a Friend, But a Foe.
    The Po Po needs to gO.

    We are not Conservatives.
    We are not Republicans.
    We are not Disaffected Liberals,
    We ARE Americans!

    We Believe in Each Other.

    Even if you back the Blue.
    They’ll still come arrest you.
    Not a Friend, but a Foe.
    The Po Po Needs to gO.

  69. Turk_Longwell says:

    Not Much gets my Blood Boiling more than Tim with the Truth.
    The Truth.
    Poso knows what’s up too.

  70. dj_robz says:

    Guys get a bigger instance with more CPU. These waits are too long 🙁

    • ajr5244 says:

      agreed. Tim needs to stop saying “the bonus segment will be up around 11”. I don’t think it’s ever been up at 11. The earliest I’ve seen is 1130, typically later though. Nothing wrong with saying the show will be up at 1130 or so, just be honest.

      Tim has a habit of overpromising and underdelevering

      • Turk_Longwell says:

        Relax you two. Nothing is automatic.
        SoRrY iT’s Not PerFeCt.
        Whatcha think of the episode?

        • ajr5244 says:

          Uh.. noones acting up here man. Stop trying to silence dissent.. constructive criticism is a good thing, especially for a new and growing website like this.

          And the episode was great, Poso may be my favorite reoccurring guest. But whatever happened to Jack Murphy every other wednesday?

        • Mr.NiceGuy1986 says:

          I thought the show was great! I know we keep saying the right needs to stand up to these vermin but that’s not going to happen until it gets really bad. It’s only a matter of time before the shit hits the fan, I’ll give it year or a year and a half.

  71. Third_Eye says:

    Yes, comments are back!

  72. Arven says:

    My first night and I get encoding signal

  73. adam.helsdon says:

    All of these hearings are just dog and pony shows. Our federal government, and more specifically the legislative branch, is a sham and has been for decades. There’s no way left to change it through the system. It must be done outside the system.

  74. dj_robz says:

    Can’t wait for encode!