Carol Roth Bonus Podcast: Biden's Brain BREAKS In Weird Creepy Whisper Session, Crew Discusses Actions We Can Take To WIN The Culture War

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Carol Roth Bonus Podcast: Biden’s Brain BREAKS In Weird Creepy Whisper Session, Crew Discusses Actions We Can Take To WIN The Culture War

107 responses to “Carol Roth Bonus Podcast: Biden’s Brain BREAKS In Weird Creepy Whisper Session, Crew Discusses Actions We Can Take To WIN The Culture War”

  1. mattnokes says:

    Tim was discussing technically Kamala could be hypothetically be president for 10 years if she took over in 2022 and won in 2024 and 2028. So the topic was could she win and everyones gut reaction is no she’s a horrible candidate she’d could never win.
    What about Biden?
    If the democrats could convince their party to elect Joe Biden with his cognitive decline. What makes us think the democrats couldn’t brain wash their party to vote for the younger Kamala Harris.
    Clearly being a good candidate had nothing to do with Biden and Harris getting elected.
    I’m not so sure we should flirt with a 3rd party when democrats will activate CRT, BLM and Antifa.
    We’re dealing with a corrupt democratic party who believes there’s no truth but power.
    Anything is possible so we gotta crush it in 2024. The will Coerce, Bully and flood social media with propaganda.
    We need to stick together.

  2. Tpaul says:

    Ian’s eyes are incredibly terrifying. When he stares into the camera, I get an overwhelming feeling that I’m staring face to face with evil. #MansonLamps

  3. Ericmcdonkey says:

    Holy shit don’t ever say 10 yrs of kamala again

  4. OrangeRoseMeepling says:

    I also feel that Biden is not doing wel. I have autism, and I sometimes worry i might be more mentaly fit then Biden. I also have had a family who had dimentia, saidly she passed away. I also have also heard a lot of dutch commidians make the joke that VP harris would replace Biden. I agree that Tulsie would have been a better pick for POTUS.

  5. Oldguyknowscode says:

    Desantis/Haley 2024
    Trump for Congress and he can run for speaker of the house.
    The leftist nightmare.

  6. VauxhallViva1975 says:

    NO-ONE likes Commie-Law.
    NO-ONE like Kamala – she is even hated by the DEMOCRATS for God’s sake…..

    Perhaps we can all UNITE – both left and right – in our absolute hate of Kamala Harris…..
    Perhaps what will bring us together, is our mutual hatred of Commie Law…….

  7. ben0021022 says:

    Ian……..”do you smoke DMT?” Love it!!!!

  8. JohnLocke2021 says:

    In order for a 3rd party elected President to survive once elected, this person needs support in Congress. Libetarian party has nearly no such presence in Congress. Lib President and vice-President will be impeached and convicted within 4 weeks of taking office, President Trump barely survived because most Repuplicans in the Senate were going to stand by their party.

    Odds are now that a Libertarian Presidential candidate may throw the election in to Congress – so he/she who becomes President in this case is the party who controls the House of Representatives.

    Libertarians will need to win at the local and state level, then in congress, before a Libertarian elected President will survive. Again, just look at what the ‘establishment / ruling class’ did to President Trump.

  9. bbet says:

    My dad is on the backend of dementia. I know the pain a family goes through. It is enjoyable watching such a scumbag family go through putting their scumbag father and husband out there in this fashion.

  10. JoeVasco72 says:

    How could anyone feel bad for joe biden?

    • PolishMP731 says:

      On the one hand, feel bad that his wife is allowing him to be humiliated in front of the entire world. On the other hand, he deserves this humiliation

  11. Patrick1984 says:

    Tax revolt is the only way to hurt the Tyrant’s , the Founders knew it. Tax money, how much they can get. How much they can steal. That is all they care about.

  12. FM90master says:

    BIG fan of Crowder and Styx.

  13. Fxs888 says:

    The Biden whisper is the Biden style, “Democrat Crime Bill”

  14. Bigx5murf says:

    Japan diet (their version of Congress), has like 7 major parties, and one makes up like half the representatives.

  15. flanned2 says:

    Having been someone who has been a big advocate for a new party for years I can tell you that the libertarian party will never win nor will they have any effect on legislation. They are too weak willed and too unwilling to deal with the issues that extend past our borders. A vote for them would be a wasted vote and there is no argument against that. We need Trump for 2024 and we need less libertarians helping keep the democrats in. The best option for libertarians would be to actually infect the republicans as I know you always rag on republicans for everything. Promote unity in the right and center before you go and promote division.

  16. blindsmokeybear says:

    Ranked Choice Voting can help resolve the problem that Carol raised about 3rd party voting

  17. Nichole says:

    Exactly what I have been saying about Biden. As a advocate we need to band together to protect him. VP and his wife need to be in jail for abuse and exploiting a mentally handicapped person.

  18. IAmSpartacus says:

    I’m glad you’re talking about a safety net for those who get fired for holding principle. It’s definitely coming for a lot of us.

  19. Spaceben says:

    Dan Larimer who created Steemit and EOS has started the decentralized election process called eden. Please have him on. Ian may know some good questions for him and Dan is definitely way more legit than the Charles who created ADA who has repeatedly created vaporware.
    Dan also wrote a book called more equal animals which is free to read online.
    He’s got real solutions. It’s not perfect but it’s our current best chance imo. Thanks as usual squad!

  20. Roseofsharron says:

    Bought her book. As a small business tax preparer very interested in her insight.

  21. Dshom25 says:

    Make the GoFundMe. I’m fuckin in.

  22. JIMIFAR says:

    She was a great guest.

  23. Yobuyahouse says:

    Save the Frogs!

  24. rezz57 says:

    I’ve been saying since 2016 Trump was a 1990’s dem left by the party.

  25. Ben_Zelius says:

    I like Dave Smith too, but please. This is a hell of a time to split the non-leftist vote and end up with a Kamala victory. We can’t afford eight years of this shit

  26. Rock_N_R0b says:

    Everyone LOVES a BBQ!!!

  27. B1azedDonut says:

    Voting with your money

  28. jrhaile says:

    Want to make a real change you say? Start with our children and their school curriculums. Show up for meetings, be involved, ask questions, sit in on classrooms. Demand changes when needed. Don’t take no for an answer. This is OUR country, not theirs.

  29. Mic68 says:

    The libertarian party is a joke.

  30. wolfbetter says:

    the first female president is going to be an unelected official. what could possibly go wrong?

  31. Joshrcp72 says:

    If you can’t withdraw 2 thousand cash from your bank. It’s probably time to move on to another bank.

  32. Garrity12 says:

    I have just joined tim cast…..big respect from the UK….. I watched the episode with Steve Bannon afterhours… tim you can cussssssss lol…..

  33. Garrity12 says:

    I can not feel sorry for a guy who destabalised an entire region….who now irrespective of his dementia. Is the forefront of the destruction of the greatest country .
    You are in the midst of takeover from within…….Kamala will be president …..unless the fraud is outed….or the dems are in control for 100 years….

  34. BikingViking says:

    A little bird told me them thar Dominion machines have McAfee anti virus software, oh the irony…

  35. h_marie says:

    Ian is right… if we dont work out the voter fraud issues nothing else we do matters… questionable computer programs, ballots-for-all with no chain of custody, and counting without proper witnessnesses all must go.

    • existenz1982 says:

      They will wait as long as they can to have Kamala take over, probably as close to 2 years in as possible since I believe the max number of years you can be a president is 10. So she could get 2 years after Biden, and then could run for 2 elections, totally the 10 years. I doubt that happens, but it is a possibility.

    • MikeH says:

      Totally agree with Ian. We need to work out 2020 first. But here’s an idea Tim: Let’s all vote for TRUMP in 2024. Then we can listen to the lame stream media blame Dave Smith for dividing the moderates as they hail him the savior of humanity for keeping Trump out of the White House again.
      While in Shenanigan land, Kamala remains president, and the global elites sit-down to dine on steak patties made from the thighs of our children. I’m sure they will toast to Tim who voted for candidate Smith and press secretary Malice. And as their crystal glasses cling, they will silently congratulate the American populous for being useful idiots in making their diabolical plans tenable once again. Then one elite will look over at Smith, who might as well be at the head of the table, and say, “great work being the shiny new object we so desperately needed. As long as these fools remain distracted, we will have slaves for ever… hahaha!” Malice is in a tux- not sitting at the table- because he’s only allowed to pour gravy on the mash potatoes, watches the elites devour their food. Malice thinks to himself why didn’t I stay focused and support Trump.
      At this point, Jack Murphy kicks the door down. And out jumps Ian Crossland, wearing a MAGA cape with a matching fanny pack, and Ian unleashes Chinese stars made of graphite at the evil globalists who look-on in horror because Jack Murphy also brought Ricky Rebel with a karaoke machine. As “MAGA!”: the Ricky Rebel chart popper blasts in the background, Ian, Jack, and Ricky have taken-over the weak and feckless Republican party from “within” and have saved America by returning the Trumpster to the White House, and Ivanka Trump does look amazing as madam President.
      All the while, Tim couches in a corner contemplating the revival of the Libertarian Party for a 2028 run. IAN and Sour Patch Liz talk sense into Tim… take the republican over and forget about third parties- otherwise, Ricky Rebel might be civilizations last hope. Signing-off from Crazy Land

  36. Glothr says:

    Here’s a great idea. Come election season you should host legit Presidential debates with ONLY third party candidates (Green, Libertarian, Constitutionalists, etc). Use your massive platform to give them the reach that mainstream news won’t. Let their voices be heard in a real way without all the partisan bullshit and candidates playing to the crowd and the circus-like atmosphere of the establishment debates. Sit down with them and have an open discussion on the issues so they can articulately explain their ideas instead of giving them 30 seconds to describe their foreign policy plans or economic plans. You could even do several debates where you only cover certain topics so they have more time to discuss them with the depth they deserve.

    If anyone can catapult third parties into the public eye it’s you, Tim. You have the drive, the resources, and the attitude to get it done and I think you could have a real positive impact on politics and maybe even spark a movement.

  37. Plastdunk says:

    about banking, in sweden. 95% of the banks don’t handle cash. very few (it is a movement here of preserving the cash as payment methods, mostly, card is allowed, cash is denied)
    in som cases about stuff, like banking and controll of the citzen we are “a head” heed and take warning.

  38. MiriamtheLevite says:

    Tim, look to Joe Mobley. He’s been on the front lines in Louden County fighting along with the parents. He’d be a great resource for you to support the fight. And you should consider bringing him on the show.

  39. Golddess says:

    If Kamala becomes President prior to the end of 2022, then she can only run for one subsequent term. They need to wait until at least January 21, 2023.

  40. Tazmonster says:

    Buying crypto is a way to withdraw your money…

  41. says:

    Carol is right — people don’t know what to do. They want to do what will make the biggest impact, and hesitate to throw money at something that won’t get traction. Time to organize.

  42. Chaseiscool says:

    It’s usually the cowards who don’t wanna hear the truth. We’re fucked, they know it but they’re scared they’ll have to do something to fight back if you report on it and it gets enough ppl mad so they try to pretend you’re pessimistic and exaggerating. This country is fucked

  43. Stickywicket1977 says:

    I shoot a rifle left handed and a sidearm right handed, get crazy looks and questions at the range all the time

  44. Solo19 says:

    The people of Loudoun County are the model for the rest of the country. I am certain push back at school boards in Ohio have been influenced by these brave folks. Looking forward to your broadcast on 8/10 and will help any way I can.

  45. Vmanzo says:

    Hey Tim. Going to take your advice and tell my company to fuck off. I am going to go out on my own and do my own thing. I need some advice tho!!!
    How do I tell my wife and kids that we will likely have to move out and likely be homeless for a period of time. No one is going to get any new clothes or anything for a while. We’re likely not going to have money for food or comfort and are going to be struggling severely but will be “free”
    Do you have any advice as to how I convince my wife and kids that we should do this?? I know you’re all about providing information and explanation, so by all means Tim let me know. I’m all ears.

    • Gollond says:

      Find a job first, then quit. Once you get hired/start your own business, find a new prospective job. Always have another job waiting and never be in a position to be beholden to an employer beyond what you are comfortable with.

      • Vmanzo says:

        I don’t have Capitol to start a business. I have a wife and 3 kids to feed as well as house payments to make. My wife homeschools our kids because last year they were teaching nothing but CRT and we were done with it so she can’t work and homeschool the kids.
        It’s not as simple as “just go find a job, then find another”

  46. Irris30 says:

    When I was a waitress I liked to pour drinks with both hands. Decaff in one hand Reg in the other and pour two cups at once. It sometimes impressed the customers. I do well in history and art so I like logic as well as whimsy. I think it is great how many people are starting to talk and getting together. In the novel Dracula the first 2/3 of the novel people are alone and having their own experiences. It isn’t until the strangers link themselves and start sharing their stories and unite to fight together that they are able to defeat the prince of darkness.

  47. JohnRCurtis51 says:

    So just putting it out there Tim… You don’t want to get “Andy Gno’d” you have said it before that he is too valuable to put himself out there anymore and that you don’t go to certain countries/events personally anymore… I think that it might be an open invitation for multiple false flags to hit your event and get you and or your brand harmed. We need you analyzing and broadcasting news and ideas so that others can wake up and do things like Lauden parents are right now 😀 your work inspires people to fight like they are doing.

  48. Yoshi says:

    hi, i am VERY stupid…. in my opinion there is only ONE WAY to make this country great again. its the 2nd Answer available to us. the 2(nd) [A]nswer is the only way forward.

  49. paulwhatever says:

    Pretty sure Ian gets a commission on DMT sales 😀

  50. WoodworkerAnon says:

    What if we can find a happy cross party ticket? Let’s try and get like a Trump/Sanders style combo that would pull as many moderates as possible.

  51. OrdoN11 says:

    We have to build the libertarian party from the local level

  52. Juliegirl1313 says:

    Every time Ian breaks out the Graphene I can’t help but think someone gave him a container of powdered graphite just to make him happy.

  53. Bruce755 says:

    Hey, here’s a trick if you listen to these at work. I don’t know if it works for the live version, or other phones, but if you use Bluetooth earbuds, just press the minimize button, or turn the screen off, it stops right? Well just push the button that pauses/plays on your ear bud, and it’ll start playing again in the background. This works for the lotus eaters podcasts too.

  54. Wesley says:

    Dude if the bank ever told me no for 2k in cash, I’d close my account. Unacceptable Tim. I can Take more than that out of the ATM at 3am.

    Source: I have closed accounts for this reason before.

  55. themorrigan1973 says:

    I used to work for a non profit too.
    It was not a paid position so I understand the armchair activism thing.

    We would get tons of people emailing and way less people calling.
    We always started with an email list separated by commas so it’s easily copy/pastable in an email and a pre-written script to also copy paste into an email body.

    The other thing that was very attention getting was sending faxes to government offices if they have them.

    We did a toolkit to explain how to see your government officials, how to speak to them,what to wear, how to get meetings with congresspeople etc.

    I have experience and ideas.

    Pick my brain,I want to help activate the right as much as I can.

  56. Klunk says:

    I wish there could be a public brainstorm. The problem is, one of the big rules of 5th generation warfare is to appear like you are NOT waging war nor have an agenda.

    If there were people who were good at this, you’d never know because it would be a secret.

  57. Bikerbob59 says:

    This was another good one. Thanks Tim and crew. and might I say this is a smart and very attractive lady. Just in case she’s single and looking. lol

  58. jamesteej says:

    the vibe of these uncensored videos have made me really miss the old free internet… and the bannon episode was some of the best conversation and content i have seen in years. heavy info in heavy times. respect ❤️🙏

  59. Carculon4000 says:

    Ian’s Trojan horse idea. That’s the one.

    • Klunk says:

      I think they would notice something was up when their fearless leader stopped acting like a puppet. Then they would cry impeach.

      Then again, maybe if the vice-president declared HE was Trojan… Can you impeach a vice-president?

  60. GunsTheMonkey says:

    😘 ve these conversations

  61. FoxOFire says:

    Tim going to Loudoun country and equipping these angry folk with knowledge to fight back is something the left is absolutely not prepared for. it would be a decisive victory.

  62. thorfourwinds says:

    Thank you for all you do.
    We suggest BOBBY POWELL would be a great guest.
    Semper Fi,
    Capitol Attack Organized and Instigated by Federal Agents
    With great respect
    Thor Anderson
    Peace Love Light
    Hec’el oinipikte (That we shall live)
    Mní wičhóni (Water Is Life)
    Pidamiyapi (Thank you)
    Mitákuye Oyás’iŋ (We are all related)

  63. Georgiegirl1216 says:

    I really enjoy your shows

  64. Georgiegirl1216 says:

    Keep up the great work

  65. Margie says:

    Tim, if you wait until the day of the vote in Loudon County it won’t affect anything. You need to go AHEAD of time so they see the support and maybe vote accordingly.

  66. SIlver says:

    dude thank you for calling out MR Obvious on the man show. he covers a lot of the same things. but he was attacking you in the comments for a long time… i called him out on the all faceless internet voice thing

  67. PirateNinjaAssassins says:

    Keep up the great work, you and your crew.

  68. Klunk says:

    With no disrespect, Tim, and don’t let it discourage you, but I don’t think you’re the guy.

    You may be the closest we have to the guy, but I know at least two key areas where you have consistently put others’ feelings over objective truth, those being sexuality and gender. We can’t fight on their terms; you said it yourself.

    • says:

      Great observation!!
      I’ve slowly come to realise that Tim cannot
      Approach these topics.
      I often wonder if it is because
      Tim is gay??

      • Cat_R_Pillar says:

        If Tim’s gay, then maybe someone should tell his girlfriend. Or maybe it’s not his girlfriend but his BOYfriend… in which case, I think I may be gay, too

      • Klunk says:

        I think Tim is smart enough to know that if he was gay–his brand would fair better if he declared it outright instead of making it a conspiracy to harm him later. Tim’s brand is built on the idea that he “doesn’t lie to you.”

        Also, “gay person” is an Identitarian (Leftist) idea, and that is exactly my point.

    • GunsTheMonkey says:

      Maybe ur the guy…poke with stick…do something more than Tim…..I’m waiting….

  69. MarieAlvarez77 says:

    Please let us all know what we can do to support this movement. So excited about this!

  70. DavesTrippin says:

    I’m commenting on this rn so 10 years from now when these guys become the number one news source in the U.S. I can use it for clout.

  71. Shepanskij says:

    Thanks guys for “the in” content. Became a member to see Bannon bonus segment. Dude is a patriot. Stay classy American! Remember the British confront us physically first.

  72. zafamily says:

    Need timcast think tank to brainstorm solutions , call it Tim’s infinity pool

  73. BlazeCast says:

    Timcast, Blaze, DailyWire, LotusEaters. All subbed, highest tier. No streaming services. Money where it can matter.

  74. Mbarstow07 says:

    Just wanna let you know I commented on Jeremy’s video when it came out and was happy to hear you hit on all the points I made.

    • Thequaz says:

      Awww proud simp is proud. How cute

      • Cat_R_Pillar says:

        Hey man, there’s no need for insults here… we are all on the same team (for the most part). I mean, you can do what you want, but just consider it if you could. If we want to be stronger than the collectivists, we need to individually stand up in support of one another. It only helps serve the left when we fight amongst ourselves. This community can help make real change if we stick together. Remember! Apes Together Strong. Much love everyone!

  75. says:

    Biden is insane remove him before he starts w w 3

  76. MikeM says:

    I’m sorry. I never meant to upset you.

  77. Bugsy says:

    It’s the loss of control, dementia. And loss of self-care.

  78. DrewishAF says:

    Bro, I just want to see the first Michael Malice presser where it’s like Trump on steroids saying “Nope, not taking your questions because you’re a fucking bullshit artist and your mom was a cock tease. No, shut up Stelter you cankle-dragging queen!”

  79. Brett_Aint_Dead says:

    We need to find how to unify the “right ” vs ” left ” , the problem is the media , social media , Hollywood propaganda machine we are against . Dave Smith and Michael malice would be jacked to the tits .

    “The forces we are up against “Ian , I know , I know brother , god damn .

    GME has been unifying as well as all world governments trampling on our basic property rights , that should have helped wake some people up .

    NFT is the future , use it for voting . Bam .

    Decentralized society unite ! Damn , We don’t know what to do to change !

    we need to unite , like digital apes 🙏🙏💎🦧🙏🙏🙏💎

  80. Poolparty512 says:

    Biden is whispering into the mix like he whispers “don’t tell your parents” to preteen girls.

  81. Sunnie20 says:

    No, he’s actually falling apart and a dementia patient.

  82. Stvnmbrk says:

    McAfee doesn’t uninstall itself.

  83. vitoscarboni says:

    China had their struggle sessions with Mao. America’s having its whisper sessions with Biden.

  84. TheDarkworld says:

    MAN was it good to finally see Obvious git rekt!

  85. Damon says:

    not gonna lie, Carol is kind of a baddie

  86. LVIII says:

    More real conversations. Loving it.