California And New York LOSE Congressional Seats, huge Win For Republicans

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California And New York LOSE Congressional Seats, huge Win For Republicans

213 responses to “California And New York LOSE Congressional Seats, huge Win For Republicans”

  1. babypj says:

    Ian.. sometimes he makes me realize why we struggle as a society.

  2. Adhoc Artisan says:

    I came for the pod. Jim is one of my favorite guests. Is there a reason not to post? Thank ya’ll for everything

  3. Hunor_Andras says:

    I love you guys, hello again it me Hunor the guy who escaped communism in Romania, in the 80s went underthe berlin wall before it came down. Also part of romania im from was only 150miles from Chernoba when that “accident” happened . my dad was in the military in romania because in all other countrys once your 18 you have no choice but to join or go to jail. he escaped first and tried to get asylum to come to the USA , first in the embassy in Germany, they said no so he went to paris (which is the largest one in europe) and had to tie himself to the amarican flag pole and went on a hunger strike for 2 weeks came to the US and chose to fight for this great country (also its the quickest way to citizenship, so in other words non citizens can join the US military, only 3years, so if ppl on the border want to be citizens join) , if it was authoritarian then 98% of the male population would have be in the military but only about 10% of american males join. Authoritarian is like you join and die for your country or we kill you family in front of you and put u in jail for treason. just had to explain it cause Ian got my blood boiling lol just a little i joined the airforce and the militarys oath is to the constitution first the ppl second and then president ……i promise if biden says military attack americans in america then we will have a true revolution. i still love ian hes just miss informed …question for tim are you and adam cool cause my brother thinks that you think your smarter then everyone thats why he left , where i said bullshit cause you actually helped him among other start there own thing thank you all for your time and yall help me alot findout about your after gettin a brain tumor removed and now i have another tumor on my side there begnih (sorry cant spell lol)

    • tendollarrich says:

      I don’t believe wasr was declaired durning the Korean conflict. It was the first conflict the United Nations was involved in, and it was called a policing action. The last time the US declaired was was Dec. 11 1941 when we declaired war on Germany and Italy.

  4. Magster73 says:

    Don’t know if that is a win or not. That may mean that Democrats from California or New York might be moving out of the cities and into the countryside. You know, where sane people live.

  5. KlutzQueen says:

    I love the conversations that happen with this guest. Ian is growing on me, sometimes we need someone to represent an “other” kind of view even when wrong or distasteful, because then we can get a correction as well as to further understanding and knowledge. Maybe via proxy correct someone out there watching who may have also gotten it wrong.

  6. covfefeovich says:

    No one remembers that congress authorized Bush for Iraq and Afghanistan? Just because they gave it a phony name does not mean it was not a declaration of war. There is a reason the war powers act has not been put into play since 2001.

  7. MiMisguided says:

    PR a state? Sure and if so bring in Guam and American Samoa.

  8. says:

    What’s the point of having your own website if you don’t upload your censored Podcast episodes?

    • Goofrump says:

      I began watching this episode but had to stop in the middle of the show. I was so sad when I came back to see it gone. I’m grateful for the efforts you all make to bring these shows to us. You’re the only on-line content I’m paying for, because I get so much out of Tim’s work. So I guess I want to say is that I’m so appreciative of these shows that when one is removed I am truly disappointed. Another reason to move onto your own platform.

    • Corysix6 says:

      Agreed, post the episode. Please?

    • BurlyD says:

      What’s the point of a membership if you’re not going to show the censored videos?

  9. MZero1294 says:

    The “abandoning a burning building” analogy is silly no matter how often you repeat it.

    It’d be unethical for firefighters with the power to save people from it to abandon them; you even said that most leftists are ignorant and don’t watch the news. Ergo, they didn’t necessarily haved informed consent on what they voted for.

    The chest thumping from the sidelines is borderline ridiculous; I don’t care how humble your origins are. Many of them arent leaving the force out of a sense of honor and duty to protect their communities from the chaos that is coming or would come if they just abandoned them.

  10. Jthorne says:

    California actually has 5 or 6 electorates just from illegals.

  11. John_Beart says:

    Why the duck was the live pulled down. ? Some explanation would be helpful….

  12. carrotsontop says:

    Has everyone forgotten about Kurt Cobain and the rest? Yes!!!

  13. Kshthymyla says:

    That’s a good point about 3rd degree murder. Maybe fair to point out over on youtube too. Definitely fits the definition, if the same definition works in whatever jurisdiction affected him at that time.

  14. carrotsontop says:

    I look like an innocent sweet Latina. If you were curious people! I love wearing pink, I have nice hair, and I tend to my body. I look like someone you will never care what she thinks! My amo!

  15. carrotsontop says:

    Ian. Obama was selected by the Democrats bc (1) he’s black (2) he’s charismatic and can speak/educated (3) he has a deep dark secret they told him was not a problem but when it came to it, he was threatened to have his family ruined if he didn’t obey!!! Yeah, Michelle/Michael. That’s how this shit works! I’ve witnessed so much corruption in my life bc I was dismissed for looking the way I do, that I know every damn dirty secret anyone has by eye fucking it out of them all! That’s a fact! And why I’ve stated before, I’ve made grown men cry! Real tough men cry! The key is to forgive and forget, forgiveness gets everyone wanting to clear their minds, forgiveness and understanding from a person they respect or like us what causes people to change!

  16. carrotsontop says:

    Illegal immigrants are aware they are not Americans. They think liberals are stupid for giving them so much. Liberals but their vote, illegal immigrants come here to make $$$$$$!!!!! Do the “racist” math!

  17. carrotsontop says:

    My father was right! I should’ve been born a man! The damn world needs more men in this world! Wow!!!!! And I have brown skin too!!!! All I hear from Mexicans are what a waste these Americans are!

  18. carrotsontop says:

    The military needs to be authoritarian!!! Omg!!! (1) Read a fucking book Ian! (2) Get some life experience! (3) Don’t be part of a damn group, listen and talk to everyone even if you don’t like them. (4) Grow up and become a damn man!

    • Turk_Longwell says:

      Ian has great thoughtful and when needed, thought-out views.
      I think you know this and you just want him to think like you.
      I understand.
      Me too.
      But… He is Ian. He… He has… What do They say these Days… yes… he has his Own Life Experiences.
      A Different Raising as a Youth. Maybe
      But yeah. I still totally agree with you.
      Just Come at Him in a Rational Manner.
      No Anger. We know this.

  19. carrotsontop says:

    Trump was the perfect President. I would love to sit down with both of you, Tim and Ian, to tell you why. I’m neither authoritarian nor liberal. Authoritarian means imposing decisions onto others who do not want to live under those decisions, liberal means having no accountability. They are both extremes. I was raised by the best parents, one was authoritarian and the other was religious, then the mixture of my American education, individualism, balanced this out. You need a balance!!!!!! Trump was a damn balance. He listened to various groups of people and worked with them. He wanted to work with the left but they declined due to that damn tribal ignorant hard headed mindset. Trump actively listened to groups and helped them, I saw this, I watched every damn meeting he had, I watched all the news conference, ALL!!! I watched all the boring stuff nobody watches! I watched that shit and found it very interesting and made me understand my fellow Americans!

    • Turk_Longwell says:

      This statement is Solid.
      I read all your comments.
      I Like Where your Brain is at…
      “for the Most Part.” Lol
      Positivity is the Best.
      Even if it Comes to a Civil War.
      Be Positively Righteous in Your Actions.
      Righteousness isn’t Always Peaceful.
      Peacefulness is the Righteous Way.

  20. VannicWolf says:

    What is this?? This is a CLIP. No intro, no ending, no EXPLANATION? is this self censoring? What is this?? …not cool.

  21. Shakenbake319 says:

    Exactly the point they wanna live in my type of government. I don’t wanna live in theirs. I won’t force them to live under my government but they want to force me to live on their their government that’s the basic divide

  22. Chris_Bravo says:

    Just being able to declare an American citizen a terrorist and strip them of citizenship arbitrarily is a dangerous thing. Our US govt would be killing political partisans with impunity.

    • Turk_Longwell says:

      Nail on Head.
      Jim is my sorta guy, but I can see and understand how sometimes it may not be Righteous.
      I’m a Realist.
      Sometimes Decisions are Made.
      Like it or Not.
      Right or Wrong.
      They Must Be Made

  23. Pyro says:

    Youtube Removed the Timcast IRL episode … can you please upload the whole video here so we can watch?

  24. Element says:

    Korea was U.N. “Police action” lead by the US. It wasn’t a declared war.

    • Jagged says:

      hey fellas, the president is not our authority. he or she is the chief admin that we the people pay to be the authority over the rest of the admin branch! not the boss of me! Trump was exelant example of an employee manager under a mutany!! Thanks to tim and crew for this work they do and creating a space for open discussion.

      • Turk_Longwell says:

        You replied on someone’s comment.
        On the main video screen, go down to the bottom and comment. You’ll see what I mean.
        All, Don’t reply unless you want too. I see too many replies aimed at the comment section as a whole.

  25. jabrann98 says:

    Tim call YouTube out for last night. Post full episode here, that’s why I pay my $ to support freedom not to be silenced. I don’t want to go to Spotify.

  26. Diogenes says:

    Does Tim also think we should have had a trial for each and every Southern soldier before anyone was allowed to fire on him during the Civil War? How does Tim feel about Sherman’s march to the sea? The burning of Atlanta?

    It seems to me that it is ok to kill the enemies of the nation so long as they are WHITE. Only non-whites get protection from the Constitution. What a fucking mockery.

    • Turk_Longwell says:

      Please, I hope you come back to this.
      Apologizes for the Language…
      What the Fuck You Talking About?
      What has He Said to Promote that Accusation?
      Let’s have a Talk.

  27. Trump says:

    Tim had foot licking in his mind last night. He must’ve mentioned it 5 times.

  28. says:

    Where’s the full show???

    I was listening in live, had to pause a couple times while grilling, and the vod got deleted off youtube apparently while I was still in the middle of it 🙁

  29. Plastdunk says:

    i hope there are a way to post the missing episode… im always one day behind due to time diffrences… i feel like Tim and Crew owes me one episode now 🙂

  30. says:

    California gives drivers licenses to illegals….every licensed driver is automatically registered to vote..they sent unsolicited ballots to every registered voted in 2020…are we to really believe those ballots weren’t returned?

  31. says:

    California gives drivers licenses to illegals….every licensed driver is automatically registered to vote..they sent unsolicited ballots to every registered voted in 2020…are we to really believe those ballots weren’t retuned

  32. MichaelMacPeek says:

    Now I see why the original was nuked from Youtube, too many ideas on how to defeat the left being discussed in this podcast. Tim You need to post that video here man. You can still hear it on the podcasting sites.

  33. OGTactical says:

    Hoping the TimCast team will upload the full episode ASAP so I have something good to listen to at work today. SOS!

  34. Conor says:

    Can someone explain why the episodes taken from YouTube aren’t uploaded to the members site?

    I thought this is what we were paying for 🤷🏻‍♂️

  35. HankH says:

    YouTube is full of censorship loving, weak minded liberals. Keep up the good work Tim taking it to them.

  36. ThaGoblin919 says:

    The whole original is on apple podcasts still. Watching the next morning

  37. Haze87x says:

    My state of Georgia just went blue, Arizona went blue, Texas is rapidly turning blue, North Carolina is going to be blue, all states will be blue within a decade so no matter what we’re doomed.

  38. Jme3 says:

    Texas is going blue, no doubt in my mind. I can’t imagine that R calis moved over bc Rs don’t do shit. Plus Abbott is letting Left business flow right on in. Texas is getting the Virginia treatment, Austin and Dallas will controll the state just like Northern VA controls the whole commonwealth. Sad to see, it’s definitely all over.

  39. JnTBull says:

    Feb 24 IRL episode was deleted from here and YouTube also. Still not on this site. But the members only is. This also happened with another episode (can’t recall what date was) with a gentleman from Michigan and pro-gun guy also removed from YouTube and here. In members only Tim said he would post on website soon and never did.
    Is it gun talk? Is that the fear? That’s the common denominator that I noticed anyway.
    I would think you could have posted to your site if you wanted to and have chosen to keep it off for a reason. And as paid members, maybe we should at least know the reason. All 3 were good episodes discussing real shit that we all talk about and like to hear different opinions on. That’s how we grow as people.
    I may not agree with some of the gun law talks, but I at least want to hear out those that have others thoughts than my own so we can grow. Cause I don’t pretend to have all the answers. All the more reason to keep the content up! If not on YouTube then here.
    And maybe you really tell us why you felt it was important to you to remove it. People are understanding when you explain, as long as it’s reasonable. And it’s your channel to do what you want. So if it’s simple because you didn’t want it out there anymore, just say that.
    Don’t say you’ll post it soon and then never do it like the other pulled episodes.

  40. Mseliger says:

    Did this get removed from YouTube???

  41. DirtFreedom865 says:

    Glad to see my man reppin’ rocket chassis but the more important news is why did YouTube take the video down? NaziTube strikes again I guess.

  42. Anarchogrosbec says:

    Rogan said he voted libertarian party this last election.

  43. MikeStanaland says:

    Feel lucky I watched it live.

  44. JamesEagle says:

    Search Arizona Audit on youtube. An awful lot of one type of “channel” and not a lot of the other.

  45. Vmanzo says:

    The biggest problem today is that majority of moderates take the stance of “I’m not tribal and I don’t care that much about politics. I believe in all of Trump ideas and what Trump wants for the country. But I don’t want to be called a racist, so I will vote against Trump because of mean tweets. Then complain when they teach my kids that white people are evil”

  46. Vmanzo says:

    I wonder why the episode was taking down. What subject/topic pissed off YouTube today?

  47. Noli says:

    Instead of moaning where is stream, just wait for it like a patient normal person. If you haven’t watched ending to this segment, they will try to upload that episode to the site soon.

  48. grezdaed says:

    Crap, I fell asleep during the podcast and wanted to watch it on Youtube. Where the hell is the episode?

  49. fuckitbucket says:

    To all who wonder, the audio is available for free here:

  50. says:

    Here is the Ami Horawitz video he talks about in the main. MUST WATCH

  51. StMyles says:

    🤔 interesting thanks for sharing Tim.

  52. says:

    Wait a damn minute? SO you have this video up here, locked behind the paywall, but you don’t even have the original? Youtube pulled it or did YOU guys pull it? Why is the full video not up? I seriously doubt none of us want to watch little “clips” because it often always leaves out a TON of laughs and context….

    • bstim80 says:

      Why isn’t tonight’s episode on YouTube?
      Also: just a suggestion for the website: It would be easier to leave comments if we didn’t have to scroll to the end of the comments to post a new comment.

    • WZ16799 says:

      All standard episodes are links to the original YouTube video, so it was taken from here and there simultaneously. Hopefully a Vimeo replacement version shall be uploaded soon.

      However, the audio version is still available if you seek out the podcast feed.

  53. says:

    So much for the three divisions of power. How many exec orders have been made under this “administration”!

  54. Mdrosen91 says:

    Timcast IRL is great but they do not know a thing about Israel and the “peace” deals. Israel has already literally fought alongside UAE and Bahrain in terms of boots on the ground and military intelligence. The peace deals are as historic as if America were to sign a peace deal with Canada. Israel bombed Syria and Gaza the same day that the “peace deal” was signed. How on earth is there no one at Timcast IRL to inject a point of skepticism on this topic when they are usually great about it when it comes to just about everything else? It is important to also look for sources other than American media when it comes to Israel. No American media outlet will touch the NUMEC affair where Israel stole weapons grade uranium to began their nuclear program, and it is against international law for America to fund a country who has not signed the Non-proliferation peace treaty, which Israel certainly has not. If you have a libertarian bone in your body then I would encourage anyone who happen to read this to please try to look at why someone may criticize the actions of the Israeli government and not immediately conflate any criticism of Zionist policies with being anti-Semitic. As someone coming from a Sephardic Jewish family (although that is irrelevant when it comes to this information), it is important to know that Zionism is NOT Judaism. Zionism is fascism with a religious theme. But, aside from Timcast IRL being worse than useless on their knowledge of this particular topic, I love their work even when I disagree. Keep up the great work you guys we all appreciate it

  55. Dizz says:

    For anyone who just wants to listen, oddly Audible (Amazon) still has it up in full. No video but it’s the full episode.

  56. BrotherPaul says:

    Poor Ian. Do you know the difference of “The City of London” and “London City”. I believe you don’t Minds Maggot…

    • Maverick says:

      I’ve sent him numerous DMs trying to correct his ZERO knowledge of all things British. Never reads them. I’ve tried hooking him up with a history teacher .. nothing . Very next day he’ll spout some more crap like The Queen owns Canada and Australia or some other rubbish.

    • WZ16799 says:

      Andrew Roberts has written a biography of George III, which is set to be released later this year. Perhaps his schedule would be too busy to come on, but I couldn’t think of a better historian to face Ian and Tim’s questions. Additionally, I bet exposure to this audience would secure a bunch of readers that he wouldn’t have normally gained through regular book promotion circuits. It would be a dream episode.

  57. Pavogani says:

    Ian, ofc the military is authoritarian. How many people do you think should be deciding military decisions in a fire fight? What is the engineering saying? The best part is no part. Rest assured though sometimes ppl catch an “arrow to the knee” for bad decisions. All of this is to say the military SHOULD be streamlined. We don’t need PFC’s, making command decisions mowing squat shit. Life changes on the battlefield, and for someone whom has never been on the front lines to criticize our tactics is like a white man marching for BLM.

  58. Thequaz says:

    Tim really needs to drop this half assed defending terrorist and shitting on cops garbage. Mask is slipping Timmy and your liberal horseshit is showing

    • BuoyD says:

      Are you for real? Tim is a leftist. Always has been. Just because he voted for Trump and has a bunch of guns doesn’t make him right wing. Calm down boio.

  59. CurtisBernard says:

    I was watching the main episode on youtube tonight and got booted halfway through. Its gone off YouTube, also couldn’t get on this website for an hour or so……..little strange

  60. Defiant_Black_Out1 says:

    Why did the episode get pulled tho?

  61. Nova says:

    Ian always goes on about stupid people and basically calling for removing their rights and then he speaks about the Crown and proves himself an idiot. Not knowing about a subject doesn’t make you an idiot, speaking on a subject like you know about it when you know nothing makes you an idiot. If he is so fascinated with the Crown and how the Commonwealth works maybe he should do some reading on the subject rather than just spewing bullshit time and time again.

  62. John7095 says:

    I think what Ian’s referring to is that Britain has a secretary of war, and a secretary at war.

  63. AssertiveDebater says:

    World War 2 was the last time the United States ever formally declared war. Everything else were military operations, not an actual war.

  64. cutter says:

    Someone feed Ian some bacon, stat.

  65. DesertfoxNick says:

    Fyi, I think I found the podcast

  66. BrenAce says:

    Please put the full show on here. Even if it’s free and you have the members only content here. I work overnights so I watch the show at work and you guys make it go by soooo much faster!

  67. FoxOFire says:

    They didn’t really seem to get that calling someone a terrorist doesn’t justify their assassination. the problem is that people are thinking about that from the point of view of the hammer when it should be looked at from the nails pov. Aren’t the proud boys considered terrorists? I don’t want them assassinated.

  68. yourmomisabadwolf says:

    Did you guys archive the full length Timcast IRL video from tonight for future upload here? You have said numerous times that you guys archive to another site.

  69. Justin says:

    I had a great day. I hope ya’ll have a great week

  70. pxystick says:

    YouTube getting shameless, huh. was wondering where the show was

  71. MattRam90 says:

    I should have nevered doubted you sir Timothy. Thanks for the explanation 👍

  72. WafflesSensei says:

    thinking that we can blow people up based on nothing but them being labeled a terrorist, assumes that we agree on who is a terrorist.

  73. Turk_Longwell says:

    Soooooooo you’re say there’s a chance?

    Some may call me an old head.
    And yet , I call older folks old heads.
    I’d love to see the Old Heads, Jim and Jason Whitlock on together.
    Two based Old Heads.
    Not 100% aligning together.
    Knowledge, experience and common-sense prevail in them.

    11. To be especially watchful at night, and during the time for challenging, to challenge all persons on or near my post and to allow no one to pass without proper authority.

  74. MattRam90 says:

    WtF happened to the IRL!!!!!

  75. John7095 says:


  76. Coonr24 says:

    Put tonights show up please. I’m sick and was napping, then boom its 930pm. So I wait it out to watch it from the start. And they David Blaned that sh*t

  77. Jcoynor says:

    some of yall didnt watch the end…

  78. Dawn says:

    This is the 2nd time I’ve watched a stream get pulled directly after airing. Both times someone on the show (not Tim) made an offhanded comment about.. err.. explosive materials. My thought is the streams were pulled out of an abundance of caution so the zealous left cannot take these specific clips out of context. They could be misconstrued into some heavy stuff — even if they were to be posted somewhere other than YouTube. Too bad because both streams had solid content otherwise, but I get the logic.

  79. LVIII says:

    Ian needs to understand the difference between authoritarian and authoritative. There is a difference between a leader, and a boss.

  80. Layah says:

    Where’s the live IRL?! I was watching it and then paused it bc we had to sign papers for refinancing our home…. then I can’t find it? What did y’all say??!?

  81. Housersch37 says:

    What happened to the video on Youtube? I tried to continue, even though it was already over. It stated that the video got taken down by the usser or something to that effect. Did CNN call Google to take it down?

  82. TheWitten says:

    Could be wrong… but I got the sense Puerto Rico isn’t a state because people there enjoy not dealing with US federal taxes.

  83. SAycock says:

    ok was watching and it disappeared. Sad day but he said it could and would happen

  84. Race says:

    Glad Tim said that last part. Full episode incoming!

  85. Eric says:

    First they came for Alex.

  86. MunkyDong says:

    A lot of $10 members on the chat tonight

  87. MunkyDong says:

    Y’all must be on that dial up connection, I watched the whole 2 hour long live stream tonight.

  88. GadsdenBlack says:

    RIP, TimCastIRL
    Your time was long, but thou hast been slain by the great Denier; Youtube Susan.

  89. GrudgeAxe says:

    Was about 30 min to the stream, log off to go to the shops, come home… DELETED, What did you guys say?

  90. SaltyUrban says:

    Can’t believe YouTube deleted today’s episode.. let’s piss off Silicon Valley by making it #greatagain *wink*

  91. Brozumaki says:

    No stream, no peace!

  92. Pennywise1234 says:

    Wasnt able to catch the live stream, had it on pause at work and it just randomly started playing another video. Got worried your channel was deleted but it was just the video. Hopefully it shows up on the site tomorrow

  93. FrankieTheHeathen says:

    “Video taken down by uploader”
    Tim has a flood of members to the site. Making plenty of money and is still worried about YouTube giving him a strike? C’mon bro! In the same video where you call other people boot lickers for similar behavior.

    • WolfUlfric says:

      Hedging your bets and shoring up your investments isn’t bootlicking. He’s careful about wording to work within the guidelines, but someone working to ensure a means through their selected way of life while still putting out actual commentary on news without trying to put a far left or right spin on it isn’t bootlicking. BY ANY MEANS. That to me sounds like someone who says taking a paycheck for doing ANYTHING you love is “sellling out.” If you’re good at something, never do it for free. Tim DOES what he does for free and has established himself in a way that people are HAPPY to support him seeing what he does with his opinion, commentary, and commitment to his craft.

  94. DCMoore84 says:

    Tim really needs to start livestreaming to Youtube and or some other stream site so that when Youtube nukes him he actually doesn’t go completely down. He claims this site is his fallback but never actually uses it for what he claims it’s for…

  95. hazlema says:

    idk what the reason is that his stream got yanked. But my gut says it was CNN, they have gotten streams killed for talking about them in a negative light. CNN is trash

  96. James_Dorpinghaus says:

    What happened to the livestream? I checked the website immediately after the livestream cut off and it was loading slow. Did it have to do with connection loss or did YouTube decide to censor you cause they didn’t like something they heard?

  97. Turk_Longwell says:

    Folks.. We’re not here to hear about what happened…
    We’re here for the Bonus content.
    Watch it.
    Give your Opinion.
    Jim is Solid.
    Go Team America!
    Fuck Yeah!
    I’m Matt Daaammmooen.

  98. laranator369 says:

    The other video that was taken down hasn’t been upload to members area as stated. I wonder if Tim will post both today’s and the other video on here.

  99. Ulua82 says:

    20k live viewers and you pull the stream and then don’t acknowledge it? Come on man.

  100. Yenkoa says:

    Wanna finish the live stream 🙁

  101. Gamerdude357 says:

    Are you going to post the live show here so we can finish watching it? If not WHY NOT!!!!!!!!!

  102. Trump says:

    I bet they realized they could get in trouble for the talk about bringing guns across states, and decided to take it down.

  103. Eric says:

    I think it was the Tree of Liberty quote. I remember hearing somewhere that YouTube really hates that one. Fucking cowards.

  104. Mentok302 says:

    I started about a half hour late and it got pulled from yt about 3/4 through it seemed.

  105. Lowkey_lukey says:

    I was thinking something was said and tim cut the video to make sure he wasn’t demonitized or to avoid a strike

  106. arakitai says:

    I spent the entire day listening to journalists tell me how the U.S. is disintegrating. When Tim got yanked off the air I nearly lost it. I love this country a lot. Every act of censorship is a knife stab to my heart. I grew up in Communism so I know first hand exactly where all this leads. I’d rather die than see America turn into the flaming hell of Communism. Just feeling real sad right now.

  107. Kolestar11 says:


  108. Jcornman24 says:

    RIP Tim’s Stream, I wonder why they didn’t acknowledge it in the video

  109. GuidingSails says:

    I usually wait until the stream is done so I can watch it on my own time….. but it’s down? What happened?!? I didn’t get to see any of it

  110. Mazamars312 says:

    BREAKING NEWS: TIM POOL Removed from Youtube….. Will Benniecast be the new platform for Mr Pool? LOL

  111. adm13 says:

    I was at the beginning and it cut out. Wondered if Tim got banned. Hopefully the full episode will be up tomorrow.

  112. KnomadDesign says:

    What happened to the youtube show? Video disappeared after the talked about revolt. Hmmmm…conspiracy?

  113. monkeycan8 says:

    Cant wait only got 20 mins in before it was pulled.

  114. DND_Dad says:

    Cant believes Tim’s stream got taken down tonight.

  115. patrickstover says:

    Anyone know why this was removed on youtube?

  116. CplChaskoIV says:

    Got My Tinfoil Hat, I AM A Gorilla shirt today.
    Freaking looks and feels awesome.

  117. Adamfromcanada says:

    Looking forward to this one!!

  118. NC_NATE says:

    What happened to the YouTube video?
    YouTube sucks big hairy balls.

  119. Kolestar11 says:

    Who is here to watch the end so we can see why youtube REMOVED my daily TIMCAST IRL with Jim Hansen!!!!

  120. KnomadDesign says:

    2nd the best