Alex Jones, Michael Malice, Blaire White, Drew Hernandez Member Show: Mega Show Members Only, Breaking News That DA WITHHELD Evidence In Rittenhouse Case

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Alex Jones, Michael Malice, Blaire White, Drew Hernandez Member Show: Mega Show Members Only, Breaking News That DA WITHHELD Evidence In Rittenhouse Case

325 responses to “Alex Jones, Michael Malice, Blaire White, Drew Hernandez Member Show: Mega Show Members Only, Breaking News That DA WITHHELD Evidence In Rittenhouse Case”

  1. Lorespade says:

    There is Too many people to Go Back to a gold/Silver monetary standard.

  2. Magster73 says:

    Isn’t Selenium radioactive?

  3. impediment says:

    I used to listen to AJ 20 years ago but his yelling and screaming became more than irritating. And he talks over people.

  4. rush says:

    I’ve wanted to super chat this for ages, but I can’t bring myself to login to Google in order to do it. I know they still track my stuff even if I don’t login, but it’s a principle thing for me. Anyhow, please check this out!

    My son and I made this music video with friends of mine from the band Cursor. My son plays the main character, who is kidnapped by the villain (Mr Smith of the Matrix type of feel) played by myself. The concept is control, manipulation of information etc, in a post industrial setting akin to “They Live”.

    Please have a look and make this video go viral! It’s a great song!!!

  5. Rojojo says:

    Oh wow. I have the same Bissel Lithium Ion Pet Hair Eraser handheld vacuum that is set in front of Michael Malice.

  6. Aaron4420 says:

    He said alex jones. Not sure who you are thinking about.

  7. Aaron4420 says:

    How many alex jones fan boys forgot or never cared who is the original guest for this podcast?

    Hint: It isn’t alex jones

  8. Aaron4420 says:

    Don’t interrupt me, that’s my job!

  9. Minertrash says:

    Amen brother, do you remember being young and telling people your opinion, usually ended with shut the hell up the adults are talking

  10. Grizzlyman says:

    Tim and Mike were absolute dicks in this to Alex. Alex shouldnt come back after being treated this way.

  11. jgonz8 says:

    Around 1700, I agree with MM. We are using the extracting drinkable water and the brine is left. Shouldn’t the used water, flushed down the drain or toilet, be used to bring the brine back to a normal salt water salinity?

  12. DarthZehcnas says:

    Absolutely Tim is trying not to go off the deep end, but when Luke is saying why are all these millionaire’s involved in all these fucked up things, he assumes it is ignorance while seeing malice in other situations… If you are taking a stand, then take it. Don’t pussyfoot around what is actively happening.

  13. Crskub says:

    Tim treats Alex like Picard treats Worf. Alex is a good sport though.

  14. Ryan1609 says:

    Kinda confused why they invite Alex on then cut him off and tell him to shut up as soon as he talks. Arguably he’s the one people want to hear from the most on the show.

  15. nukedaddy777 says:

    If we valued human beings more we would value our ecology more. And if we valued God we would value human beings and ecology.

    Overpopulation is not the problem. Love of money, the belief that humans are a cost and saving a buck while polluting are benefits. Learn to value humans, provide clean water, and remove the brine – its called salt – and it can be sold at a loss when desalinating, but it still has value and might be re-introduced with the purified waste water with a bit more plumbing – or heavily diluted – the oceans are massive. There are many solutions – they cost money.

  16. Ric69420 says:

    Tim is such an asshole to alex every time he has him on. Alex is infinitely smarter than all of those meat heads combined

  17. Alex_is_Better_than_tim says:

    Agreed they treated it looks like shit but especially Michael Michael acted intellectually superior than Alex the entire time shutting down everything Alex had to say even though they’re basically on the same page for the most part and like Alex said you anarchist doesn’t understand teamwork well that’s exactly true because Michael does not understand teamwork it’s his way or the highway all he did was ask superior and it was disgusting shutting down everything Alex said especially Tim, Tim’sthe worst every time he has Alex on he makes the episode terrible it’s not Alex that makes the episode terrible.
    Tim whenever Alex tried to act nice to him would just get fucking mad or Michael would just scoff at him like at the end of this when he says Jesus you’re just gonna keep going around in circles

  18. Simply_Skrypt says:

    Masks are not intrusive (in the sense that nothing is being introduced in your body), and they arent an irreversible medical procedure with serious risks of side effects. They suck to wear, were all annoyed and tired of them, but constitutionally they are much less of an issue than constant testing or vaccines. Testing isnt an irreversible medical procedure but it requires you to miss several hours of work every week, which impairs your ability to work and earn revenue

  19. DevOff says:

    Pretty shitty how you guys treated Alex Jones not gonna to lie

  20. derekknight says:

    Lots of small manicualitities spray for mosquitos, not a complete explanation for windshield theory but my small city of Olean, NY has crop planes to blanket the area with mosquito repellent aka poison

  21. SNIPERBAIT66-67 says:

    Hint: Grow up and learn to communicate in Fucking ENGLISH! Your rampant lack of spelling proficiency is SHOWING! Want to make an impression? Try intelligent, meaningful communication…

  22. SNIPERBAIT66-67 says:

    I agree. I didn’t BUY a membership to hear Tim and Company negatively reflect on anyone but the SCUM who have taken over OUR REPUBLIC.
    I didn’t spend my entire life, and youth, risking my LIFE Fighting America’s Enemies, to listen to self important, DO nothings pontificate about THEIR importance… Are we clear?…

  23. type_trap61 says:

    Yeah, to see alex jones disrespected in such a manor, after being one of the first counter journalists to the corporate media, is super disrespectful. JS

  24. type_trap61 says:

    i 100% agree with your statement.

  25. type_trap61 says:

    Why is it you guys make fun of, and deny alex jones from being able to speak. yet use his presence as a ploy for more views? boomer, old man, whatever you all think of considering him. Its not very fair to shut him down during your ” uncut” and ” members only” video which was half made for people to watch without it being banned on your website. which is usually because of statements like what alex jones usually says and talks about. If you want to make the video uncut, and advertise it as so, then let the man speak since he can’t say anything he wants to say on youtube.

    I am only saying this because alex jones respects you guys alot. and i joined so i could hear a conversation between you all. not to hear him be shut down as if he doesn’t understand modern issues.

  26. dpg1 says:

    I believe that Malice has some legitimate autism going on, which makes his social interactions just a bit… different. That said, he’s becoming a favorite of mine for his arguments and perspective, not necessarily his personality.

  27. Sejong_TheGreat says:

    So here’s how it works, Tim, Mike, Alex Jones (the legend, the myth), Blair, Mike, etc. So when the brine water does not work it’s way to the Sea. Modern power has made so much really crap water can be Osmosis purified so hard is that even if the good stuff are thrown down the drain, it’s so ultra purified that it makes the water is just.. water in the ocean.

    LA water is reverse osmosis so hard that anything that is leaving it, even as waste water, is too purified to be recognized as natural water. This is something awfully opposite to the TJ waste water that makes our southernmost beaches un-swimmable multiple times a year. Both types of “waste” or lack thereof, makes the waters harder and harder to maintain.

  28. Kingstoned says:

    Yo all the pussy foots complaining about Tim telling Alex to shush GO FUCK YOUR SELFS

  29. Skennedy says:

    Alex’ new website is

  30. Buddymac007 says:

    Just a few side effects of TROMETHAMINE:
    For the Consumer
    Applies to tromethamine: parenteral injection

    Side effects include:
    Adverse effects may include respiratory depression, local irritation, tissue inflammation, injection site infection, febrile response, chemical phlebitis, venospasm, hypervolemia, IV thrombosis, extravasation (with possible necrosis and sloughing of tissues), transient decreases in blood glucose concentrations, hypoglycemia, and hepatocellular necrosis with infusion via low-lying umbilical venous catheters. (See Warnings under Cautions.)

  31. says:

    Tim says: “Masks are no bug deal…” but, “mandatory testing…” is a big deal? Explain, please.

    (explanation can’t use social norms as any sort of justification)

  32. says:

    Alex Jones: “You Anarchists don’t get Teamwork…” = Epic

  33. says:

    Malice is very intelligent and I even bought his book, which, I’m working through now; but, he’s a dick.

    I’ve heard him tell his story about his family’s past and it’s heart wrenching, so, of course: he gets a pass. Also, to be fair, most self-proclaimed-Anarchists are arrogant dicks; that’s why their ideals will never succeed:

    Anarchy across vast populations can never succeed, because there will always be sociopaths and psychopaths who work together to play their authoritarian games, and they play for keeps, bro. Using small social gatherings as an example of how anarchy can be successful is a straw-man.

    My family is all that saves me from the void of nihilism – that’s my truth; I ain’t not daisy neither, so…

  34. InsanityPepper says:

    Once in a lifetime gathering, it was demolition derby of a podcast. So many big personalities occupying a tiny space, it was bound to be a train wreck.

    Joe acted like a grumpy old man with everyone wanting him to “do the JRE thing”.

    Stop shushing Alex, he’s the life of the party.

  35. Romeo1951 says:

    Lydia – love your longer and lighter colored hair! And you have a great laugh! Would like to hear more of your input – – but I get it! Lots of guys with a LOT of information. Love the show! Great, great guests!

  36. idiocracyoverreach says:

    hey malice- usually i like u and u have good points but please be nice to drew and alex!!! i know its normal to get heated in debates but everyone in the van is on the same side. poir blair, she was the most patient- zen mode

  37. Clapske says:

    Thanks for the reply. I’m from Michigan and I know it wasn’t purposely poisoned by someone or an entity. I was just paraphrasing the situation and speculating why Tim would get attacked by the left for saying the water is clean. I’m just used to our corrupt government in this state so, it wouldn’t surprise me if the water was testing clean and they just kept lying about the quality to collect funds from the government.


    I really wish the video would stop going back to main screen around the 18-20 minute marks

  39. h_marie says:

    Blair should get a do over since everyone else came for this ep.

  40. Non-binary says:

    Thank you Tim love the show. I really love Blaire been listening to her for a long time was one of her 1st subscribers. Glad you’ve brought in differing opinions and a little spice to the news.

  41. LightningKrazo says:

    Tim, I want to point out two things. Two memes you promote, ‘Alex Jones is always right’, and ‘Epstein didn’t kill himself.’ You are inconsistent regarding both, as you fail to support the ideas behind what these memes represent, and this show was a great example of that. When it comes to talking about the darkest in-your-face, out-in-the-open conspiracies — you are not willing to give them room at the table. Alex Jones has gone further than all other journalists before him, and he is a hero for risking everything in pursuit of that cause. He knows things no one else can know, has seen things no one else has seen. He is freakin’ Frodo Baggins after returning from Mount Doom, and he deserves more respect. You should also handle the raping and sacrificing of children with more respect as well. It is the voiceless who suffer most from the evil that is done in the dark. They deserve a voice, and at least Alex is raising awareness about them.

  42. YepYep says:


  43. -Minto- says:

    you gae

  44. UppityG says:

    @Shadowbanned, word. The Holy Spirit is many magnitudes of dimensions beyond hallucinogens. Please.

  45. Eliastheaquanaut says:

    I 100% agree. Alex is literally the guy who started this whole thing and he’s treated like crazy old grandpa or something. No respect.

  46. UppityG says:

    @Biggus, damn straight.

  47. Sdonna63 says:


  48. boostinsteve says:

    It isn’t overpopulation, it is heavy waste. How many people leave the water on when brushing their teeth, doing dishes, etc. How many people can’t learn to turn off their lights when they aren’t in the room. How much food is being thrown out every week because people refuse to re-heat and re-eat. I went off grid and have been having to secure my own resources via solar, a small well, hauling water, however possible. I am far more conscience of how I use my resources, and am much, much more conservative. Left over food is composted, not thrown in the trash, and I re-use whatever I can. People need to be less wasteful.

  49. EnSIOnF says:

    Seriously Tim, don’t ever yell at Alex Jones again

  50. fmj343 says:

    Damn thing won’t play

  51. PhantomBandit69 says:

    Does anyone know the link to the Alex Jones new website?

  52. TomJustTom says:

    Tim, does this moron next to you know what a boomer is. Alex is from the Generation that hates both the boomers and the fucking millennials, The one and only GenX!

  53. EnSIOnF says:

    Tim: “we need alex to really get things going”

    Then proceeds to shut him down the entire time to talk about his opinions on overpopulation.

  54. BlossomAndGin says:

    Agree 100%

  55. bsmithcutshair says:

    tim’s ego over the past year is insufferable. sometimes i wish he would shut the fuck up and let other people speak without being such a know it all. and his refusal to speak about Bannon is very confusing. that’s a HUGE story, and he’s putting his focus on just the same things over and over. unless i missed it somewhere, it seems like he’s ignoring it for some reason

  56. FishoutofWater says:

    Yeah man I felt bad for Ian this episode, Joe shut him the fuck down, granted Ian did overextend by saying we “Have to try”, but I thought it was kind of mean of Joe. Joe still the GOAT tho, love that man.
    I am not Joe Rogan, but shit I would do Ayahuasca with Ian. Hit me back if your down Ian.

    Then there was the article thing, which was just funny at first but they kept on going. Not only that but they left it up on the monitor for a while after the point was made. Ian later said yeah put something else up there. I could almost see him pull back into himself, but could be wrong. Regardless keep your head up Ian. There are a lot of people who love you.

  57. Doubtfultunic says:

    Loved the show, but honestly would have enjoyed more Alex Jones. He didn’t release get a chance to shine, and as much as I love Michael Malice, in my opinion Alex is far more interesting and less weasely.

  58. Zeknix says:

    Now about the Gulf of Mexico dead zones…. I am a commercial diver and I dive in those dead zones all year long, but I don’t really see it happening. Granted I do the majority of my diving around platforms and areas that have lots of marine debris (basically material that can support the growth of coral and other organisms), but I really question whether or not these “dead zones” really are as bad as they are making them out to be.

  59. PseudoSwede says:

    …And because it was a honky who earned that mistrial with prejudice on the prosecution, there will (SPOILER ALERT) be riots…

  60. ellen3sons says:

    Blaire needs a night of her own.

  61. @GeologyIRL says:

    Don’t care about the first comment – that goes with the territory. You’re on point with this though.

  62. ellie says:

    Scaff, you are 100% right. Don’t back down. It is just an excuse to keep the climate change fear going. The earth goes through 40 year cycles and scientists have no idea how nature regulates itself because they look for things that support their hypostheses instead of understanding how the cycles work. The earth warms, then cools in 40 yr cycles. It doesn’t take a genius to find this information on the internet. It’s why they scream global warming and ice ages, wait for it….every 40 or so years. SMH

  63. ellie says:

    Oh yeah, Malice was right about climate change. Stop thinking with your lefty brain and fear impulse and think critically. Scientists are exaggerating to maintain their funding and reputation. Politicians are using their information to scare people like you, Tim and make you believe their bullshit. Wake Up!

  64. ellie says:

    Wow, the shear inconsiderate behavior of Tim and Michael was amazing. During the IRL podcast, Rogan was also inconsiderate. Listen, I am not a huge fan of Alex Jones, but if you give him time to speak, he’d slow down. You guys were seriously rude. And Blair didn’t even get a chance to speak. Geez guys.

  65. huddle_house56 says:

    The golf course thing pisses me off. Y’all have no idea how the irrigation for those places work and they employ Americans too. Do some research into the GCSAA

  66. zakki says:

    God, Tim! Sometimes just shut up. Malice knows what he is talking about. Yes, you let the people too stupid to move away from the area where water is low reap the consequences. The problem is the government monopoly of the water. If left to the open market and the private entities were not allowed to dump pollution (e.g. brine water), you would get a better solution, which might be people moving away. Spread out to not make as much of a problem, exactly what you advocate for, Tim!

  67. Biggus says:

    Fuck you!! California ships enough homeless people to my state already!

  68. Biggus says:

    Yeah he’s screaming actual interesting shit you dumb broad. That’s why we love him.

  69. Biggus says:

    People can spend their money however they want. Fucking dumb lol.

  70. Biggus says:

    It’s a good point but it’s still annoying as a viewer. When they said “come to the members show, now we can take the gloves off” I was hoping they’d let Alex speak more about the stuff he is good at (actual documents). Instead we get water desalination talk that clearly none of them no shit about. Then Tim gets all pissed about bringing up climate change lol.

    MM and Tim trying to convince everyone they are the smartest two in the room while speculating pointless shit gets old. Tim is good at staying on topic unfortunately its often a stupid topic.

  71. Biggus says:

    If only they let Alex talk.

  72. Biggus says:

    Yes sir

  73. Biggus says:

    Thank you.

  74. neilinda says:

    You are clearly new enough to the world of podcasts not to realize how significant Alex Jones is.
    On top of that…He and Joe are really good friends.

  75. neilinda says:

    Not sure if this will help, but if you are interested in looking beyond a Timcast for answers you may want to read “Bringing Nature Home”, or anything written by Dr. Doug Tallamy. I think he also has a website. He is one of many entomologists doing research into bug populations and his (in the field) research statistics may help you understand this situation better.

  76. AlexanderDossey says:

    Ez 25 dollars

  77. RebelTM says:

    That blow up on Alex about the water is definitely what happens when you got two huge egos in a sardine can. Great stuff.

  78. Scafflaww says:

    I keep hearing about this theory that bugs are disappearing because we don’t see them on car windshields. While there is some truth to that theory, it’s not 100% true. Modern vehicles are designed to reduce bugs, and other debris, from hitting windshields. This are simple design changes that most people don’t care to know about. Similar tweaks are done to reduce wind noise (ever noticed weird protrusions from headlights? these are to divert air away from the mirrors).

    Anyway, I recently drove 5,000 miles (round trip Nevada to Florida). I only had to clean the windshield twice. However, the bumper cover is plastered with bugs. By plastered, I mean completely covered to the point that it appears as though I sprayed Rhino liner on it. My point is that Tim and crew, who often research everything they report, seem to fall short in this case. #buildBackBetter…for someone else.

  79. PancakeBoi says:

    This show was fucking awesome!

  80. Shapeofevil says:

    Where is the support link? I’m logged in. I’m watching the video. And I’m getting blasted by shit advertisements. What the fuck is going on?

    Otherwise great show.

  81. Hootusmaximus says:

    Alex is a national treasure. Do not disrespek!

  82. Hootusmaximus says:

    Austin is not Texas. Austin is garbage.

  83. Biggus says:

    Yeah Malice got way more speaking time than anyone else so hearing him complain about Alex was honestly pathetic. Sure he interrupts but it isn’t like they don’t do the same thing to him.

    I get that he can be ADD and get off topic at times but many points he made were very on topic and relevant, but discarded for the sake of douchery. Alex is always years ahead of him and everyone else when it comes to what is going on in the world, respect his voice.

  84. Biggus says:


  85. Biggus says:

    Simp hands typed this

  86. Biggus says:

    I’m with you. So annoying hearing Micheal and Tim criticize him for talking when they both won’t shut the hell up and keep saying the same things over and over again.

  87. TheInfamousScratch says:

    Mikey Malice aged about ten years in the last year

  88. TexasGI47 says:

    If you took a vote among the guests, I suspect that most of them would have voted to have Alex Jones join them for this show. The decision to sit Blair White next to Alex might have been a mistake. It is hard to get a word in when the guy next to you is blaring into the microphone.

  89. Biggus says:

    You sound extremely soft.

  90. TexasGI47 says:

    Tim asks what can we do about the overpopulation in Los Angeles? As a pilot program, you could ship out the homeless. One of your concerns is moving people away from their jobs is a problem. The only job for many homeless is panhandling. Of course, the supply of drugs for those with substance abuse could be an issue.

  91. rosanna says:

    You are right!

  92. @GeologyIRL says:

    Thanks for this. I wasn’t completely familiar with the Flint details but I knew they were missing the point. I’m a geologist and have worked with our engineers on water transfer and saltwater disposal in the past. Love the show but they need a real science person in the group.

  93. rosanna says:

    Hell NO! He is screaming all the time!

  94. rosanna says:

    Alex Jones spoiled the segment with Joe Rogan. He is loud mouthed and obnoxious. Why on earth di Tim allow him to be there in such an important night?

  95. says:

    Not a fan of how they treated Alex Jones here. Guy deserves more respect…

  96. Ryankross96 says:

    The over population theory is out the window man its all false. population density is key. but more importantly you dont understand these elitest dont give a fuck about us or this world man. just like elysium theyll just leave man. go to mars and make it beautiful there and only the rich will be able to live there. they are doing it now. spaceX, blue origin. project artemis. they are purposefully ruining our world as they go to the next. they are purposefully destroying the oceans. if we zoned areas in rural areas for industries to have lower taxes and sell the unused land to them. i leave the main cities and its nothing but grass and corn for miles. even just outside of seattle towards the mountians its mostly trees. disperse the population. incentivise rural living. give away homes if you have too. build new cities. Revolutionize agriculture, hydroponics for the win. reusable water and more efficient growth. better output ratios for foods. use less land build vertically. They wont let the legacy systems die. this system of icrementalism that refuses to let new ideas replace established ones. all for the sake of money. same thing happens with new inventions…we dump waste in the oceans on purpose. we take up space and poison the land on purpose. just like they put that weird shit in The Craft. be woke man

  97. Tony2144 says:

    A more abpt comparison would be if of those 200 units only 100 had working water and electricity and each year that number would reduce even further. The people looking at population density vs overpopulation often leave out the consideration of resources and that for every person that lives in a given area there must be ample resources for not just him but his sources of food ( plants and animals ) as well.

  98. Ryankross96 says:

    poor alex. hes just trying to be apart and everyone is being a faggot lol. jesus christ. almost makes me wanna cancel my sub bro. i could watch alex for free and hes always right and you guys are always behind. wtf do i watch you for lol. oh wait cause alex jones was on… right!

  99. Biggus says:

    Thanks for your input

  100. SmokeyMnky711 says:

    Much like everything else Democrats are to blame for California’s water problem. We let out 50% of the Sierra Nevada snow melt go straight to the ocean because of some delta guppie fish and haven’t built a new reservoir like 50 years.

  101. RossMG5446 says:

    This was terrible. Tim hijacked the convo and forcefully jammed up the conversation with semantics. Meanwhile Blair wasn’t even given the time to talk and she basically had to clock out and go on her phone.

    Great idea in theory, to have so many strong personalities, but it never works in practice.

    I also believe this is the second time Blair has been on and barely given any time to actually speak.

  102. TheDarkworld says:

    100% last time pissed me off so bad I tuned out for a week

  103. TheDarkworld says:

    Exactly what I’ve been saying. The judge tried so hard not to show bias he let a big one slide… Twice

  104. Biggus says:

    You say that as if they don’t do the exact same thing to him lol. Regardless, malice had way way more speaking time than anyone else by far.

    We can watch all these guys on youtube literally whenever. We can’t ever watch Alex Jones on youtube. Let him talk, yeah he’s ADD and some points weren’t on topic. However he did make a lot of good points that absolutely WERE on topic, that were discarded for the sake of Tim and Malice’s mean girls club

  105. says:

    This was way cool do it some more. From your controlled chaos comes hope and the drive for each individual to think and be responsible for there own lives.

  106. Water says:

    Forgot to mention – Tim didn’t find any lead because he either went too late when biofilms had already re-established or he just didn’t happen to sample from a property with a particularly high degree of old lead plumbing sources.

  107. says:

    Alex turned Blaires show into an announcement for her podcast with him tomorrow

  108. Water says:

    As a water treatment professional, the problem in flint wasn’t poison in the source water nor poison (lead) being pumped out of the treatment plant. The problem was a lack of corrosion control which stripped the scale and biofilms out of the distribution system and people’s plumbing, which exposed sources of lead, mostly from lead service lines, brass fixtures and copper solder in plumbing. This makes the problem a nightmare for government to solve because they mostly caused it by not realizing the need for corrosion control, but most of the sources of lead are owned by the property owners. Even if the government is generous and pays everyone’s bills to dig up their service lines and replace their fixtures and whatever, it’s still an insanely large public works project that takes a long time… and over the course of that time, with simple corrosion control, those lead sources will scale/film back over and stop leaching lead anyway.

    The initial rush of murky water in distribution dead ends was the scale coming out of the pipes, which is a pretty short term problem mostly covered by hydrant flushing. It’s not actually dangerous water, you’re just not going to drink it because it’s gross.

    The scandal in Flint isn’t that they “poisoned” the water. They made a fairly honest mistake that opened pandoras box (and most communities in the US have the same box waiting around, to some degree – lead used in plumbing before lead was better understood). The scandal was that they lied.

  109. Biggus says:

    I didn’t mean to reply to you, this comment section is whack. I agree with your comment 100%

  110. Biggus says:

    Yeah he’s always fucking whiny but tonight it was at an absutley unbearable level.

  111. Biggus says:

    The problem with your crappy study is that big urban centers cause the rural area to produce more waste to support them. So you complain about the 8k town, but chances are it is that way because they are producing things for bigger metropolitan areas.

  112. Biggus says:

    Yeah it was like Malice was actively trying to make me not like him tonight. So passive aggressive and condescending. This has always been why I can’t watch malice. He makes good points but is such a whiny little bitch, I can’t stand it.

    Complaining every time he gets slightly interrupted, all while not letting anyone else get a word in edge wise. He spoke FAR FAR more than anyone else too.

    Good point that Alex is the only one we cant see on youtube!! It’s pathetic the way they treated him tbh.

  113. Biggus says:

    Yeah malice talked waaaay more than anyone else so hearing him cry every time Alex said something was SUUUPER annoying.

    Tim was being his typical know it all self. Wasn’t too bad except for the fact that he clearly wants to suck on Malice’s peen

  114. Biggus says:

    Watching the disrespect thrown towards Alex by Tim and Malice was honestly pissing me off lol. Malice sits there and cries like like every little bitch every time he gets interrupted, but he had more time speaking than anyone else, by FAR.

    Alex can be overly ADD but he was making good points. Meanwhile malice and Tim would sit around saying the same thing over and over all day.

  115. Biggus says:

    Malice has always been a professional crybaby whiner and we all know Tim is a huge know-it-all.

    Usually they dial it back but it was super annoying seeing them both go full ass hat mode.

    They really need to put some respect on Alex’s name. He pulls more viewers than anyone. He’s making good points, meanwhile they keep saying the same shit over and over again.

    Malice has to bitch and moan every time he even gets slightly interrupted, its so annoying. Even though he has been talking nonstop the whole time. It’s not Alex that needs to learn to shut the hell up, it’s Malice and Tim.

  116. says:

    They aren’t mad that Alex Jones is talking they are mad that he always interrupts people mid-sentence. I’m a big fan of Alex but he literally can’t stop himself from inserting himself when people are mid-point.

  117. LeeDurr says:

    If there is a 200 unit Apt. Bldg., but everyone wants to overload 20 of the units (for whatever reason…) — there is an overpopulation problem, but the Bldg. is not overpopulated. (Hence the attempts to distinguish ‘population density’ as a distinct term representing relative overpopulation juxtaposed to a more existential absolute).

  118. says:

    This bombshell about how the prosecution withheld HD drone footage from the Defense is going to trigger MASSIVE riots nationwide and I’ll explain why, instead of Lefties reacting to this new info and thinking “the prosecution withheld exculpatory evidence from the defense’s case so clearly Kyle is innocent” they are going to think “the prosecution through the case on purpose and this trial has been rigged from the start to let Kyle off free from double homicide”.

  119. Biggus says:

    Jesus Christ put some respect on Alex’s name. So annoying how they get pissed at him every time he says anything, meanwhile grumpy-ass, whiny-boy malice and know-it-all Tim are making the same dumbass points over and over and over. This shit was honestly annoying.

    If I wanted to listen to Michael Malice whine and cry like a bitch for hours I’d just watch his shitty show. Lost a lot of respect for Malice (well tbf he’s always been a crybaby, it’s what he does) and Tim. Half the viewers were here for Alex. Let him speak. Damn

  120. Biggus says:

    Jesus Christ put some respect on Alex’s name. So annoying how they get pissed at him every time he says anything, meanwhile grumpy-ass, whiny-boy malice and know-it-all Tim are making the same dumbass points over and over and over. This shit was honestly annoying.

    If I wanted to listen to Michael Malice whine and cry like a bitch for hours I’d just watch his shitty show. Lost a lot of respect for Malice (well tbf he’s always been a crybaby, it’s what he does) and Tim. Half the viewers were here for Alex. Let him speak. Damn.

  121. Endo says:

    Tim talks too much, im here for guests, let them talk the point, before you counterpoint.

  122. Txbow says:

    They have also found out that “jump kick man” came forward seek immunity in trade for testifying. The state knows who he is and withheld it from the defense and everyone else.

  123. Smilesalot says:

    Why was malice being such a dick to Hernandez? Tim talking shit to Alex?
    Finally get all these people together and they turn into girls.

  124. Morsickcat says:

    Isn’t it rather silly for Tim to talk about the overpopulation of California based on water supply? It’s not naturally an area rich in water, since they have many sources that are rerouted to supply southern California with water… If we were overpopulated I don’t think individual families could own homes and land like they do everywhere, not overpopulated at all.

  125. CNN_sucks says:

    Come on, Tim. Have a little respect to Alex. You are turning into a gay frog.

  126. Nphyx says:

    Huge caveat: _if_ we had effectively unlimited energy being piped in (e.g. from a dyson swarm), _if_ we had access to unlimited scarce minerals (e.g. asteroid mining), and _if_ we overcame serious terrestrial engineering challenges on top of that. The ~1 trillion number is just how many we could support before we’d start hitting fundamental thermodynamic limits, where a modern urban energy budget produces more heat than earth can shed into space even at maximum efficiency. Less technological accomplishment proportionately reduces our ability to do this, all the way down to a stone-age baseline of 50 million or so.

  127. @GeologyIRL says:

    I’m a petroleum geologist (among other geologic specialties). I drill wells every day. Actually, most of the country isn’t anywhere near the coast. Most of the brine from deep desalination (say, 5000′ TVD and deeper) will be either mined for salt, ammonia, quick lime, and, other minerals, including Lithium. The rest gets re-injected underground at depths that will not in any way affect the surface and population. You don’t have to dump it in the ocean. That literally sounds like a half-cocked, shitty, cost cutting method developed by Biden voters. Me an my team and move as much fluid as you want to safe depths all day, every day. We can even use hot brines from say, 10,000′ TVD to run geothermal plants and desalinate the water.

    Deoxygenation is common at depth and part of the natural cycle of the earth – that’s how fossils are preserved among other things. This is the main issue I have with the show. Not one actual scientist that understands these different data and how the earth actually works. Dude the Gulf of Mexico – there are graphs that show O2 saturation decreasing with depth.

    Huge supporter – love the show. Sometimes you all need a legit scientist/geologist to review your stuff. Particularly when it comes to energy, shit like water desalination, etc. You messed up the Flint stuff a little also.

  128. Usmcrb34 says:

    It’s almost like if you follow it as it was intended that it would work

  129. Rachel.Burrows says:

    I am a huge fan of all of you. I agree Michael and Tim had very mean girl you can’t sit with us vibes tonight. You can tell Alex was just so excited to be there! Michael was especially rude to Alex. He came off very arrogant and stifled the magic that is Alex Jones. ALEX IS ALWAYS RIGHT remember that. Tim, you should have him back tomorrow.

    Poor Blaire was not able to get one word in. Luke is always a voice of reason and how can you not love Ian. Sending love to all of you from South Florida xo.

  130. Grandlakeguy12 says:

    They’ll move if they don’t have water.

  131. Clapske says:

    My thoughts if Tim did not mess up the water collection samples in Flint…

    Either (1) the water was never poisoned, (2) the water was poisoned and cleaned up, or (3) the water eventually cleared up by itself over time. They’re pretending it’s still a problem to collect money to “solve” the issue that will never go away. A comparison would be all the money that is given to Detroit schools and the quality never improves. The money is going somewhere and it’s not to fix the problems.

  132. Toto says:

    well he is correct, that’s its a POLLUTION issue, not a POPULATION issue. I live in EU in city cca 27k population. 26km from us is other city that have only 8k population, in 2018 did our district do study about junkyards and also illegal junkyards,waste per person, etc. In that studie show that our 27k city did have ratio of waste 0.23, and 8k city did have ratio 0.86 per person (ratio was based from city that did have highest waste per person per year, and 1:1 ratio was 392kg). And yes in population dense cities you can have more waste/polution but that up to locals communities + and local administration to try regulate polution of that they have.Here are couple example in that our 27k population city did to lower polution/waste in our city: You have bio compost almost every 300 to 1000 meters (in areas where are apartment buildings they have it more dense coverage) and every house or appartment do have special trashbin for bio and also many of those bio composts have next to them are for free movement of dogs + on entrence you have tools for picking dog shit so you can throw it to bio compost. Or in 2016 we did have problem that in city was too many cars, more that parking spots, and trafic was so horible you sometimes go 40min by car from one end city to other but by bike you were from one side to other under 20min so what city did? take loan and build 2 parking houses (currently building 3rd that is mostly covered from profit of previous 2) on entrences of city + edit most of bus routes to have stop at those parking houses (residents can buy yearly parking card – in price of that is 200 free bus rides in city whit that card, or you can pay 5euros per day- 4 free bus rides on that), and add on many streets no parking sign / higher priced parking automats (most of city is now half-empty (you may see 5-20 cars on street now). Or trash on street? Local law that if you catched thow even gum or cigarette butt, you may pay fine base on size of trash, but you also have in next month duty to work in city cleaning crew at least 4hours , again base on size of trash you catch throwing(no problem whit illegals junkyards from time that law aplied – many people willing pay but not that many willing to working on cleaning in orange vest 😀 ) . People just dont realize how mutch can good local community and responsible local administration that think solutions longer that just one term do.

  133. Element says:

    Earth could support a population of 1 trillion.

  134. KMerckCPA says:

    Michael was not only rude, but then both he and Tim laughed at his rude remark. This was after both of them had not let Alex get a word in for several minutes. Also Tim worships Malice like a god, and he’s always a dick to Alex, so it’s to be expected.

  135. Element says:

    Thanks, Bill Gates for letting me know that people = pollution and that we need to reduce the pollution.

  136. KMerckCPA says:

    Michael was not only rude, but then both he and Tim laughed at his rude remark. This was after both of them had not let Alex get a word in for several minutes.

  137. Hottaco says:

    Website keeps reloading cutting off the vid and restarting:-(

  138. arakkala says:

    i was not able to post this comment on Youtube……you guys need to have Curtis Yarvin.

  139. jprattie says:

    In the 60’s and 70’s there used to be open discussion in the media about over-population and population control; it was a real concern, particularly the idea of population density, since the US has vast swaths of land with no people (drive through Eastern Oregon for example). NOW – the issue of over-population and the discussion is hidden from the public; instead being dealt with in insidious ways – indirect ways of thinning the herd.

    Funny how we NOW have a “COVID” vaccine that largely targets older folks; eliminating them saves the Government billions of dollars annually in Social Security and Medicare savings.

  140. HangNBang says:

    Malice tries to hard to be alpha when he feels insecure around men. Constantly beating up on Alex. Joe was rather abrasive in a way this evening but LOVED that he is the only one who will check malice and malice shuts the fuck up

  141. redrumax says:

    change my mind

  142. s_cypher says:

    He’s going to be on today.

  143. margoflorida says:

    I agree, I think Michael was so rude to Alex and I like Michael. Alex is loud and does talk a lot but we all know ALEX WAS RIGHT!!!

  144. SonnyGL7 says:

    Love you guys but come on, you guys went to hard on not letting Alex talk. Seriously, I understand that you all have strong opinions and all make great points but tim & Michael came off super rude to Alex & Ian. Let the man talk; we hear you guys all the time and have YouTube for our convenience. Alex is the only one who we can’t see on YouTube. Michael why be so harsh and passive aggressive? I hope tomorrow is a better day for you. Ian & Lydia I appreciate and love you guys wish we could hear more from you guys. 🙏🏼☯️

  145. RoodlyAwakened says:

    Bring Blaire back on while you’re in Austin and give her the opportunity to speak. I was so sad she couldn’t get much of a word in with Alex and Rogan both there. I did thoroughly enjoy the show though!

  146. TheRealZac says:

    Cry me a river beta cuck. Keep simling for malice. Protecting people like you are why he banned me. Lul

  147. Dmills says:

    Yup! And i have no problem saying that’s one fine ass man! Not sure i want to fuck him, but I’ll leave the door open just in case she says yes…..😉

  148. MartinitraM says:

    Tim. Give Pete Roberts, Origin (Maine) USA, a call. They may not be able to actual make the beanies, but i’m pretty sure they will get you in contact with someone who will.

  149. Phantomcode says:

    Definitely hot

  150. NC_NATE says:


  151. NC_NATE says:


  152. Fxs888 says:

    “But that’s a pollution issue, not a population issue.” Where does pollution come from? Facepalms. Lining Ocean Blvd. Facepalms.

  153. Fxs888 says:

    The sound keeps in cutting out

  154. YepYep says:

    Michael Malice, don’t follow you on social but have noticed your wit & intentional acts of respect… As you know, this an amazing group of people with a wide difference of opinion, free speech, and debate. Was sad for the audience to see you turning away with disrespectful and short responses to some of the other guest’s, at times to Tim himself… For all we know, you could have had the worst day ever or struggling with something, just hopeful that whatever was egging you is resolved, and for us to see the humble and kinder side once more… Sincerely much love to you and the rest of the cast…

  155. tomrat247 says:

    This was the greatest thing to happen to Podcastdom ever.

  156. NeverMetTheGuy says:

    Just do the Rogan show.

  157. AndyfromWrexham says:

    I agree but it makes me feel gay for saying so. Because I’m a man and Blaire is a biological male. Although she looks like a hot chick. I’m confused…

  158. malcontentyouth says:

    Long time watcher of timcast and all he does, decided to become member today, due to this podcast. Keep up the great work, love free minded people talking on subjects censored by MSM. Fuck Joe Biden and MSM. Health care is a personal choice…period.

  159. -Minto- says:

    that’s a man . . .

  160. -Minto- says:

    Blaire is a man.

  161. dkraft says:

    All your base are belong to us.

    You have no chance to survive. Make your time.

  162. dkraft says:

    Still Live, Still in the face of tyranny.

  163. dkraft says:

    A VAN, DOWN BY THE RIVER destroys the ratings of MSM.

    There will be no film at 11pm, but there will be MORE VANS BROADCASTING and killing the mockingbird.

  164. Darthmonkey says:

    You can’t call someone a boomer and then have the comment box at the bottom of the page. Also has anyone noticed that Alex always wears that NASA shirt when he is on other people’s podcasts? He’s like a dad who only has one good t-shirt left and he only wears it when he goes out with his friends. Either it’s a deliberate message or he only has that one good t-shirt. I would also like to add that I called this show line up, I just had Jimmy Dore instead of Blair, when you guys were down with the sickness. I next predict a child will be riding an elephant from a zoo down the street in a major north American City. Hope that one doesn’t come true.

  165. dkraft says:

    does shilling on random podcasts really work ?

  166. dkraft says:

    yeah – “Now the gloves come off, the stickers come off my shirt and we can really let loose”

    – water desalination, Error 404 Lead not found in water, and overpopulation theories.


  167. dkraft says:

    “after 250 years, we stopped following the Constitution and NOW it’s not working so…

    Lets come up with a new plan”


  168. RuthlessAdmin says:

    Blaire White is hot as hell. Don’t care what you think.

  169. Nicc515 says:

    I can hear Alex at the very end saying again “Reset…”

  170. Alive1time says:

    I have been upstate taking care of my mother because she started having health problems. I haven’t been able to keep up with your work and I am an avid viewer of all your shows and segments. But when I seen that you were having some of the biggest and most prominent people in the alt media space on your show today I had to tune it. This was great, it really made my day. I’m glad to see your business taking off and even more glad to see the other prominent people in your space show up to have important and wild discussions. I would love to see more episodes like this. I can’t wait to wake up and see what the slanderous people of the left have to say about this when I google search all your names in one search and also see what is trending on the dumpster fire that we call twitter. Probably gonna headline “group of far right conspiracy theorist horse dewormer consuming prominent figure heads of the fringe alternative media gather in Tim Pool’s trailer parked on side of road to spread misinformation and lies”. I can’t wait to see the lefties squirm in their seats as they write about this night. We will remember it as the night that Tim Pool broke the internet with his friends.

  171. Guitartommy5150 says:

    Agreed. Once you have Jones and Malice you have everything you need- just step out of the way. But Tim has a bit of a mancrush on Malice, and as soon as Malice told Tim he was wrong the entire mood shifted and he took it out on Jones.

  172. Ambrossia188 says:

    “Be Less White” -Coca-Cola < pepsi

  173. Ambrossia188 says:

    He’s the only one who can…

  174. Ambrossia188 says:

    I am sure Tim is thankful for your monetary contributions.

  175. FatalFate says:

    Really? Bing, Samsung, Vimeo, etc. competition exists, either you’re not serious or you seriously don’t know what a monopoly is. Powerful dominant is not a monopoly.

  176. SIMONTACCHI says:

    Jerry Brown’s dad was also a California Governor and created The California Water Project, 4 phases of which only 2 were completed, 2 will provide for 20 million. If the tertiary phase was completed it would supply 40 million by adding damns and reservoirs and the final phase was engineered to supply up to 80 million, the Tree Huggers won’t let them finish it. 2/3 of the population lives where 1/3 of the water is, we have enough water and a feckless Government.

  177. Ambrossia188 says:

    Then don’t pay to watch… 🤷🏽‍♀️

  178. joso997 says:

    Eh, Linus is the same. I think he will grow out of it after few years.

  179. McCaffrey6100 says:

    Agreed. As a life long Californian I can confirm this. The population of CA has doubled since the last time CA increased it’s water reservoir capacity. Eco warriors keep blocking dam projects.

  180. Ambrossia188 says:

    It’s what gives Michael his charm… He was just attempting to wrangle a wild animal. Both the dog and Alex 😆. But seriously, I doubt Alex cared. For one thing he’s not a puss but also they are great friends.

  181. BladeRunner says:

    Michael Malice: “Markets don’t tend towards monpoly’s”

    Looks askance @ YouTube, Google, Apple, Microsoft, Intel – etc etc etc

    One of the dumbest things I’ve ever heard. Intellectual? – I think not.

  182. John Tango Mango says:

    Stop suppressing your most honest guest, Alex.

  183. says:

    100%, he just can’t stop himself! Tim has such a huge fucking ego and it really hinders the quality of the show.

  184. rcontinijr says:

    Kyle’s lawyer needs to amend his motion to dismiss to include a second Brady violation. The prosecution represented to the court that they didn’t know the identity of jump kick man. That’s a lie jump kick man went to the prosecutor and tried to cut a deal for immunity to testify against Kyle. They turned jump kick man down because the crimes he tried to get immunity for are several felonies. That’s 2 Brady violations on top of the 2 5th amendment violations. This judge is too naive he truly believes in the process and the people of Kenosha will give Kyle a fair trial. He needs to be confronted with as much evidence to the contrary to get him to declare a mistrial.

  185. WarriorPoet says:

    If the news about the motion doesn’t open your eyes to the corrupted state we live in, nothing will. Help fix it.

  186. MikeyB says:

    If the prosecutors purposely gave the defense a lower quality video in order to use the quality to their advantage, couldn’t that be tampering with evidence?
    Kyle walks free. He has to after this. Especially if the judge has the video reviewed in the court.

  187. John Tango Mango says:

    When Tim isn’t the center of attention think, he freaks out and monopolized everything–even in the members only!

    This WILL be your downfall.

  188. shadowbanned says:


  189. shadowbanned says:

    If it was a presidential race they would still lose to a fortified election, but it would still be funny.

  190. FatillacN says:

    He’s either drunk or over medicated. And generally has no manners.

  191. shadowbanned says:


  192. rhyolite says:

    The Central Valley of California–where water shortages abound–is nowhere near as population-dense as the coasts, which import water from the mountains. Overpopulation has nothing to do with water shortages in the valley, as Tim touched on with luxury exports grown with our dwindling groundwater supply. I like Michael, but he doesn’t understand issues outside his city-boy bubble.

  193. shadowbanned says:

    “Interpretation is a hell of a drug” -the apostles

  194. Ktotheswiss says:

    I WILL MAKE YOUR BEANIES TIM….You just have to find the material types and I’ll learn the skills necessary to produce them.

  195. Blumpkin908 says:

    We have a thing called the great salt plans. Ship the salt there where it won’t cause a problem. You can’t hurt the salt with more salt

  196. shadowbanned says:

    Self report! Aphix is sus.

  197. shadowbanned says:

    Acted like one too. He looked way too far out of his element for a guy that knee’d people in the head for a living. It seemed to me like he didn’t like that Alex was there. Like being in the room to have a serious discussion with an old drinking buddy from your 20s that never stopped drinking and now you’re in your 40s, and thinks it’s sad from his perspective, but ‘The Drunk’ is making more sense than you so you are resentful and everything they do is a fault.

  198. John Tango Mango says:

    Tim can’t Google. Fucking jew shill bitch.

  199. Savage says:

    Excellent show!!!

  200. unclepauly says:

    Malice silenced Alex?

  201. Thequaz says:

    Alex please shut the fuck up. Love you but you don’t know how to keep your mouth shut. And Tim is the most arrogant confidently incorrect egotistical controlling douche canoe I’ve ever seen. Let people fucking talk and admit you are wrong dude.

  202. FatillacN says:

    What no Jack Murphy to complete this cluster freak? Actually maybe he could have moderated.

    Some may think the podcast was epic, I think it was a complete train wreck of not only echo chamber ideas but regurgitated talking points. Not that I disagree with them, but at some point are they trying to change minds or just self flatulate? Jones is effectively running interference with his dude slumber party antics. Might be fun for them but hard to watch. Thank God for Lydia for at least keeping the transitions fluid.

  203. C Keeper87 says:

    Withholding exculpatory evidence (evidence showing a defendant is not guilty of the crime(s) charged) is known as Brady evidence, based on a court case of Brady vs. The United States. It’s colloquially known as “Brady Evidence”.

  204. shadowbanned says:

    I don’t know who you guys are talking about, but it sounds like some interesting show to be produced… if either party has beef, they should hear it recorded, that usually susses out the bs unless egos are on the menu. I’ll have to look into both parties on my own… this is what I love about these coment sections, new leads to go on. Like the 4chan of Olde. Just threads of information to tug upon and in the process discover gems.

  205. RoseTyler says:

    IRL episodes are on the site to watch as well.

  206. says:

    No way!!!
    Coke > Pepsi!
    Pepsi Is too sweet and does not have enough carbination.

  207. shadowbanned says:

    They can’t take the sky from us.

  208. says:

    Tim was being just as big of a dick if not bigger than MM. It was really just on the members only show but still, he was being a fucking asshole! He gets so frustrated with Alex and treats him like absolute shit! All he wants to do is cut off Alex (and all of his “guests”) and make sure his voice is heard and that he is the focus and star of the show. It’s so fucking unprofessional and it really gets me thinking about unsubscribing to his youtube channel and getting rid of my membership.

  209. Tommy_Treez says:

    Big up

  210. John_Beart says:

    Pepsi for the win. Fuck coke. Definitely ant interesting night.

  211. foddertarget says:

    I agree with Malice that the world is not currently over populated. It is actually being grossly mismanaged.

  212. JaeSea says:

    Good luck with everything. My thoughts are with you.

  213. Zeitgeist says:

    Tim, regarding your dead zone comments, you know Fukishima is STILL spewing out radioactive water into the Pacific Ocean, right??

  214. JaeSea says:


  215. AverageScruffy says:

    I didn’t read through the comments so I apologize if this is redundant, but as a Californian, I think I have a better understanding of the water issue than Tim. The problem isn’t the drought. The drought is exacerbating it, but the real problem is water management. Michael’s solution of privatizing water would solve the problem. The state refuses to collect rainwater and snowmelt in reservoirs, and instead lets it run into the ocean to save some endangered fish.

  216. Zeitgeist says:

    Pollution has always been the problem but it is ignored mainly because biggest polluters are the government and big industry who do not want to change.

  217. MrDominoss says:

    The beanie IS Tim

  218. CNunez says:


  219. AUDREK says:

    Rohan? More like Becky.

  220. HomieRDawg says:

    I’m glad we’re back to Alex Jones saying something that sounds crazy and Tim going like “wait what?” haha

  221. TheCanadianCelt says:

    Best show every tonight. It was mind blowing with the live news about the Rittenhouse trial. Love all you guys for keeping it real and being yourself. It was my love of Joe that lead me to all of you guys in some strange way or another.
    -Morgan Hengel

  222. anarchohioan says:

    Maybe you should have just been less insufferable and he wouldn’t have blocked you

  223. Doublea84 says:

    Bravo! good job to the Timcast crew putting this together.

  224. AntonioRouen says:

    I wanted to hear Alex Jones more in this segment. Seems like y’all were a bit short and harsh to him a bit much.

  225. Rohan says:

    I liked him the first time I saw him on Tim’s show…Now I have seen his true colors and learned his POV he is just as bad as any of the commies trying to say socialism just wasn’t done right. His comments to Drew and Alex were disrespectful. He is an ass and I am happy Joe put him in his place tonight.

  226. alienbeans says:

    i feel like commenting..something cool, funny, uplifting..idk. great shows.

  227. Zeitgeist says:

    The answer to the population issue is to educate women in poor areas. In all cases where this has taken place, birth rates decrease. In a generation, population will reduce.

  228. SaStrixS says:

    This was legendary!

  229. Kyle253 says:

    Dude you have people to do your segments when you cannot. Pass the torch, man.

  230. Reddog72601 says:

    Yes what the hell was that

  231. unspecialnoob says:

    When Alex stood up to give Joe a hug, that back sweat made me seriously consider switching teams…

  232. unspecialnoob says:

    Lol Poor Ian, always picked on

  233. unspecialnoob says:

    Man, what a ride! This show was crazy and epic. So glad y’all pulled this off!

    I’d like to hear more of Michael’s explanation on how power wouldn’t concentrate in an anarchic society. The conversation turned away way to quickly. It seems to me the same as communism: great on paper, but I don’t see a feasible way to implement if irl. I feel like there needs to be a certain minimal level of government to combat the inevitable corruption that would arise. I guess Michael’s argument is that the corruption will infect the government too, so government isn’t worth it? I’m not sure I’m sold on that idea.

  234. Axeman says:

    Great show!
    The withholding of exculpatory evidence falls under a “Brady Violation”

  235. says:

    Malice is kind of a doosh

  236. says:

    Here’s the FDA doc that alex’s has been talking about
    “To provide a vaccine with an improved stability profile, the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine
    for use in children 5-11 years of age uses tromethamine (Tris) buffer instead of the phosphatebuffered saline (PBS) as used in the previous formulation and excludes sodium chloride and
    potassium chloride. The packaged vials for the new formulation are stored frozen at -90°C to –
    60°C. The frozen vials may be thawed and stored at refrigerator at 2°C to 8°C for up to 10

  237. VernonRedmon says:

    Overturned lake of evidence. Lol

  238. Rohan says:

    Was there a point when Michael Malice wasn’t being a fucking prick. Dude was rude to Alex and Drew the whole night because his tiny little sick got slapped when Joe called him out on his nose. Fuck that ass! Tim just playing into it like the sniveling second school yard bully wasn’t pretty either. I don’t like that shit.

  239. ClintStJohn says:

    I’m happy I stayed up to watch the after-show tonight and didn’t wait for tomorrow, that was some breaking news!

  240. DevanteWeary says:

    When Malice and especially Tim hit those high notes, it kills my ears.

  241. says:

    I’m a bit disappointed. With a cast like this I was hoping for some deeper convos and more controversial topics.

  242. VernonRedmon says:

    Yup it fixed its self I guess

  243. says:

    Here’s the FDA doc that alex’s has been talking about

  244. Dankond16 says:

    Wish Alex Jones was sober.

  245. a73s says:

    Michael malice an anarchist making an argument for environmental regulations, gold.

  246. gharder15 says:

    Just want to send Ian some good vibes. I’m sure he doesn’t smell like poo at all. If anything he would just smell of regular BO.

  247. KillCali says:

    California government is corrupt! They will bleed the place of water and ALL other resources.

    Free Jefferson!! No Taxation Without Representation

  248. VernonRedmon says:

    Great show thank you for making the 2cd night of my vacation one of the best.

  249. g says:


    cut them some slack man, or direct your feedback to be less of a bitch..

    also, i dig the dynamic range, i think it would be cool to even add an old timey filter – as it feels as though we’re already the resistance in the shadows.

  250. Anubis says:

    Don’t be mean to Alex

    Go to

  251. Jay1 says:

    Dude, let me punch Alex in the arm, but he’s gotta punch me back

  252. thill42 says:

    Who makes guys questions their sexuality more? Blair or Alex?

  253. Juggalo says:

    This show is exactly what I needed tonight! I live in Hamilton Washington, which is experiencing record level flooding at the moment. My house is not underwater do to a slight ground elevation but as of yesterday my home has been surrounded by water with a 100′ buffer in any direction. I literally need a boat to go down my driveway, so needless to say I am royally stuck and shows like this are the only thing keeping me sane!
    Thank you guys for putting on an awesome show and keeping it real!

  254. Simba says:

    Hakuna matata

  255. lowellow says:

    I live in a Flint suburb and followed the water issue closely. The lead problem was because many old houses have lead pipes going from the main water line to the house. When they changed to Flint River water, they failed to add chemicals to stop corrosion of the pipes as the river water was corrosive while the previous source was not. When the houses and buildings were built, some had lead pipes, some had copper or something else. Records were not kept of what was what. One house had poison water while the house next door was okay. This was more common in older houses which were also poorer neighborhoods. Most of the lines have been replaced at considerable cost.

  256. karebear581 says:

    Absolutely loved the topics in tonight’s show. I am interested in knowing your sources of information about the “water crisis” and “overpopulation”. I teach environmental ecology in a public school. I would love to find more up to date materials.

  257. joea says:

    Blair White didn’t say very much at all

  258. Resamar says:

    Proof we will never be satisfied lol

  259. ThorAsgard says:

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  260. themorrigan1973 says:

    A few interesting thoughts,people spreading put would help with area overpopulation.
    Since we still have a INO functioning government wouldn’t it make sense (with starlink and other better functioning internet) for governments to offer incentives with expiring caps to move internet companies and other tech companies to areas with zero population in the United States?

    Many of these places exist in America that already have homes and infrastructure but are otherwise abandoned.

    It might not be how many would stop regional overpopulation but seems to be a good business decision.

  261. TomsTrains says:

    The defense played the lower resolution version, The blond lady explained that is what the prosecution provided to her. The prosecution said they had a higher resolution video. Don’t know why anyone caught that then.

  262. drewncharlie says:

    The main stream media is on its way out. My dads generation is the last that will trust them they are over censorship or not

  263. DBurleson says:

    And if they don’t bring back Firefly!

  264. Murryfairy says:

    I volunteered for the Novavax Vaccine Trial, because I’m a healthy young adult and understand the risks. It’s absolutely moronic for the government to force people to be lab rats for them.

  265. Keysersozay says:

    Lol relax turbo.
    Getting a bit exagerative there mate. They do a decent job considering there is about 7-8 people and in a fucking van. Geezus fucking sake mate

  266. pcpoet says:

    live in california central valley. Water issue is fake. california is not bulding the infrastruct like damms to store water southern california is not the major food producer/ the area producing food is the cental valley.

  267. Coreton says:

    Ummm just like Climate change, what evidence do you have that these dead zones did not exist before science evolved to a point it could detect them? Remember we only started looking at where things are not after we run out of new places to look where things are.

  268. DavidFlora says:

    Bannon was in DC turned himself in and was released same afternoon.

  269. Texasrob@patriot says:

    Great show. Thanks for great content.

    Malice kinda a prick though. Remember, while Alex constantly interrupts and is a wild man, malice needs to show some respect as AJ was reporting on the matrix Years before MM was anyone.

    Keep waking up America…shtf and everyone knows it. No exceptions, everyone I know feels “Something” is coming.


  270. DavidFlora says:

    Welcome, it will continue. Tim’s hitting the road to continue doing these types of shows.

  271. Tilly4Rilly says:

    I was late to the damned party, AGAIN!?

  272. aphix says:

    Overpopulation is a thinly-veiled racist myth.


  273. Anubis says:

    How is malice 53 years old? I thought he was like 38

  274. WWWYZZ3RDDD says:

    Blaire White is Fake News!!!

  275. Smokey_mcpuff says: I was shot in 2016 and am still dealing with complications due to my wound not healing correctly, anything helps towards my surgeries thank you

  276. CuriousNation says:

    The problem is population concentration, not density.

    Also, to Michael’s point, it’s mismanagement of the ecosystem and the technology applied. We can do desalination as long as we properly treat and dispose of the brine instead of straight dumping it back into the ocean. It just increases the cost of production.

  277. Crossedivide says:

    Alex Jones is right. Here is the FDA document. Look on Page 14

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  279. ATRAiN904 says:


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    Is there a way to watch the actual episodes on this site, or is it only the after show and clips that get uploaded here?

  281. AnglicanPriest says:

    Blaire is a fascinating lady, and was an excellent guest to include. I’ve appreciated her social commentary for a few years now. Good show, everyone!

  282. jimmothy343 says:

    If only we could add Steven Crowder or Ben Shapiro this. Twould be godly.

  283. knoxvillain says:

    t’is watchable now

  284. aphix says:

    but it definitely wouldn’t also be with Tsarion, he has a beef with MP IIRC (not mutual)

  285. TheComedian says:

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  286. BlazeCast says:

    Keep getting 507 error codes. Tim needs to teach Lydia how to configure audio input limits or get someone who can. I can’t stand the random explosion of decibels. It’s really stupid and appalling coming from someone’s operation when they constantly brag about being convincing or a master of social engineering. Many people will turn off whatever randomly blows their eardrums, wake up their family, or scare elderly in the vicinity.

  287. traceyblott72 says:

    I keep getting error won’t play 🙄

  288. knoxvillain says:

    objection! speculation

  289. aphix says:

    As a personal friend of MP (I’m the live show producer), I’ll pass the thought along =)

  290. TheAntiCuck says:

    We are stress-testing tonight.

  291. amiller1179 says:

    Well they did say it would break the internet

  292. Heimburglar says:

    pretty sure they locked Bannon up like 2 days ago

  293. WWWYZZ3RDDD says:


  294. says:

    Video error occurred.

  295. Neurosoup says:

    the anointing oil had cannabis and a number of psychoactive compounds in it so yes.. the holy spirit..

  296. ThorAsgard says:

    AK guy is wrong, AR is where its at!

  297. HedleyLamarr4Governor says:

    Joined because of tonight’s show.. A new cabal of freedom made quorum tonight! Hopefully this becomes a regular thing

  298. TheRealZac says:

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  301. TheAntiCuck says:

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  302. Tinkcom26 says:


  303. DCrockafella says:

    It didn’t blow my mind like I thought it would, Joe Rogan seemed stoned a.f. I really really thought they where going to have on Elon Musk, or Mathew McConaughey. Tim was trying to teach Alex that you have to “met people where they are at” come one man. Joe Rogan held his tounge I think he has been “cancelled” to many times . The first time they had Alex on I thought Tim was going to explode it was funny watching him get angry, I think that one is only on rumble. The banned Alex Jones on joe Rogan episode is also epic a.f. too. I told everyone about tonight’s episode alot of younger people who only know Alex from the story about how Sandy hook parents are after him, which that story got about one million times more publicly shared then the actual one time that he said it may have been a hoax.

  304. TheRealZac says:

    Encoding waiting room. Malice is a boomer that bans people because he needs a safe space

  305. GrapeGrows says:


  306. SeaSeeRNFTs says:

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  307. WWWYZZ3RDDD says:

    Best state in the Union! Also is sucks DON’T move here!!!

  308. Randy_Lehey says:

    See this on Sat after upload.

    Luke’s question: Tim Dillon, Michael Malice, Dave Smith and Alex Jones.

  309. Heimburglar says:

    I already mistakenly posted this as a reply but i want it as a standalone comment.

    I want Alex Jones and Michael Tsarion together on the podcast.

    Unslaved Podcast with Michael Tsarion was such a treat while it was free. GUYS! If you want some Alex Jones level occult deep dives, i HIGHLY Suggest Michael Tsarion and Mark Passio. Jordan Maxwell is interesting too but i question his legitimacy.

    If Mark Passio was on Timcast is super chat $50.

    Watch his video on Natural Law. Its 8 hours long but well worth it. I have been emailing Ian to watch it because i think it would destroy his post modernist thinking.

  310. TheAntiCuck says:

    Is Crowder later this week?

  311. WWWYZZ3RDDD says:


  312. Based says:


  313. samtaylor says:

    Loved the show tonight. Can’t wait to watch the member’s segment and I hope you have all of these wonderful people on again soon.

  314. Heimburglar says:

    I want Alex Jones and Michael Tsarion together on the podcast.

    Unslaved Podcast with Michael Tsarion was such a treat while it was free. GUYS! If you want some Alex Jones level occult deep dives, i HIGHLY Suggest Michael Tsarion and Mark Passio. Jordan Maxwell is interesting too but i question his legitimacy.

    If Mark Passio was on Timcast is super chat $50.

    Watch his video on Natural Law. Its 8 hours long but well worth it. I have been emailing Ian to watch it because i think it would destroy his post modernist thinking.

  315. Neph says:

    The only way to top that would be to have the van participate in a race while the podcast is going…

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