Media Just Causally ADMITS The Great Reset Is Real, its Happening, And Says Get USED TO IT

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  1. AJOborny says:

    Yes people dumping grease down the drain makes me so mad. Its easy save glass jars from pasta sauce and pour grease in it once its full throw the whole thing away

  2. The Talons of Alan says:

    Does living in the suburbs of Tucson where I can own chickens and a garden bed or two count as the city?

  3. beijingbiden says:

    The Great Reset is the Technocrat Party from 1920 Great Depression America. It was a communist party that rather than being led by a mob and the strongest thug takes control of the country, instead the country is led by the elites.

    It is essentially neo-serfdom and frankly should be fought by every man, woman and child in the West to prevent mass slavery of all of us for the elites. Don’t give up your gun rights, take them to court for every civil rights infraction, fight them tooth and nail.

  4. flanned2 says:

    I literally can’t see any of the videos and I cleared my cookies and shit

  5. SillySuzyBumblebee says:

    If you look at what Fauci said at any time, his recommendations caused the maximum amount of people to be infected. He refused to say the riots were spreading the virus. All along, he did everything he could to make sure as many people as possible died. He is a genocidal megalomaniac with his buddy Bill Gates. THIS IS GENOCIDE 101!

  6. RobinetDeTrie says:

    A reminder : The original phrase is :
    You will own nothing, you’ll have no privacy, but you’ll be happy…

  7. FergusonRage says:

    “a special kind of fucking dumb”

    Is that an accent I hear?

    They laugh about the poop. And yet today I watched A Jordan Peterson podcast with a North Korean escapee, who told a story of how they collect shit for fertilizer. As children the state made them do it.

  8. Vashts1985 says:

    the masks were not effective AT ALL! medical science has known this for years. these masks dont stop aerosol viral spread. the sicence never changed and there was not any real attempt to refute current understanding of medical science,


  9. ColonelLingus says:

    Grease nukes the biomat that naturally forms in a septic system lateral waste water distribution system.. Turns it into an impermeable fatty mass. And don’t use Rid-X and comparable products. I effectively does the same thing.

  10. Bigly12025 says:

    I think you’re greatly underestimating the “own nothing” aspect and don’t know why you assume things can’t be taken from you. Also, why are you so accepting of unelected people deciding how to mold and transform your life? What if I just declared that you will no longer have a company, a skate park, a house, or even a fucking van by the river? Are you OK with someone simply declaring that and then taking devious and secretive steps toward making it a reality – all without your consent? I would hope not.

  11. Bigly12025 says:

    Sounds like the Davos fuckwads unilaterally decided that they wanted the elderly and obese to be systematically removed from the population.

  12. thebogs says:

    Also, I sent an email to you guys about donating an auction item – would love to hear back!! 🙂

  13. thebogs says:

    I grew up in the 80’s hearing talk about “Agenda 21”. Agenda 21 = The Great Reset. Look it up.

  14. GryphonsClaw says:

    Tim, Beef is very sustainable when raised on pasture. The problem is the CAFOs. When raised on pasture and properly rotated the cattle sequester carbon. Grass is perennial, it doesn’t need to replanted, it doesn’t need fertilizer because the cattle and bugs do that, and it doesn’t need water because of the long tap roots. When the grass is grazed some of the roots drop opening up pathways for water and sequestering the carbon in the soil. Compare that to corn and soy which involve irrigation, chemical fertilizers and pesticides, and is a monoculture that removes diversity and life. Get Joel Salatin on your show, he will explain this and he is your neighbor in VA. And also, Bison is better than cattle because they are more hardy and require less water.

    • JonesyTheGent says:

      Hey Tim,

      Your theory on Hawks is incorrect. My mom just had one die from a hawk attack a week earlier. It didn’t kill her but she was apparently mortally wounded. They started using 12 lb test line spider webbed atop some of their pecking range. Seen that work on Egrays from getting into koi ponds.

    • MissMary says:

      Who in the HELL wastes bacon grease? You keep that stuff! Put it in the fridge and use it again for other things. Man, if you are going off grid you need to know how to use EVERYTHING. Minimal waste!

  15. kltmariani says:

    I said it before, this “sickness” seems like it was specifically engineered to cull those that cause the most drain on socialized medicine.

  16. AuntieBarb says:

    Tim, you should have Kimi Katiti on the show! Originally from South Africa, she lives in LA and has a Youtube channel that focuses on debunking Critical Race Theory…AND on promoting skateboarding! She’sdbe a great guest and could be a great west coast correspondent. Here is her channel:

  17. Opossum says:

    “And you’ll be happy” sounds more like a threat…

    • James_Smullins says:

      It is, that you’ll be happy about it is the end of the sentence that says you will be under 24/7 surveillance.

      Like China they will monitor everything and they already are and have the means now thanks to smart phones. If you complain your social score drops, you can’t do somethings now until you get it back up and peer pressure will force you to keep a smile on your face and not complain because that will also be reflected in the social credit score.

      So yes the you’ll be happy about it is a threat when the entire sentence is read.

  18. Timcast Crew – Check out “The Biden Truck”; the Ford F150 Lightning. YOU CAN USE THE TRUCK AS A BACKUP BATTERY TO POWER YOUR HOUSE!!! Seriously look at this truck, I think you need AT LEAST 1.

    • DatBueno says:

      Not to be negative, but does anyone else get the feeling that we’re just paying Tim to ensure Tim and crew are taken care of? Everytime Tim talks about how well off he is and won’t be effected by any thing makes me question why I am giving him more money, granted it’s not much, but I’m adding grains of sand to his heap. I dunno, maybe it’s jealousy because I can’t afford all the things he can and I’m still giving him money.

  19. Haze87x says:

    Tim bro people will come to your house in the end of the world, your rural but not that rural.

  20. MediumMusic says:

    I think I am IN LOVE with the fact I can close your podcasts without paying YouTube ❤️❤️❤️

  21. says:

    The aliens met with world leaders but said they would NOT deal with us without a global economy, one leader, and peace. This explains the Great Reset, China rushing to become the superpower, the rise of authoritarianism….

  22. VauxhallViva1975 says:

    I have to say, I do rather enjoy Tim’s impersonations of people. They are rather good. 🙂

  23. Kewellli says:

    Do you think that the yber attacks on gas and meat could be an inside job – no fossils fuels, no cows….etc.

  24. shoebootie says:

    It’s been a few years since I started prepping for this. I connected with a local seed bank and I have my own big stash of seeds. We have several large freezers which are packed with meat and fish. We have solar generators, solar cookers, a greenhouse, a big 6′ privacy fence, a year’s worth of emergency food, 6 months of dog food and treats, guns for hunting, fishing rods, lures, dehydrator, etc. We have a water filtration system. Now I just keep adding to our stuff. My hubby called me a food hoarder, until JBS was attacked. He took back everything he said, lol. I work from home and DH can walk a block to work. Etc., etc.,

  25. Aaron_C says:

    I think I am at my end point for tolerating people in L.A. putting on their mask when I pass them on the sidewalk.

  26. MigL says:

    I work for my local sewer plant, grease isn’t good at any point in the sewage system. Especially at the treatment plant, we can handle a little but some fast food places just dump all their grease directly into the lift stations/manholes. There is something called a grease trap for a reason.

  27. Steven.white says:

    I think that Fauci knew his email was FOIMA so he came out with Lab Leak so the email so don’t seem so bad.

  28. DrVinnyBoombatz says:

    I understand where Tim is coming from with his constant drumbeat of bias towards cities, but the idea that everyone can just clear out of the city and move into a rural area would, if actually widely adopted, just create a more densely populated rural landscape — politically purple and probably full of many of the same issues the cities and suburbs have now.

  29. Janart48 says:

    you should learn about bee keeping and get into it. 🙂

  30. Johnli says:

    My parent recently paid off all of their debt and my family has 4 cars in the driveway.

  31. PlayaMedicineMan says:

    The Great Reset “They said it’s a conspiracy theory, until they said it isn’t.” I’ve been saying this since Jan.6th.
    The first time the phrase “conspiracy theory” was used was in relation to the J.F.K. Assinination.
    Do you really believe that there was no election fraud or anything else that the media says?

  32. wokewok says:

    Install a grease trap. Mine allows me to dump all the grease I want down the kitchen sink to the septic.

  33. FirstThessalonian says:

    This guy says the reset also wants to put cameras in the forests. Sorry tim, there will be no where to hide.

  34. Tflex says:

    Why doesn’t the video work

  35. Natebham says:

    You can have chickens in the city just not roosters . At least where I live.

  36. robka says:

    Why would government wanted to have people get vaccinated as much as possible?

  37. says:

    When running a wild chicken farm just keep an eye out for coyotes and raccoons. Hawks usually won’t go after one but it’s not completely out of the question.

  38. ErnestPWorrell says:

    Video player won’t show up on android


  40. Element says:

    BTC development is controlled by Blockstream. A major investor in Blockstream is AXA. At the time the investment was made back in 2016, the CEO and Chairman of AXA was Henri de Castries. Do you know what he is also the Chairman of? The Bilderberg Group in addition to being a member of the German Council on Foreign Relations and the Carnegie Endowment.

    • jprattie says:

      Funny how a $1 million Bitcoin times (x) the max circulation of Bitcoin (21 million coins by year 2140) equals $21 trillion dollars, roughly the size of the current U.S. Economy.

  41. MahoganyNotStirred says:

    I think you should more research on chickens. I think you’re going to need a bit more protection then you think.

  42. INFLUENTIAL358 says:

    I’m a plumber. When fat/grease settles in a pipe and starts clumping together, taking it out becomes more and more tedious as it sits.

    I remember removing the cleanout on a 4″ waste stack and I was pulling chunks the size of your hand of ROCK SOLID fat/grease.

  43. Social_Twerker says:

    we’re living in exciding times for sure, and the weirdest part of it, to me, is that most people don’t seem to even notice. They’re just walking about with their heads in their phones totally oblivious to the fact that nothing about their lifestyle is sustainable at all, but they think they can keep mindlessly doing what they do uninterrupted and indefinately. They also seem to think that giving the mainstream narrative a healthy critical evaluation is a complete waste of time on par with going down the rabbit hole of flat-earthers. It’s incredible to me how fast this generation got used to the way things are and the though that it will allways continue to be that way.

  44. NoOne123 says:

    I don’t think Tim realizes just how vicious these people at the WEF(World Economic Forum) really are. They are VERY serious about EVERYONE owning nothing, having no privacy, and being “happy”. Tim THINKS hes safe in his compound in the country. There are a couple of ways to attack people like Tim who are independent and off the grid.

    – You can set fire to their property or the area around their property. I believe Mao did this with those living out in the country in China during their revolution. The goal was to flush them out from the country and put them into “safe zones” in the city and then execute them via firing squad.
    – You can put a bullet in any sort of livestock farmers might have and that will instantly cripple their food supply. Eventually they’ll have no choice but to leave and make their way into the city for food.
    – Government regulation. This is actually already happening in a few states and probably the most likely tactic of attack. They can just make it illegal for you to own farm animals and grow crops and this will give them the ability to brand you as a criminal and raid your compound with armed forces. I believe in Oregon there was a law recently passed that made it illegal to own chickens. Cassandra Fairbanks at one point retweeted(its deleted now because she deletes tweets every few days; very inconvenient) that the federal government is attempting to pass legislation to crackdown on the growing of an extremely large list of crops including, “beans” under the guise that they have things in them that can be used to make, “drugs”. So now if you’re growing things like “beans” they can brand you as a drug dealer and you can expect the FBI to bust down your door to arrest you.

    You’re not as safe and secure as you think you are. If you think they’ll let you just live you’re life, you’re wrong. These people are VERY serious about what they want and so far they’re on schedule to achieve it. We’ll see how things play out.

    • Royalkin says:

      The happy component of “…and you’ll be happy” isn’t being happy because everything is awesome, but rather more like, “You’ll be happy or else!”.

    • PlayaMedicineMan says:

      Government regulations = U.N. Wildlands Project. It’s not a conspiracy, it’s a U.N. action plan.
      Globalism ends the Sovern United States of America, if we let it.

    • Elle77 says:

      I believe you are so right. It would not be a re-set if you are able to avoid it in any way. America is such a vast country it will be tricky for them but they are almost certainly going to try!

  45. Matt.ferguson42@yahoo.comm says:

    As we get closer and closer to the end of this road I can’t help but feel like this song, although a few years old at this point, has a place here.

  46. Unknown says:

    Point the finger back at them.

    Stop defending yourself, DEFEND yourself.

    We’ve been raised to believe that pointing a finger at someone is impolite. This is mostly taught by those who need the finger pointed at them the most.

    Defense is not offense. If someone points a finger at you in some moral judgement, point it right back at them for their equal mistake. They call you out, you call them out. Show them thats how this game is going to be played. If they want to actually talk then they will stop moralizing points. Then and only then can a solution be found.

    It’s childish and kinda pathetic, but thats really where we are. We need to re-learn some things as a society and that’s going to take some childish experiences.

    • PlayaMedicineMan says:

      Government regulations = U.N. Wildlands Project. It’s not a conspiracy, it’s a U.N. action plan.
      Globalism ends the Sovereign United States of America, if we let it.

  47. Dn1984 says:

    In the beginning you said City liberals would be hit worst , and then 21 minutes in explained why they already own nothing , and at least think they’re happy… and they don’t watch the news.. maybe they don’t even know what’s happening…!?!?

  48. Dn1984 says:

    You say masks are gone masks have been gone for me for quite a few months. I just ended the night shift in Massachusetts there is street signs that say masks still required dozens of people walking around at 2:00 in the morning with masks on outside near no one I’m in the f****** Twilight zone

  49. Nova says:

    Scomo has spoken out against the great reset, he has stated that we don’t need to reset capitalism and that capitalism is the reason the world is as great as it is.

    As the world goes to hell Australia will weather the storm as we have weathered the storm from calling out China while the world sat quiet. As for the meat shortage, well we will be fine because we have extra due to our on going trade war with China.

    It’s about time the world pulls it finger out and gets tough on China, Australia is only 25 million people, how much burden must we carry.

  50. Fishbiskit says:

    Some light reading for anyone who may be interested in some family history of the man behind the “Great Reset”
    or wants to understand why world leading “economic” figures support the “socialist” agenda in this nationand why it seems extremely familiar to a 1930’s era “socialist” movement.

    A quote from the article to get y’all started. “In the case of Klaus Schwab himself, it appears that he has helped to launder relics of the Nazi era, i.e. its nuclear ambitions and its population control ambitions, so as to ensure the continuity of a deeper agenda. While serving in a leadership capacity at Sulzer Escher Wyss, the company sought to aid the nuclear ambitions of the South African regime, then the most Nazi adjacent government in the world, preserving Escher Wyss’ own Nazi era legacy.”

    • NoOne123 says:

      I actually GREATLY appreciate this(i haven’t clicked the link yet but i will). I’ve been trying to understand the mindset behind these psychopaths that want to secure permanent power over the population for the longest time. I don’t get it just because they’re already rich and powerful, how are they not already content with where they’re at? Why isn’t that enough for them? They’ve already, “won” at life. Why can’t they just leave people alone? Its absolutely insane.

  51. angelsc26 says:

    In the early 60s, the Castro regimen lied and eventually convinced rural living folks their livestock were sick with a virus and thus could not be eaten and needed to be eliminated at once. Although many pushed back, including my family, eventually they were threaten and had no other choice. This made living on farms impossible. Don’t believe this could happen? Well, they have brainwashed an entire planet with Covid. Hide your chicks, hide your chickens; nobody is safe. Love you all.

    • NoOne123 says:

      Yeah, my family was also destroyed by communism in Hungary though we weren’t farmers. We were a family of Engineers and industrialists that were attempting to build infrastructure(telephone poles, train tracks, and water pumps) in Hungary and Italy. When the government decides they’re going to seize everything you own like factories there’s really not much you can do.

      Farmers are easily crippled and have been targets for as long as humans have conducted war. You control the food supply and you can control people. I mentioned a couple of tactics people could use against farmers in an earlier comment here. You’re not as safe as you think you are. Once the government consolidates power and creates the, “legal” justifications they need to come after you, they will.

      Sorry about your family in Cuba, Angelsc26

      • IrateModerate says:

        I grew up during the Cold war, used to wonder if my negative attitude towards communism might’ve been bc of US/ European propaganda.
        Then in the 90s I became close friends with some Hungarian folks so I asked them. They said hell no, US propaganda tried to be diplomatic, it was much much worse than you can imagine!
        Since then I’ve got no sympathy for commies, they’re evil, no qualifications necessary


  52. UncleNimrod says:

    I know im going to be in the “this guy is an idiot” pile…but you guys have such a silly concept of how different variations of masks function. And also have not been consistent on immune system support.

    You’re not alone…but it is genuinely criminal that very little info on multi-variate stochastic studies have not been reported…aka vitamin D affects even obese people’s response to the virus…also patients respond to different treatments based on blood type, cholesterol levels, and not least there is a difference in response to covid19 for people with allergies to local pollen and people who dont have those allergies.
    My wife has taken care of maybe 1200 covid positive patients here in Texas…the patterns are there. Why do you think you havent heard of these patterns? Why hasnt the NYT put this info into article form? I assure you it has been submitted.

    Deeper research needs to be done. Hope all our financial support provides enough funding for timcast to report on localized content like Michael Tracy produced last year. Once you know the national news is lying so blatantly about one thing…it is hard to ever believe what they say on any subject.

  53. Unknown says:

    I just learned the good news… it’s officially “Black Music Appreciation Month”…

    So now you get to be reminded 2 months out of the year to focus on skin color over quality.

    Lets think this through… black people are soo oppressed that they have 2 months dedicated to them, one is dedicated to their music because apparently not enough people appreciate it…. even tho ‘black music’ is the biggest cultural export the US has and absolutely every single American listens to some black artist, Many people exclusively listen to black music because so much music in the US is made by black people….. but we’re supposed to be reminded to appreciate it because they are underrepresented or something? And that we should forgo non-black music to help black people out in an industry they absolutely dominate in? This would be like trying to tell everyone not enough black people play basketball in the NBA…

    Fuck, the shear act of me pointing out this insanity just makes me sound racist because it’s so dripping with blatant racism that you can’t talk about it without sounding like the racists.

    I’m so fucking sick of all this racist woke shit.
    (I didn’t need a reminder to listen to Tupac or the Temptations, I was gunna do it anyways, fuck off woke virtue ads).

    • Unknown says:

      And to be abundantly clear. I’m not listening to either of those artists because of their skin color. I’m listening to them because they are fucking awesome. I’m not going to listen to music out of pitty or virtue.

      “Hey everyone, be sure to listen to and appreciate the black artists you already listen to and appreciate because like no one ever listens to them because they hate black people or some other insanely racist stupid bullshit”.

      • Unknown says:

        Point the finger back at them.

        Stop defending yourself, DEFEND yourself.

        We’ve been raised to believe that pointing a finger at someone is impolite. This is mostly taught by those who need the finger pointed at them the most.

        Defense is not offense. If someone points a finger at you in some moral judgement, point it right back at them for their equal mistake. They call you out, you call them out. Show them thats how this game is going to be played. If they want to actually talk then they will stop moralizing points. Then and only then can a solution be found.

        It’s childish and kinda pathetic, but thats really where we are. We need to re-learn some things as a society and that’s going to take some childish experiences.

    • IrateModerate says:

      Black culture is why we have rock n roll music and damn near everybody knows that and good on them for that!

      If you were wondering where all the White Supremacists went, they’re right in front of your face pushing CRT and fighting for white racial awakening.
      They’re WOKE.
      The leftist push for CRT is accomplishing everything white supremacists ever dreamed of. CRT is Racism, simple. Not reverse Racism, just Racism.

    • IrateModerate says:

      Black culture is why we have rock n roll music and damn near everybody knows that and good on black culture for that!

      If you were wondering where all the White Supremacists went, they’re right in front of your face pushing CRT and fighting for white racial awakening.
      They’re WOKE.
      The leftist push for CRT is accomplishing everything white supremacists ever dreamed of. CRT is Racism, simple. Not reverse Racism, just Racism.

  54. Crazylarry says:

    Killing cones. Slit their throats, and dump them in washing machine with dimples…. composting toilet, humanure. Throw all the shit in a pile.

  55. JustinPhillips says:

    Hey Tim, it would be nice if your video player had picture-in-picture support. Good vid as always. Strong people will find a way to keep going.

  56. Demonale says:

    Alex jones has been saying this since 2010. You should make a alex jones was right shirt.

  57. tannerreeve says:

    lol is this extra energy or after show lines..

  58. Geo85 says:

    Tim get as many perennial edibles as possible less work for more grub

  59. Apollo.crypto says:

    I’m a transplant city-dweller, and your right, they are all morons. When you work in trauma, though, you go there there’s blood in the streets. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  60. Geo85 says:

    Teach Ian how to grow food

  61. Geo85 says:

    3333 to 1 risk

  62. JeremyZ says:

    If they keep this up, its gonna be the great reloaded magazine . F*ck around and find out.

  63. Jesslexan says:

    Try living in Canada right now, shit sucks… we are still in lockdown still wearing masks.

  64. RuthlessAdmin says:

    PAXG – Ethereum tokens that are contracts to own physical gold, trackable by serial, held in a vault in (I think) the UK. I own some. Neat technology, but buy at your own risk.

  65. Geo85 says:

    Told you so

  66. DorseyWoods says:

    Call it a conspiracy theory if you want… blm destroys cities costing jobs, plandemic policies further shuttering businesses, mass money printing destroying the usd and incentivizing people not to work, intentional destruction of petroleum industry, intentional destruction of meat industry, gun confiscation agenda, implementation of woke policies, authoritarian covid mandates that will lead to vaccine passports, all while the media blows smoke up our asses… it’s all too lock step to be coincidence. The great reset is the implementation of a one world currency and eventual one world governance. The great American experiment in freedom is nearing an ugly and bitter end. This is the hill worth dying on.

    • DorseyWoods says:

      I’ll add… once petroleum cars are outlawed or gas is too expensive, the people who live in rural America but don’t farm will be forced into the cities in order to have transportation to work. That’s the pod they want us in… they have no intentions of letting us maintain ourselves outside of their prison cities.

      • IrateModerate says:

        The story of apocalyptic Climate is very interesting
        While the narrative of climate change is pushed as undisputed scientific truth, but is it?
        Here’s my challenge to you and to anyone who believes this BS
        Go find one actual scientist who will tell you to your face that the science supports the narrative. Just one scientist! You won’t find even one

    • Menscorpusnexu says:

      👍🙌 dead on

  67. says:


  68. says:


  69. benmac1089 says:

    I want to see the baby chicks. 🐥🐥🐥🐥

  70. CarissaVanilla says:

    Where will all the city people go when they don’t have food? Us rural folk need to be prepared.

  71. LimitlessPower says:


  72. says:

    Ron Paul coined the term ‘incrementalism’ I believe to describe it.

  73. GambitB says:

    Yes, we are giving them way too much credit.

  74. says:


  75. Wildcatbn73 says:

    Love real Tim worth my subscription to hear what he really things not what youtube wants him to think.

  76. James_Dorpinghaus says:

    Tim, you forgot to mention that Bill Gates was:
    + Telling people to stop eating meat
    + Owns 25% of U.S. farm land
    + Regularly spoke with Jeffrey Epstein about population control
    + Is telling people how to live their lives

    Now we have a meat shortage, Bill Gates to the rescue, I guess. I dunno, just the thoughts of a roadside assistance technician.

  77. Rawdog says:

    Why is there a little box that reads “encoding video”?

  78. BlazeCast says:

    This video can encode this dique

  79. jacobmeacham says:

    First comment 🙂