Man Killed In DC Carjacking By Young Girls, Tim And Jack Debate Gun Control, Self Defense, Tim Acts All Tough

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  1. FreitagDavid says:

    Sorry I’m gonna have to disagree with y’all on this one. There is no way we should be charging at the least the 13 yr old as an adult you can make an argument for the 15 yr old but even that I disagree with. Sure they should face some consequences but putting them in prison for the next 10-20 years solves nothing it just makes the problem worse.

  2. Ghalahad74 says:

    All the Brown nosers aside. This is not how you keep Guests coming back. The way Tim lost his shit on Jack was childish ego driven immaturity. How anyone could watch the full video and think otherwise is beyond me. Ive been watching Tims ego grow over the past month or so, to dangerous bounds. Apparently his company getting memberships is having a bad effect on his EGO. That shit can come back and bite you hard on the ass. I like the majority of his coverage. But lets face it. tim doesnt cross me as an actual tough guy. spouting out bullshit isnt going to make it so. At least he backed of on belittling Ian. Ill admit I had gotten frustrated with Ian in the past as well. He would hear something and without even knowing the facts he would go from ok, to fully annoyed, without even understanding the issue. Ian has gotten MUCH MUCH better. I enjoy watching him now. Tim on the other hand… Its turning into more of a “When is he going to overreact and be a know it all who doesnt let others speak, to when is he going to be an abhorrent host and not deserve anymore chill guests. Im not intending to be an ass. I really like the show, but im forced to turn it off when he gets out of hand. If I want rage bait Ill cut my membership and watch MSM. All the stories can be read online. Its not like hes getting the big scoop.

    • Textra says:

      “The way Tim lost his shit on Jack was childish ego driven immaturity.”

      Absolute nonsense. There is nothing immature about having the courage of your convictions. You want to be an appeaser and go along to get along? Have at it. Enjoy sucking the dick of every single thug who comes along and tells you to.

  3. ProfessorHyde says:

    Tim giving me a real freedom boner with this one. I have kids and I’d rather stand up and be an example vs cowering down. You can’t be a good father and not have principles.

  4. ToTheBeach says:

    $1 million can go along way they need to put it in mutual fund and live off the interest. They need to stay ahead of the rate of inflation so they need to pay attention to which mutual fund they put it in I also would not recommend only one mutual fund but split it up into many

  5. KMFC says:

    This is why back in the day in the US and still today in some countries @ 12 years old you are an adult.

  6. DorseyWoods says:

    41, 2 daughters. Everyone in this house knows their role in how to defend it. Firearms training and scenario drilling is a regular part of our lives… even the little ones (Don’t care who thinks that’s bad). My wife and I carry and are dedicated to protecting and defending our lives and the lives of innocents if a threat is ever posed. Our responsibility as parents is to prepare our children for life in the world as it exists… not to coddle them and teach them to be victimized. That means instructing them and living by example. It also means that if someone threatens their safety… you deal with it in the most effective way possible.

    • KMFC says:

      That’s what you should be doing good on you 🙂 The only way that would be a bad thing is if you guys as a family didn’t practice it because muscle memory is everything.

    • ToTheBeach says:

      It’s actually a fact that when you teach kids responsibility with a firearm they are less likely to injure themselves or others by mistake Start with the rules of firearm safety and then present the gun in a very serious manner you take it seriously they will take it seriously

  7. Rbracewell says:

    I’ve had a man point a gun at me. I stood there with the barrel against my head and talked him out of it calmly. Had he had a knife I’d have been bleeding out before I realized what happened. Knives are silent and easier to conceal than a muzzle flash and the sound behind it.

  8. dji82 says:

    Wow, not tried as adults? #WhitePrivilege
    If they had been black, the cops would have just killed them on the spot. (I am aware they are black). I can’t wait to read the article explaining that this happened because of “whiteness”. (I am aware that article already exists). People really need to “step back” and look at where we are at as a society. If we don’t fix this soon, it’s going to end very badly.

  9. dji82 says:

    To make Tim’s point about standing your ground…
    After hearing both of their stances, who would you rather rob? There you go, Tim’s stance wins.

  10. dji82 says:

    I respect Jack, but I’m totally with Tim on this. Jack and Ian would rather be a living bitch, than a dead man. That mentality is EXACTLY why our country is where it is. Grown ass pussies. If our founders where of the same mind as Jack and Ian, we would be sucking British dick still. In prison, Jack would be someone’s bitch in under a month, taking it in the ass every day for years “for his kids”.

  11. Whinterfell says:

    Tim would stand up for his principles over wanting to live a day outside of his principles. It is down to one of two sides here. Self protection, making sure you live another day regardless of the outcome or what you have to do. And Self principles, standing up to what you believe or how you should behave in any given situation based on your own self belief regardless of the outcome or what you have to do. Obviously Jack is far more concerned about protection and living on another day regardless of what happens in the long run from his actions. Not saying that is wrong, but you see what that has gotten us in this world now. People would rather be protected and safe over freedom and self reliance. Give the mugger all you have, don’t worry it wont affect you. Until it does. When you are a push over and everyone knows it, you are the new target, and it wont stop until it there is nothing left of you.

    • DorseyWoods says:

      Exactly. I have 2 daughters… I can’t say I want a better world for them if I’m not willing to fight for it while I’m here. If harm or death comes to me during the fight, my children will be told how I fought for them.
      “…Better to die on your feet rather than to live on your knees.’

  12. HOSEQ says:

    Ian is a MORON for thinking he can run away from someone who wants to KNIFE him…..

  13. DigzB says:

    What the fuck is with all the swearing in this episode? I fucking love it. Love you guys.

  14. Bigly12025 says:

    Tim is principled. As much as I like Jack, he is not.

    These uncensored episodes where Tim is speaking his mind and cussing up a storm are 1000% better than the tongue tied bullshit on youtube.

  15. zakki says:

    Ian, shut up! Seriously! You’re going around it circles making no sense. Were you threatened or not? Its that idiocy why we have gun control in the first place. Guns are just tools, the same as a rock is. If they guy would have shot you with a gun, he could have also done a myriad of other things to you if he wanted to. BUT HE DIDN’T!

  16. Dagwood1968 says:

    Love these conversations I completely agree with Tim, Ian should do some research the places with the most gun control laws have more crime. Don’t bend the knee ever!!!

  17. RobinetDeTrie says:

    Tim is right.
    What is the best outcome :
    A dead Father who’s a hero, or a dead Father who’s a coward…

    • says:

      Wow TIMMMMAAAAAY! Tell em what’s up bro! ?. I love 2A conversations with obscenities! So much more real! Love y’all! I’m here in Ga- assclown Ga. ??‍♀️

      COLD. DEAD. HAND. Full stop.

      Much love JACK?❤️??, TIM????, ?Ian?, and Lydia. Thanks for being amazing. Much love !

    • Abarela67 says:

      I got to agree with Tim. On Jack’s argument with what does the kids think he should have done I think the answer to that was to not leave the car running in the first place and not allow a situation where he could get a robbed in the first place. I honestly think that these kids who got robbed of their father wish ill on the kids that took him. I’m pretty sure that if it wasn’t for the fact that the community of the US rallied behind this dead man and offered up as much as we can give to this family that this family would have turned into a much more darker and paranoid family. I wish the best to the family of the deceased, it would have been better if these criminals knew that they could at least be staring down a gun around every corner if they decided to do something stupid and unfortunately our government and our law enforcement is not doing that well enough.

  18. Jakob says:

    There is a middle ground approach between surrender and straight to violence. The use of force continuum is used by security and police officers for deescalating a situation before resorting to force.

    I agree with Tim that people should never give up or surrender. Deescalation doesn’t mean capitulation. It’s the negotiation phase before the fight, where you can convince the criminal to walk away.

    Perhaps I fail at the negotiation and we end up fighting, and perhaps I die as a result. But I feel it’s important to give that option a chance because fighting is uncertain. I will die on my feet before I live on my knees or in chains, but before I fight, I’ll use my voice and attempt to convince the other person to walk away.

  19. says:

    Why is that when something serious happens Tim has to teach to Ian his feelings are wrong and law is king, I believe Ian is a genuine good guy but hell it’s getting old. Ian read the constitution,

  20. Max says:

    This was the first video I watched on the members side, holy shit I loved seeing Tim express his veiw with more vigor. The whole tiraid was awesome and then the complete loss of it in the last sentence, was great. Really appreciate your point of view and principles, they are so lacking these days.

    • NONCOMPLIANT says:

      In 10 yrs the girls WILL be a couple welfare whores, in 2, no one will remember their names or the MURDER they committed (save the mans family).

    • dragofire1842 says:

      IAN has no idea what hes talking about as usual It’s easily researchable online it’s immensely easy for someone to close distance with a knife and stab you a bunch of times it happens in Prisons on a regular basis. Just do a little research on how easy it is to close distance and kill a bunch of people with knives or a single knife you’ll be very surprised. Tim’s absolutely right about handguns I’ve seen people of the range fire entire clip not hit the broad side of a barn at less than 30 yd.

  21. AussieBattler says:

    Easy take, if he HAD a gun then he could have defended himself and his property, he would not be dead and there we go problem solved

  22. Wilson says:

    I want this subject revisited when Tim becomes a father…especially if he has a daughter. Not being a parent absolutely distorts your view. He was telling us to not be the hero….you were advocating for us to tell someone robbing us with a weapon to “go fuck yourself”….geeze Tim,

    You lost this argument.

    • Brodie57775 says:

      I’m a parent. I have 2 boys. I carry everyday everywhere. I’d rather be prepared for the situation than be killed. If someone comes up to take my car they’ll have a fun on them before they’re close enough to be effective, also I look at all situations and don’t leave my car running, and at all stops I look in my head for outs. My first choice is to escape but if I die to protect myself I know my kids will be in good hands due to choices I’ve made. I hope to never use a firearm again. I was in a situation where 6 guys cAme at my car and due to watching the situation I fired a shot. It missed they fled. I call the police a was a arrested and released. Maybe they would’ve killed me anyways. Maybe they’d take my car and leave. I’ll never know but I do know I made the right choice.

    • Ecksman says:

      Tim, the warrior within doesn’t disappear with parenthood, but it sure as hell starts taking into account a lot more than pride and ego. Listen to Jack on this one. Having a family to be responsible for changes everything.
      Also, Ian was making a lot of valid points.

  23. SunnyBang96 says:

    Tim, you are not understanding one point.
    The world is full of stupid irrational people. Just because in Ian’s story, the guy was 15 feet away, doesn’t mean he was any less dangerous. What if that guy just decided to take out his gun and shoot people right in front of him at the bar. Even if he’s drunk, it’s hard to miss someone sitting 1 feet away from you.
    With any other weapon, it’s hard to kill others. With a knife, you’re not going to be able to go on a killing spree. With a gun, you can easily knock down few people in close proximity.
    Let’s not assume that all people with a gun will act rationally.

  24. dwatk24sportscards says:

    Poor fucking Ian lol, I honestly think he has a point tho and I do believe I understand what he is trying to say. This is one time I think that Tim is being a bit overconfident in his position. I do however think we as a society should not lose our rights just because there are some morons out there that might use a gun in an impulsive way in public while abusing a substance

  25. TheMichigandalorian says:

    No one in their right mind will use an M1A for attack? Tim, you can pimp those mamajamas out, mine has a variable zoom scope, bipod, magazines with pulls, and a Form 1 Suppressor. I’m absolutely gonna use that if shit hits the fan. Anyways great discussion!

  26. AR305 says:

    What would of happened if the Pakistani guy was armed and shot those 2 girls that carjacked him?.. I’m 1000% sure he would of been arrested and prosecuted, BLM would of rioted and attacked his family and the guys life would of been over either way.

    Those “girls” MUST be charged as adults and they absolutely should serve 25 years minimum for such a heinous crime.

  27. RaneyNickel says:

    Before I had a child I was as adamant as Tim about having nothing to lose, because it was true.

    After I had my son, I did a complete 180. Something happens when your child’s life depends on his mom being alive and not dead.

    However, if death is imminent where either I die or my son – I would happily step in front of the bullet. But that’s the only situation.

  28. BeanStew says:

    I really do hope the two young girls take the time and realize what they did wrong and atone for their mistakes. So many people are able to justify their own actions and can convince themselves that it does not matter what actions they take. As many people say the ends justify the means. If they get this mindset and blame their past on other issues then I fear that these two girls will get out and only do the same thing. They may have nothing and needed money and once they get out they may still have nothing. I don’t mean to justify their actions, only to say that unless they change perspective then they will only do it again. It is hard to say what the right thing to do with them is because I have little faith that whatever system they are placed in will be able to help them reform their mindset in a way that will make them beneficial to themselves and society. In my honest opinion I think it may be too late for them, but I hope they do not let this mistake define the rest of their life.

    • Chris_Bravo says:

      Just as a counterpoint to your sentiment, what happens to a society who tried TOO hard to justify criminal behavior and stops punishing it?

      • Eric464 says:

        Right on. Jack lost credibility on this one. Family is a convenient shield to hide behind. When you let criminals take with no recourse it only incentivizes them to do again, then it could be your family they target next time when you could have stopped them when it presented itself to you.

    • Feddy_Von_Wigglestein says:

      Resources shouldn’t be wasted on people like them. Nor the Boulder shooter. Nor the psycho who rammed the capitol barricades today. Nothing except bullets.

  29. says:

    All gun laws do is create more sheep…it doesn’t stop ANY of the wolves!! Letting more citizens arm themselves creates shepherds.

  30. Scotth438 says:

    That was a great segment. Everyone had very good points I think Tim you had some good points and Jack you did also. I am a combat veteran who has been thru a few things in my life,and survived to being killed I am very blessed. We sometimes take for granted how precious life is and there what are you prepared to give it up for. I will give up my life for my family, my country. I am very reluctant to give it up for stuff! I think in that situation I would of just let them take the car. It is replaceable for sure and they would of caught them anyway. There is a handful of situations if you could effectively make a situation go in your favor, then yes go hands on, or draw your pistol or whatever. If you can determine the outcome will be in your favor well then that’s a tough decision. I am all for self defense and I will use deadly force without remorse. It really is a in the moment you decide which way you go. Very sad this man lost his life by the hand of some children.

  31. says:

    Ian should really do his research. Federal law states that it is a felony to posses a firearm in public if your BAC is over 0.05% It is 100% illegal to be drunk carrying a gun and people still do it. Making pipe bombs is a felony and we still have bombings. Fix the problem (mental health) instead of focusing only on the symptoms.

  32. QuaesitorVeritatis says:

    When we acquiesce to these criminals, it emboldens them and others, to continue their actions. Once it becomes known that we as a society are going to fight back, then they may change and not perpetrate these crimes. As long as the criminals operate under the premise that as a society we are going to be lambs, they will continue to treat us that way.

    Jack, next time they prey on someone, it may be your kids or someone else’s. If you have to opportunity to stop the cycle, it’s your responsibility to take it.

  33. Trek29er says:

    In TN it is illegal to conceal carry while going in to a bar or to consume alcohol while carrying. Also the house just passed a bill for permitless carry in TN and is expected to be signed by the governor soon.

    • Trek29er says:

      Also there is no correlation between giving up your shit to someone who is breaking the law and them not hurting or killing you. They can do whatever they want. You are putting your trust in someone who is currently showing themselves to be highly untrustworthy.
      I agree with Tim. Would you let them rape your girlfriend if they promise to go away after or not kill her? Fuck em up.

  34. OleT-Ric says:

    Die on your feet before you’re forced to live on your knees.

  35. Daltron says:

    I’m sorry but Jack and Ian are pussies I agree 100 with Tim. It’s been quite a ride seeing tim against guns to this. Glad it happend

  36. UppityG says:

    Pool is right about fighting back. Murphy argues from the emotions of children, juveniles, argue from fear and selfishness. We’ve been raising generations of just capitulate, just give in, just let them win. Murphy needs to know: modeling docility in the face of criminals is teaching your kids to be cowards. Is that what you want?

  37. itsjustanotherhandle says:

    Carjacking is when someone takes a car from its owner by force. The pizza review dude video I think was auto theft, which is not the same. It’s similar to burglary vs robbery; pickpocket vs mugging, etc.

    Tim and frankly everyone should consider a lower caliber than .45 ACP. How many .32 ACP rounds would he hit? What hurts more, 5 missed .45 ACP round or 5 bullseye .32 ACP rounds? Don’t give in to the stupid penis-envy of the gun “community” (especially the salespeople).

    The small caliber FMJ that hit JFK would likely have killed him or at best left him in a vegetative state.

    I think M1A is more like Korean War, maybe first few years of Vietnam.

    Massad Ayoob has said he’d rather let the criminals stealing from him get away than to kill anyone, no matter if the legal justification, and he is likely skilled enough to kill any criminal trying to steal from him.

  38. bdelorenzo says:

    This episode was worth the entire years subscription. Wish i could share .

  39. Dion says:

    I think what Ian is trying to say is that pulling a trigger is psychologically more easily done for more people than stabbing someone. It needs much more psychopathy or criminal energy to stab than to pull a trigger, because the gun does the rest for you.
    This COULD and I am not saying that it is a fact, I say, it could lead to more kills in affect.

    I don’t know if this is the case. But I guess this is what Ian was trying to communitcate.

  40. houseofmur says:

    Okay we need the Timmy-Batman shirt!!!!

  41. Blfoster07 says:

    I love the conversation but The cursing is way over the top. I’m not against it but it’s just cursing for the sake of cursing it takes away from the conversation.

  42. BladeRunner says:

    Not many talking about the perpertrators of the crime. The reason there’s an uptick is because there’s no consequences. It’s happening in Australia too although you likely won’t hear about it. Sudanese are running rampant in Melbourne and have been for 6 years. Personally, I believe in Old Testament punishment (Funny, I’m an Atheist). An eye for an eye. At the very least these girls should be tied to a pole and whipped then thrown in prison for 20 years. You’re talking about taking somebody’s life – not stealing a car.

  43. donthatethebake says:

    What I took from this: Tim Pool is Batman’s Dad

  44. c0de6349 says:

    Gun advocacy groups HAVE fought these laws in democrat ran states. unfortunately the people that live in these states elect the lawmakers. why waste the money on people that dont want your help?

  45. c0de6349 says:

    Maine, safest state in union. We have the most relaxed gun laws, no permit concealed carry. Check out crime rates and gun laws, there is correlation.

  46. Apoclord says:

    Yeah, I agree with Tim. I’ve had my life threatened multiple times but I’ve only had a gun pulled on me once. The dude who did had expressed intent to kill. He straight up told me, “You walk around this place like you’re the best damn guy at the job, but now you’re gonna be just a mess they clean up tomorrow.” I had the barrel in my face and was unarmed. I told him, “Than you’d best not cuck out because if you do than I will stomp your goddamn teeth in and you’ll be eating soft serve for the rest of your motherfucking life. Don’t you ever come at me and threaten my fucking life, Bitch. You want to pull a gun you better fucking mean it.” I’m still here and he got shit stomped against his own truck because he thought he was being tough.

    Fact is that life is hard and it is some of the weakest people who make threats like that and the only way you get to survive is being harder than them. Better to die fighting than to live in fear or die because someone decides they don’t want to have you report that crime later. I understand what Jack is saying. That if you have kids the only thing that you want to do is get back home to them. Jack, if you fight back and die than at least you know you did something and were a man of action. If you give in and die than they still lost their Dad and he’ll be bragging about it later to his thug ass friends.

  47. Drinks says:

    Jake and tim were both stating different different arguments. One was arguing a tactical retreat if possible, and the other, stand your ground when thats the last option.

  48. BrotherPaul says:

    Well done Tim, Jake and Ian ficking Pansies!

  49. BrotherPaul says:

    Poor Ian… When I was active US Marine 1987-1991 Combat Vet. I never needed my firearms (M249 Saw, M16A2, Beretta 92F, Colt 1911) to end anyone. I could slam my Ka-Bar in your chest from 50ft away. It is also proven at close range even if you have a firearm a person with a knife will win if they know how to use it up to 30ft.

    • Apoclord says:

      I thought the report for active military or tactically trained police was 20ft. Average person is probably about 30 though, yeah. Also, 87-91? Think that was Desert Storm wasn’t it? My uncle served in the Navy around that time (and a few tours after). Thanks for your service, Paul.

  50. WildAtreides says:

    Anybody have a link to that video of Antifa attacking Tim that he mentioned?

  51. HunterLacy1995 says:

    Tim it’s time to have some kids time

  52. Mr.Arnold says:

    Gotta give Tim some respect here

  53. Saucymouse says:

    1. You’ll never know a dead man’s perspective so why project your own bias on him.
    2.So if a booty bandit held you up at gun point and demanded you give up that ass, would you do it so you could live to see another day?

  54. Drewncharlie says:

    Tim you dont have any kids. Its different when you do. You gotta recognize that your wallet is not worth your death. Period. But tims right in that you gotta die sometime and if you choose to allow people to step on you, they will. Over and over again. If the founders said well, strongest empire in the world, this whole revolution thing might leave my children without a father…

  55. Drewncharlie says:

    Wow look at all these comments. I kinda agree with both ian and jack. Everyone should have their own gun. As a deterrent. But if you go into a bar to drink you should have to leave your gun at home or in your car. Or even better, left with the tender. Rage is real. I’ve seen enough murder shows and people freak out in real life prohibition isnt an answer. to know rage is real and when someone cant just pull from their holster they’ll at least have the chance to calm down. It takes a real hardcore badass to kill someone with a bat or a knife but a gun? Na, you can pull and shoot before anyone knows you even have it. And you can have killed someone before you realize what you have done. A gun is a trigger pull and a death. A knife is brutal and bloody and a bat or club is visceral and also brutal. A gun is clean. Just pull and fire. Now if you know you are in a room with 20 other armed people… or you are experienced with guns and you know their killing power that is different.

    But you get a young man hammered and angry with a gun they know little about and a bunch of unarmed people thats how you get crazy multi death shootings in some night club in detroit. And ian is right. Some kinda limits should be imposed. But jack is right. The fear of a crazy shooter is far far less when the regular guy is also armed.

  56. dr_talos says:

    Those girls will kill again.

  57. TheAcquisitor says:

    Hmmmm…Jack’s having progeny has made him weak. Hardly a “masculine role model”.

  58. TheAcquisitor says:

    “Taser” or a “Stun Gun”, Jack? Make sure you’re accurate. They are not the same thing.

  59. Eacowden says:

    Ah yes the National Firearms Act (NFA) which came about in the wake of prohibition and banned Short Barrel Rifles and Short Barrel Shotguns. The former was because Clyde Barrow shortened the barrel and stock of his BAR so it was easier to move around his car. Te ladder because sawed off double barrels were very popular with the mob and were easy to conceal. Thats we have arbitrary barrel lengths. But not very effective because you can still cut it down as long as it’s longer then 18 inches its legal.

  60. Robert says:

    Seriously, what is Ian’s problem? Bro, if that dude that allegedly wanted to “fuck you up” in the bar didn’t punch you or break a damn bottle over your head, what the hell makes you think he would have just shot you?

  61. Blackhawk says:

    I’m with Tim on this one. Carry a gun when ever and where ever you can, and don’t back down.

  62. StateKarnage says:

    What Ian doesn’t understand is that if the guy in the bar knew everyone was armed, the chances of him irrationally discharging his weapon would virtually guarantee his death

  63. Rman711 says:

    Good shit tim

  64. tquack says:

    I’d rather die defending myself on my feet than being a bitch and bend the knee to criminals. I have 2 boys and I will never teach them to bend the knee. It is better me die while living by my words than love the rest of my life as a coward and a liar.

  65. tquack says:

    Agree with Tim. Don’t suck the cock of evil.

  66. tquack says:

    Agree with Tim. Don’t suck the cock of evil

  67. tquack says:

    I love the debate but It’s apparent Ian hasn’t been in any dangerous situations. He also knows nothing about firearms

  68. skrivenko says:

    I totally agree with Tim, I’m not going to look for trouble, but if you come to me I will definitely stand my ground.

  69. TheMadHapa says:

    This is why I watch Tim Pool, this sediment of not taking bs and knowing the which hills are the one you need to stand your ground on.

  70. Zap_Brannigan says:

    Look, I don’t think anyone is arguing with Ian in the sense that we do not control what people do with what power they have and that people can act irrationally or out of extreme emotions whether that be through alcohol or whatever. Sure, they can have a gun and shoot someone, but that’s no reason to ban weapons all together; I mean we hear this all the time from the far left and some from middle too, but the issue is mental health not gun safety. Tim’s just trying to clarify or try to figure out the point that Ian, truly, was trying to make which apparently is just addressing the fear that we all have when unstable people own weapons and start killing people. We should never ever quickly make such drastic laws or changes to laws pertaining to the second amendment out of fear. We’ve already seen how we handle “fear”, as a nation, when the government intervenes and tries to dictate what we can and cannot do (or say) for our safety when they literally (and I mean LITERALLY) do not follow, nor listen, to their own demands/advice for safety guidelines. I mean it’s all there for us to see, there is no wondering at this point.

  71. WiendigoKnight says:

    People with Hammers kill more people than people with Guns.

  72. redrumax says:

    Ian is a wimp. A drunk guy screaming at you does not necessarily mean he would shoot you.

  73. MitchStew says:

    LMAO — Ian says, “I don’t really come into contact with irrationality very often.” — Has Ian meet this guy named Ian? To be fair, based on what Ian has said about blowing his brains out on drugs, I feel more sad for him than anything.

    I did drugs and I feel like it helped me expand my thoughts in some ways and they hurt me in other ways. Regardless, I stopped because I saw they started to do more damage than not and I bet Ian only realized it too late. Now he’s stuck in his position and unfortunately, I’m not super hopeful for him if he leaves Timcast. He could be the 70yr old walmart greeter with college debt and I feel sorry for him.

  74. PathofResilience says:

    I personally would not have given up my car,both of my vehicles have compression insurance only,and if something would happen my insurance would not cover the loss. It would then take me awhile to save the money again for a replacement car….Tim’s right…tell them to fuck off!

  75. Tlino says:

    Damn, Tim got saucy. I agree with him.

  76. says:

    I get Ians emotional situation, but I know that in situations like these, I wish I just had a f* u attitude like Tim or a gun speaking for me. The attitude would also help against the beta-people at companies, who let this diversity shit fuck up the workspace.

    People surely need to get comfy with confrontation and danger. These days people are neurotic when someone applauds, dont say sorry for your fucking point of privilege. Own your shit…

  77. noober says:

    Tim scared me.

  78. robka says:

    I think, Ian needs to go back on dmt and chill in the corner. Bring Luke back again!

  79. bobmcc says:

    As a father of 3 I would have to agree with Tim. You must stand up against your adversary in all situations. Mass shootings in Israel almost always the general public will rush and kill the shooter. If the person who wants break down your door knows that they will almost surely die shortly thereafter. Even the nut jobs never try a mass shooting at your city’s S.W.A.T. station. If we all would fight to the death to prevent criminals from getting away with their BS. Crime would plummet.

  80. Cliffc says:

    Sorry Jack, Tim has the right approach.

  81. Savage says:

    Ok so the issue isn’t guns it stupid people. “Because stupid people do stupid things.”

  82. FxTwT says:

    I’m all for defending oneself, but I have to agree with Jack for understanding that material objects are not more important than one’s life or family.

    In the street getting mugged? Try to walk away alive. Still carry a gun, but don’t be brave for pride’s sake.

    Someone invading your home? Two in the chest, one in the head. Fight like hell, it’s your home, and your family you’re protecting.

    But what about the home invader and the mugger? How do we prevent these in the first place?

    I think the ultimate solution is healing society to end the class war. End lobbying, which is legal bribery for our politicians. Remove corrupt politicians who rig the system so that the muggers feel desperate enough to commit violent crimes. Prevent the disease that is Critical Race Theory from infecting our education system. It’s poisonous and divisive, and likely made those two girls feel like this man deserved to die because he is part of the “system” that’s kept them down. They were filled with disregard for human life because they have been brainwashed to believe they will always be a victim.

    That’s why I believe in Christianity, not that the institution of the church is the answer, but that the moral principles of loving your neighbor (including your enemy), living an honest, virtuous life and working hard to build a family are what will mend our cultural divide.

    Our culture has become obsessed with the superficial, which has been exploited by Big Tech, and they have manipulated the masses to hate one another for monetary gain. Until we have the inward motivation to do right, and the outward expression of love to every other American, no matter their views, we won’t see progress, and the cycle will continue.

  83. Colt_Steele says:

    I found a video of Ian’s bar encounter

  84. TraciD618 says:

    Tim Pool > Ned Stark

  85. JohnE says:

    Tim, how long until Facebook and twitter know the names of the Jurors? My thought is that their names will have to be blocked, but in order to have them blocked their names will have to be given out.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if their names are leaked in an effort to keep them secret.

  86. Colt_Steele says:

    So glad I spent $10 to make a super chat about the car jacking ?? also, why the Hell is the “submit a comment” box at the very bottom of the page?

  87. Daneinator says:

    Jesus… This is almost painful to listen to. Tims being too stubborn about this drunk guy story and being straight up insulting to Ian… Bad form.

  88. Golddess says:

    I would like to know more about why Tim thinks getting a 9mm handgun in Maryland is “almost impossible”. The steps required might be tedious and annoying, and a separate argument can be had about their legality, but “almost impossible” is not how I would describe it.
    And sounded like Lydia had said “I just took a (the?) class, it wasn’t bad”, so guessing she would agree that it is not “almost impossible”. And the class requirement doesn’t (or didn’t 2 years ago, maybe it’s changed) even need to be an in-person thing. I took a hunter safety course online from the great state of Texas and that satisfied the class requirement for me.

  89. joachimk1 says:

    They weren’t kidding about the “Tim acts all tough” comment. Lol.

  90. Drdiesel3998 says:

    1st of all Maybe the angry dude in the bar did have a gun on him how would u have known? 2nd it is illegal to Cary while drunk . And at least where I am illegal to carry in a bar in general

  91. bigGARRETT says:

    Amen Tim. As a father i agree people need to stand up against evil.

  92. Element says:

    Tim, have you heard of the 10th amendment?

  93. Glothr says:

    The point Ian is missing is that if carrying a gun for self-defense was more widespread and socially accepted people wouldn’t be so quick to be violent to others because there would be a very real possibility that it would cost them their life. This is the same reason why mass shooters and other criminal pick soft targets that they know can’t defend themselves. When was the last time you heard about a mass shooting at a gun show where a lot of people are armed and guns are literally everywhere?

  94. Voiceless says:

    Love this talk. There needs to be more Fuck you, make me talk. We have come to a place in time where people think they can just do whatever they want. Social media has feed this disease. Mike Tyson said it best “Social media made you all to comfortable with disrespecting people and not getting punched in the face for it”. It is time for respect to make a comeback.

  95. Kaladin_ says:

    I was in an armed standoff wit someone I considered a friend who was bing irrational. He came back to where I was shooting after he thought I exhausted my ammo, because we argued about me shooting into a polluted river and that I should stop. He said I know you’re out of ammo and told me to stop and pick up my shit turn racked around. I still had some ammo and we had a stand off for a few minutes. Everyone should absolutely be able to have a gun and the only reason I felt safe is because I knew I had ammo. Even he, as irrational as he was should have a gun.

  96. Ruckerduck says:

    Laws do not prevent criminals from committing a crime. Ian, your argument is invalid because you are using the premise that people follow laws.

  97. FullFlex15 says:

    The gun debate was epic. While I am a hardcore populist conservative Ian’s logic on guns is blatantly ridiculous. Tim and jack should have had the simple response (jack was the closest) your firearm is a shield not a sword for protection not for assault. Someone needs to talk some sense into Ian

  98. Rberkebile says:

    There is a difference between resistances and threat. Verbal resistances means only so much which is again why you should be able to carry. Criminals are lazy they go after those who are precieved weak

  99. says:

    Isn’t Jack the Man guy? The one the has a Masculine men group, and now he wants men to bend the knee for car Jacker. Man up! Blood make the green grass grow. Semper Fi

  100. Rberkebile says:

    If the guy is drunk Ian it’s illegal to have the gun.

    • XavierP98 says:

      Tim talks all this shit, yet he doesn’t even believe it, since by his own admission he doesn’t do live stuff because he fears getting attacked by people who recognize him.

      • Glothr says:

        So you’re criticizing Tim for not knowingly going into dangerous situations where he could be attacked by a mob of people? Are you special needs?

    • epizzle75 says:

      Nice someone else who knows the gun laws. Just like with cars, it’s illegal to operate while intoxicated.

  101. Vmanzo says:

    Everything needs to be privatized and up to private companies. And I know everyone’s gonna freak out because of big tech censorship. But hear me out:
    The government solves nothing. Never has and never will. This is why giving them the power will always be a bad idea.
    When we leave it up to the private sector, yes you do get the problem of crazy left wing companies banning people. But there is always the opportunity for another identical business to open and rival them, and not implement the bullshit rules. And from there, the people and the private sector will to where they want. It might take some time and be rough for a bit, but this solution will always be better than surrendering rights to the federal government. When the power is in the private sector, we still have one hand on the wheel. If the government controls everything, we’re done and we have no chance of fighting

    • Zenomorphic says:

      You are not accedpting the reality that these companies act like cartels. The banking industry can cut off any company they decide should not exist. The services companies like AWS do the same. The middleware companies do the same.

      The media labels a company “bad” and all the woke capital consolidates to make it impossible for that company to do business.

      Sure you might eventually get to a point where you have separate economies – and maybe if they could compete fairly that would be ok. But in reality these cartels own government too and they will make it impossible for anyone to compete with them.

      The way they shut down Parler – and totally blew them up to a point where its likely no longer viable – is the way they are dealing with MyPillow, with Alex Jones, and it will be what they use to attack any business that does not bend the knee.

      • Vmanzo says:

        No I completely accept that reality. I accept the reality to the point of knowing that it’s here whether we like it or not.
        Our only option is to form a separate economy. With separate banks, social media’s, phone companies, communication companies, news companies, we can fight back and compete. Surrendering everything to the government, where as you said yourself these companies have already infiltrated, would just make things 10286372847263836x worse. It’s going to be a helluva fight like I said, but when the powers in the private sector we can still steer it. If we allow government to sanction and regulate any industry it wants, we’re all fucked.

  102. Vmanzo says:

    In all honestly. I completely disagree with Ian on this one. But Tim needs to be way nicer and not so shitty to him. Ian seems like the nicest guy in the world and I disagree with him on a lot of things but I love the guy to death. And if Tim can’t accept when he’s wrong, he needs to stop interrupting and yelling at everyone “no. You’re wrong. You’re wrong.”
    It’s only funny when Trump does it bud, you just sound like a huge dick.

    • Zenomorphic says:

      Yeah – these kinds of videos and the stories you hear about Tim make him seem like a real dickhead sometimes. But on the other hand – he is young and rich and has created a compound for his little posse – so that is going to tend to lead people to think more of themselves than they should.

      He should definitely assume a lot more humility and hear people out more effectively.

      Though Ian was really wrong about all of his perspective. He has not seen enough real violence to understand reality yet.

      • Vmanzo says:

        Oh I completely agree that Ian was 100% wrong and had some bad ideas in this episode. But that does not excuse Tim’s treatment of him.
        If you think someone is wrong or incorrect, you educate and correct them. Screaming “NO YOURE WRONG I GREW UP IN THE SOUTH SIDE OF CHICAGO WHICH MEANS I KNOW EVERY PART OF EVERY CITY IN THIS COUNTRY.” Is getting extremely frustrating to watch. especially when half of the time Tim speaks he’s wildly incorrect

    • mmoen22 says:

      I completely agree with you. I don’t like Ian’s views but he seems like a nice guy. He doesn’t deserve the way he is treated. But I also 100% agree with Tim’s position in this video, and I get he is getting very frustrated with Ian…but he should try and keep his cool and be nicer to Ian.

  103. Vmanzo says:

    Ian, this is exactly why we need better gun culture. Every responsible gun owner knows that once you start sipping, you put firearms out of reach and out of sight. Laws only encourage rebellious behavior. Culture makes individuals responsible for actions.

  104. Vmanzo says:

    Ian is still in the belief that people only buy guns to kill people.

    If both Ian and the angry guy had a gun, it would have been mutually agreed destruction, and nothing would have happened.

  105. Dn1984 says:

    Tim pool is a conservative communist

  106. Dn1984 says:

    Guy at bar: my wife just left me
    Ian: do you think it has anything to do with your sugar consumption?

  107. Mafa89 says:

    I mean Tim has a point though. Guy pulls a gun on you and says ‘give me your keys.’ You hand them over your hands are up. Next thing he says isn’t going to be ‘move’ it going to be ‘get in the trunk’. It’s a massive fear i have but I guess it’s like the trolly problem eh? No good answer.

  108. Sacred_Band_of_Thebes says:

    This video below is security camera footage from DC of a straight up GUN FIGHT taking place in broad daylight in the middle of a populated residential street. This nation is out of control in every regard.

    • Sacred_Band_of_Thebes says:

      Well, not the entire nation I suppose. There’s plenty of good people and good areas, usually governed by and culturally right leaning. The left has gone so far left even moderate leftists look right wing now.
      The government (as it has for decades if not a century) and the leftists are out of control.**

    • Zenomorphic says:

      DC is a shithole. But then again – every inner city with any large segment of a particular culture ends up with absurd shit like middle of broad daylight gunfights.

      Its a problem we will never be free of. No matter what is done – no matter how many concessions are made – these people do not think. They run on emotion and do not think at all about the future. They will ruin your future and theirs on a whim and never really accept the fact that their choice was stupid. Besides — its whitey’s fault anyway.

  109. Dack says:

    I swear Ian is that guy in a bar who don’t know you but wants to be involved in your business then wonders why someone is like I’ll fuck you up lol Ian dude you’re not going to be able to talk your way out of every situation it’s not your business to figure out everyone’s problem sometimes you just got to walk away that guy having a gun or not don’t matter you’re the dick head who thinks he can just work everything out because you think you’re smarter then that guy and that arrogance is what gets people hurt

  110. Sacred_Band_of_Thebes says:

    The conversation with Jack, Tim and Ian about the uber rich elite dumping money into influencing politics and media on the podcast today was fantastic. Loved it!

  111. says:

    It is always a temptation to an armed and agile nation
    To call upon a neighbour and to say: —
    “We invaded you last night–we are quite prepared to fight,
    Unless you pay us cash to go away.”

    And that is called asking for Dane-geld,
    And the people who ask it explain
    That you’ve only to pay ’em the Dane-geld
    And then you’ll get rid of the Dane!

    It is always a temptation for a rich and lazy nation,
    To puff and look important and to say: —
    “Though we know we should defeat you, we have not the time to meet you.
    We will therefore pay you cash to go away.”

    And that is called paying the Dane-geld;
    But we’ve proved it again and again,
    That if once you have paid him the Dane-geld
    You never get rid of the Dane.

    It is wrong to put temptation in the path of any nation,
    For fear they should succumb and go astray;
    So when you are requested to pay up or be molested,
    You will find it better policy to say: —

    “We never pay any-one Dane-geld,
    No matter how trifling the cost;
    For the end of that game is oppression and shame,
    And the nation that pays it is lost!”

    • Zenomorphic says:

      This is such an apropos statement for this age. At least the Danes had some degree of honor and some semblance of culture that could continue into the future. The modern corporate black culture is little more that consumerism and selling outrage – with no real overall goal – to a people that seem to have no morals or limits to what depravity they will revel in.

      Its bizarre.

  112. saccaed says:

    Do as you will. I am with Tim when it comes to stand your ground. Maybe related to having grown up in some shitty places. The could of should of bullshit can stop. The father that was killed made his choice. Had he done differently, maybe he would have thought things better. Matters little though. For anyone that want’s to pretend that turning over for criminals guarantees a better outcome, be my guest; the stats are far from convincing. As for “think of your children” as some argument against taking a stand, lets see how well that argument goes over for the many armed service members that have spouses and kids back at home. Unlike the crystal ball gazing that has to be done to perceive some alternate reality involving a guy killed during a carjacking, for armed service members with family, plenty go back for multiple tours, witness the death of someone they know has family, and go back again. No this is not an argument that everyone would do well to have the convictions of the enlisted, however I certainly would prefer a society that championed those that did rather than search high and low for means to persecute the average citizen that refuses to cave to the demands of another.

  113. TxSkye says:

    Seeing this side of Tim just made my subscription worth it. Wish you could say the same on YouTube. People need to hear it.

  114. ScarlettTardis87 says:

    That sort of outlook is pathetic Jack. It’s amazing a beanie wearing journalist has more backbone than you do you big burley bitch. The guy that died, his family probably wish he had a gun and had shot the two little worthless sluts. You’re pathetic using your kids as an excuse to be a door mat.

  115. Jamest1776 says:

    And this is why i have a EDC gun and live where i can carry it.

  116. Mr_Frijoles says:

    Ian saying “sometimes bowing, and running away, to return later.”
    I can understand what tactic you are referring too. but when it comes to bowing to another man.
    That got me.

    “I bow to no man, nor beast.”

    For Mr. Murphy, I respect that you are strong with your morals, but the point Tim was making was to not look weak, and that if you have a firearm.
    You use the firearm whatever you hit, damage, or kill, is your fault and your liable.

  117. Mr_Frijoles says:


    “The difference that separates every man and woman from a slave.
    Is the right to defend themselves, and the 2nd amendment also lets the people brandish weapons similar To military weapons, so that if the government starts to become tyrannical against the people.
    The people will be able to defend themselves “

  118. newmanrb978 says:

    Every target at 30 yards?

    Them be rookie numbers, gotta pump that up to at least 500yards iron sights.

    • saccaed says:

      Baby steps. Learning how to deal with parallax and reliably align sights takes effort. Agreed though. For anyone without vision problems using something along the lines of 308(54r, 303, etc) should be able to plink out to 500 onto man sized targets at a range without much issue once they master trigger pull and sight alignment. If your familiar with your rifle and everything is dialed in, landing successive shots on a 10″ target in calm winds is also plenty doable. With an optic and known good ammo 6-8″ targets at 500 is going to be doable and sometimes smaller, but at that point is when specifically high quality barrels might also be needed depending on the platform(2 MOA barrel is just not going to shoot 1 MOA reliably no matter the shooter).

  119. LuckyWish says:

    I totally get what Tim is saying, but it all depends on context. If I’m walking to get some food, I’ll gladly give up my wallet at gunpoint. It’s too dangerous of a situation to risk confrontation. However, if a criminal shows up at my house? He’s getting his ass beat. He’s showing up on my property. That’s different. Knowing when to defend yourself is much more logical then the “all or nothing” approach Jack & Tim debated.

  120. HotSauceage says:

    How does Ian know he didn’t have a gun??

  121. harumph says:

    Jack’s “family man” argument is ridiculous. Ian is the example of a weak man produced by soft times and his line of thinking is what is leading this country back in to hard times…

  122. Green_-Bean7 says:

    I hope to god their names and faces are released. They deserve all the hate in the world.

  123. Txbow says:

    It’s illegal to have a gun in a bar anyway. Guns an alcohol do not mix. Responsible law abiding people realize this.

  124. Tvang says:

    I could never get my finger on it but today I finally understand why Ian says the thing that he does. When Ian said, “He could have attacked me,” it made me realize Ian lives inside his mind. The things that he thinks could happen and how he feels about something is based on the way his mind is constructed. This is why sometimes I could see the genius ideas inside Ian, but always felt that there was a disconnect from his genius mind to that of the real world.

    It starts making sense if you put all of Ian ideas, both positive and negative, into this very simple perspective. “Every thing he says is base on the idea that all possibility of something occuring becomes an absolute occurrence.” All of which occurs in his mind.

    His fears becomes an absolute hindrance, his Hope’s becomes an absolute euphoria. This is why it seems that his ideas has some merits but always seems very out there. It’s because he doesn’t give leave any room for the possibility that maybe he doesn’t have the full picture.

    • Tvang says:

      I have to also put it out there. I am usually in consensus with Jack on things, but this time I am 100% with Tim on that arguement.

      I do understand where Jack is coming from but it’s because he was letting his emotion cloud his thoughts. I’m paraphrasing here but when jack said, “his girl would rather him having gone back alive. He could have gone back and be able to take care of his girls.” It was the parental fear of not being there for his children that affected his idea.

      You have to ask yourself some questions if you feel the same parental fear as Jack. 1) Do I believe in my children? 2) why don’t I believe my children will be fine without me? 3) if I don’t believe my children will be fine without me, what am I not doing that will prepare them for the day when I won’t be there?

      Once you know that your children will be fine without you, heck that’s been what history has always been, Children doing fine after there parents die, you will then be able to make those choices that will increase the likelihood that your children will have a better life then what you have. All because you made the sacrifices to give them that future.

      That sacrafice to increase the likelihood of people having a better life, is what Tim was arguing for.

  125. PhelanPKell says:

    As a father, I can understand and appreciate Jack’s stance, and I understand Ian is (seems to be) more pacifist-like in nature, but I have to side with Tim on this.
    I would rather die for my morals than live pretending I’m a coward. Our species is inundated with people who lack moral conviction/honesty.
    None of this means you have the right to infringe on someone, but it does mean you have the right NOT to be infringed upon, and frankly no one is going to stand up for those rights for you. It’s YOUR job to stand up for YOUR rights.

    As for guns and gun laws, we have all kinds of restrictions in Canada, yet we still have gun violence.
    In….2019 there was a guy out East who went on a rampage, even killing a RCMP officer and taking her gun.
    EVERY single gun he had was illegally obtained, yet Trudeau in his infinitely stupid fucking wisdom decided we needed to restrict guns further.
    Governments DO NOT have our best interests at heart anymore, and they haven’t for some time. They care about what benefits them. Period.

  126. xenithorb says:

    In Florida, I’m allowed to conceal carry and drink, but what you’re not allowed to do after consuming alcohol is touch the weapon. If you use the weapon after consuming alcohol, even in defense, you risk the full weight of the law coming down on you because now you’ve committed a crime. You’re also not allowed to CC in bars in particular, but you ARE allow to carry if you’re in a restaurant establishment that sells alcohol if YOU are not in the bar area.

    So the law here is pretty clear, you can CC pretty much anywhere in under mostly all circumstances, but if you want to consume alcohol you forfeit the right to use the weapon on you.

    And then there’s the who…. rather be judged by 12 than carried by 6 argument. Obviously i’d rather have a court case and live than stupidly hang up my weapon just because I had a beer with dinner.

  127. xenithorb says:

    In Florida, I’m allowed to conceal carry and drink, but what you’re not allowed to do after consuming alcohol is touch the weapon. If you use the weapon after consuming alcohol, even in defense, you risk the full weight of the law coming down on you because now you’ve committed a crime. You’re also not allowed to CC in bars in particular, but you ARE allow to carry if you’re in a restaurant establishment that sells alcohol if YOU are not in the bar area.

    So the law here is pretty clear, you can CC pretty much anywhere in under mostly all circumstances, but if you want to consume alcohol you forfeit the right to use the weapon on you.

    And then there’s the who…. rather be judged by 12 than carried by 6 argument. Obviously i’d rather have a court case and live than stupidly hang up my weapon just because I had a beer with dinner.

  128. TuringT says:

    Texas has similar gun laws around weapons in places that have >50% in alcohol sales too Jack.

  129. JordanJ0888 says:

    Tim, I’ve been shooting the handgun for awhile and it’s hard as shit to hit from 30 yards. As a matter of fact, it bugs me when I see GarandThumb and others hit from 50+ from the holster draw.

  130. gyant says:

    Tim is 100% right. Regular folks need to show their fangs again. Only way to stop this nonsense.

  131. The_Inceptor says:

    Best segment ever membership well worth it.

  132. 1313epicmonster says:

    Ian is a dumbass pretending he’s intelligent! The stupid shit that escapes his head brings the entire show to a screeching halt!

  133. BillH says:

    Tim, look into sight radius for your handgun concerns. It’s basically the distance between the rear sight and the front sight. It might help explain why you are having issues with handguns at range but are A-OK with rifles. It’s actually a problem for most people. It’s actually why I prefer an M1 carbine to something like an AK or an SKS. (yes I am very mush aware of the differences in cartridge effectivity, just one is more “fun” to shoot) The distance is longer making it easier. AK/SKS mount the rear sight in front of the bolt, whereas the M1 has the rear sight at the back of the bolt. There’s a whole different debate on aperture sights .vs open sights that can be had as as well on that subject, but I believe radius is more your issue.

    • saccaed says:

      Installing a parallax free sight probably would normalize the difference between pistol and rifle accuracy observed. Even with sight radius, I know that lining up sights exactly is not a simple task. Iron sights are like using parallax calipers for measuring compared to digital calipers; one relies on interpreted reading for result the other simply presents a result.

      • BillH says:

        I’m of course assuming the rifles are iron sight as well but that might not be the case. (Buckle up this can get dicey.. lol but I get where you’re going) A level o f parallax is expected with scoped firearms. My recommendation with scopes is to get a sight picture way to far back, then move in for a good cheek weld so you can verify your eye is centered on the scope. Red Dots are an alternative as they are pretty much parallax free since both eyes are open when using them.

  134. Zeknix says:

    Best $25 a month spent ever. Tim might be a milk toast fence sitter, but I absolutely love his stance on the 2A. Stand up and refused to be walked on. Relying on insurance or whatever doesn’t solve the problem. Giving in to the criminal only incentivizes the criminal act. Jack takes the easy route by saying he’s a dad and will just give in to the demands. Great model there. Giving in doesn’t make for a good role model. Never bend the knee.

  135. mr_runabout2 says:

    I loved the debate, but what I think most family providers/parents who say this don’t realize, like Tim said, is that your obituary could easily read as one of two things, “Dad was shot in the back while giving up his car” or “Dad died defending himself because, as he taught us, you have to defend yourself”, and that’s how your life story ends. You can pray to and play with the Random Number Gods all you want, but it doesn’t mean shit if you only have one life to live.

    Also I think Ian needs to hang out with more people who legally concealed carry on the regular. Instead of giving the pointless “Fuck your feels” response to him, he needs needs help to realize that ignorance/the unknown leads to fear, fear leads to hate, hate leads to violence and/or draconian BS gun owners and anti-authoritarians deal with.

    Anyways, always love when Jack is on and look forward to more contentious conversations like this. All the content is great and the whole crew is awesome.

    • says:

      There’s other scenarios where the “Dad doesn’t die; lives happily ever after with family.”

      • mr_runabout2 says:

        Of course, but my point wasn’t about absolute outcomes; it was about understanding that you could de-escalate and be passive, and as Tim illustrated, still get shot in the face while complying. At what point do you stop assuming you’re going home to your family and loved ones everyday, guaranteed, and realize completely irrational, desperate individuals will kill you just because or even accidentally?

        Definitely de-escalate if you can, but understand that won’t always work. I’m in the middle of both Tim and Jack on this, but quarterbacking a dead person’s decision to defend his livelihood over leaving myself completely to the aggressor’s game is not a stance I can see myself making.

        Choose your battles, but don’t always capitulate prematurely.

  136. says:

    F٪٪@* Vall, Tim you can be my Huckleberry. I like the readily will I display in you. Jack, I hear you Brother. That being said, I can’t count the times after a fact that I said that could have ended very badly. Love you guys, see you next time. God bless America.

  137. AquaDiscoteka says:

    This was cringe overload lol

  138. cassiemayrand says:

    A slap on the wrist for a brutal murder is part of the problem with crimes in cities. Cities are crap holes. The disregard for human life was beyond disgusting in this case. I’m just going to say it. If this was a black man and white teenagers we would be hearing a whole different story in the media. My phone is in the car? A man that you killed is laying right beside you.
    Ian I love you but spend a little time where open carry and conceal carry is common place. People will think twice before car jacking. Are there so many more murders in these places than there are in places with gun control? Guns aren’t the problem crappy people and disregard for life is the problem. Tim is right on a person who wants to hurt you will hurt you. You said it spot on zero logic only emotions.

  139. LVIII says:

    To take this argument one step further, since in the heat of the moment, most don’t know what they’d likely do, with the exception of those who have trained extensively or who have been there and lived through it… Don’t ask what you’d tell your mom to do if she were there. What you should ask is this:

    What would Mr. Anwar, or Jack or Tim for that matter, do if their daughters were in the back seat of the car?

  140. DirtyCivilian says:

    Glad to see some people still have balls, Tim gives me hope that some of us will still stand for our principals.

  141. brettonmaybee says:

    Anwar fought back, and now those two girls will not be able to do anymore car jackings. He lost his life, but he may have saved many more as well.

  142. bluecollar says:

    Every situation differs, with each person. The one thing that makes the difference is TRAINING.

    • says:


    • LVIII says:

      Extensive training and experience are the best option. Thankfully, but also tragically (for educational purposes) we live in a society where most people do not have to face such situations very often, as Jack pointed out.

      Yes. Educate yourself. Train. My most valued instructor trained his entire life, including after disease took his legs from him.

    • Brittsapoet22 says:

      I cant even believe Tim thinks in DC, a man who could NOT use/own a gun, should have walked away. Wtf. This man was just trying to work, earn money. The girls are commie Jr’s. Disgusting!

  143. TheWitten says:

    Found the Boston video, and others… Tim has brought up a point I always agreed with and even more so now. Granted, I have nothing to lose. If you have a family maybe don’t stand up against criminals, I get that…. but man, there’s only one basic agreement here:


  144. Josephkirk47 says:

    I agree with Tim on standing you ground. The thought of being told not to defend yourself from aggression is grotesque.

  145. Kyle23 says:

    Great rant Tim!!! Loved the conversation 🙂

  146. bluecollar says:

    Tim, The ONLY way we save this country is fearlessness, bravery, and intelligence. Never retreat. Only fall back and regroup. I completely agree with your sentiment on the Anwar Murder. Great show Bro…
    I look forward to it everyday…

    • says:

      Your premise is that the “intelligent” thing would NEVER be to “retreat” and life to fight another day.

      Vietnam taught us what we forgot about Guerrilla Warfare: Retreat; ambush; retreat, again; ambush, again; repeat

  147. DanTrinkle says:

    Carry what you want, but you can’t block traffic… unless you’re antifa

  148. Shrek710 says:

    Ian is cocky to thinking he can think of what will happen. When shit happens it almost never goes as u could have thought and those are the times ur most vulnerable anyways. I guess it’s just Ian authoritarian side that makes him think he’s right

  149. Zeknix says:

    I’ve been the drunk blacked out guy at a bar that started a fight (not my greatest moment) with a folding knife I carried daily. Never ever did I pull out that knife. All I remember (so I guess not completely blacked out) was that I was raging mad. Never once did I pull out the knife. I confirmed this when my friends told me about my fight. I was seriously embarrassed after I heard the story but I was happy I never pulled out the knife.

  150. Valerie-7707 says:

    Ian isn’t far off the mark. Drunks should not have a weapon, BUT if everyone had a weapons then the fight is fare. It would be like the wild west on a grandiose scale. I believe in freedom, period. The side shit will work its self out. Just like with vaccinations ( don’t want it? Don’t take it…if you die its, then u made the wrong decision) and drugs( make them legal, the abusers will eventually OD and its “end game”)It’s so simple its ridiculous. Everyone gets what they want, almost literally. The government wants the guns as a protection measure against us…period. Doesnt matter anyway, there is only two ways to fix this giant shit ball society and no one dare talk about it. I will! Rise up or shut up and let the culling commence.

  151. BadsonofMarz says:

    Whoever made the title of this deserves a raise.

  152. DirtyCivilian says:

    Pistols are tough Tim, keep working at it. Also, a drunk guys with cars kill way more than drunk guys with guns every year. Just sayin.

  153. DarkHelmet314 says:

    Just give them your car or wallet? Jack is 100% wrong on this. I’ll give them my entire magazine first.

    • says:

      The good guys are always ambushed by the bad guys; that’s pretty cocky

    • bluecollar says:

      Yes sir 15+1 147 JHP

      • says:

        Violence doesn’t always give you enough time for “enough” training; we can only pray we’re lucky enough

        • DarkHelmet314 says:

          I have to agree with you. Sometimes it is luck. Many self defense shooting do evolve more multiple rounds and possibly multiple magazines. Adrenaline can be a bitch

          • says:

            One is None and Two is One…you never know if you’ve got enough until it’s all over with.

            You could draw and you gun has it’s first malfunction ever; you could clear and reload from a position of cover and a 2nd bad actor ambushes you as you return fire…extreme violence happens very fast

  154. says:

    Jack was right when he said Tim’s perspective is skewed because he doesn’t have children. Notice he got angriest when this truth was uttered. Notice that he never answered the question Jack posed regarding what Tim would tell his mother if she faced a terrible situation like they were talking about. Notice that the failed logic he got frustrated with Ian about was the very hill he tried to die on. City slickers always acting like they hard. I say it with love Tim!

    • DarkHelmet314 says:

      That is an arrogant narrow minded view on your part, sorry to say. If you are not willing to fight for what is yours. You are not willing to fight for anything. I would never trust someone like you to ever had my back or anyone else’s back. Stand up for yourself or be a surrender monkey.

      • says:

        “arrogant” for not being “willing to fight for what is (mine)” and stand up for “myself” – – – those ideas don’t go together bro…

        You obviously don’t have a wife, nor children counting on you…if you did, you’d understand what responsibility to others really means. All that’s important is that my family can “trust” that I will always do what protects them and their interest…it’s called selflessness, not arrogance.

        I can tell you’re young, so, there’s still time to develop.

        • DarkHelmet314 says:

          No wife , children and young? You are obviously to dense to ask before commenting if I have or am any of those things. I am married, I have a 16 yr old and I am over 40. I am also a firefighter which means my life has been in danger on more than 1 occasion, but under your thinking, that too would be selfish. I have told my wife and 16 yr old if someone breaks in while I’m not home. Grab the rifle, shot gun or pistol and do what needs to be done to protect themselves. I taught them not to be victims, but to be self reliant. Nice try though.

          • says:

            Who said anything abut a home invasion? Jack’s example was a man alone, with $30 in his wallet, with a gun in his face (implying if the man was carrying he had no chance of beating a simple trigger pull with a quick draw) and winning the situation. To fight every fight is immature. I hope you teach your family to be smart above all things.

          • says:

            If they are self reliant, then does that make you useless to them? Does that mean your life is worth less than $30 to them?

          • DarkHelmet314 says:

            Man, you are just reaching now. Hey, if you want to just give up everything you own to a criminal. You do you and what is best for you and yours. That is your right and choice. Some of use are willing to fight for what we have and worked for. Your do your what is best for you and your family if you have one and I will do what is best for myself and my family.

          • says:

            Another example that no one is talking about:”give up everything to criminals” This is a lazy generalization; you’re espousing emotional ideology when I’m talking strategy: each situation/problem requires a different solution. You’re pushing a “one-size-fits-all” solution: Always fight! grrrr!!

          • says:

            I’ve got a lot of stuff that I’ve worked for, but, I’d burn it all if it would keep my family together. I think if you weren’t just trying to win an argument, you’d admit to the same.

        • CanMan says:

          Sometimes beating down our arrogance is the fight

    • CanMan says:

      It’s a fine line. “Timidity ” is very useful as a tool to confuse people of your intentions. (basically saying ask questions and swing half way through the answer if there is any perceived threat)

    • Joann says:

      Oh…Tim didn’t answer because he knows he doesn’t need to tell his mother anything. Have you ever had a run-in with an angry old Asian woman?

  155. drewcgentry says:

    I understand Ian’s sentiment. Having a gun on hand allows immediate physical escalation in emotional situations.

    • says:

      But, it fails to reach the logic Tim spoke of. The premise of Ian’s sentiment relies on the assumption the guy WASN’T carrying at the time. The only way to make a scientific comparison would be to compare the statistics on “immediate physical escalation in emotional situations” in which there was NON-gun violence to those that do result in gun violence. Without that, it’s an illogical argument, no?

    • DarkHelmet314 says:

      Most conceal carry people never go to their firearm first. That is our last option. Educate yourself!

      • says:

        Who are you arguing with? A voice in your head? Calm down bro…calm yourself…

        Wait! I get it! YOU’RE the drunk guy Ian was talking about!!!

        • DarkHelmet314 says:

          Huh? I don’t drink lol ( ex drinker actually ). I was commenting to Drew. Ask and find out whom someone was commenting to before you go off the rail lol

          • says:

            That’s fair…it seems we have more in common than you first thought, huh?

          • DarkHelmet314 says:

            Always possible lol I am open to anything my friend, but if I disagree, I will say so.

      • BillH says:

        Pretty much all concealed carry permits that I know of have a use of force escalation protocol that is expected to be followed.

        • DarkHelmet314 says:

          That is true. A firearm should be the last resort when appropriate. Now, if some one is car jacking you or home invasion. A firearm would be the first resort because those are life threatening situations.

  156. says:

    Tim purposely tries to pick fights with Ian. I thought Ian was making a very valid point. When people are intoxicated and being very irrational and going crazy things often get much worse when they are armed with a concealed weapon. I think Tim knows this but wanted to pick an argument for the sake of just picking an argument.

    • says:

      Your premise is a false equivalency. It’s based on the assumption that none of the “intoxicated and being very irrational and going crazy” people weren’t/aren’t carrying. Life is full of things trying to kill us all! Don’t kid yourself with a false sense of security! Don’t make us all less able to protect ourselves because of a desire to pretend gun control makes us any safer.

    • Stickywicket1977 says:

      Nope bet Ian deserved to get his ass beat that night at the bar

  157. andrei says:

    HOLY SHIT Tim!
    100% agree. People need to learn to hold their ground. Like Dr. Saad would say, activate your inner honey badger.

    • says:

      Saad is an intellectual honey badge, I doubt he’d risk his life for his ego; people with families who count on them sacrifice their ego for the ones they love.

  158. bluecollar says:

    Ian. Please think before you speak. You are in the company of intelligent people, and your common sense lacks… tbc

  159. RYTHMICRIOT says:

    I agree with Tim on not backing down. If you back down you reinforce that type of behavior by other would be criminals.

  160. jcguitarplayerRN says:

    What Ian doesn’t understand is there is a difference between responsible gun ownership and criminality. A drunk asshole is a drunk asshole with or without a gun. Having a gun in a liquor establishment is illegal therefore he would be a criminal. Not to mention drunk and disorderly. The responsible gun owner only uses their carry when lives are in imminent danger.

    • says:

      Exactly! It’s not like when a gun touches my hand my personality changes and my morality escapes…who knows if the drunk guy from his story was carrying, or not; appendix carry doesn’t imprint.

    • ChrisChaosX says:

      What i think is a good way to explain it for tims view.

      Its not dont stand up to that low life , just let them have it. Like as if its some kind of better level than them.

      Its the most basic level their is. Human to human life and death. You never back down.

      Your flipping a coin man. Take the dignity path every time.

    • Tom says:

      “What Ian doesn’t understand is” just about everything. He seems to have a good heart, and has a lot of tech knowledge but he seems to have a hard time understanding the reality of the physical world.

  161. Ravenbar says:

    Tim and Jack both need to read Thomas Sowell’s books “Black Rednecks and White Liberals” and “Intellectuals and Society”. Both seem highly uneducated on the topics of both books.

  162. CanMan says:

    “Very very bad man these girls” Babhu

  163. RYTHMICRIOT says:

    Just heard that Bittrex has announced it is going to delist the LBC coin used on Odyssey. Very peculiar. Do you feel it’s an attack on liberty?

  164. Conor says:

    Is this an April fools?


    • Conor says:

      *For context my comment was from before video was uploaded, when there was a placeholder image which read;

      ‘Sorry this video cannot be viewed at this time’

      It’s past midnight where I am and after Tim cut to black and said they would be talking about a serious matter in this section at the end of IRL on YouTube.

      Add in the ever present meme of censorship on YouTube as the reason for the creation of the members site and I thought this might all be a troll and possibly a set up for a chicken city video.

      Obviously this story is literally horrific and not the target of the original comment. To be super duper clear ??

    • Tuner321 says:

      The parents should also be charged, they are also responsible being that they are responsible for those girls until they are 18.

  165. Kizzlecake says:

    If Ian is true Cuyahoga Falls then he’ll know about Swenson’s. Want some Swenson’s? Let me know, I’ll drive it down there. Also, the Cuyahoga caught fire again last year because of a fuel truck accident on rt 8.

  166. Jbenjamin352 says:

    Love Jack Murphy, cool dude. Just listened to his podcast with Mike Cernovich. Honestly, Mike is what kept me listening, I got the vibe that Jack was laughing at Mike the whole time. Wasn’t a fan of that. Didn’t know where else to get this out. P.S Tim, Ian Lidya and Luke (when he is there), you guys are great. Keep it up

    • MangoldMachine says:

      I cannot ever take anything Ian says seriously because of the stupid shit that comes out of his mouth because he is just another yuppie, spoon-fed, dickhead, fresh out of his marathon cuck-ruck. Nobody needs a gun to fuck you up dude, that’s retarded. Closing 20 feet? The FBI and multiple independent researchers have shown dozens of times that it takes less than 1.5 seconds FROM A TIMED START to close that gap in an attack.
      A dipshit hippie getting away from someone who’s got the drop on them in under 1.5 seconds? Not going to happen, unless the attacker is Stephen Hawking.

      I’m glad you have an opinion and the right to express it freely. But it is worth less than the bong water you spilled on your carpet since you have clearly never dealt with, or tried to understand, anything to do with this topic in ANY of your 42 years on this earth.

      You are scared of guns (and people with them) because your entire base of knowledge comes from movies, fairy tales, and California politicians. I’ve witnessed someone beat a man into a coma for no apparent reason with no warning at all. I’ve seen a fist fight turn into tool-fight, a knife fight and then a gunfight. I’ve had knives and guns pulled on me as well. So I’ve carried a gun for many, many years without the slightest bit of hesitation.

      Murder is ALWAYS an option for someone desperate enough. But having a tool around does not mean that the person with it will inevitably use it. Having a weapon does not make someone magically want to kill another person. If someone wants to hurt you, they will. It could be with with hands, a bottle, utensils, a club, a rock, a knife, a harpoon, a shield, or anything else under the sun. Do you have any of those items? Have you ever attacked someone with one of those items? When all the moronic European countries banned guns (or any specific items at all) did that permanently end people being harmed? When Australia banned guns, knife and club attacks went completely apeshit off the charts.

      YOU CANNOT REGULATE OR RESTRICT INTENT. The item has nothing to do with the intent of the person seeking to use it maliciously. This is the single stupidest bullshit fucking argument that exists yet it is pervasive.

      From now on, use questions to bring light to the topic of firearms and defense. It is just stupid and frustrating beyond belief listening to anyone take a position on a topic that they have never been a part of or ever even tried to learn about.

    • says:

      here, here

  167. BillH says:

    In before the video is up. I’m gonna recommend you watch a show from 1996 called Triumph of the Nerds. PBS documentary mini series that gives lots of details on the origins of DOS and a lot about Xerox PARC, which is who Steve/Bill copied a lot of things from. (Sorry, I’m an old Tech guy.. lol)

  168. MoneyPrinterGoBurrr says:

    Uh oh

    • JIMIFAR says:

      Tim is right, Ian is wrong. If a guy with a gun, pointed at Tims head, and told him to suck his dick, Tim would say fuck you and proceed to go Mike Tyson on the guy. If the same happened to Ian, Ian would get down on his knees and do what the guy wanted. Its all about your character. Id bet Ian allowed bullies to own him in school.