Lady Gaga’s Dogs KIDNAPPED, Luke And Tim Threaten To Go JOHN WICK If You Touch Our Pets

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  1. RusskiOp_R-76 says:

    Fuck that. I have six figures in firearms, ammunition, training, and gear. If someone so much as harmed a hair on any of my Shepherds, I would expend every round of ammunition I have. If it takes 2,000lbs of ammo, I’ll bring the truck. God help them if I catch them and they’re still alive, they’re getting the funkytown massacre treatment. Don’t fuck with people’s dogs, don’t fuck with people’s family. You never know who they have in their life and just how far they’ll go.

  2. Kshthymyla says:

    I watched John Wick as a result of this episode. I feel you on that.

  3. Losan1 says:

    Tim what you’re saying here about the paywall as a ‘security’ functionality is quite true and as such defeats your argument that $25 members are less likely to be trolls or haters who would cause problems at events etc. If you have the personal info of EVERY member what is really the difference (aside from $15)? I mean if it’s really about incentivizing than I would rather hear you say that instead of putting lipstick on it. I am and will remain A Gorilla!!!

    PS hmu if you’re looking for a great journalist. You have my contact info lol

  4. Yoshi says:

    500$ is perfect for Our Pillow. i will not be buying sadly.

  5. NSX_SPICEMAN says:

    Oh Ian… Adorably naive.. He means well, type of guy I could be friends with but boy would we argue constantly…

  6. Hunor_Andras says:

    Mr. Tim , Mr. Luke (fellow Eastern European) Ms. SourPatch pushin all our right buttons… This episode hit home especially Tims story about his last dog. I escaped Communist Romania(because they where ethnically cleansin the Szekely ppl(Hungarian in Transylvania) in the late 80s and even snuck under Berlin wall to get to American EMBASSY where my dad went on a hunger strike chainin himself to the American flag pole to get political asslyum to America. Long story short i had a dog when we left and had to keep him there. So my mom got me one for my 14th birthday and had to put”Mascko” (means teddy bear in Hungarian) down excatly the same way. …yall are all amazing even mr. Dmt…lol. I also recently had a brain tumor removed 5 years ago now i have hernia surgery and kindney stoned all gettin operated on Tues in Dallas Texas-stand up and applaud-lol anywho yall give me that little light that makes me realize I’m not alone and yall dont hear it alot but yall are saviors for alot of ppl and plz keep doing all your amazin things with amazing ppl…im only 36 but body feels 80 then yall make me feel 36 again, yall are my medicine and hope i always get my refill ??Epstein hung himself with help…lol.

  7. NDN97 says:

    My dog was ran over last May. It’s actually the day of the NASA launch. The guy who hit Hershey showed no remorse and actually said “It’s just a dog.” The creep to this day is still speeding down my street without a care in the world. Praying that he doesn’t ever hit a child playing.

  8. redrumax says:

    Putting a dog down is murder, no matter what. My dog was 19 and in diapers but she died in her bed when she decided was her time. Tim, you are a murderer.

    • dji82 says:

      “… no matter what.” So a dog gets hit by a car. It’s back is broken, it’s struggling and whining. What kind of sadistic asshole do you have to be to stand there and wait for it to die? I would bet money that you are “pro-choice” too.

    • NSX_SPICEMAN says:

      Seriously? Is that meant to be satiriecal? If so poor taste.. if not.. then Red, your a well meaning but misguided ignate!

  9. Jakob says:

    Protection Trained German Shepherds, we fight together, we die together.

  10. Skoomaking90 says:

    The worst part of this clip was the comments made by Tim at the end of the segment. You slowly begin to realize Google “Don’t be evil” motto was a virtue signal. The inception of Google was a means to make captial at the deficit of their users and Project Vertias was able to show us the man behind the curtain.( Wizard of Oz) My red pill moment was PizzaGate. Lead me to learn about the Podesta Bros and Jimmy Seville ?While some may laugh i had no concrete understanding of how the media too does news at the deficit of its viewers. WE MUST FIGHT THIS EVIL AT ALL COSTS!????

  11. Jamest1776 says:

    Markus latrell I might have spelt that wrong look up his dispatch recording after someone shot his dog they mad a movie about him and his brothers it’s called lo

  12. says:

    We have a little dog that belonged to my 7-year-old son while he was alive, I DARE some asshole to try to take her away from us. It would end very badly for them. She has been the one living connection to my son that my youngest daughter, his twin, has. It is going to be very painful when she leaves this world. I truly dread that day. We also have 3 cats who are closely bonded to me and my kids, they are my babies too. even the kids that come here to hang out with my kids know they had better be good to the animals that live here. I’m the neighborhood mom and most of the kids that come here are teenagers but they all know not to be mean to the animals! we also have 2 very loud-ass birds lol.

  13. Nemes101 says:

    Keep these bonus segments coming. It’s what I look forward to every day

  14. says:

    Really good phrasing Tim “Everyone was gushing over you coming”

  15. Heageth says:

    My cat of 16 years passed two weeks ago. He was a gift from my sister after my wife left me while I was in Iraq. My dog that I rescued died last week of old age. I want to go John Wick on the universe so bad. The pain is insane.

  16. OtakuMagnet says:

    Lady Gaga offering half a million dollars for her dogs back, but not for the arrest of the shooter? She doesn’t care about her dog Walker, only the dogs? If I were on the investigation I wouldn’t give her the dogs. Not even an update. I would get the people on attempted murder. No charges for dog nabbing.

  17. CripCrack says:

    I haven’t been able to get another dog in over 17 years since my dog died of cancer. The pain still hurts too much…

  18. BootyistBob says:

    Anarchy is the infantile form of libertarianism. Change my mind.

  19. RedPillCoder says:

    Lady Gaga is a satanist. I have no remorse for her but that sucks for the person who got shot and for the dogs. But she probably fed them dog flesh or something messed up at the command of that Marina Abramovic lady who is literally a satanic witch for the elites. “Spirit Cooking” is not art, it is witchcraft and even sounds like it.

  20. Zerref says:

    Absolutely love the content Tim. These guest are amazing. Love Ethan and he has been a big inspiration to my weight loss as well. Can’t wait to see what you do with the website in the future. Much love brother.

  21. KYLE91 says:

    Tim when can us fans meet you guys?! Live shows in person? I watch every day 8pm and $25 member love the podcast you guys Keep the content coming.

  22. jrhaile says:

    Talking about the last moments of your animals life hits hard. Horrible decision to have to make even though it might be for mercy.

  23. GambitB says:

    The thing I struggle with is how to reach the others. There is not as much value in telling me what I already know. As much as I enjoy the content the more powerful views are the people who don’t agree. So much of the tech infrastructure is built to isolated groups.
    I totally get the concerns. Maybe hire some hard core security.
    The world needs more Tim Pool.

  24. RonH says:

    Regarding risks from crazies: there’s probably nothing more dangerous than a true believer who feels betrayed

  25. Turk_Longwell says:

    These clips/episodes give a nice insight to them being down-to-earth folks. They need not be idealized. Respect for them as humans and appreciate the work and message.

    Now the real question, How the F do I change my profile pic. lol. Ian knows. I just forget what episode he said it on.

    • resuni says:

      It’s kind of a convoluted process if you don’t have already have a Gravatar/Wordpress account. Above the text area where you write your comment, it says “logged in as Turk_Longwell”. Click on that to get to your Gravatar settings page. If you are already logged into a Gravatar account, you can change it there. If not, near the top of the page you’ll see the option to log in or create an account. Since Gravatar is a part of WordPress, you will be prompted to create an account with WordPress. Create the account, verify the email, come back to, click on your username above the comment box again, and you should be able to change your profile pic on the Gravatar settings page.

  26. Paul Sawyer says:

    Ever watch 7 Psychopaths?

  27. Bruce says:

    I have 3, 110 to 135 lb Rottweilers that don’t like strangers. Trying to steal them would be a huge mistake ?

  28. Dagwood1968 says:

    Love the content, keep it up

  29. Rxcuttlefish says:

    I can hardly ever hear what people are saying.

  30. Ascended says:

    Love the whole crew and all the content Tim! It gives my nights working graveyards a little entertainment and makes them infinitely better! I hope to soon be able to do what you did and use the money I have saved up over the last year to fly somewhere and report on it. You really are an inspiration to aspiring journalists like myself that are tired of modern “journalism” and that are looking to bring back good old fashioned facts based journalism.

  31. Vmanzo says:

    Why don’t you livestream the entire episode on this website, and then on YouTube put up a “livestream” that shows just a picture saying ‘if you want to watch the show, tune in for free at’
    This way everyone on YouTube can still find you and find the way to get to the stream. But the actual show for people to watch will be live-streamed here. That way YouTube at most gets 1 min of viewership. Where this website will get the 2.5 hours of viewership. Stop giving YouTube money.

  32. CMC87 says:

    Dont like Lady Gaga at all!!!! Feel bad for the dog walker, but this is why the 2nd amendment is so important. If the the dog walker had a firearm or a bullet proof vest it could of been a much different out come, this is why the second amendment is so important. Shal not be infringed!!!

  33. 2aRooster says:

    Lady Gaga is a Satanic worshiping piece of shit, sorry for the dogs if they are injured but could careless about her or anyone that would work with her. Lets cover some real issues.

    • PadreMortalis says:

      if you believe in Devil worship, I would guess that you believe in a deity of good, a God. I’m sorry bud. You have no idea what a “real” issue is if you worry about “Satanic” worship. That’s idiotic. Satan is a made up bad guy for your almighty goD.

    • says:

      Yes like they say lay with dogs and wake up with fleas

  34. WinterTiger says:

    These segments are really fun stuff. As a conservative type guy, it’s nice to have some cool folks doing some off-political things. It’ll be cool to see what the future holds. And do y’all have a script for the Our Pillow commercial? That’d be a blast to write. Especially if it goes on Faux news.

  35. OwnedByCats says:

    I’m glad you guys covered this story. As a tremendous animal lover myself, watching the video of Lady Gaga’s dogs being taken was traumatic enough for me, I can’t even fathom what she’s going through right now. Liam Neeson’s character Bryan in “Taken” and “John Wick” is exactly right. I would hunt them all the way to hell & gut them like a fish if someone hurt my pets, pretty much any animal if I’m honest. I did witness animal cruelty when I was a teenager & it stuck with me forevermore. I found out that day I did not have the power to kill a person with my bare hands being this tiny girl, but I gave it a good try. If I’d had a weapon I’d still be serving 30 to life. I hear the dog walker is going to be ok & I hope & pray she gets her dogs back safe & sound. I wouldn’t wish that hell on anyone. I was impressed with Tim’s passion as I share it. Also it is hard & gut wrenching to euthanize your pet, I’ve had to do it 3 times (the last time was just after Christmas 2020, so that topped off an already really shitty year) but it’s what is best for them when they are terminal & have no quality of life. I call it “the last gift”. Thanks for discussing it.

  36. tealmarimba12 says:

    Both of my dogs are rescues, one is a chicken shit who’s all bark and no bite but my other boy, he’s vicious. He mostly listens to me but he HATES strangers.If I tell him to calm down, he usually settles down but if I ever had to give him the command “get em” I know he’d go full force in heartbeat and he is rough. Just from getting him riled up while he’s playing and the way he goes after toys when he’s amped up I know I could count on him to at the very least be a distraction while I get my weapon of choice to neutralize a threat.

    My dogs are apart of my family, so fucking with them would get you the same result if you fucked with my wife and kid, and god forbid if I ever had to give my big guy permission to go at someone. There was an opossum on my back fence when I let them out one night and before I could even say the word to stop he had bolted down the yard, jumped up and grabbed the opossum by the throat and was slinging around like a chew toy. No fear, he definitely would be a great hunting dog. Fights with rodents, kills moles for fun, trees squirrels and he’s my best friend, loves me unconditionally. Gets super excited whenever I come in the room, has to be in my lap if I’m sitting down.

    You can’t buy that kind of loyalty, people don’t deserve dogs.

  37. says:

    Tim Zuccerpool exposed lol

    I nearly shot someone trying to enter my house recently, my family was at home and we where trying to have a fun game night. When this dick tried to enter through a window. I shot once at him and missed, I dont like violence but I will kill anyone who endangers my kids or wife or pets. #HoodDudeInaCountryTown

  38. MiriamtheLevite says:

    Couldn’t agree with you more Tim. The pay wall keeps the crazies out and those of us who actually want to really dig into the nitty gritty and stay more connected to real level headed thinking.

  39. SillySuzyBumblebee says:

    You need to check out The Kinsey Syndrome on YouTube. It will answer a lot of questions you have about pedophilia and law enforcement issues.

  40. says:

    It wasn’t a white person who robbed that dog, I guarantee it.

  41. flanned2 says:

    Love this segment. Haters are gonna hate but we got you Tim. Watching your video made my day that much better thank you for all that you do.

  42. TheBlackBlade says:

    Of all you guys and gal(s), I disagree with Ian the most, but instead of just absent minded roll my eyes and think his ideas are bizarre and a lot of other things, I’ve been putting a lot of effort into listening and just considering what Ian says in positive ways, it’s much more refreshing. Cheers Ian!

  43. Doughppe says:

    My mind was blown twice when I saw who the guest was and then by how much weight Ethan’s lost. Good for him and good for this show for having him on! I love how nearly every podcast guest is a surprise, makes looking forward to this show even more exciting!

  44. says:

    Cant wait to see the next steps of your project, Tim. Whatever happen, never bend the knee to lunacy! Keep up the hard work y’all.

  45. dancer57 says:

    i remember hearing the story about when Marcus Luttrells (the navy seal portrayed in the movie “” loan survivor “”)dog was shot. how close did he come to shooting them? his military history could have easily drawn him to kill them, it was his therapy dog. he chased them across 3 counties

  46. JodieK says:

    when tims talking about facebook tracking you and then hes like ya were tracking you too lol. how much do really know? can u find out my real name? i just realized my names on my email. should i call u mr pool since ur like twice my age

    • PadreMortalis says:

      Wait. You’re seventeen? Hope you’re paying this subscription with your own money, kid. Pretty sure you are since you watch Tim’s content. Anyway, good to have young’uns amongst us older folk. Stay thirsty my friend.

  47. Tom says:

    Thanks Tim, Ian, Luke & Lyds. I’m looking forward to what you have coming.

  48. says:

    Tim, Luke, Ethan, Ian… if anyone fucks with your pets… I’m ready to go John Wick, even if it’s on someone else’s behalf.

    Unrelated: I recently ordered 10 live oak trees (google an image if you don’t know)… if you want one you’re welcome to it. E-mail me if you’re interested, I’ll send it at my own expense (or bring it personally). Make sure you’re in the right “zone” for these trees though, I think 7-9, you might be able to get away with zone 6.

  49. Hootusmaximus says:

    Am I the only one having an issue with the videos having a hard time loading?? I have no issues anywhere else, just on this site.

    • hawley987 says:

      There was an issue with the first few episodes. Does it work if u turn those little blue bars on the bottom right corner of the video down?

    • Hatebreeder80 says:

      Maybe try another browser? I was having problems last week with the videos here using firefox, then switched to chrome and everything was fine.
      They’re working again with firefox, so it was probably just my computer being retarded.

    • Kyle23 says:

      I get random buffers sometimes but haven’t been on here enough to conclude if it is my phone or not. (Phone is older but runs fine generally)

  50. says:

    The modern 5th generational warfare is playing out in the battlefield of the mind, breeding intent for sins of lustful hatred, brooding and waiting for reason for violence to manifest.

  51. hawley987 says:

    Now I’m worried about when I downloaded those first two episodes because they wouldn’t stream. Tim, if u r reading this, I didn’t share it or hate lol

  52. JacquesTim90 says:

    Didn’t catch if anyone mentioned his character from butterfly effect ?? That was a wild one lol

  53. JacquesTim90 says:

    Ethan was an awesome Guest !! You guys , and gal are killin it
    No one messes with the puppers

  54. MeOnPlanB says:

    Tim mentioned weeks ago doing member get togethers. Is that still in the works?

  55. Lynnai says:

    One of my favorite movies “Evolution” (2001)

    • pieman says:

      i remember evolution! loved that movie.

    • kevin_huskey says:

      Oh this hits right in the feels. When Tim talked about his dog it took me back to last month. Im a medic in the National Guard and while I was getting training to recertificy my dog, a 14 year old Border Collie named Colt, passed away. It was one of the toughest things to push through the training when he passed with my teenage daughter by his side.

  56. Ash.Blevins says:

    Good luck getting my dog, she runs and hides.

  57. Soothsayer says:


    • Quaz says:

      Honest question. Why is Ian even on this show? I mean he seems like a genuine caring guy but he’s so useless. He detached from reality, details conversation, always misses the point in any argument, and just comes across as a burnt out drug addled loon

      • Eric says:

        I think it’s an attempt at having a host with a different perspective (left).
        He often looks completely bewildered by what’s occurring in front of him. Although, I do appreciate his commentary and he seems like a good guy.

      • Skoomaking90 says:

        If you watched a show that 100% of the time was saying agreeable things…you may be watching FOX CNN ABC NBC MSNBC….. So Ian is the guy who pushes back in free form to keep things balanced. Chaotic Good of the group if you allow that concept.

        • Ditch_Wicked says:

          I disagree. Ian is the guy that disrupts the flow of the conversation and muddies the point. Example; A discussion has nearly concluded on how a vacuum cleaner works. Its at the point where how and why it works are resolved. The discussion is now on how to turn it on. Tim has just argued with Luke about which way the plug goes in, with no definitive answer. Tim starts to point out that when you flip the switch….Ian: I wanna talk about dishwashers and how they replace humans, so the Federal Reserve can raise home values and get google appliances in the house so we need to free the code or our toasters will buy all the Bitcoin and hide the DMT.

  58. Another Beer says:

    Nobody better mess with my Great Dane.

  59. ameuret says:

    Would love a My Name is Earl reboot. Make it happen!

    • BillH says:

      “You don’t want people to know about who you are” Microsoft learned this with their head of Xbox security, Stephen Toulouse. People that got banned on the platform or had other issues, were sending him and his family death threats over it. Many, and he wasn’t even that famous, it was just in the community. When he finally left Microsoft, they made the decision to not announce who their new Director of Xbox Live Policy and Enforcement was. He was an awesome, creative dude and is missed.

      Putting down my dog was one of the hardest things I ever did. She was licking the doctor’s hand as he was giving her the shot. Even he broke down crying. I still get choked up about it and it’s been years. I feel you on this one Tim.