Kim Klacik Says BLM Is Communist, Democrats Racist Welfare Policies Destroyed Black Families

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  1. KlutzQueen says:

    To Live more in tune with the natural world while still advancing as a species should be goals!!!!!

  2. TeeZee says:

    I Love Kim Klacik,
    She really cares about the people in Baltimore, i hope she keeps her focus .
    She strikes me as the type of person who can change the world.
    Her idea to give drug dealers amnesty for 12 mths to buy up and renovate the dilapidated
    homes , No questions asked about where the funds came from. No tax investigation.
    This gets drug dealers out of drugs and into real estate in their local area, helping create homes for
    the people to rent.

  3. athleticgrandma says:

    I’ve been saying garden for the longest time. It’s called permaculture, you can go on vacation and it won’t die because you’ve modeled it after a mature forest.

  4. athleticgrandma says:

    It’s called be a stay at home mom and actually raise your children like nature intended. We don’t need an outside structure, family’s ARE the structure.

  5. slobooger says:

    I have no kids, but I sure do enjoy paying for other peoples kids, and grandparents to continue living the easy life, while I spend day in and day out working my ass off to barely pay my bills.
    Yeah, I dont give a shit if some kids are homeless, its NOT MY RESPONSIBILITY.
    Not Sorry. Just OVER the bullshit.

  6. Bigly12025 says:

    “I get it logically, but it’s not logical”

  7. Rawdog says:

    Uhhh, Lydia, it is not necessarily bad that “more black babies were aborted” . I have some insight into this situation that you have NO IDEA about. The truth is a lot worse than you UPPER MIDDLE CLASS KIDS can imagine. You have NO IDEA what those of us who grew up poor-not Hollywood poor, not California poor, not Casey Putsch poor-but grinding poverty poor, REAL POOR, Those black women who abort are the smart ones who are doing what they need to do to get out of that poverty.

    • Ozzy_Jay says:

      Yeah, no. You dont get to label poor areas from different stats as “not poor” because the state is rich. Thats complete ignorance. Also, Mexico and below, is a poverty you cant even IMAGINE compared to the US. I’ve been throughout Mexico my whole life, and the people that make about $5000 a year still make shit happen for their children. Poverty is not a reason for abortions, but using it as an excuse to get abortions is gross.

    • blk_phnx says:

      Ouch, that’s a rough perspective to look at things from. I can’t argue, but don’t you think that education and access to condoms would be a hell of a lot cheaper and not so morally bankrupt?

  8. Rawdog says:

    2:25 Annd Ian proves his stupidity once again

    • Rawdog says:

      Or maybe, Tim shows his 12D chess skills using Ian as his foil.

      • Rawdog says:

        For clarification, Trump is the reason I am typing this. Because of his policies, I was able to finally get a decent job, which allows me to have disposable income. I suspect that very shortly I will have no income & will be living on the street, eating pigeons & squirrels.

    • Rawdog says:

      23:39: Ian proves his stupidity once again. We should make a drinking game. Every time Ian says something moronic: a shot (or sip, or puff). The only problem I see with this is that we would all be blitzed with 10 minutes. Hmmm…maybe we should make it every 5th time…

  9. Fenrir_G13 says:

    Starship Troopers: So the idea of service guarantees citizenship and the ABILITY to VOTE is the idea of having a vested interest in the best possible outcomes. This was the founders initial plan; ie. land owners had the property which was the most vested you could be in a country (of course you want to develop good policy, your land would be effected).
    I absolutely agree with SERVICE = CITIZEN = VOTING RIGHTS
    Like Kim says, people are (unfortunately) dumb. Average US IQ = 95.5, That is literally below the defined average. California is second lowest state at 85.5 average.

  10. Rockermom96 says:

    Tim & crew, time to grow some food. Get in that Tesla & purchase some tomato , cucumber, onion, eggplant, pepper 🫑 plants & some shovels, stakes, fencing ( for deer & bunnies) and put your 💰where your mouth is. Ask Cassandra Fairbanks to help you city slickers get started, I see her talking about seeds and growing stuff, she could help you get started. Victory garden 2.0…..🧅🧄🥬🍆🍅🥦🌽 🌻🪴

  11. says:

    Anyone remember that song “Handlebars” by the Flobots? Look at the symbols on the shields during the big protester/government clash. And remember this was made in 2008.

  12. sgwulfblade says:

    A few friends and myself have thought about buying some land and forming a commune (of sorts) for the purpose of growing our own vegetables, raising cattle, etc. We’ve also talked about homeschooling children as well. That seems to be the future for a lot of people who are seeing the writing on the wall.

  13. Ronbo says:

    People don’t want the truth they just want to parrot what they are programmed to say by mass media and leftists. These are the same people who call free thinkers brainwashed.

  14. Evocatus says:

    The concept of Generational Wealth is false. Stop spreading it. Roughly 90% of self made millionaires families will be broke in 3 generations. There is only ONE family in the ENTIRE WORLD that has had generational wealth past 5 generations that that is the Rothschilds and they are slowly losing it.

  15. ChrisMcKechney says:

    If we get rid of lawns, new balance will go out of business

  16. EpsilonNeon says:

    Great guest, but probably tell her to back away from the mic when she isn’t talking. It’s hard to focus on the conversation with someone breathing heavily into the mic.

  17. BillH says:

    Republicans so a shitty job of recruiting victims of communism to their cause. Cubans, Polish, Chinese ex-pats should all be brought in to talk about how horrible it is and courted by the GOP.

    Thank you Ian! “It’s kinda in the name Conservative to conserve..” Leave it cleaner than how you found it. Another point that is not stressed enough. But as soon as you conserve the tax dollars on the thing conserved goes down, and they want to increase a tax on the conservation. (Gas taxes for one)

  18. Unknown says:

    “equality feels like oppression when you’re accustomed to privilege”

    That statement perfectly sums up the Left. As society has become more equal, each person who relied on their privilege or special treatment is now crying about how they are being oppressed.

    It’s no longer a demand to be treated equally. As a matter of fact, thats exactly what they don’t want.

    They don’t want “Poc”s treated like “white” people, because then they get held accountable like “white” people do. They don’t want women treated like men, else they are held to the same standards as men. They don’t want the handicapped treated like everyone else, then the handicapped is held responsible for their actions. All while they complain about ableism, racism, and sexism. etc.

    Hence their shift from calling for equality to equity.

    In their mind everyone is “equal”… sure. As humans absolutely. Under the law they should be. However when it comes to things dependent on skill and ability, no. If someone is poor because they can’t manage their money, they will use more money than others, blow it, waste it, and demand more because how dare others retain their wealth….

    The whole BLM movement is about not holding black people to the same standards we hold everyone to. (Aka “white people” per their ideology). Because they actually believe black people can’t live up to those standards, thus make insanely ignorant excuses for them. “Showing up on time” is now “white”?… ok, so then you can’t be mad if your “diverse” ambulance shows up an hour late while you bleed out and die… right?… No of course not. The standards of being on time are things that help all of us and we know this if we allow ourselves to be honest. Among many of the other things now considered “white”.

    The idea of the “patriarchy” is just leftists bitching about how jobs and work sucks. Just like men have been saying for years. “No it’s MEN who made it that way”… no, it’s just real fucking life, it’s hard work, grow up”. But they want to go back to lower standards for themselves, because they were used to the privileges sexism gave them. “Women are weaker, so don’t expect them to do manual labor”…

    It’s clear as day the whole Left movement is about gaining pity. “Empathy” is code for “feel sorry for me so you cut me a break, expect less of me, let me have a free ride, and do what I tell you to do”.

    Its like how Bam Margera was once asked to mow the lawn, so he did it all fucked up on purpose so they’d never ask him to do it again.

    The Left is an emotionally manipulative family member “I can’t do it because ____, you must do it for me. If you don’t do it for me, then you don’t love me. Hell, you are abusing me!!!!!!”.

    I know I’m preaching to the choir, but just adding some thoughts to the mix.

    • ZAK88 says:

      What about the bellcurve and the IQ problem?

      • Unknown says:

        What about it?

        Stab in the dark…
        Some people are more muscular than others. If we work somewhere carrying boxes and Bob has way more muscle than me thus can do twice as much work… should I be paid as much as him? Hell no. If you’re smarter than me, thus produce better results you should be paid more. In either scenario I can hit the gym or hit the books and improve my life. If I’m born with an actual condition that limits me, how is it right I should be paid equal for less work? Why should society incentivize illness? Over the long run, we get more of what we water. Harsh, but real life.

    • says:

      Exactly. Like hitting women…

      • Unknown says:

        Hitting women?

        Are you implying that physical assault is “patriarchy”? And that only men hit people? Or that women don’t have equally bad methods of controlling people? Emotional and mental abuse is a real problem that goes nearly completely unaccounted for. No one wants to admit men and women do bad things.

        • says:

          I am referring to these feminist Nazis always professing that they can do anything that men can do and that they are to be treated equally. Then the notion of transgender athletics being “fair” because there is no physical differences between sexes yet when a man hits a woman, it’s the end of the world. It’s toxic masculinity and such.
          Basically agreeing with the double standard and hypocrisy. When a woman steps up and punches a man, as an equal, under their characterization, is he not within his right to hit her in defense? No. Not according to them, despite it being antithetical to their logic.
          I don’t believe in men hitting women, generally, but I do believe that if a woman is to present herself as an “equal” and engage in a physical altercation with a man, he should tackle the bitch and and put her in a hold until her tantrum drains of energy.

  19. Pyro says:

    Run for PG county please so i can vote for you Kim!!!

  20. TheReigningCobb says:

    Malcom X said it best and thats why hes dead

  21. Gamerdude357 says:

    The solution to welfare is simple but hard: Get rid of both welfare and child support and use the money from welfare to give a job to anyone that wants it but only pay them just enough to survive so they are incentivized to get a better job and women will be forced to choose men that will be fathers and raise their children instead of the state.

  22. The Talons of Alan says:

    Since democrats won’t have kids, they will start a war and send all the conservative children to fight for the “USA”, die and boom there ya go problem is solved. If war breaks out, send the leftists first!!!

  23. SunnyG says:

    Great guest! Keep it up.

  24. robka says:

    I don’t want to sound like a sexist bigot, but when Tim is cussing in front of women it sounds horrible!!)

    • Chris_Bravo says:

      She’s from Baltimore. Lol. I’m sure she has heard it all.

    • Mallyrith says:

      If conservatives could get it in their heads to do actual activism and not look down on it, I think they would handle these “liberal” problems so much better than the left. They’d do alt power better, city management better, school reform, etc.

      The school pods and homeschooling pods has been a very “conservative” thing in the past. I’ve seen my small town locals do it for years and the majority of them are conservatives. When the time came to find an alternative to public school, they dominated that market for those that were willing to look outside the zoom calls.

  25. Majlraep2883 says:

    Kim is 100% right!! The fatherless homes in Black communities went from around 25% pre Great Society Act and is now around 75%. Totally flipped and Dems play with people’s minds and make them believe that their victims when 2 or 3 generations ago they were actually gaining ground from the people who actually oppressed them. Now we see that going in reverse at an extremely fast pace. It’s so sad.

  26. Matt.ferguson42@yahoo.comm says:

    Plans for chrome cast?

  27. KeeganJMooney says:

    I hate to sound like antifa, but Starship Troopers was written with the intention to make fascism look great.

    • says:

      I’ve read this book a couple of dozen times over the last forty years and I don’t see where it’s promoting fascism. More like personal responsibility and accountability. I especially like the bit where Mr. Dubois is recounting, with a sense of incredulity, the way justice system “used to work “.

    • meinking22 says:

      Negative. Starship Troopers, the movie, is a parody of fascism.

    • Gamerdude357 says:

      No, it was not! Read the book!

  28. Unknown says:

    The stock market isn’t booming, its inflated.

    Really, it soaked up all the extra printed money, basically delaying the inflation we are now seeing in common goods. It will crash when people run out of money and need to liquidate their investments to cover the inflated prices of things. Probably October.

  29. HOSEQ says:

    Y’all have no clue on how our children are treated….What’s worse, is that you do not realize how many get stolen and used for nefarious reasons…..the whole PIZZAGATE thing is True,…….But you cannot look into that, and stay on YT and FB….

  30. TCappo3 says:

    Yeah tell that reform platform to Bill “I want 90% of the population dead” Gates. We’re all for it, it’s the Davos cultists you have to convince. These people don’t just want “less consumerism” they want less CONSUMERS. Just greedy little pigs that believe because they have the “power” that the entire planet’s resources belong to them solely. God will strike these blasphemous heathens to the dirt from whence they came. Maybe I’m wrong but I truly believe that. Keep speaking truth to power. Especially the supreme power in the universe. Talk to God, He listens. I truly believe if this nation repents and comes back to Christ we will be spared. Tim you mentioned the Old Testament and the inconsistencies between it and the New Testament. The Old Testament is there to help you understand God’s, for lack of a better word, personality. Wherein many times a city or nation that had become complete bereft of morals was given an ultimatum to heeded lest they perish. The perfect example is the story of Jonah. Jonah was commanded to go to a city to warn them to repent or else. Jonah tried to disobey, flee by boat, storms ensue, sailors toss him overboard, whale swallows him, spits him out right where he was supposed to go, city gets warned, they repent, happy ending. Sorry for the horrible grammar but I hope the message is clear. Pls don’t respond with the cliché atheist drivel, it’s old, tired and I don’t care. God Bless you if you made it this far into my ramblings haha peace

  31. ParaQuill says:

    Speaking as a homeschooling parent of several years, the problem with paying parents to homeschool is that those who pay you tend to want to have a say over what you teach, whether it’s the government, or fellow taxpayers, or both. Many homeschooling parents want nothing to do with receiving money to homeschool, because with it will come pressure and influence over what parents are required to teach, ie ideologies like gender theory, or other things which may be against parents’ beliefs, or restrictions on curriculum or textbooks.

    Here in my state, we’re required to teach a certain amount of subject hours per school year, and those hours must be divided between core subjects like math, science, language arts, etc, and elective courses. As such, you must keep a written log of what you’re teaching and how much time you devote to it, should anyone ever ask you to produce it for proof. However, outside of required core subjects, no one tells us we must teach according to a particular curriculum or include ideologies we don’t agree with.

    Frankly, I value the freedom to introduce multiple perspectives in subjects such as history and science, and really dig in and discuss them with my kids, versus being forced to stick to whatever current narrative is being pushed and promoted at any given time. I really have no desire to surrender any of that for money from other people. I would rather keep working crazy hours from home, fitting my job around my kids’ schooling schedule, so that I can help contribute money toward household expenses, including homeschooling costs, than give up my job and take vouchers or other incentives to homeschool. Money can’t buy freedom.

    • TCappo3 says:

      Well said. I couldn’t agree more. You are an inspiration to me as I trying to convince my wife to give up teaching so she can teach our 1, soon to be 2 daughters. Keep doing you. All love, peace.

  32. MiriamtheLevite says:

    Tim, homeschooling groups already work this way, only its not 1 parent teaching all the kids all the time. Each parent teaches a certain subject with rotating schedules. This way, the children get their experience and knowledge from a broader perspective which allows for natural development of critical and abstract thinking skills. The real answer to this whole issue lies within reformation of education. My son and I spent 2 years homeschooling and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. His growth and learning was so much richer than anything he received in traditional schooling. We need to focus on how a child learns more so than fitting them all into a convenient singular mold. I think school choice is a good start, but it needs to go further to change the structure of learning and get the idea of schooling out of mainstream thinking. It needs to identify how a child learns early on and cater to their natural curiosities and strengths, while still giving the other areas attention, just not as focused. When a child is allowed to explore what piques their interest, they naturally open up to learning, even the subjects they may struggle with. It’s called unschooling and it works for every type of learner. The antiquated traditions of 30 kids to a room, all taught the same thing the same way needs to go. We must focus more on specialized and targeted learning as we become a more specialized society than ever before.
    As to the issue of fixing the current state of the inner cities and the welfare system, we need to create a pathway to independence from Section 8 by requiring enrollment in some type of schooling and eliminating the current incentives to stay on welfare. Instead of the government shelling out money every month, year after year, it needs to be an investment into the lives and health of its citizens. The idea that its not a sacrifice, but an investment into the future. Change your mind, change your life.

    • Joann says:

      I agree with you 100%. When homeschooling years ago, our apple tree became covered with aphids. My son spent hours looking up aphids, their larva, how to get rid of them, how to better care for our tree. We ignored some other subjects for the day so he could do this. I have many examples just like this. By letting their natural curiosity take over, it helps them to become autodidactic. 🙂

  33. Unknown says:

    My main hope rests in the idea that if we’re barely scraping by that must mean other countries are one strong gust of wind away from total collapse. We dominate the news so we have no real idea whats going on elsewhere.

    As for the economy, it’s vindicating to hear everyone finally catching on to what’s going on with inflation. It’s also scary as hell because it only makes it more real, we don’t want this to be real. 30% drop is so insanely optimistic… a normal market correction can hit 30%. This is prime to be the greatest depression of all depressions squared rivaling the dark ages. Just, bad. Like prepare to survive on your own in the desert bad. Like countless millions of deaths bad.

  34. JordanJ0888 says:

    @Tim, this site is so buggy bro that you don’t need a web development team as much as you need an exterminator at this point.

    Straight up I had to reply to someone’s comment to login and stay logged in to see the video.

  35. John7095 says:

    I’ve lost all faith in the American school system. I had a serious black pill today regarding schools in my hometown of Madison WI. The school board fired a football coach who had the temerity to organize a club football team for the Madison hs students because the school board won’t let them play because they are leftist morons. The irony, that a team that’s mostly black, isn’t allowed to play while all the surrounding (mostly white) schools are in full swing apparently doesn’t permeate their woke equity obsessed brains. To add insult to injury the school board, rather than working on getting kids a school football program, is focused on changing the name of the school. Of course the contributions of James Madison don’t matter when you have great leftist heroes like RBG, John Lewis, and my favorite: Woke Highschool (this is seriously an option they are considering). To top all this off, the school is implementing segregated zoom meetings for parents and students. I’m only 25 years old, but I can hardly recognize the country and value system I grew up cherishing. I can’t wait till I complete my law degree and may use all my efforts to fight these people rhetorically and politically.

  36. Relientruss says:

    1. Have kids. Do not let anyone else raise them without you knowing what was taught.
    2. Get into a community ( Church, extended family, sport teams, cult {jk} etc)
    3. Get offline with your significant others more often.
    4. Take personal responsibility

  37. Space-TimeCurvature says:

    I disagree with the generational wealth idea, being that rags to riches stories wouldn’t exist then, as well Nigerians are highly successful here, and have higher income per captia on average than white people. As well Asians are extremely successful here, and Chinese all over the world do very well where they immigrate, there is more to success than just what you are born into, the other side is the work and effort you put out. What you are playing at with generational wealth, is a family legacy, grand parents, and 2 person parents, to be able to give more security, and the habits and value of family unit. I think it can help having habits and values, and security from generational wealth being resources not just in money but a structured environment, 2 parents to grow in, But there is rags to riches stories for a reason, and immigrants coming here with nothing and doing extremely well, values and habits, whether it is from a parent, a teacher, a coworker, a boss, a preacher, some person inspiring and helping teach the person that grows up. Thomas Sowell has that story, someone showed him the library and he had never been there before, growing up poor in Harlem, had no idea you could borrow books, quote off the web ” A family friend took Sowell under his wing and introduced him to the public library, which opened a new world to the young boy.” Thomas has said that with out this positive peer pressure he possibly would not have been a intellectual.

    • Space-TimeCurvature says:

      There is a generational wealth gap, dont get me wrong. It is projected to close by 2077, if we as a society dont mess it up with terrible ideas. The point is that this struggle, may actually make youth stronger and more fit for a unfair world. The problem to me is toxic policy and promotion of bad behavior, so organizers can have a following based on victimhood(victim mentality profiteering). See I think you guys have a empathic view of the situation but you may fail to see both sides of the consequences, not only will some youth fall victim to bad habits and values through poverty, but some will be extremely successful learning and persevering through the hardships life threw at them. We fail to see the full scope, that grit isn’t always bad, and in fact act as an extremely good motivating force for prosperity. Example; John D. Rockefeller, born into modest(poor) family

  38. Tom says:

    Tim, ya can’t “chop lumber”. You chop fire wood, you mill lumber.

  39. CzechTex says:

    I believe we should return to the Ancient Greek Cast System of voting. The community is brought to the town center, is made to hear both candidates’ debate…then cast their stones to the representative they wanted.

    Education is key; knowledge is not power but knowing, and knowing produces fortitude.

  40. JimmyQuinto says:

    Chicago: Socio-economic issue
    culture and the broken window theory
    Bad economic policies keeping people in poverty
    I’ll probably write an essay about it and send it to you.

  41. JimmyQuinto says:

    … DOGE

  42. go.laguna says:

    I don’t know if Tim knows that what he is basically describing with his homeschooling ideas, practically already exists and it’s pretty much what the Classical Conversations Program is about. Lydia should reach out to their founder Leigh Bortins, she’s been on other Podcasts to inform people about the program and encourage families to seek out homeschooling as a possibility instead of our broken public school system.

  43. Mr.Burns says:

    My soul just hurts learning about section 8 not allowing fathers in the home, totally counter productive…

    • TCappo3 says:

      Sadly it was by design, LBJ was and overt racist. Some of his quotes should have him posthumously impeached. He besmirches the office of President by being included in our legacy.

  44. sweet_setite says:

    Plant certain flowers along with your crops. I believe marigolds, lavender, mint (careful with mint it spreads) naturally discourage pests including mosquitos. They are also all edible.

  45. GambitB says:

    The problem with service guarantees citizenship is the classic if you are a hammer everything looks like a nail. If you force people to work in government before they can vote on what government will do they will be stuck in a mental box looking to government only to solve things. Private businesses, churches, and more have much better answer for many of the problems people try to solve with government.

    • BrotherPaul says:

      Many soldiers and Marines that served being from Mexico lost their citizenship and sent back to Mexico. The gov’t, does not want people from Mexico. They want the worthless monkeys from Central America.

    • Turk_Longwell says:

      Not so sure about looking to the government solve things, if you served in the Military. It’s quite the opposite from my point of view. The only Veterans that I know that look to the Gov’t are the ones with the leftist democrat mindset, which is a small percentage. The rest are strong people with good family, community and individual values. All this from my world and all the Veterans I know, ya know.
      I hear your points though too. Those folks can be good leaders and and help make good decisions.
      but They can serve a couple years in their youth. When I was in Israel, Everyone was conscripted to serve at least two years. This was back in 2002, though. IMO, Pound for Pound, Israel has one of the strongest militaries.

  46. raifo92 says:

    You guys are all dying of allergies. Buy locally produced honey!

  47. Sarahlionheart says:

    Great episode, love Kim! Glad she brought up the horrors that Lyndon Johnson did by marrying black women to the government. May the 4th be with you all!

  48. Turk_Longwell says:

    “Ya can’t get what ya give with social media” – Ian.
    We need the Fighting a Crocodile Under Water t-shirt.

    4. To repeat all calls (from posts) more distance from the guardhouse than my own.

  49. CplChaskoIV says:

    🐶🚀🌛 Dogecoin to the Moon