Jim Hanson Tells CRAZY Military Stories, HALO Drops And Eating DISGUSTING Food in Foreign Countries

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    Seriously I really like this guy this guy is fucking awesome!

  2. Joe says:

    Great content as always

  3. Domitan1980 says:

    Goddammit, I was eating yesterday’s spicy peanut Thai noodle


    Great fucking show Tim, outstanding guest, keep doing what you do and fight the good fight!

  5. Jasonvano says:

    I like this guy, good show keep it up Tim and company

  6. Semper_Ives says:

    Many Okinawans don’t consider themselves Japanese. They are Okinawans

    • JimHansonDC says:

      Most definitely. there is a strong separatist movement on the Island. There was also a strong communist movement and they used to protest us when we did parachute ops.

  7. stephen@clevertreedelivery.com says:

    I swear Ian is half retarded and says dumb shit every single show lmao. Why is he even on here? Bring Luke back and have him take his place imo.

  8. PuzzleCat says:

    The good/evil debate is a hard one. Specific situations can be “evil”, but Ian is right that context matters. The trial by jury is meant to bring out details of a case from both sides and let common people decide if it was right or wrong. I don’t know if trial by jury is the best method, but it’s probably the best we have short of omniscience.

    I recommend the story of “The Taoist Farmer” to anyone, because even as a parable it is a good description of how things viewed as good or bad in the moment could be the opposite even a day later. Breaking your leg might be bad, but it might get you released from the draft the next day. Granted if you got drafted, perhaps your actions could have saved lives in the future. It is an impossible thing for humans to objectively state any individual event as good or bad without a context, and even the context we can grasp will be woefully short of all reality.

    We do the best we can to keep a civilized society though, because a society without order will fall into chaos. This is why even “holy” books like the Tao te Ching will say that “Weapons are instruments of fear. They are not a wise man’s tools. He uses them only when he has no choice” The exception part is necessary because context matters.

    • Pavogani says:

      Lets clarify context then, for you an Ian both.
      Evil : It act of harming another for no other reason then enjoyment for oneself and the suffering of another.
      That clear things up for you?

      • Unknown says:

        Lets clarify… that’s NOT how the questions was framed.

        It was Implied, clearly, but the wording of the questions was stupid and failed to include that context.

        But hey, blame Ian for not wanting to answer a poorly phrased question that could be held against him later when the context changes.

        “Is it to give Fentanyl to kids?”
        No. It’s evil to give fentanyl to kids in a high enough dose to purposely try to kill them for ones own enjoyment.
        It’s not evil to give them fentanyl in a low dose to help the child with the reoccurring pain it suffers from due to a car wreck.

        But “Context doesn’t matter!!!! waaaaa waaaa”

  9. Zacchaeus says:

    Y’all ever try Rocky Mt Oysters?

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    • Zacchaeus says:

      Maybe it’s not relevant or that there’s over 100 superchats per night

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      First of all, you don’t have a voice. Go make your own platform if you want that.

      Second of all, you sound like an entitled prick, and you do need to be called out on it to restore balance. Your irrelevant superchats weren’t ever guaranteed to be read. Mine weren’t either. Get over it, Jesus.

      If you such a fan, don’t you realize that if Tim did actually take the time to address your comment, he’d probably tell you to get lost and would do the exact opposite you’re asking for?

      • Pavogani says:

        Ah… I love a good troll. You understand his viewers are smarter than you right? You honesty think I am afraid of a different opinion? Why TF would I pay him monthly if i was scared of an opposing opinion. Also, I do have a voice and it is here, with my money. If not the you are GD right I will make my own platform and do my own shit. The difference is I know trolls when I see then and by god do you stink.

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          Ain’t trollin’ I just take issue with karens like you who like to point out how much money they spend (not that much) and then demand service.

          Maybe next time if you want to be taken seriously, don’t threaten to withdraw your money over petty shit and instead propose an improvement like a sane individual

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      So unsubscribe is what you are both saying then? Fair enough, no more Superchat, Membership fees, or views, ty for clarifying

      • PuzzleCat says:

        If you want to see what happens when someone takes the time to read all the superchats, go watch Michael Malice’s solo streams. He barely gets to his own topics and doesn’t even have enough time to properly answer the superchats given. It’s the nature of the beast dude. If Tim took the time to read and reply to every superchat, the rest of the stream just wouldn’t happen.

  11. WindyChimes says:

    Laughed my ass off to this extended ep.

  12. dudebrahman says:

    You guys need to look into the holocaust. If you are open minded you should look at the official narrative critically.

    There were no lethal gas chambers. There were de-lousing chambers to fumigate clothing in order to kill typhus carrying lice. They shaved camp members’ hair for the same reason. The US fumigated mexican immigrants with zyklon-b at the border for the same reason. The 6 million figure is jewish lore that began way before WW2. They use the “holocaust” for political power.

    Deaths in the concentration camps came from typhus and starvation. They died from starvation after allies bombed supply lines that supplied the concentration camps.

    The holocaust fraud is the biggest lie of the 20th century. Stalin and the soviet union were the real evil force in that war. Soviet soldiers raped and murdered millions of Germans after Germany started losing the war. Please look into it.

    • dudebrahman says:

      here are other things the camp “inmates” have claimed:

      -masturbation machines that killed inmates
      -bears killing inmates then having their carcasses scavenged by eagles
      -jews being turned into soap and lampshades
      -Nazi prison guards stuffing jewish children into soccer balls and kicking them around
      -Jews being forced to put a shotgun into a hole, where the barrel is bent into a U backwards towards their head, and being forced to kill themselves in that manner.
      -train cars speeding down a rail, then coming to a halt and projecting the people inside into an oven.

      It’s all total nonsense.

      • WindyChimes says:

        Too bad they won’t because the mere idea of questioning the Holocaust is blasphemy to some.
        If you question it, you automatically become a monster and pariah.

    • Alexander_Weiland says:

      Wait what? If this is a lie why were they just shooting jews to far away from collection sights. If there was no easy way to get them to a camp they just lined them up and shot them especially on the eastern front. And what about people testifying that they carried bodys from the gas chambers and nazi guards who said it happened but they were just fallowing orders. The nazis put on trial did not deny it. Im not trying to be abrasive or shoot you down Im just asking what about these evidences. I myself am a jew and I know its blown out of proportion and used for sympathy currency but what about these examples? Im looking this stuff up but im not finding any info.

  13. frumentarii says:

    The Babcock Family during the American Revolution (Adam Babcock and George Waith Babcock) outfitted 15 Ships for Privateers through the Adam Babcock and Company whose Co owner was Benedict Arnold. George Babcock led a portion of this small fleet of ships. He destroyed the British outpost at Île de Los and freed 350-400 slaves at this outpost and aboard ships down the African Coastline, captured or sunk 28+ British ships and captured the town of Luenburg Nova Scotia.

  14. Rummy says:

    Why didn’t anyone talk about the Milgram shock experiment? I kept thinking that would ground the conversation in a place that Ian can talk about. It provides context on exactly what you guys were trying to explain.

  15. TheBigZBoy says:

    So is killing an unborn baby just cause you don’t want it evil Tim? or are you picking and choosing which innocent lives that people take are considered evil?

    • Pavogani says:

      What do you mean? Bacteria is life on mars, but a heartbeat isn’t life on earth. How is that hard to understand PPL FFS get with the times.

  16. Trek29er says:

    Durian fruit is disgusting and I almost hurled. However my coworker loves it and orders it in. Also durian is not allowed on planes due to the smell.

  17. JamesEagle says:

    “The military ruins everything.” (referring to doing anything that sounds like it would be fun)
    Fact check SAT!

    • Nyarlethotep says:

      Terrain denial fire is fun when your sitting on top of a concrete bunker in the middle of the night smoking cuban cigars with your best friends.

  18. Diogenes says:

    Unfamiliar combinations of flavors, or unfamiliar flavors tend to provoke a strong reaction in people, especially when you prime yourself to hate it as you did. I also suspect a lot of people in Norway spend a lot of time in ketosis, which strongly modifies your tastes. If you are eating nothing but whales, fish, and sheep heads, then you are probably going to be salt deficient. When you are salt deficient, salt starts tasting SWEET. It makes sense that they would use it on candy if everyone there is essentially on a Carnivore diet all the time.

  19. kevinlusk says:

    Not all morality is objective, but objective morality exists.

  20. Vmanzo says:

    The best way to explain the whole “my truth can be different from reality” is through schizophrenia.
    If a schizophrenic says that there is a pink elephant in the corner, he may actually see a pink elephant in the corner. That does not change the fact that there is not a pink elephant in the corner.
    If you tell him that there’s not a pink elephant and that it’s all in his head, you can help bring him back to reality.
    If you feed into it, and tell him “omg you’re right! There is a pink elephant” you’re only feeding into his condition and making it worse for him. Cuz now he’s REALLY going to believe in the shit he sees, and ultimately make it harder to bring him back to reality in the long run

  21. DorseyWoods says:

    Just joined… sorry if this is obvious but how does one change the avatar image? Haven’t yet located the option (mobile).

  22. Nova says:

    1) I don’t get Tim’s stories about fundraising, it must be cultural differences. Here in Australia if someone gives a guy their clipboard and wont take it back the dude will just drop it or walk off with it. The whole handshake thing doesn’t work either, people will just shake their hand while still walking, if the dude doesn’t let go then he is getting dragged, told to fuck off or worse.

    2) An inherent evil is Paedophilia. Id Ian tries to make excuses for it then he should be shot. Period! Same goes for anyone else, face the wall.

    • Unknown says:

      Upfront for the record, Pedophilia is Evil.

      The age of consent is 18 because we know by 18 kids have mostly matured. It used to be younger, before science got involved and showed we aren’t full adults at 15. Also science showed us that women were less likely to die in child birth after 18. Also because we found that by 18 kids will have their shit together enough to take care of kids they have. 15 not so much. Good.

      However, science is showing us that the brain doesn’t fully mature till peoples mid 20’s. And as more kids are isolated from reality through our education system, they really can’t take care of offspring until they are out of college and have a job for awhile. Again Mid 20s. As for birth, there is some stuff that suggests early 20s is the best time for women to have kids, but I can’t say conclusively.

      With all this known… should we raise the age of consent to say 24? If we do, that would make someone who has sex with a 23 year old a pedophile. You may not agree to that perspective, but 2 generations from now they will view a 23 year old as a child and it as pedophilia.

      Weird shit.

      Impressionability is also a big factor in the age, however it’s not as simple or straight cut as we like to think.

    • mrmap says:

      true some people will just drop it an keep walking (i have myself) but i think a majority of people wont throw it to be nice. for the people who will throw the clipboard thogh i think they try to hire attractive people. at least then the guys who will drop the clipboard will be more inclined to stop and chat for a little while.

    • Diogenes says:

      Nova in Germany circa 1939:

      2) An inherent evil is Judaism. If Ian tries to make excuses for it then he should be shot. Period! Same goes for anyone else, face the wall.

      Sorry kid, but killing people for having discussions is what is evil. It is the type of behavior that drives cult formation, when you completely eliminate all opposing voices, or voices of reason. Once you have murdered everybody arguing for turning the age of consent back to what it was 100 years ago, you’ll start killing the ones who want to turn it back to what it was 20 years ago, then you’ll start killing the ones who want to keep it where it is, then you’ll start killing the ones who want it to be 20, then 24, then 35, then humanity goes extinct.

  23. erikjohnson05 says:

    Just realized you can comment on these videos. Beautiful!

  24. shadowfoxx says:


  25. Unknown says:

    Tim, read this, hold suspension of disbelief.

    When you asked Ian if shoving fentanyl down a childs throat was evil, you had context in your mind that you did not include for Ian. As you later on proved as you exemplified over and over with innocent people being harmed. Aka, “just on the street”. Aka, “_randomly_ killed the father”… all context of innocence. Or in the least assumptions of innocence. But when you asked Ian you removed it of all context thus making it an impossible question to answer verbatim because even you passively agreed that had the child been a terrorist then it wouldn’t be evil. YOU implied innocent child, but did not SAY innocent child. Thus word-for-word a bad question.

    Ian wasn’t changing the argument, he was filling in the details you failed to add but CLEARLY imagined.

    I have the utmost respect for you, I’ll continue to support you and this site. I actually don’t like Ian much, but him standing his ground I respect because he was right. And you calling him Evil, especially with the disgust you displayed, when YOU actually failed define your scope properly…. well you can go fuck yourself.

    • Unknown says:

      Evil is ignorance + bad outcome.

      We call things Evil when we can’t understand why something was done and see the harm it caused. The Left are Evil because they are ignorant of so much and thus harm many people with their actions. They don’t use the word Evil. They speak and think in metaphor like Star Trek TNG episode Darmok. “Hitler” means evil person. “Fascist” means evil group. “Racist” means evil idea. All things they don’t understand, and don’t understand so much in fact that they can’t see they are actually acting like those things.

      Left: “The system is Racist” = “The system is Evil” = “I don’t understand the system and I see it do bad things”

      Conservatives use biblical metaphor to express themselves. “Trump was like David and Goliath to the system”…. “Tower of babble” in regards to big tech.

      The Left are ignorant of the Bible stories, thus they use examples they know… the poorly taught and poorly explained examples in history class and the one book series they read, Harry Potter. (Well, movies). Then further gaps filled in with Woke BS.

      The big disconnect is that the metaphors don’t line up the same all the time. “Voldemort/Hitler” isn’t exactly Satan. “White Supremist” is something akin to Sinner and Sin, or criminal/bad.

      I haven’t mapped the whole language, but like the tower of babble, it collapsed and everyone developed their own new language. This is no different.

      Note, I’m a devout Atheist. (Actually, I’m so Atheist I made up my own word for it)

      Dissecting bodies was considered Evil for centuries… why? Because people didn’t understand but saw it cause problems… namely grave robbers got sick and spread disease… something they didn’t know about at that time. Once Germ Theory was understood, suddenly we could dissect bodies safely and it lead us to amazing break throughs in medical science.

      Don’t be quick to call things Evil unless you understand it’s an admittance of your own ignorance.

    • Syke_211 says:

      I’m pretty sure he asked if it COULD BE evil. In the context of, in any instance, could it be evil or not and Ian said no. He doesn’t have to give the context of a particular instance, for him to decide if in ANY circumstance, could it be evil. It’s a yes or no and the logical answer is, Yes. Ian proved so by his answer obviously being an instance of evil with a terrorist child.

      • Unknown says:

        To be fair the original question was “how about selling drugs to kids… you don’t think it’s evil to give a kid fentanyl?”

        Tim is failing to specify the amount of the drug and it’s use. He’d bitch how the context doesn’t matter, but will 100% flip his script if the amount of Fentanyl was a low dose needed to rid the child of pain it suffers from a car wreck.

        Why? Because Tim is ASSUMING and IMPLYING a high dose but not SAYING or ASKING as much.

        Ian did not want to agree to something with massive amounts of context left up to assumption, and for good reason. Because often time shallow stupid mother fucking overly moralistic questions like the ones Tim ask are weaponized to force agreement to different context….

        “But you agreed selling drugs to kids is bad”
        “Yeah, but not if the kid needs it in a responsible dose level”
        “To bad, you already agreed, did you lie the first time?”
        “no, you failed to specify”

        Tim doesn’t often do that, but he does do it.

        My objection is justified because Tim is being a hypocrite. 90% of his videos are about CONTEXT. You know… doing research and determining truth. Not shallow assumptions built on first passes. My tone is justified because he had the arrogance to treat Ian HORRIBLY for Tims own mistake.

    • IanWelch says:

      I agree with you

    • xenithorb says:

      It’s a show for the camera. Ian is literally there to spark shit up so Tim can go on a rant like that – because it gets views. Relax.

  26. Jeremygconnolly84 says:

    Ian is kinda wonky in his logic and I don’t really agree with most of it but honestly I like the counter view and thought process. Hearing a different view and listening to his thought process gives me some insight.

  27. UppityG says:

    Crossland, last time I ding you on this episode: Dude…. you actually called what OUR soldiers have to do in war theatre insta-war criminals simply because they refuse to let the bad guys get the advantage to slaughter them by using a child as a smart bomb IN FRONT of a war veteran.

    I hope you feel bad about it for as long as it takes.

  28. Seanthrasher says:

    I wast late for a super chat. But watching today show. And heard Jim talk about education to counter the indoctrination of the younger generation. I know you have alot of thing in progress but you may look in to a show for kids and make it open with out membership just so the can learn to be open minded.

  29. expinch says:

    Poor chickens

  30. mnem0 says:

    Everything they mentioned is disgusting taste great! Balut, tendon, brain, tongue… Durian is DELICIOUS. it taste like custard if you get past the smell lol.

  31. UppityG says:

    That was me brudda, 15:32, been a fan of yours ever since B5. Word to your mudda.

  32. MattRam90 says:

    DURIAN is AMAZING!!! Smells like rotting onions but taste like sweet custard with a hint of rotting onions

    • mnem0 says:

      I just said the same thing lol. Its fruit custard lol. The trick is to freeze it first if people can’t stand the smell, and it taste much better. I’m starting to think the smell only bothers certain people because it doesn’t smell any worse than onions to me.

  33. jasonvreeman says:

    I have been thinking for awhile that when you bring on these ex-military guys, it would be great if you sat them down and let them tell a war story or military experience that shaped how they view the world today, and how it can apply to the world we live in. Complete with smoking jacket, a glass of brandy or a pipe and a lit fireplace in the background…a sort of grandpa passing down wisdom to the youngins through storytelling by the campfire.

    We need to listen more to our elders and wisemen – they have experiences to share and learn from.

  34. BillH says:

    Like the show, but you’all have been throwing out a bunch of hypotheticals to talk about and it just leads to more “what if”. Maybe I’m not using the right term, but it seems to devolve into a circuitous argument lately.

  35. Crazylarry says:

    I just always think of the south park episode.


  36. Drewncharlie says:

    I kinda feel bad for ian. Hes really a kind guy and he obv hates hardline positions of any kind. he’s right no matter how firm tim is in his view. if you really think about it. It looked like derek cheuvin committed an act of evil until we learned more. Unless you know the situation you cant make a snap judgement about what is evil. Would it be evil to blow up osama bin laden? What about if the bomb also killed one of his wives, who was entirely clueless and innocent? No its not evil. Its necessary. What if a man murdered your whole family and you spend years looking for vengeance. You finally find him and hes with his 4 year old daughter. Is it evil to shoot him? Ian is right. Germans looked at jews as the evil orchestrators of their great depression. Killing them or expelling them was a life or death situation (according to all popular opinion in germany at the time). so was killing them evil? Depends on who you were at the time. German citizens mostly believed that they were in the right as did americans when they interned Japanese citizens. Because they believed it to be a life or death situation and they acted on their very real fears and the little information they had. Hindsight is 20/20. There is evil out there but it IS very difficult to define and you need all the perspectives and information to know. A guy pulls up and shoots a man on the street is a terrible example. Because you dont know shit about the people involved. It looks evil, but as we have seen, something that looks bad at first isnt always evil

  37. FishHookedTuna says:

    The breezy way that war with China or Russia gets brought up all the time without adding they both have a nuclear arsenal and it would destroy humanity is astounding

    • Katepepper says:

      CCP has been at war with the US patiently & methodically by spying in filtrating universities, capitalising on civil unrest cheap labor for decades. They are patient committed and relentless. This is not be a “hot” war with bullets an d nukes

  38. mcbhjdoe@gmail.com says:

    Ordered a Foil hat shirt, and can not wait for the gatxr one. Great idea Ian and gang!

  39. Xanatosa says:

    Ramune! Such a great drink!

  40. Kyle23 says:

    Here early!!!

  41. TheObjectiveTruth says:

    We would love to help you guys out with your digital projects. Shoot me an email so we can discuss a time to sit down. Garrett@digitalmtmedia.com

  42. josh629 says:

    I wish I could skate at Tim’s skate park…

  43. Turk_Longwell says:

    Let’s go Team. This is gonna be a great Convo. Jim is Based.