Giant Golden Trump Sparks OUTRAGE At CPAC, Tim Unveils The Secret OurPillow™ Master Plan

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  1. smymfnc says:

    Guys the wand is in reference to the wand that Obama said he was going to need to bring back jobs

  2. hlam85 says:

    Can we get a pool together to get Our Pillow?
    Then we can ship it to each other so we all get a turn using it.

  3. TeeZee says:

    I think the wand is an ode to Ace Venture in the tootoo

  4. Oldguyknowscode says:

    $499.99 such a deal I have for you!!

  5. Kshthymyla says:

    86+46=132 (nonviolently)

  6. Socratic_disciple says:

    Tim… You HAVE to get the infomercial guy from the Dr. squatch soap commercials to pitch the “Our Pillow”!

    • ecmoffat says:

      100% will throw 500 bones for a My Pillow! Will send you an unboxing video of my kids reaction as they open it, followed by my wifes reaction to telling her how much I paid for it… I have life insurance don’t worry.

  7. Maverick says:

    Yikes. Whose got the grating laugh??

  8. MarkVA71 says:

    @10:20 A good communist number is 1917 – the year of the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia.

  9. PlacidSaint says:

    The wand is in reference to when Obama said Trump would need a magic wand to change the economy. Guess Trump found that magic wand.

  10. EndTheFed says:

    You can use Coinbase commerce or BitPay to accept crypto payments.

  11. Rypperdoc says:

    Leftists are enraged that the CPAC stage looks like a Nazi symbol.

  12. Egnar_Gunnarson says:

    Give us Gundam statues or nothing at all!

  13. Sverbis13 says:

    i love hearing Tim Cuss like a sailor, lol.

  14. piZan says:

    Limited Edition versions should have a Revolution Fist or Hammer & Sickle imprint on them.

  15. Echave777 says:

    you guys should sell them for the date of the fall of the ussr 1225.91

  16. Diogenes says:

    So stupid. $1000 is too much for a real person who works for a living. But the child of an elite liberal will spend $10,000 on a joke product specifically BECAUSE it is so expensive.

    These are the same people who spent $5,000 on an app that just displayed the cost of the app.

  17. omegahunter9 says:

    Can members get a discount code for our pillow? 🙂

  18. Daltron says:

    You should sell it at 451

  19. Zinnamosca says:

    4/22 Earth day and Vladimir Lenin’s birthday

  20. James Haddock says:

    0106. 106 dollars for the revolution in DC. 8)

  21. Joewallace160 says:


    • Maverick says:

      But hes always just been a guest dude. He turned up for a show, realised he could rinse money from people on Timcast(hence always posting in the comments) and so stayed for another 30 shows. Pretty sure its Tim, Lydia and Ian that are the permanent people.

  22. semianon says:

    Let’s not kid ourselves, we all know someone’s going to buy it even at 500. If not a die hard fan, then an especially gullible, fat pocketed communist.

  23. slowandold says:

    the magic wand is a obama saying ” trump would have to have a magic wand” to bring jobs back

  24. says:

    Ians “we’re stuck at Tim Pools warehouse” joke was hilarious.

  25. covfefeovich says:

    Too bad the timing was off, elsewise a golden CCP swab would have been perfect in place of the magic wand.

  26. Spseansp says:

    Its hard to employ 1000 clowns during the DNC events. They are usually busy.

  27. Zedshow says:

    Instead of showing the OurPillow as costing $500 US label it in the equivalent value of russian rubles. That way the cost looks insane at approximately 37,290.75 rubles

  28. Shapeofevil says:

    Laughing my ass off at the OurPillow stuff.

  29. Skoomaking90 says:

    I can’t wait to see ryan long in this?

  30. Kling616 says:

    The flip-flops did it for me???

  31. Jakob says:

    This reminds me of the Buddy Christ from Dogma.

  32. Rypperdoc says:

    Send “Fruit Clowns” to the DNC with pamphlets decrying the sexism of the phallic banana, and demand equal marketing/distribution of alt-bananas.

  33. Sir1 says:

    Who wants Tim to read/watch some anime? Other than Jojo and One Piece(I think he would like the politics) what do y’all recommend?

    • Gyonkarlo says:

      Personally I am in the middle of watching Monster (2004) and the original run of Neon Genesis Evangelion. Both are absolutely phenomenal, with Monster being a more “historical drama” and, and Evangelion being legendary in its own right.

  34. FergusonRage says:

    Could be 1825. Year of the Decemberists

  35. Turk_Longwell says:

    Image Test.

  36. grathado says:

    Thanks for the content Is there any chance you can make this The video player on this website fully expand on mobile im a trucker and listen to you guys every day

  37. says:

    The magic wand is what brought back the jobs Obumer said to the American people would never happen.

  38. TrannyX says:

    This is fucking hilarious XDDD Can’t wait to see that happen. The troll of the century. You’re a good comedian Tim

  39. Milquetoast says:

    I sense the meme of the century coming from Tim in the near future.

  40. Freedombirdeaglerichard says:

    I am truly excited you are truly doing this with the pillows

  41. MeOnPlanB says:

    BTW, Tim welcome to the Conservative Revolution. It harkins back to a term we used to use in the neighborhoods of Chicago back in the Old Days…


    You and Joe Rogan had it way back, but it seem foreign to you because you were surrounded by Lefties.

    Conservatives will consider new ideas THAT MAKE SENSE!!!

  42. Tony says:

    Oh man, let me get in on the clown bit. “Got Polenta!” It’s random AF and I own a polenta manufacturing company. I’ll send a pallet of the stuff for your clown army.

  43. Di11man says:

    Since commie May Day is on May, 1. The fifth month 5 on the first day 01 = $501 for the Our Pillow.

  44. Hellspawned says:

    The magic wand has to be about the economy. Obama had a speech where he stated the jobs are gone, what kind of magic wand are you gong to wave. Something like that

  45. GregoryAlanBurhoe says:

    Big Tech are taking censorship to a whole new level of authoritarianism as we speak. Microsoft announces: ‘Adobe, Arm, BBC, Intel, Microsoft and Truepic form coalition to develop end-to-end, open standard for tracing the origin and evolution of digital content

    ‘A group of influential technology and media companies has partnered to form the Coalition for Content Provenance and Authenticity (C2PA), a Joint Development Foundation project established to address the prevalence of disinformation, misinformation and online content fraud through developing technical standards for certifying the source and history or provenance of media content. Founding members Adobe, Arm, BBC, Intel, Microsoft and Truepic seek to establish a standardized provenance solution with the goal of combating misleading content.’

  46. c0de6349 says:

    you need to make note that it is “not a pillow” thought. kind of like the elon “not a flamethrower”

  47. c0de6349 says:

    1337 is good number

  48. 1313epicmonster says:

    The wand is a reference to obama saying he’d need a magic wand to bring back manufacturing jobs.

  49. GregoryAlanBurhoe says:

    The bare feet were a giveaway too LOL

  50. says:

    The slogan has to be “don’t litter”! Because the slogan has to be rooted in something that people do care about so if you are against it then “you want people to litter?” Who could really hate on a friendly, anti-littering clown, doing jokes with an our pillow.

  51. Huskey0208 says:

    Sell our pillow for $333, the holy trinity, because communism is good.

  52. Necro_P_Hagist says:

    “The Secrets of the Pillow and the Golden Trump”
    Sounds like one of those crazy deep-youtube documentaries.

  53. Vmanzo says:

    Easiest way to debunk “systemic racism”
    Pick a random white kid in a middle class family. Doesn’t matter that city or state, doesn’t matter how wealthy his family is. Pick any random white kid. And ask yourself: “does this white kid have a significantly better chance at succeeding in life compared to lebron James’ kid or Barack Obama’s kid?”
    If the answer is yes, then you’re correct we do have a systemic racism problem.
    If you’re answer is no (which any logical person would answer) we do NOT have a systemic racism problem. We have a class based problem that is comprised of the wealth gap in the country.
    Very very simple, so long as you have common sense.

  54. Wireline95 says:

    You could always do a limited run of 89 our pillows for $604 a piece to stick with the communist theme.

  55. PadreMortalis says:

    I had the biggest stupid smile watching this episode. The fucking Golden Trump statue is the best troll that I’m jealous of it. Our Pillow idea is freaking genius, but a shame I can’t buy one cuz I ain’t no rich commie. Loving your extra content so far.

  56. MtRoamer says:

    Dudes, loving the extra content. Keep up the great work!

  57. WindyChimes says:

    Tim is going mad with the Ourpillow money he hasn’t made yet XD.

  58. WinterTiger says:

    “Wanna know why the Chaz didn’t last? Too many restless days sleeping in the street or park with pesky rocks and newspapers under their heads! You need Our Pillow! You want Our Pillow! It will be under your head while you sleep during the day and over your head when you Fight the Power at night! Made of the cheapest materials by the cheapest labor – you can take pride knowing repression is well represented when you buy Our Pillow!”

  59. Yagre says:

    The statue may not be real gold, but the reactions sure are.

  60. JohnGalt says:

    You should do 333 pillows. Listen to No Agenda for context, but basically 33 is the number in media that always gets thrown out. 33 new cases, 33 % increase in cases, etc… it’s like the media signal that the story has bull crap in it.

  61. WinterTiger says:

    The directions could be in Russian and Chinese only.

  62. Rundelle23 says:

    Tim, the wand with the golden Trump is a reference to when Obama said (You’d need a magic wand to bring manufacturing jobs back), Trump talked about it all the time and said he had the magic wand because he brought those jobs back. Before Covid-19 of course.

  63. saccaed says:

    Our pillow price suggestion. $461. The number comes from the M1 money supply chart. Pre cooties the M1 supply was ~3.9 trillion. As of writing it’s ~18 trillion. 100 * 18 / 3.9 = 461%. Maybe the ad could say something like ‘originally to be sold for $100, now for the inflation adjusted deal of $461’.

    • saccaed says:

      Maybe can even reference suggested upcoming money printing… ‘Get yours now for the inflation adjusted deal of a lifetime, $461. Our prices track official money printing statistics from the esteemed St Louis FRED. (probably a good time to insert clips of officials promising more money printing and a feature of the M1 money supply chart). These prices won’t last long. So get yours now and secure a comforting reminder of these times.”

    • TrannyX says:

      That’s just too complicated and nobody is ever going to understand it.

      • saccaed says:

        Donno if it’s too complicated. What is there to understand about purchasing a burlap sack and a box full of packing peanuts. Inflation is not the simplest way to portray a cheeky price, but most people understand that if more than 50% of the money is printed things are going to get weird.

  64. Weezues says:

    this is comic gold if your seriously doing this.

  65. D99ted says:

    You should get Mike in the commercial for our pillow

  66. Rvauter says:

    The wand could be a reference to the thing Obama said about needing a magic wand to get the unemployment rate down so low.

  67. Zombiecidal says:

    You guys should see if you can get crowder to do a small skit as Skyler Turden endorsing the pillow that would be epic Sydney does a good sjw character as well lol

  68. John_Beart says:

    TIM POOL Halloween costume Cuming soonish.

  69. D34DB33F says:

    Does this _textbox_ have [markdown]( support? If not, tell your webmonkeys to make it happen. I’m sure there’s a wordpress plugin you can use. (why wordpress tho? wtf)

  70. says:

    I will literally come make and package those Our Pillows for you Tim.

  71. says:

    Give everyone a chance, so wait for the stimulus.

  72. says:

    This is my fav episode so far. I don’t have sat or cable so I hope the commercial is posted on YT or here. the communist movement has an anthem (the internationale) I hope it is played in the commercial… and it includes red and yellow stars hanging down to represent the night sky… and maybe a small bit about caring for the pillow with ‘arm & hammer’ baking soda… the packaging could be red with yellow lettering over some type of official looking type seal that has a plough incorporated some way (representing the ‘hard work that leaves you tired and needing a good nights sleep’). Maybe at some point there could be a travel pillow for those who dare to dream lol I better stop before I die of laughter and miss out on seeing this play out lol

    Thanks, Tim and crew, for proving value for my $10. not that the other exclusives aren’t worth it, but nothing compares to feeling like your in on the joke. Even if nothing comes from it, thinking of the confusion ppl will have watching it is golden. kinda like plotting some off the wall crazy (non-violent) revenge on someone and thinking about their reaction even though you know you wont go through with it.

    • says:

      Thinking of how crazy this will be and the confusion it will cause reminds me of back in the day when AT&T (or maybe it was Cingulair wireless) came out with ring back tones… they had one about a jacuzzi hovercraft among others that were just so random and silly that my sister and I spent hours listening to them and laughing at how confused ppl would be when they called us and heard it. that was one of the few times my sister and I got along lol Thanks for the memory

  73. Zeus317 says:

    Even ABC Australia have a article about this statue

  74. Harrison says:

    Sell them for $536.89 = May 36 ’89

    It’s how people in China try and avoid the censors when talking about June 5th 1989 Tiananmen Square.

  75. Feddy_Von_Wigglestein says:

    The golden Trump is hilarious, and is simply a tool for idiots to expose themselves. Simple.

    • Gyonkarlo says:

      It is so funny seeing clowns on Twitter cherrypick passages from the Bible when it’s convenient for them and treat it with such respect until they get to the stuff they don’t like.

  76. says:

    The clowns for the DNC have to be protesting the misogynist shape of bananas!

  77. LVIII says:

    Obama: “Well, how exactly are you going to do that? What exactly are you going to do? There’s no answer to it. He just says, ‘Well, I’m going to negotiate a better deal.’ Well, what, how exactly are you going to negotiate that? What magic wand do you have?”

  78. joea says:

    1922 would be a good number, like when the USSR came into existence. I know it’s too high though.

  79. says:

    Sell its for $350 that way you can say tree hundred and fiddy dollars south park joke for those who don’t get it .

  80. rubez says:

    Casual Tim is such a cutie ^_^

  81. Lildav3232 says:

    I had to put a dog to sleep not long ago. 3 in the last 5 years. They get old too fast. I would def go John wick on anyone trying hurt my dogs.

  82. TacticalPotato says:

    Make America Laugh Again, MALA

  83. sukemeblyat says:

    “A Wand? Why’s he got a wand, having a wand makes it a joke”

    lol no

    Obama told Trump he’d need a magic wand to improve the economy. Trump did, and then some.

  84. dancer57 says:

    732 units
    Soviet flag was replaced by Russian flag on December 25 1991 at 7:32 pm signaling the end of the cold war

  85. Tylerklovic says:

    You should make 19 pillows for $36, 1936 being when the Soviet Union started the “great purge”.

    • Tylerklovic says:

      Never mind maybe create The Democratic-socialist bundle of 5 pillows for $1938 or $1936. The five being the 5 points of the star in communist symbolism, and 1936-38 being the great purge (could not edit the last one)

  86. MahGrosso says:

    Should see if other independent news would also run an add like Crowder or Shapiro ?

  87. DarthWho says:


    Thats is K. Marx on a T9 keyboard (ancient typing for the youth)

  88. Nova says:

    I thought this was going to be “expensive” but a joke for fans to buy, I swear Tim said ~$50 in the past. The whole $500 and only 100 made means a lot of people will miss out, I’m not averse to paying $500 for a joke, especially if they take crypto for it but the limit number of 100 kinda sucks. I think a “good” version at a higher price with a limited number and then the shit version still at a high price with more available suits communism better. There’s a nice pillow but only the elite can get it and then there is a shit pillow everyone can have but it still costs way more than it should. Maybe they could sign the good version and then just leave the shit version for the masses.

    Also wish I could pay my sub with crypto, I keep very little fiat nowadays.

  89. Bighnry says:

    Get a comedian to do a “how to” video on the pillow

  90. Malarog says:

    5 representing the number of fingers in a fist and the 1619 seems pretty self explanatory

  91. TheAcquisitor says:

    Now if they came out with little golden trumps that have that solar cell to power the little mechanism that waves the magic wand like those Chinese good luck cats wave their paws, it would sell like hotcakes!

  92. Another Beer says:

    If GME goes to the moon I’ll buy 69 pillows at $420.

  93. OtakuMagnet says:

    Why does the video start over from the beginning if you leave a comment? Lol Is good video, but I don’t want to rewatch the entire thing to catch the last few minutes.

  94. Slayer666 says:

    Yes 666! All hail our dark lord!

  95. stevemare says:

    you should sell them 500 each OOORRRR…….. 2 for 1000!!!!!

  96. benben says:

    Our Pillow™️ will be the revolution

  97. Turk_Longwell says:


    • Turk_Longwell says:

      WTF! I want one! lol

      • Turk_Longwell says:

        I like that route. I was against you selling them your base, because of course it’s just a horrible pillow. Let the folks buy it. Some will buy it, those of your base with cash for a $500 meme, others will throw it out immediately. lol. “It’s just a sack with filling!? I have to put it together!?” ” F our Pillow! Communism Sucks.” lol. In the end the message gets out. …
        Friday the 13th part 3 was the scariest. lol. I used to live with a barn for 2 years in the woods of Northeastern PA. Afterwards I hated lakes. Jason did a number on me as a youth.
        I feel that left an Impact on my life that I wouldn’t of had if I hadn’t watched R rated movies as a youth.

      • Pjlittlefoot says:

        I just want the artwork.

        Maybe he will sell the artwork through this site, could do without the burlap and packing peanuts.