Gas Stations SHUTTING DOWN, Shortage hits, Revolution Is In The Air

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  1. Magster73 says:

    I don’t trust Crypto. Just my opinion. To me it seems like some kind of scheme. They remind me, yes I know they aren’t the same, of a pyramid scheme or a ponzi scheme. You say Tim, that if the SHTF, you can use it for trade. Well what happens if people don’t want to accept it? You do know that the majority of Americans don’t have any? What if people want to barter. Apples for oranges. Beef for one of your chickens. Or your eggs for a pair of socks? If the dollar does seriously collapse, people will want GOLD, SILVER, or something actually worth something. Like a shirt or shoes? They WON’T give you a pair of shoes because they will want something tangible in return for their services. Not some “imaginary” coin that is actually worth nothing that is only seen on the internet. People will loot and hoard all items worth value. As for an electric car Tim, every time you plug it in it is charged by COAL.. You said you have solar panels, what happens if they break or short out for some reason? The only way Bitcoin could be used, is if everybody buys into it. And it won’t happen. Currency ONLY has value if there is belief and trust in it. The dollar is backed up by NOTHING! What makes you think people will believe in Bitcoin? Especially after the collapse of the dollar? That’s why I invest in Gold and Silver. They will ALWAYS have value.

  2. Fishbiskit says:

    Down side to the Bitcoin situation is that Criminals, holding Companies, Banks and Billionaires who have deliberately gamed the system to screw regular people are going to be able to keep the money the stole by converting it and leaving no way to recoup our losses.

  3. Vashts1985 says:

    its pretty ironic how Max has been shilling for BTC hardcore here and shitting on Doge, then Elon single highhandedly tanks BTC.

    i dont want to say karma but… maybe you should shut the fuck up a bit Max.

    • TRose says:

      You can make the same argument for gold and silver. Just because the market fluctuates doesn’t mean it has no worth.

    • reality42 says:

      Max bought in at $1 I don’t think he’s sweating it. I bought the dip, thanks Elon!

    • Child_of_Bodom16 says:

      Oh yeah. I’m sure it’s not going to go back up within the next 6 months or so even more than it was before or anything. I personally wish I had the money to buy even more than I already have right now, but I’m definitely not selling any time soon even if it continues to plummet.

  4. Vashts1985 says:

    you can learn how to make all sorts of nasty chemical concoctions on YT.

    Thanks Ian.

  5. JimmyQuinto says:


  6. Geo85 says:

    Investing in chickens and growing food on your land is the best thing you can do

  7. TheAxyx says:

    Constructive criticism: Do a full on mic check before beginning a recording session to ensure everyone’s mic is functioning and the levels are all balanced. Edit out the testing. 🙂

  8. Monoeye-Mulisha says:

    The reason why California is having such a bad drought is because of the left. California’s last large reservoir (New Melones) was completed in 1979. Since then California’s population has tripped since then and the left refuses to build new reservoirs. Instead they are stealing water from the central valley to feed the cities. They claim ots for the fish population, but if you follow the rivers and see where they go you will see they lead to large canals and tunnels that divert the water to cities.

  9. TravisIPA says:

    My video just reatarted because i posted a comment 🤦‍♂️ lol

  10. TravisIPA says:

    NevADa not NevODa

  11. MassStash says:

    Not sure where best place for feature requests is, but I’d like to beg for chrome cast support in the video player! Trying to workaround and get by til then. Thanks for the amazing content, need more people taking the effort and getting the message out like you kind folks! Keep up the great work!

  12. StMyles says:

    🤔🤔🤔… Oxen were the power in the past.. horses before then.

  13. Killa_Cam says:

    My question is…if governments can print money as they please. Why the FUCK are we paying taxes? This makes 0 cents.

  14. Plastdunk says:

    Aweet Irony if Joe start buying gas/petro from russia…

  15. Danlove1989 says:

    I hope some of the other coins take off. I just want to retire and say fukitol.

  16. Max and Stacy are great and I like BTC, too, but Litecoin aspires to be the silver to Bitcoin’s gold, and Theta is working to become the next iteration of the web, and I like those, too.

  17. Pyro says:

    You live near West Virginia and can get moonshine for cheap. Moonshine is a form of Grain Alcohol which can be used to make hand sanitizer and other nice things to clean wounds. Start growing corn and making distilleries….,cells%20go%20down%20with%20it.

  18. Finecast says:

    I really enjoyed Monday night’s guests, even this conversation

  19. Vashts1985 says:

    Max Kkkiaser is a dumbass clown.

  20. Kaladin says:

    It’s like that in Idaho. You hit a cow there and you owe the rancher for their loss

  21. Retrogeek says:

    I casually looked up how to make gun cotton (about 8x more powerful than black powder) and found several documents and YouTube videos on it. Also, if you want to make smokeless gunpowder you just need to add nitroglycerin to black powder and it’s also easy to find instructions for making percussion caps for cap and ball guns.

  22. Janart48 says:

    Antiseptics you can find any where, lemon, lime, honey, aloe vera, ash mix with animal fat makes soap, you can use ash from the fire to clean your teath. baking soda (sodium bicarbonate), salt, sooo many natural antiseptics out there.

  23. c0de6349 says:

    i still think this is false flag coverup for the inflation. BS was “hackers” that can shut down an ENTIRE pipeline. just restore the backup to the controllers and be done.

  24. sukemeblyat says:

    Max the Clown Keiser. “BTC is self verifying” No.
    BTC Miners own the BTC you have in your wallet.
    If you don’t pay the miner who stamped that blockchain a handsome cut when you transfer “your” BTC to a different wallet, the owner is not gonna spend computer time on “verifying” that trade.

    The dream is everyone uses BTC, right? Using BTC today the transaction fees are at 5%. You’re gonna wish the government only taxed 99.99% in the dystopian future you try to escape from with this bit coin shit.

    Come on, they don’t actually believe BTC is the solution to the economic problem they are talking about.
    The BTC network is never going to be able to handle day to day trading.

    The BTC game is and ever has been to cash out. “independence” “economic sovereignty” “decentralized” No, you dumb bitch you don’t control shit. The Miners control trade verification, in perpetuity.

  25. Eek_the_Cat says:

    If I could make a recommendation for your site… move the comment box to the top of the comments, instead of having people scroll down to the bottom to get to it. Like youtube, but without all the censorship. I mean, if it’s possible. I know it’s complicated to do such things.

    Love you guys and all that you do. Two more fantastic guests, enjoyed the show!

  26. John_Beart says:

    I enjoyed today’s guests.. 👍👍 thanx all

  27. John_Beart says:

    Some of the basic components are alcohol (at least 60%), a moisturizer and a scent, which covers the unpleasant smell of alcohol. These components must be thoroughly blended, making blending equipment the centerpiece of every hand and surface antiseptic production line.

  28. Plaguen says:

    Lol, Max was denied Mic usage.

  29. DanHarder72 says:

    In the main show Tim mentioned expensive bandwidth cost problems, and since the theme of tonight was cryptocurrency, you guys really really need to look into THETA and the the theta network.

    • Karang23 says:

      You my friend are on the right track. Theta is a game changer. If I might add zil, dot, link, dash, ada. And obviously tfuel

    • Mr_Friendly says:

      The theme was Bitcoin. Not crypto. Crypto is a scam to get your Bitcoin from you. Nobody investing in “crypto projects” wants to hold those tokens in 10 years. Bitcoiners on the other hand aren’t selling for fiat money.

  30. Whodamus says:

    What happens when the internet gets shut down? Bitcoin and all is unaccusable? Phones will not work either

    • TRose says:

      The internet is not one single thing. It’s more like a road network. You can destroy some roads but as long as 2 computers are talking to each other, the internet is alive.

      • Kazedere says:

        If the electrical grid went down, say an emp blast? Then guess what. No computer will work. Not to mention that the pulse would fry electronics making them worthless even if you hit the power restored. Everything digital would effectively disappear. Now, unless you intend to fight through mobs of crazed and desperate people to somewhere outside the country where electricity is still available( assuming that we’re possible), I would say that you are screwed. Along with everyone else.

  31. xenithorb says:

    Regarding the multisig conversation – it’s worth mentioning that you don’t just have multisig – that is not practical

    I was hoping Max would also include that you generally want some kind of tiered threat model of hot wallet with a decent amount of value to get you by. Cold storage for your next tier of savings, and multi-sig or shimir for glacier fuck-you money

  32. Christopher says:

    My favorite silver are the junk coins. Used to drop 5-10$ in good times… some of them are worth the collector prices, all of them are worth something.

  33. metatron206 says:

    give me bitcoin, or give me death

  34. Bikerbob59 says:

    Ammo is the best. And of course live where you can grow your own.I have buffalo herds a mile from my house.

  35. xenithorb says:

    The problem is we still need a “cash” type element, mainly for automated payments. For example, my utility companies don’t accept gold under our fond analogy. By extension they may accept bitcoin in the future, but because the transaction requires a signature – they risk not having a subscription model revenue stream called “autopay” that they all love so much ( so much so that they often incentivise this with discounts ).

    So I think bitcoin is great for storage of value, but I can’t currently blame my power company or water company for not accepting bitcoin because they’re taking on additional risk (from baseline) of each customer now having to remember to pay their bill monthly by signing a transaction.

    Is there another way to do automated payments? I think we’ll eventually evolve into some combination of cold storage + hot wallets on an “exchange” that functions as a reverse payment processor, because I otherwise just don’t see how subscriptions (i.e. anything you need to automate paying) work

    • xenithorb says:

      And yes I understand payment channels and lightning but I’m not seeing adoption – it seems a bit dead over there. Smart contracts on the other hand seem to be the solution to the aforementioned problem…. You sure ETH/ADA/DOT is useless? Guess they’ll have to compete and find out.

      • Leftydoinitright says:

        I never thought of that problem before. I think a majority of people are considering the value in investing into crypto currencies as opposed to the actual worth behind them – they are trading them for American dollars. I believe Etherium will be the standard for art in the future, however they are many caveats behind any crypto. To me, it’s gambling against the American dollar and that is begging for a lot of bad things to happen

        • Leftydoinitright says:

          I really don’t understand much about Crypto but since it’s deregulated, do we reach a point where the American government has to buy it? What is the endgame at that point?

          Eventually some country will accept Bitcoin (or another crypto) as their primary means of trade. As a result, that country’s currency will collapse, so what happens to the bond holders for that currency?

          Is this some bullshit way that we get ourselves (America) out of our deficit problem? Where since we have the most powerful military in the world, other countries must submit to the idea?

          • WingedLion says:

            I’ve pondered the same at length and I do have the same hypothesis: this is our way of making our debt so away sort of ..

            The conspiracy theorist in me reckons that ask that land that the federal govt has been scooping up will be used to pay the banks off. Leasing rights probably which will be used for mining, forestry, oil exploration, etc. Regular rich people who hold fixed income assets like tbills and bonds are going to be defaulted on

      • ShadowAce says:

        Agree ETH is not useless, I think he meant that it is useless as a replacement of money as it doesn’t store value like Bitcoin. When it comes to saving the value of your money then yeah bitcoin is better but if you understand crypto beyond treating it as a stock and understand its utility I think ETH has more utility than Bitcoin.

  36. Rawdog says:

    That’s not what a highway is. 55mph road is also not a highway. It is a secondary road.

  37. Johnny says:

    These moon kids make me laugh!! Do some real research and stop investing in these over hyped shitcoins or you’ll end up like the other 90% of kids that see their portfolios drop 95% over night

  38. SIlver says:

    So coinbase’s vault storage or cold storage from coinbase isnt good enough?

    • Tyler says:

      Who controls the coin is the question I believe. you can buy storage devices for $100 or less and put your coins on that for long term storage

    • ShadowAce says:

      If you don’t have it in your wallet, you don’t have it. If something goes wrong they can’t give you your coins back that is why you have to be in control of your money. Crypto gives you freedom but it comes with resposability

    • reality42 says:

      An Electrum wallet is the easiest to use. It relies on SPV servers so it’s not ideal for privacy but you don’t have to run a full node and you control your own keys so the government/coinbase can’t steal it from you when SHTF. You can write down or memorize a seed phrase (12 words) and you can access your btc from anywhere just by having the seed phrase… so can anyone else though, so keep it secure, and don’t forget or lose it!! With great power comes great responsibility.

  39. bearwithme says:

    Timcast better invest all his money before it evaporates in the air.

  40. DanZoom says:

    Buy Shibe and safemoon, make me rich!

  41. Leftydoinitright says:

    Just finished today’s live show. With Bitcoin, how do you deal with the inherent privacy issues that will exist as a result of using it…I get it “don’t do anything illegal and you’ll be fine” but the government/corporation has a way of knowing everything that you have ever purchased

  42. CplChaskoIV says:

    Not letting go of my Dogecoin.
    Dogecoin is literally going to the Moon. 🐶🚀🌛💎🤲
    Oh, First Comment. Noice.