Exclusive Episode: Sydney Watson Talks Kangaroos And Roasts Fake Woke BS

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  1. Jrekt says:

    Damn Sydney is sexy

  2. JosephGlick says:

    When it came to cuties it took me almost a week to watch that awful movie. And no matter what the blue check perverts say it was awful the fact even the main character takes a pic of her lady parts and sends it to a boy she likes like really I don’t want my little girls think that’s okay.

    Also Big mouth I’ve tried to watch to see hey adult cartoon i might enjoy this nope half way thru the very 1st episode I was this is not what expected and turned it off. And it falls under who thought that was a good idea

  3. Kawasloppy says:

    I’m part Japanese and I approve as well

  4. Chinook says:

    This comment box should be above the comments section… Also, Tim, don’t defend your excessive commentary with guests. Sometimes you are at 150% and when your guest is on an extremely interesting subject you always find a way to change it the millisecond they are done speaking. I can feel the disappointment in your guests stomach when they get all excited, say something amazing that anyone should have a follow up question to, and bam its all over once you respond. Still love you though..take my money.

  5. First off, I’m so happy someone else remembers Drawn Together. LoL Secondly, shows like Big Mouth run in line with CA schools telling parents they should be having the “sex talk” with their kids WHEN THEY ARE 5 OR 6!

    Lastly, for CUTIES… you realize it’s not about doing multiple takes that was the most disturbing piece… it was the fact that the producers watched 650 VIDEOS OF YOUNG GIRLS TWERKING FOR AUDITIONS!!

  6. Audi0504 says:

    I love all of you, but the more I learn about Sydney the more I love her. My wife and I are rewatching drawn together now. Keep it up all of you!

  7. Chzburger says:

    Hearing Tim cuss is worth $10 a month.

  8. Iowan_80 says:

    Captain marvel was a Kree .. but Male but died in comics from Cancer in 80’s early 90’s… and the name went to a black female Monica Rambo (misspelled) which has been introduced in Wanda Vision to the MCU… Caral Danvers was first Ms. Marvel wasnt till the early 2000’s that Ms. Marvel became Captain Marvel and the Ms. Marvel name went to Kamala Khan… Comic nerd here. Also Shazam or Captain Marvel name has been in litigation for Decades and once Marvel started getting huge with the movies DC just went its not Shazam

  9. FakeWokeWarrior23 says:

    Any other wisconsinites here?

  10. Plastdunk says:

    just signed up as a cheap ass member 🙂
    watching this episode, i don’t actually now what I had expected..
    a bit of profanity or something 🙂

    well, not complaining, just my own mind had me visioning you all totally out of “famely friendly mode” 🙂

    now i have to watch everything here in the members section.

    thanx a lot.

    aussie animals:


  11. ellis7227 says:

    Terrific guest! I am now a Sydney Watson follower

  12. Steven.white says:

    Did not realize big mouth was still on the Netflix really got past the first episode and stopped watching it

  13. Element says:

    Can you put these exclusive episodes into a private podcast feed so I can listen to it in my podcast app?

  14. TWPOTO says:

    Do it tom do it let’s gooo

  15. LukeIsRight says:

    Ian asks: “Aren’t australians racist against the aboriginals”. No, Ian. That’s just what the far left in Australia likes to claim.

    • LynnieBug says:

      BLM went International, and they got a foothold in countries that had no slave trade by reminding them how poorly the native – Aboriginal people – were treated. I don’t think it is about their “left” so much as people just wanting to March against themselves. I didn’t see any Aboriginal folks rioting or marching.

      Kind of like the so -dumb- you- have -to -laugh “Hands up, don’t shoot” being yelled at the cops in London. The cops who carry no guns.
      I guess Ian doesn’t have books? Or access to a search engine? Did you notice when they talk about colonizers, he says “us”? My family came to the Isle of Wight ( before the Mayflower) actually escaping religious persecution. They were tired of being set on fire while alive. They didn’t come on behalf of England back in 1609. They just wanted to live and not get killed for it. I was so conflicted about “Us” vs “Nice Native People” until I spent a long time studying American History. Well, that and the Thanksgiving episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s Thanksgiving episode. 🙂 That was probably the most honest conversation about that issue, actually.

  16. KGH2021 says:

    There seemed to be some confusion about what white people are good at other than jumping off of buildings and I would have thought, considering who your guest is, that the white races most historically relevant skill set it would have been obvious. Now don’t think I’m saying this as a leftist or social justice zombie, but if we are honest for a minute, we would have to admit that white people are very good at going into unknown lands and well … colonizing. If you think about it, colonizing is a lot like jumping off buildings. You go to a place you know little about, with a few tools and very often your family in tow. Not only do you have to create a way of surviving for you and your kin but you also have to discover and overcome all the hazards associated with that land. Weather, planting seasons, disease, unfamiliar flora and fauna, wild beasts, and often (righteously) hostile primitive peoples. The British at one time (a wee island with a current population of 56 million-ish) had a national policy to “make the world England”. They even bragged that that the sun never set on their empire because it had colonized so many places around the globe. I imagine that “colonizer” spirit is why America has such a love of guns and independence – and why they have become fat and lazy because all the currently unexplored places to colonize are not fiscally accessible by most (Space, the Ocean floors etc.). The fact that white men are so good at colonization is also why they are shit at communism, and they are trying to steal technocracy methods from China. White folks really aren’t brilliant about holding things together or suppressing that “independent spirit” that leads to colonization. They are not even very good at corruption if you think about it. I assume that politicians are all going to be corrupt to some extent, I’m more upset at the fact that ours (Americas) aren’t even smart enough to have developed the skills to keep their criminal behavior on the “down low” … it’s embarrassing. BTW I would also say (keeping with Tim’s jumping of buildings theme) white folks are also damn good inventors – musicians – poets – authors and creative types in general. This is all IMHO of course, cheers all and BTW it’s really nice to see Sydney on the show, we are a big fan of both of your broadcasts.

    • Sir1 says:

      Interesting take. I’ve heard that the brits colonized because Europe fought so much between themselves (limited resources) that it caused massive war tech growth. It might be regional as well- people adapting to their environment like how some of the Pacific Islanders have massive lung capacity due to living and fishing by the sea.

  17. AUDREK says:

    Also about the coral reefs I heard that Australia built a shit load of hydroelectric dams that choked off the flow of nutrient sediment from the mainland. Microbes eat sediment coral eats microbes. No food for microbes boom whole system goes down. A few geniuses started bagging up the sediment from the inside of the dam to dump it in the ocean. Problem solved… science… you fucking cunts.

  18. AUDREK says:

    Good on you Tim for shouting out the Nancy that I called out In chat for telling you What to do on your show. Tim reads his comments. ??

  19. DanTrinkle says:

    The only issue I have with normalizing Islam, is the fact that the religion is still encouraging killing non-believers and gay people. It should not be normalized.

  20. TrannyX says:

    LOL A kangaroo that’s racist, that would be hysterical XDXDXD Please somebody make this

  21. Spekkio says:

    You don’t need to worry about DNS if you have a direct address. Just make a way that can be available, email twitter anything really, that is what the dark web is, anything a DNS doesn’t list for you. It’s very simple to use and navigate, you can even automate it if you would like.

    • guytron says:

      If you have your own server, setting up a DNS with a few domains is easy. I was a Senior Systems Administrator for an ISP for 16 years and know of inexpensive ways to setup a caching DNS in your home. If you want to set up your own private Grey Web, you can create your own root server and share your DNS with people you give access to without having to go full TOR =)

      • Sir1 says:

        Thanks for the info! I’m in college rn studying to go into the IT field, and so was looking for some solutions to those problems.
        What would you recommend for someone looking to get into that industry? (Certification and studying wise I mean)

  22. GrantMacias says:

    Ian may be right Graham Hancock writes extensively about the floods

  23. Azuris says:

    Years ago I was trying to use apple maps to get from San Antonio to Oklahoma City. The entire time it was telling me to go south on I-35 instead of north.

  24. Dzikun says:

    How are you Americans so poorly educated about the world? One might thinks it’s an old trope but you prove it again and again…. How can you not know about Marsupials or Australia in general? Ugh.. and Ian with his great flood is kind of understandable when you know how much drugs he did.. but the rest of you? Shame.

    • Alexander_Weiland says:

      Tim dropped out of school in like the 8th grade. Luke spent most his time in detention… what do you expect here? they are politics guys.

    • Duckpaints says:

      Kangaroos are cunts but you forgot to mention that we have Cassowaries here in Australia as well.
      For any body that doesn’t know a cassowary is a fucking dinosaur that that can and will murder you and your family

    • MadLadFPV says:

      So much yes.. lmao. Ian goes “Do you know anyone whose been attacked by hoop snakes?? My god man..

      • Sir1 says:

        Yeah, I love his comments but I also wish he followed through more on what he theorized. Like, a few segments back he mentioned Adam and Eve and how she came from him and all that and… well… there is a book called the catechism of the Catholic Church which clarifies ALL of what is taught and what they believe.
        Please, if you don’t know, the info is a google search away and can be interesting. (Or just check out the Bible in a year podcast)
        After all, most of our moral foundations came from that religion

  25. HumanLivesMatter says:

    Offended-offended..not in my victimoplympics qualification but as German national I’m offended that talking about German philosopher Emanuel Kant is considered a sexual harassment.The regarding the Aalson and similar carnivals (in which people are going as “jew-spider” and had as band-wagon as gas-chamber scene (I suppose that our own jokes, like thousands of “the rabbi” leave only as fun always about how to kill us, while offending Islam is citing something like Tabari 7:97 calling to murder all jews in Muslim majority areas when it’s not seen as “good”), it fits that the biggest antisemites “protect” us jews, when Dankula compared Nazis to pugs (insulting those for jew-hatred is not antisemitic) would be comparable to te jokes of playing with body-parts of dismembered christians that are quite popular in one”multicultural” group.Eloying the suffering of totrured and murdered people is NOT comparable to criticise the religion itself. That’s a question of sadistic misanthropy.If the difference isn’t clear, just read only one in your life all 30 articles of the UDHR 1948.

  26. drjohns2000 says:

    Maybe work with Starlink to secure a DNS server so at least people with Starlink can’t be disconnected from cable providers. Just a thought.

  27. DCMoore84 says:

    Where is Friday’s episode??? Every video you tell us this platform is for if content gets banned, yet you don’t put up the content here…

  28. AbsoluteZrho says:

    I think you should build something blockchain based, it would be decentralized and be able to facilitate transactions like superchat and be a viable revenue stream. Plus it also would negate the need for a central webserver logging everything because that would all be on the blockchain itself. This also avoids issues like dns censorship. Pocketnet is already doing a limited form of this with their twitter-esque platform but I think it could be so much more.

  29. Davidt92 says:

    Sweden is not racist. Swedish people never ever voted for massmigration, we are not allowed to vote against it. So when we are being murdered, assulted, robbed and raped, we don’t want less migration because of racism, it’s because we want to survive… We are being robbed of our taxes that are then spent on propaganda via the state television channel (SVT). Have on Henrik Jönsson or Chang Frick for more information. Instead of spreading ignorant lies about Sweden and the Swedish people…

  30. nkski says:

    I’ve been listening, and I feel that you folks would enjoy Russia (and eastern europe). Mark Mason in his bestseller “The subtle art of not giving a Fuck” described this freedom of expression pretty well. I found the extract for you: https://medium.com/@mikeilyin/mark-manson-about-russians-47fa27512971

    Here’s an important part:
    “Somehow, after years of travel, it was in perhaps the most un-American of places where I first experienced a particular flavor of freedom: the ability to say whatever I thought or felt, without fear of repercussion. It was a strange form of liberation through accepting rejection. And as someone who had been starved of this kind of blunt expression most of his life — first by an emotionally repressed family life, then later by a meticulously constructed false display of confidence — I got drunk on it like, well, like it was the finest damn vodka I’d ever had. The month I spent in Saint Petersburg went by in a blur, and by the end I didn’t want to leave.”

  31. jrhaile says:

    Came here to say WUFLU and CHINA FLU.

  32. DavidSr says:

    Did you know they are going after Clint Eastwood now. They want Grand Torino banned. Like now they after icons now

  33. Bighnry says:

    Check out the spiffing brit’s democracy video
    the policy he enacts to get 100% voter turnout is eerily similar to what Democrats are trying to do

  34. Vmanzo says:

    Great episode with an amazing guest. But man oh man does Tim say “ice cream shop” awkwardly. Other than that, brilliant!!!

  35. Jimmy_Ray says:

    After the Parler debacle, I’m building an opensource decentralized AWS. Right now, it’s just hosting linux vm’s on the cluster, but it would be cool to be able to integrate other services as discussed here.

  36. Toratiger says:

    She’s an amazing guest, hope they have her on more

  37. WillGentry says:

    Lozza (Laurence) Fox is an actor. He’s centre right, so naturally he’s painted as the devil

  38. ImmanuelRohy says:

    I’m so amused by Tim’s amusement of Australia. Love it.

  39. Dniz40 says:

    Sydney is amazing and able to keep up in free form style video. She and tim had some serious chemistry.

  40. Oathward says:

    Comming from an uneducated brit, the way I see the queen signing royal ascent to laws is the equivalent to Joe Biden signing these executive orders, they don’t know what they are really signing they are just doing it because they are told 😛

  41. jwschwalb says:

    Scarlett witch had the best part in end game, she actually beat Thanos and it was believable and non contrived.

    She had the emotional anger and reason to do what she does and is an actual character that we spent time with learning of her powers and just how strong she was. Thanos had to calling an orbital strike to get her away from him because he was scared and was about to be killed. It was a more powerful and earned moment than captain America holding Thors hammer.

    Meanwhile captain marvel is just superman who is as strong as the current situation needs her to be for the story. It’s boring.

  42. NovaZero says:

    Calling someone a cunt is a masculine shit test. If by calling you a cunt, you flip out or respond negatively, any conversation we’re going to have is going to be shit. But by repricating or playing into it even neutrally, the conversation you’re going to have is going to be a breeze. It’s declaring that the other person isn’t out to fuck ya. In Australia, Sydney’s got it right – the police are the problem. They’re jack-boot thugs who give no fucks about putting you down and bashing you in “for your own good”, never mind that we have broad rules that actually permits them to do that shit because “it disrupts the public peace”. We have tons of rules that are downright diabolical and for comparison are more draconic then Russia.

    Don’t get me wrong, though – it’s a very good place to live. The garbage gun rights are more or less the same in most countries but that’s the price to pay. A well-functioning pretty cage. You can still own a gun, mind you… but yes, your selection will be pathetic if you intend to keep everything above board.

    – Australian, New South Wales

  43. WinterTiger says:

    If y’all ever make a music album, you gotta call it, “Jacked Kangaroo”. These segments are outstanding! Keep up the good work!

  44. ScarlettTardis87 says:

    Heroes don’t wear fucking Cape’s…they wear Beanies cunts! You’re a dead set fucking legend Tim.

  45. Brodie57775 says:

    You mentioned in the show about YouTube algorithms thinking someone used the n word. I got a 3 day ban on fb, before I deleted my account, in a motorcycle group for saying someone needed to check their spark retardation. Which is the proper term for it. Spark in relation to piston position for an engine. I tried to fight it and lost the appeal.

  46. RipWheeler says:

    Great show yall. Definitely have Sydney back! Hit up Adam Curry pleaseeeeeeee

  47. John_Beart says:

    Good 1. Cheers cunts?♥️

  48. Timuh says:

    Powered by TimCoin crypto…

    • amsxk6@gmail.com says:

      I thought she was cool at first. But she’s a fag. She’s a gifted of freedom. Growcsome balls Tim, or any of you! and start talking about ethnic realism. You are all 8 months behind on everything. Faggots. Ian, great shirt the other day.

  49. BillH says:

    @29:54 “Who wrote the script” probably someone that went to a Hollywood Health and Society seminar. They’ve been guiding what’s going into scripts for years by hosting screenwriter sessions and feeding them topics. And all of their peers went to the same seminars, and they all new about Weinstein too.

    @39:31 Sydney’s use of the word “contrived” is a perfect way to say it.. Thank you, I for some reason wasn’t thinking about it, but it’s excellent. I think many things in news & entertainment are contrived.

    @52:16 They actually can remove you from iTunes. It’s just a listing of podcasts & a link to their RSS feed. Adam Curry helped invent podcasting and gave Apple his list of podcasts to start their program. He’s recently started developing podcasting 2.0 which is an open listing of all podcasts so no one can be silenced again. He’s also talking about funding directly through it. (He is someone you should try to get on if you can pry him out of Texas for a few days. Your 2 podcasts have a lot of the same listeners) You can watch his Joe Rogan sessions for a backgrounder.

  50. nogreenrocks89 says:

    I love these after-show segments. When you guys don’t hold back and fully speak your minds it makes paying for this site 100% Worth it!

  51. Enclyclo says:

    Great show tonight – please have Sydney back again! This old white guy laughed so much – Thank You!!!!!

  52. hamiltochr says:

    Maybe next members video try and get the 5 time academy-award winner Australian Kirk Lazarus. He could probably tell you all about the hoop snakes and bare-knuckle roo brawls.

    Anyway love the videos, keep up all the good work!

  53. 1313epicmonster says:

    Great guest! I would’ve guessed her age closer to 20 than 30! Y’all completely skipped governor mass murder story.

  54. tealmarimba12 says:

    The decentralized network that you talked about at the end is golden. Reminds me of the whole plot of the Silicon Valley show with Internet 2.0. Making the internet a free and open exchange of ideas that no one can regulate is the way to free us as a species, especially when paired with a VPN, so that governments can’t track what you say/view, a digital Wild West if you will. If we want to talk about human rights, I think a fair and open access to literally all of human knowledge should be a basic right for everyone, because it creates a world where if you can you read, you can do anything and you have access to experts/instructional videos/anything you want at the touch of a screen or a click of a mouse.

    If we can break away from big tech corporations, we, as a species, win. There won’t be any stopping us. Ideas travel too fast, and there’s no way to regulate or stop it. Propaganda/disinformation becomes irrelevant because it can be disproven faster than it it can be created. And when all of us, together, can break the proverbial chains, there can be no more oppression.

  55. Devil_Beaver says:

    Oh my goodness, the ‘wow’ when Ian brings up the flood has me laughing so hard hahaha.

  56. Alanbchav92 says:

    The racist kangaroo movie can be Kangaroo Jap. No but seriously, wow! This was the best segment. Rewatch value 100!!!! Please let me know all the emails (Sydney and… omg forgot his name… POC Slav… Also, yes Aussies are ALWAYS in hostels. When I used to live in LA, I was in WEHO and met a visiting Aussie. He apparently had never seen a beach and wanted to have American Maccas, so I drove him around and it was so fun. Ps, he complimented me on my Aussie Accent impersonation and enlightened me on how they view Iggy A.

  57. PatriotsFlow says:

    The stuff in the UK isn’t as bad as it sounds in the news. London culture is a little like New York culture, but when you go to the rural areas you see that the stuff that you hear about in the media is nothing like the real experience in the country.

  58. FreitagDavid says:

    We already have federated social media with things like Mastadon which gab is federated with, or Hubzilla. I think a more interesting idea is rather than creating something federated create something truly uncensorable using p2p tech. Holochain looks super promising there are a couple others like the dat protocol, but Holochain looks very promising. I myself have actually been looking at a twitter clone built on it. You have to remember with federation you can still be censored by the server owner and you have to trust the server owner with your data. With something like dat it’s zero-trust you don’t have to trust any central authority not even dns. You should definitely look into it.

  59. DanZoom says:

    I love you Sidney, please move to austin and be my queen.

    The spiral movie Tim mentioned, that is NOT the saw reboot feat. Chris Rock right?

  60. Smoke says:

    I’ve been watching Tim for awhile now but it still feels weird hearing him swear lol not complaining just funny lol

  61. DaveHogan says:

    Tim, your rant at the end of this segment just gave me so much hope for the future. You and your teams ideas for decentralization have restored optimism. I was extremely pessimistic the last few weeks especially after all my former friends bailed on me for voting for Trump. You guys have been a beanie compound of clarity for me. Can’t wait for y’all to announce when you’re having events for members to come to the house. Much love y’all.

  62. Anders21 says:

    I would definitely be interested in building and hosting a server for the content down the line. Anything to help us take the control back. Reach out if I can be of any assistance.

  63. OwnedByCats says:

    Speaking of C U Next Tuesday, I lived in the UK for a decade, I noticed more guys calling other guys that over there than men saying it to women (and yes, sometimes in a term of endearment way between friends). Prior to that I had never used that word because growing up in the US I was taught that was the worst thing you could ever call a woman & it was the only context I was aware of. I had never seen a man call another man that until the UK. However, after 10 years there I became quite desensitized to the word because of the different contexts it could be used in. So when I call a man a *cunt* here in the United States, I will get some really strange reactions. I do not however use it as a term of endearment. I still can’t seem to get my head around that one. LMAO

  64. BlazingSwayze says:

    Personally i find Big Mouth season 1 funny, but season 2 and on is infected with woke bullshit.

    • JodieK says:

      i agree with her about sex on tv, coz i usually watch tv with family, and listening to somebody getting eatin out, its very uncomfortable , for some reason ive notice netflix has been adding alot of these scences. its way more cringe then watching porn post nut.

      • BlazingSwayze says:

        There is TV for family and there is TV not for family. Thats kind of the point of the show. The awkward stages of puberty with a physical representation of the degenerate thoughts some people have through the Hormone Monsters. I dont think they had a perverse intention about drawing naked kids but they still shouldnt have done it. Family guy has had Stewie run around naked, the Simpsons showed Barts penis in the movie, there wasnt really any outrage about that.

  65. mdreid says:

    they should really start streaming on here, uncensored podcast is much better

  66. DaveHogan says:

    Whoa. Sour path lyds dropped a big old F bomb ?❤ love it.

  67. VJKennedy says:

    AUSTRALIA Was part of Gondwana…

    Loving the show from here in Victoria Australia, realm of Chairman Dan. Please Sydney, let people know that you don’t have Koalas in every tree and see Kangaroos hopping around the streets (well, extremely rarely) I’m always amazed how people from other countries assume such things.

    As for the Monarchy, Australia is a Constitutional Monarchy, which, although as Sydney says Old Liz has some participation in dissolving government, I’m pretty sure it’s merely a formality and she really has no Executive power akin to Sleepy Joe Biden-me-time signing laws into being at a rate of speed.

  68. Darksto says:

    hey I just want to point out Sydney and most people generalize one state (Vic) and applied to the whole Australia. Which is not really the true picture. Victoria is the equilvent of NY+Portland Most state are like Texas pretty chill pretty middle no one really care and want to be left alone.
    I’m so glad the culture war only stay there no matter how hard the ultra left labor party trying to push.

    • Benjohnson says:

      I lived in Townsville north Qld and accidentally ran an Aboriginal over crossing the road to get to the pub on a green light – couldn’t see him till I hit him at 60km Proceeded to smash my windscreen and fly five metres onto the bitumen only to get up after a few minutes and try to fight me hahaha. Police said it happens all the time. They just pass out on roads and or get hit by cars. Whole communities sit in public parks and drink goon/silver chickens then use the skin as pillows at night to sleep. Wild stuff. This doesn’t happen in Melbourne lol (or the outskirts of Melbourne)

      • Darksto says:

        FYI the Asian community call them a-bao means big babies lol. But the amount of rape covered up against Asian backpackers by offering “compensation or citizenship”for the indigous community is off the chart..espically in Perth.
        Big sad the over correction some local gov are doing.

        • AlphaZeroOmega says:

          The indigenous folk up North Queensland way seem to be a more aggressive than they are in other places I’ve been to in Australia.
          90% of my violent encounters with them have been mostly in Townsville or Cairns.
          It’s a pretty massive problem in this country and it will never be fixed. Unfortunately, taking the soft option and playing the victim card works out too well for them.

          • Darksto says:

            it’s sad the some community leader are standing up and leave the past behind but at moment the voice are hi-jacked by the crazy white sjw again.. some cunt wrote a book clam the indigeious invented demacracy lol

          • Benjohnson says:

            That is correct. The boys love wine and punching their misso all the way home

        • Benjohnson says:

          Darksto that’s wild

  69. andrei says:

    Guys it’s normal it takes a bit for the video to appear once the page is created.

  70. BlazingSwayze says:

    odd. is this because its early or does this not happen?

  71. DaveHogan says:

    What’s going on w the video

  72. Surface says:

    I have waited long enough! Lol

  73. NathanBe says:

    That cant be good. Tech issues I hope!

    • Jack_Fenwick says:

      Hi Tim, I’m coming from the UK and the whole “being offensive is an offence” thing is 100% true, there’s PSA’s on the television, and advertisements on Facebook/YouTube..

    • wcasker65@gmail.com says:

      Naomi wolf retweete!d me! I just invited her to come to my house for dinner. I’m not a liberal or a feminist. I hope she says yes!