Exclusive Bonus Episode: James O’Keefe And Tim Pool ROAST Fake News In Hour Long Extra

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  1. UppityG says:

    Today is 21 mar 21 and by now the world knows that PV got the NY Supreme Ct to rule in his favor, the motion to dismiss was denied.

    Fucking historic.

    Pool & Crew, time to bake him a skateboard sized semla. Here’s Max Miller with more all about it (2 spaces added to avoid spam mistaken identity):

    h ttps://youtu .be/0Ljm5i5N6WQ

  2. UppityG says:

    The legacy media can’t stand PV because they are in it to win it.

  3. UppityG says:

    (Sure hope tech is changing the comments to put the original comment text box at the top of the thread instead of at the end. If not, I do so request. Also, give us a Delete button so WE can handle something that goes wrong instantly rather than waiting for tech to do it, which they’ll push to the end of the to do list.)

  4. fr0gsy says:

    I don’t have time to watch all the videos here, which for me, are just a bonus anyways. I’m happy to pitch in my small amount to help fund your endeavors because I believe in you, and I want to see your organization grow.

  5. jeknudson@gmail.com says:

    Ian is Q, isn’t he? /s

  6. Hot_Karl_Hungs says:

    When I was in college I had to watch the documentary “shadows of liberty” and it changed the way i saw the media. When I was in Iraq we would watch fox or cnn cover what we had done that week and it was such bullshit but there was nothing we could do. Journalist want to report the news but corporate interest has taken that away from them. I highly recommend everyone watch shadows of liberty i think its on youtube. it really tells a great story.

  7. OMBReviews says:

    The Tim story about the court case being dismissed was gold

  8. TrannyX says:

    I wanna thank you Tim for not being a sellout and not putting a price tag on yourself. People like you are REALLY hard to find. Thank you !

  9. Marcus says:

    There’s a fuckton of people in the US that takes plead deals even when they’re innocent and it lands them in jail because they’re convinced they have no other choice and the alternative is more than likely gonna end up being even worse for them; it’s disgusting =3=

  10. Smmmokin says:


    You need a forum section on this site. I was going to say go old school and add a chat room…maybe. But forum would be awesome. People are going to old videos to discuss things. Have some mods so there are no worries but let us ham n eggers talk to each other. We’re paying customers dammit!

    • Smmmokin says:

      No edit button. I said chat room but I’m thinking about it and that seems and feels really greasy. “Head over to the timcast.com chatroom” To have that implemented and for Tim to say those words would be a heck of a thing. But a forum of like minded paying customers who all have different political opinions on many topics(We do) would be awesome. Tim’s viewers aren’t maniacs. It’d be cool to go back to the days of civil disagreements and conversation. Discuss show topics or did youtube delete the video or did Tim?, go back and forth. I have limited time but it’s something I could see myself taking part in.

  11. SundayOperator says:

    Good stuff Tim and crew. Proud to support you guys keep it up!

  12. jrhaile says:

    What happened to the live show from tonight? It’s gone from YouTube.

    • samuelmarkovich says:

      that’s what I’m trying to find out too

      • Jables says:

        yeah I was about 95% through (I went back during the live stream and also paused a few times) and all the sudden the video was not available

        • jrhaile says:

          @Jables, same story as I. Wonder if Fenix bro said something YouTube wouldn’t like…

        • demfraz says:

          I think something was said that they can’t/shouldn’t say or else be demonetized or removed. There was a moment where Tim got really quiet and just stared, I think that’s when they crossed the line and so he decided to remove the video maybe? Or it got removed.

          • Jables says:

            @demfraz yeah I was thinking maybe Tim copied it and deleted it from youtube to remove the chemicals… I think a button was pushed during that moment of silence lol

          • Joshletofsky says:

            What Jables said, Ian said the names of the chemicals, even I facepalmed when he said them. Tim said at least 5 times, I’m not going to say the names of these common household chemicals, then Ian just had to say em.

          • Akjosh907 says:

            I don’t think it was YT. It says that the uploaded removed it. I think Tim is a hypocrite and more worried bout them dollars than he is about standing his ground.

          • TrannyX says:

            How many times he said that he prefers playing by the rules and still talk about other important stuff rather than say 1% of things he can’t say and lose the voice completely. Think Long game ! It’s not about being a hypocrite, it’s about fighting a long fight rather than swinging too early and taking the L as the result.

            There’s not that many reasonable people like him that still exist on the internet because most are banned. When Tim’s gone and he has a huge following, who else will we have who can inform us about reality and what’s really going on ?.. Exactly not that many people. So, it’s better for all of us that he won’t say some things that will get him banned.

      • Akjosh907 says:

        I’m hoping it was removed by YouTube. But judging by Tim’s reaction to Ian saying the names of chemicals and the guest mentioning flower print shirts right toward the end, I will guess that Tim Pool removed the video…but I sure hope he’s not that spineless.

      • polywana says:

        me tooo. youtube just got timcast another paying sub!

    • gahintz0 says:

      I watched it, but it’s gone new. I’m sure YT pulled it. They had an ammunition manufacturer on, (Fenix ammo), and it may have been too much for YT. They just suck.

    • Joshletofsky says:

      I think it was because Ian said the names of the chemicals that Tim was talking about.

    • Smmmokin says:

      As long as Tim puts it up here I’m happy. It’ll suck if he edits it and people who didn’t watch live can’t see the unedited version.

  13. covfefeovich says:

    @16:15, That’s the thing that sets Tim apart, and why I plunked down money. Please hold on to the integrity bro. Its refreshing, and far too uncommon today.

  14. wysockivi says:

    Digging the exclusive episodes! Keep them coming please!

  15. CzechTex says:

    Ian! Love the outfit, question: WTH is floating around in your Grolsch bottle? It keeps moving everytime Lydia switches to you and it’s kinda driving me nuts.

    Maybe I should revert to the FULL IRL to see what you’re doing to that poor bottle.

  16. GregoryAlanBurhoe says:

    You gotta get James back sometime. It was a great conversation.

  17. Joelpespinoza says:

    Great show guys

  18. Sherry says:

    So there is Hope!!!! Very exciting to know all might not be lost. This Episode very worth the fee. Thanks guys.

  19. robka says:

    I hate when Ian interrupts with his dumb comments. Can I vote him OUT?

  20. Akjosh907 says:

    Where’s the new shit? I didn’t pay to watch reruns.

    • DaigeMaki says:

      Think about it man If the last election wasn’t enough of an example don’t be angry vote for the 3rd parties stop the anger and the violence. Just do the right American principled thing. No Fuck or shit life is like like that some times just do it be man go go go.

  21. RieceW says:

    Love you guys!!!

  22. EricRyan1976 says:

    Great show, thanks for all you guys do. Keep up the great work fighting the good fight.

  23. OtakuMagnet says:

    As much as I love the bonus content, I wish this was out there for everyone. It is such important information.

  24. WolfWilde says:

    It’s not mailman you bigot! It’s personperson!

  25. TheBlackBlade says:

    Not to point out anything but tim why is Ian on this show? He’s clearly an ex/current drug user with what background science or otherwise other than having hippie dippie stoner ideas and derail everything? He’s arrogant too, thinks he’s some cutting edge inventor

  26. Baalshazar says:

    Based long stream is worth it!

  27. Richbuscus says:

    James is my own personal Jesus!! Bring on the PDF…. 😉

  28. yamyule says:

    Nice extra!

  29. MikeStanaland says:

    Awesome bonus!

  30. Feddy_Von_Wigglestein says:

    At least it’s easy: we know to simply not believe a single words spoken or written from mainstream media sources.

  31. Deckie69 says:

    You need to look into Tony Heller as a guest.

  32. joshswife says:

    what’s the email for you guys I have some thoughts but too long for a comment

  33. VikingHunde says:

    Awesome show!

  34. Laura says:

    In my opinion, history shows, that culture and art are unstoppable forces that only grow stronger in hard times. Human suffering has the seed of all creation. Love, Hope and Freedom, through culture and art.

  35. Vmanzo says:

    I think it’s really interesting to see the correlation with how someone sees the world and what they did as a kid for fun.
    Tim, someone who was a skateboarder (more of a hobby) sees the world with a slight sentiment of “everyone can win”. Because that’s how skateboarding is. If all 100 people at the park can do a kick flip. Everyone wins. Unfortunately, this does not emulate real life the way competitive sports do.
    Competitive sports are different. People who grow up playing competitive sports understanding a very important concept of “sometimes not everyone can win. Sometimes there are winners and losers. And there’s nothing you can do to change that. In order for me to feel triumph and victory, that may mean someone has to feel pain and failure. And Vice versa.”
    But that’s how life is. Not all of us can be millionaires in a beachside mansion. Not all of us are going to win. But sports teaches people how to win, lose, and deal with both of them.
    Hearing Tim and many other people in today’s day and age speak about politics, it just SCREAMS “I have never been apart of real competition in my entire life”

    • Diogenes says:

      We actually could all be millionaires in beachside mansions if our society became rich enough. Then we would start to define poverty according to the size and location of our beachside manors.

      Think about how rich a poor person in America is today vs Nelson Rockefeller. Poor bastard had no TV, no computer, no phone, no AC, a literal clunker at best. All he has was money, a claim on the wealth of an utterly impoverished society. What could we have as a society if we returned to the path of true wealth creation?

  36. tobiathan says:

    People’s Defamation Fund, or PDF for short.

    It’s powerful AND rolls off the tongue. DO IT.

    • TheInfamousScratch says:

      Tim Pool be like, “ That reminds me of one time me when I was 13 skateboarding with some kids.” After someone makes a completely different statement about something on a much higher plain of discourse. It could be literally anything and he’d correlate it somehow to a childhood memory. Great show though, I just find it funny.

    • DavidSr says:

      agree do it! Think about all those who have no one to back them up.
      Tim the Russians go one step further with kidnappers. They kidnapped a Russian diplomat in Lebanon and demanded something can’t remember what it was, The next day a body part from one of the kidnappers relatives showed up with a note we will kill everyone in your family . He was released immediately

  37. WolfthorneLives says:

    Picture test!!

  38. a73s says:

    Bro, respectfully shush about the legal defense fund.

  39. OFFCANNY says:

    Saw this at like 5 am in the morning, couldnt stop! A full bonus episode with Alien Scientist would be great, I feel like he was cut off too much.

  40. Drewncharlie says:

    Gotta put the add comment section at the top dudes lol. So i was drunk at a campground when i was 18. Long story short, you needed a keycard to get past the gate at this campground. So we were up at the entrance by this gate. And there was this old minivan that had been parked outside the gate for days. Which was super weird for this location. So i went up to it and opened the car door and there was a keycard for the gate sitting on the passenger seat. I took the card, walked to the gate and checked if it worked. It did. Well… it took my picture when i checked the card. So cops came to my door and found me and charged me with felony theft of like 2000$ worth of country music cd’s, womens clothing, and a digital camera. None of which i took. So they wanted me to settle, even though i was innocent. I refused. i had to refuse like 5 times. Cuz they kept telling me i had to plead guilty to this thing i didnt do. The lady whose car was unlocked and parked outside the campground was in the process of trying to get insurance money from her house that burned down and was illegally living at the campground. Finally the prosecutor came up with 400$. If you give this lady 400$ they’d drop any charges. I had just turned 18 and by that point i was convinced she had burned her house down on purpose and was now hoping her van would get stolen so she could claim it too. Lady looked like a tweaker all the way. So i said no. We go to trial. The cops have my honest statement they have the pic of me with a pink spiked mohawk on the camera at the campground. No jury would believe i stole a 50 year old woman’s clothing and old music cds of music i hated. Then just as the forst trial date was coming up my lawyer called me and told me my dad had somehow got the ladys info, gave her 250$ and she dropped it. The justice system does not offer any real justice. It offers arbitration for some and straight up persecution for others.

    • Diogenes says:

      Sure seems weird that the police were acting as a collections agency for someone that isn’t themselves. In my experience, the police want money for their department and maybe some to put in their pocket and that’s it. Never collected ANYTHING for me, even when they had obvious and clear cut cases.

  41. FrickinAmazin says:

    Can we talk about how Ian’s beard is becoming mighty fine?

  42. nickgust says:

    Sämla, too funny Tim.

  43. crcook84 says:

    I agree with Tim, that guy was laughing maniacally because he didn’t know how else to act other than faking superiority.

  44. Lando_Wing says:

    Who is Hasan Piker, do you mean Cenk’s nephew?

  45. CJCharchuk says:

    You guys should reach out to Steven Crowder. I think he is going to start going the lawsuit route as well and has a huge base that can help fund the PDF.

  46. DankMemesSteelBeamz says:

    I love how the media will try to smear James Ok’keefe and just completely ignore the hard evidence ON VIDEO he acquires. regardless of anything else, the people in his videos are real people saying real things they believe, while they believe they are not being filmed, cant get more real than that. Love the work he has done, cant wait to see what he does in the future!

  47. PS78 says:

    I will donate now. PDF. People defence fund monthly 5 dollars. Because i trust Veritas. Trusting my money is helping and not being wasted is important to raising funds. I trust Veritas. He will do what is right. Modern day heroes who embody the spirit of truth and respect should and will rise to the top. When you arrive at the top please don’t sell out like all wa po, nyt, msm, nbc… The need for real journalism is paramount to our society succeeding and keeping freedom alive. I would be proud as fuck to back your efforts financially. (why not start a crowd source app at the same time. For instance I would pay 500 dollars for Kyle Rittenhouse thank you note.) The current non left market is void of places and ways to help. Those who risk themselves for my values should also be able to get college, house, bills hell a dream vacation or car. Level the playing field.

  48. mrmap says:

    Just deleted my YouTube account. Or at least to the best of my ability. I’m done with the censorship. And I’m done giving these companies money. Deleted my comment for saying trump was the only one willing to stand up to China. And that American politicians are cowards and have sold out the American people. America is no more than a Chinese territory at this point.

  49. TJefferson says:

    This was awesome – needs to be put out for everyone on youtube/rumble/whatever.

    PDF – I’m all in.

    Retracto…….. comin at ya………

  50. Cigar_Sam says:

    I could listen to these guys talk about legal battles and the legal process for hours. OKeefe really is out here doing the Lord’s work

  51. Therk75 says:

    First video I’ve watched on here, LOVE IT!

  52. JohnD says:

    Just joined last night. Great exclusive content.
    Keep up the great work… the world is so full of blatant lies now, we need someone willing to say the truth.

  53. jeffzekas says:

    Forgot about Seth Rich. Did the cops ever find the suspects in his murder?

  54. Anarchogrosbec says:

    Tim btw, in Louisiana we call it a king cake. Happy Mardi Gras

  55. Dmitriy says:

    What a great episode, keep up the great work!

  56. Khornepop says:

    I want to joins the peoples defense fund!

  57. Joewallace160 says:

    GREAT episode/bonus. James is a damn rockstar. NEED to keep Luke somehow, only reason I started listening and stayed. And paid lol KEEP up the great work team. PDF is the future, just like r/wallstreetbets the people must start to organize and make the bastards accountable for the bullshit and chaos they’ve caused for so long.

  58. Zeus317 says:

    Great bonus episode…. going now to subscribe to veritas hope he gets the 1million subscribers soon

  59. Katkat says:

    Shits crazy, great show. I love you guys!!! Just purchased my membership last night because I want to support the people I enjoy. Cannot wait to see what you guys do in the future.

  60. Mrandmrsonstad@gmail.com says:

    I once had to sue my real estate agent and the sellers agent they were so not used to being sued they didnt even shown up with proper representation. Basically handing me a win. I was in front of a judge for 10 min. I prepared my own case spending hours in prep and there lack of prep because im a pleb gave me an easy win. It was a major real estate company. And they fired the agent that wronged my family.

    • Diogenes says:

      Showing up is half the battle. The only time I was ever sued I won purely because I showed up and asked for information and a continuation. They didn’t want to give me discovery, so they dropped the case.

  61. Furbz says:

    P. S. Love all of you guys. Ian, I love your contrasting insight, and your willingness to speak your mind even when it’s unpopular. Tim, I think what you are doing is brilliant and necessary. Thank you for being the voice of the milk toast and bringing us incredible guests. Luke, you’re my guy. High five from a fellow slav.

  62. Furbz says:

    I would absolutely be willing to donate to the cause. We all could need it in the future. We never know what the establishment machine will say about the citizens.

  63. Joshletofsky says:

    Great video and discussion!
    Tim, the camera looking at you seems to always be out of focus, have you looked into that?

  64. T1kT0k says:

    This was an awesome episode. Thank you James for being on it.

  65. SimonJester753 says:

    This is fake news. It’s only 56 min 52 seconds!

  66. TheBlackBlade says:

    My favorite part of the interview you did Tim with Jack Dorsey on Rogan is where you said “people harass me day and night and you don’t do anything about that…” and Jacks expression is so funny.

  67. M_Carlson says:

    I don’t know why you need to wait for the NYT money to come in before launching PDDF…just launch a website, announce it and watch people throw millions at at immediately. I’m in

  68. NikkiBerlin says:

    There have been so many “ sources say” articles published and people repeat the unsourced info as the gospel. Their other thing has been to say “ So and so may…. because….” and people don’t even notice that the article is purely hypothetical and spread that info around, too. I’ve
    noticed that this was commonplace during the last four years.

  69. Username. says:

    I wish veritas would have gotten to talk more. If the people’s defense fund gets going I donate. If you make it an insurance I will sign up.

  70. Ronin_Jack says:

    I hope everyone follows through on making the People’s Defense Fund.

  71. sukemeblyat says:

    fat tuesday, semla. fuck yeah.

    serve with hot coco or just plain hot milk. dip that sucker it is a gateway to heaven

  72. Alexeem says:

    Great show guys!

  73. DaveHogan says:

    Smith-Mundt Act Amendment in 2012/2013 is a huge contributing factor to our current media lies. Look it up.

  74. WindyChimes says:

    I might not like you all that much Ian, but thanks a whole bunch for the heads up on the profile pictures.
    Wouldn’t have known if it were not for you.

    • CAMundt says:

      Ian is growing on me, ngl. Sometimes he still says some WILD shit and I have to ask what new drug he has been playing with.

      FR though, I’ve grown to appreciate him, and he made a statement about the open-source social media that shifted me to his side on some of that. I still think he is a bit naive about how well it will work, but I think it is a step in the right direction.

  75. Love Project Veritas! I wanted to sign up for their Editor position, but I’m not in their state (required). My biggest thing in starting to speak out about and dig deep into the political landscape is that I don’t know enough to begin to report or have an opinion which would be taken seriously, which is why I’d rather try to help out other independent journalists instead. Regardless, I may change that position.

  76. Kling616 says:

    I knew this was going to be a good one!

  77. JohnKrstyenIV says:

    Love the James interviews. Looking forward to the PDF

  78. Bruce says:

    Thanks for the heads up on the avatar pic Ian

  79. Audiolift says:

    Big fan of Project Veritas. I would donate to a People’s Defamation Fund.

  80. ernesto.glassetc@gmail.com says:

    Can you imagine if we just all added a sub base to peoject veritas for $5 each/ month for exclusive full videos without edits. Or some shit like that.

  81. Laura says:

    Have a nais day!

  82. JohnGalt says:

    I’ve been thinking over a similar type of “insurance” setup. Not for defamation but for lockdowns. I don’t know who I’d go to to even try to start something like this, but it seems to me like small business owners could basically form a coop type of organization like they have in the medical field, and pool together resources that would be dedicated to covering fees/fines/suits related to unconstitutional lockdowns. If we had enough businesses all paying in, we could empower businesses to take whatever measures they feel comfortable with in order to keep their businesses going. I’m sure it would also help each individual business to know that there are others who are defying the lockdowns alongside them, and give them the courage to simply open. It’s the perfect type of thing for doing what Tim has been saying for a while: if everybody just opened up they can’t arrest them all.

  83. omegahunter9 says:

    I’ll donate to the People’s Defense Fund as soon as it’s a thing 🙂

  84. Bioh says:

    Seeing this one end was sad, I could’ve easily watched an hour more. I appreciate how much time and energy everybody puts into these videos.

  85. WinterTiger says:

    The candor and truth spoken, not just in this episode, but in these streams in general, is what’s lacking across the spectrum of lamestream media these days. It’ll be cool once events get cranking – I’ll happily take some time off from work and truck from West Texas to check them out. Been about 8 years since anything resembling a vacation.

  86. Bradtv says:

    Love how they are recording in the background. So what great TimcastIRL conspiracy is Project Veritas going to expose?

  87. adam.helsdon says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen Ian on these videos when his pupils were NOT dilated…

  88. Kshthymyla says:

    Finally, Ian gets a good point in on the color-coding thing!

    Playback points: I wanna be able to listen while in other apps, even without the video playing PIP. Also, it’d be great if it saved progress if I accidentally close the PIP. I know you’re working on the player; those features are desirable.

  89. PuzzleCat says:

    I stood up myself late last year. The company I worked for was pushing far leftist ideology and “equity” was the thing that finally made me quit. I could ignore the banners calling to abolish the police, and I could even ignore them hosting protest marches to support BLM and Antifa. I believe fully in freedom of speech, but money talks. I was denied a raise by HR despite my manager admitting I was a role model in work ethic and output because it would put my pay above the my “bipoc” coworker. I walked out that same day after diligently finishing my work for the day.

    One of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Tim has a lot of good advice, plan for the future, live cheap, and save money so you too can give a big “fuck you” when this demonic ideology infiltrates your life. I honestly can’t express how nice it is to no longer walk past “police not welcome” signs five days a week and no longer have to listen to backwards progressive drivel in the break room anymore.

    • JohnKrstyenIV says:

      What we need as James pointed out is employees of companies like this to video and document such experiences and putting that information out there. Hope all works out for you personally in the end. Mind sharing the name of said company?

      • PuzzleCat says:

        I want to say first, that I don’t necessarily support boycotting or going after the company even though I was wronged and I disagree with the poison they spew. They still do a lot of good for local suppliers, and overall treat their workers well (for retail). Their stances on reducing waste and donating to local charities are good things. New Seasons Market is the name of the company. As an aside, my situation only applied because I was ranked high enough to be on a variable pay increase, their raise program for low level employees is a guaranteed flat standard (which I disagree with because it disincentives working hard).

        Sometimes you have to accept the good with the bad, but being told to my face that they were stifling my pay to support “equity” was kind of the final straw for me personally. I left for many reasons, and am currently getting into a plumbing apprenticeship so I can eventually work for myself.

  90. zachpow1 says:

    Been a fan of Tim since 2018, and have loved how I agree with him on 95% of things. I love this episode because, when James was speaking about never settling lawsuits I immediately thought of how The United States has the stance of “We never negotiate with terrorists” and how that disincentives the kidnapping of US citizens, and of course Tim brought it up. One of my favorite clips of all of Tim’s work. Thank you for all you provide.

  91. TheAcquisitor says:

    As a free-lance pro bono certified private investigator, I may have some use for that Veritas email address, going forward. It will be good to have a clearly-identified avenue for reporting public and political issues that need focused attention and exposure.

  92. Pavogani says:

    So, I am willing to drop $50 USD on a superchat next episode, but I am hopeing I won’t have to do that. What I will say is this: “This episode should be free to all, I understand you can’t say this on YouTube, but “GD it” ( family friendly and what not) Why can’t you say this for “free” (not asking for all episodes to be like this) on your own platform? Otherwise TF is the point?

  93. LukeIsRight says:

    Best podcast and bonus episode ever!

  94. Mazamars312 says:

    This is one of the best interviews. Good on you guys for showing this.

  95. Pjlittlefoot says:

    Lol I was born on Fat Tuesday!

    Anyway loved James and the extra long bonus.

  96. Dankond16 says:

    Wow…. Tim I gotta say this is my favorite bonus segment that you’ve put out. Thank you for bringing James on. Watching this is inspiring!

  97. adam.helsdon says:

    This segment gives me hope. I love seeing this discovery of new ways to hold the mainstream media accountable.

    I’m not a public figure, and I hold no social media accounts, but I’d still be 100% willing to throw in a few bucks a month for PDF if it means we can stop this absolute nonsense…

  98. Murryfairy says:

    I LOVE Solzhenitsyn. As a 22 year old who just graduated from a University whose motto is “Love ye truth and beauty,” it is so sad to see that so few of my contemporaries are committed to and care about the truth. Highly recommend the Gulag Archipelago to everyone!

  99. Jhiguerajr says:

    Tim you are great, but would love to see you allow the conversation on your show to allow the other speakers time to speak without interrupting as often. You have the opportunity to be the next Rogan.

  100. Smoke says:

    Keep up the good work gentlemen

  101. LukeIsRight says:

    About time. Waiting for this episode felt like a lifetime.

  102. Jhiguerajr says:

    Great work Tim and James! James you will ultimately gain FAME, for the work you do, if you continue forward. Much like a painter is revered, long after their death.

  103. Orionsbelt2012 says:

    God, I was literally refreshing and refreshing the page waiting for this bonus segment for an hour and a half. ?? On the edge of my seat over here. ♥️♥️

  104. LongLiveRockNRoll says:

    Totally dig the bonus footage! ?

  105. harumph says:

    Is there a way to get a notification set up for when new videos are loaded?

  106. adam.helsdon says:

    James O is the man…