Democrat Law Would BACKFIRE On Woke Ragebait “Journalists,” The Crew Complains About FORCED Unionization

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  1. babypj says:

    Tim I don’t know if you’ll see this but Uber takes a MUCH bigger cut than $1. They take anywhere from 5-75% of the fare. I drove for Uber and Lyft. Both do the same. They upcharge the rider during busy times and rarely (now) increase the pay for the drivers. There are convoluted ways for drivers to make more but it’s usually hard to do for most drivers. I’m not saying this in support of any bill. I’m actually against making independent contractors employees cause then they’d make even less. I’m for the free market and choosing where you want to provide your services. I chose to stop with Uber and Lyft because I didn’t make enough to justify the time and they kept spewing BS about how they’re progressive while shafting their own drivers.

  2. yamyule says:

    Sorry truck drivers. Remember Biden talking to China recently about their totally fabulous train system? Also, Schumer spoke today about the THRIVE Act. That one makes sure all the Green New Deal jobs are union jobs. Hooray. Unions for everyone!

  3. dr_talos says:

    Tim….That is not a “poor Parent” thing…the “talk” is a good parent thing. I wasnt poor and my dad gave all of us the talk. I am so sick of this bullshit. Are black people really that ignorant? I mean that they think this is only them? I have not already said this!

  4. dr_talos says:

    Tim….That is not a “poor Parent” thing…the “talk” is a good parent thing. I wasnt poor and my dad gave all of us the talk. I am so sick of this bullshit. Are black people really that ignorant? I mean that they think this is only them?

  5. knurd says:

    My experience working with a union (as a non-unionized manager):
    – much better pay than a non-unionized company and included benefits and OT.
    – once the employees found out the “rights” they had as union employees my job got a lot more difficult. They started acting like entitled snowflakes and complained about the smallest thing (mostly the white employees).
    Now I work in the animation industry and for YEARS we have been calling for unions so that working conditions would improve above slave labour conditions. BUT….but…once the Green Movement started after Life of Pi, companies started improving their policies to mimic unions so their studios didn’t become a revolving door. So, at the end of the day, unions are not needed to create fair paying jobs with fair conditions but they are almost needed to compare to so that companies have something to strive for.

  6. Drosta says:

    I’m a union member in OCSEA. It has served me very well for the dues that I pay. Ohio is now an “opt out” state. They tried to destroy collective bargaining in this state some years ago. When that did not work. They started the “opt out” campaign. As far as I am concerned this is just the next way they try to destroy unions. At least here in my area of the world.

  7. ShockaZulu1 says:

    Trade unions are the only unions that are necessary but even in construction non unions prosper better than the bit unions open market always is the best idea

  8. TAMMY85887 says:

    I worry that this law could affect me…I have a medical billing service and I’m paid by commission only. Not an employee just a contracted worker. I work from home and I’m completely independent. Anyone know if this would kill my gig?

  9. Veritas_Syfer says:

    Unions do shit but rip you off. First time was with a damn supermarket. It was stupid. I left that job 6 months later then landed on something that paid me much more. No union required.

  10. KMFC says:

    I think the biggest issue for this whole ordeal is that Unions don’t work out of the skilled labor area. I worked for 12 years as a Union Millwright for 12 years and the Union was a better option for the worker as a skilled laborer because if I went non Union then I’d make 20-30 dollars less depending the state I was working in. The other issue is that with a skilled labor union is when you take the UBC I can name call a guy to a job so your constantly selling yourself to employers to keep working so you’re not stuck on the books. The other side to that is if your an electrician and they want someone that is 3 people down the list they will hire the first two people on the list to just show up and pay them to go to the bottom of the list so they can keep the guy that is #3 on the list so it’s a messed up system for people that can milk the system but barely scrape by. Skilled labor unions make more sense because you can still sell yourself but when you go to these public sector unions they are a waste of tax payer dollars and protect the scumbags. The problem I have with your opinion on the Unions collapsing these businesses is that you assume the states or fed wont bail them out like they have in the past. Needless to say non union and union can both have their perks you just have to figure out what is best in your situation.

    • KMFC says:

      also I’d like to say that the nepotism and corruption has taken a foothold against the people in the unions. It used to be that members could actually vote to change their future now the power is all within their regional councils and international councils. The different crafts that used to have the strongest union members are slowing losing control. ie. electricians, iron workers, and the long shore man have hung in their but they are slowly losing bits of control the UBC members lost all there control a long time ago in a lot of places because no matter what they vote on in a local level they never are able to get it passed at a regional level unless the regional management wants it to happen.

  11. chetsadface says:

    many years ago, I was to join the union for a fucking supermarket job. it was a first ever, unskilled job, I was bagging groceries. hated it. dudes would constantly come in 7 minutes late then punch our 7 minutes early because the union allowed it.

    then one day I was out retrieving shopping carts in sub zero weather, and some bitch who works the customer service office started chewing me out for “not doing my job”. i screamed at her and got sent home. next day without warning I was told I couldn’t work anymore because she complained to the union that I made her feel “unsafe”.

    it was utter insanity. i asked the storeanager who liked me to do something, and he shrugged, saying there’s nothing he could do. then, what they did was the union rep I had to “negotiate” with wod only show up to the store once a week and give me 10 minutes to discuss what my options were. meaning I had to leave my house and drive to another city for a fucking 10 minute one sided convo with some fucking prick.

    eventually his deal was to have me work a completely separate department, and I spoke to the boss there and immediately quit after that. wow I’m so glad I had a union there to protect my workers rights! it was totally worth losing another 10% on my minimum wage paycheck. people wonder why I hate unions so much, yeah I have a good fuckin reason.

  12. Moritsune says:

    Member of the BLET for a major class 1 railroad. Unions are a complex argument for me. Revolving management and 4 year contracts controlled by a CBG really don’t get to the issues that an individual carrier inflict on us. While it is good to retain employment and some benefits, on the whole we lose out every time since congress stepped in on the 1985 agreement. It’s been a downhill battle since before i was born and affects my career almost daily. Leaves for a sour taste and bleak outlook, especially with automation looming on the horizon.

    • YoureNotLikeMe says:

      I drove Uber for a while a few years ago. and you can look and see what the fare is and what you get. On the minimum priced fare Uber would take 58% (I got $2.25 and the date was almost $6). As the distance of the ride increases the % they take goes down. They have the whole world convinced that they only take about a dollar for the ride. Another thing they do is
      Say they book a 20 mile trip that takes 30 minutes (longest in miles and shortest on time) they charge the customer for that. The in app directions tell the driver to take a short cut, so it’s now 15 miles, but it takes 40 minutes. The driver gets paid by the mile and gets paid a % of a 15 mile ride.

      Have you ever been in an Uber and he tries to take a really slow way to your house? This is why, and it’s not the drivers fault.

      • YoureNotLikeMe says:

        Also if you live in a gross receipts tax state (a type of sales tax), Uber refuses to charge the customer sales tax, but the driver is required to pay it on the total fare. For that $2.25 I made on that $6 fare I now owe the state 7% on $6 ($2.25-$.42= $1.83) I also had to drive 10 minutes to get to you, then wait minutes for your drunk ass to get downstairs, so I can take you to Taco Bell.

  13. EvanW says:

    Uber and Lyft don’t take a dollar. They take far more than that. I drive for them. When I first started they only took 25% after the booking fee (Which is between $2.75-$3.50 depending on the ride type). Now they’re taking a much higher cut. In some cases 40-55%. Drivers are making less and less money per mile than they did 5 years ago. I’m not for unionization, but TNC (Rideshare Carriers) are robbing drivers blind now.

  14. Worm says:

    One word to describe Tim Pool?


    Please accept this praise for thee are worthy of wielding Mjölnir itself. You Tim are second only to JBP as the most important individual of our time. Stay gold Timmy boy! I believe in you!

  15. RockstarGunner says:

    I cannot wait for the app… Chrome on mobile (even in desktop mode) won’t let me log in anymore but Duckgo will… both apps won’t play if the screen is off (chrome did after hitting play in the notification pull down)

  16. PorscheNavigator says:

    Any government union is limited because a lot of them have no strike clauses

  17. Xanatosa says:

    At least you can ask for a pay raise in the private industry. If you work for state or local government, you can forget bartering. I have tried multiple times asking for either a pay raise or higher rate before taking a job. They are completely limited in what they are able to offer. The benefits may be okay, but I’d rather the money and be responsible for my own retirement and health plans.

  18. FxTwT says:

    Love this guest! Been following her parler for a while.

    I’m very excited to see where this site goes!

  19. Stoned says:

    Fuck unions. They are just like the ccp wings that have to be at every company in china. The union reps are lazy, greedy useless, socialist types. The UAW and Teamsters are some of the most corrupt. The UAW pushed for NAFTA and GAT that stole jobs from Americans and gave them to the Democrats friends in China. Democrats equal the CCP. If you think they aren’t you are one of the scum lickers.

    • Klakes22 says:

      Stossel did a video on how this affected contractors (Uber, free-lance artists, band members, etc.) in CA. Look it up and check it out.

    • itsjustanotherhandle says:

      What they cannot legislate out is everyone can form their own corporations, then the corporations can transact with other corporations and charge as desired.

      The nice thing about this situation is that nobody except the most zealous ideologue can survive being a corporation owner without being convinced that the fewer regulations, the better we will all be.

  20. channasilva2000 says:

    Support from Manila.

  21. Paigeholland says:

    IAN!!!! Take a look at stellar. It’s crypto but 100 times better than Bitcoin.

  22. krisrose1986 says:

    I agree that unions suck. As a business owner I want have control of what I do with my business. I have subcontractors and they are subcontractors because they want to have control over what they do. These guys also don’t want people or government in there business. I give them the product and the tools they need to work and if they don’t make money I don’t make money. Unions and taxes suck. Fuck them all……..

  23. Jacob_C says:

    Just commenting cause you mentioned it at the end of the video. It did take me a while to figure out where the comment section was.

  24. Vmanzo says:

    I feel like what a lot of people do not realize about Uber is that majority of drivers do not do it as their primary job or primary source of income. They do it in the mornings or evenings and weekends for an extra 15-20 hours of work just driving around and making some extra cash. If you force unions on Uber you’re going to collapse it. Because majority of those drivers will not be down to drive 40-50 hours a week as their primary job. They want to do their normal gig and then make some extra cash on the side.

  25. Dn1984 says:

    Safe to assume that you worked for the three worst unions in the world? never met another Union employee with your experience. I don’t do s*** full health, two pensions, annuity, 56 bucks an hour, and a dollar raise every year. That’s what your dues are paying for

  26. Brodie57775 says:

    Craigslist now charges you for certain adds. If you try to sell a vehicle it’s 5 dollars to post the add. But if you’re sellling parr’s it’s free. That’s why so many people list their vehicle now in the parts sections.

  27. Lastandtheleast says:

    Bro, please speak out against this. I can’t afford to lose business. I make more than 30 an hour driving doordash. Please speak out to help people like me keep our livelihood. Please I can’t afford to start back at zero.

  28. RidingWithRyan says:

    The bill will also screw over independent contract owner operators in trucking. Which if you look at how much stuff is moved on trucks from small business leased owner ops. We make up most the goods being transported. The major carriers don’t move all that much plus teamsters (trucking union in the past) was garbage so NO UNIONS!!!

  29. James Haddock says:

    Further comment. The place I currently work has a union and has kept more bad employees from being fired then it has ever helped a good employee.

  30. James Haddock says:

    So I have a story related to this. I started a job and as part of the indoc I was sent with a group to see the union reps. The union promised $50 to anyone that joined. Signing bonus I guess. And free sodas and hotdogs. So they pitch thier recruitment and ask if anyone wanted to sign up. One person asks if he could come back the following week and sign up. The head rep said “no, we will be out of the office next week. But we will be back the week following.” Dude was like “ok” then the rep explained that they were going to Puerto Rico to elect an new union president. So I asked the rep. “Who is paying for the flight, hotel, and such?” They replied “the union” now this is not a small local union. It is in fact one of the largest. So I said “the union itself does not make any money except through dues. And that they were using those dues to take a 7 day all expense paid trip to Puerto Rico on the union member’s dime. And not just the branch but all the branchs.” The room went dead silent. I think most realized how much that cost the union to do. Didn’t join that union.

  31. TheInfamousScratch says:

    This will just result in tons of blue collar workers becoming unionized, a right wing workers union perhaps? Seems like it might end up being a little bit fascist.

  32. Timuh says:

    These reporters need to acquire the skill to write logical machine operational instructions translated from abstractions.

  33. Timuh says:

    These reporters need to

  34. Merdrah says:

    You should see how the Unions are set up for the Railroads. They are not on good terms with the company itself

  35. BillH says:

    30:32 “you can comment on these videos.” Does anyone on the team actually read them? I haven’t seen any evidence of this. Not hating, just actually curious. Both Tim & Luke (on walkabout, lol) seem unreachable on social media, but I kinda understand why. Ian you might wanna see what they’re doing with podcasting 2.0. They are streaming satochis back to creators as the content is being viewed. I don’t understand it, but maybe you could.

    • PadreMortalis says:

      I think the comments are mostly here for us, the members, to share ideas or vent about the show/ member video.
      About them reading them, I think I recall a month or so back, Tim said something about a member comment.

  36. Unknown says:

    It blows my mind that people think the solution to being a slave at work is forcing everyone to be an employee wage slave… when it’s contracting that gives people more money and freedom…

    My guess… everyone wants parents taking care of them and they think everyone else needs the same.

    • Dansing says:

      People don’t want responsibility. Sadly it’s literally that simple for most it would seem.

    • Unknown says:

      Forced unionization is conscription/slavery. It’s basically a way to add an additional tax to your paycheck that goes to non-elected people. Can someone say “The merger of corporation and state”?

      It’s always good when you’re forced to loose your right to bargain on your own behalf and be subject to the will of others you have no control over…. /s

      Solution…?… Form your own union of one person, you? Can that be done?

      • e92dream says:

        I disagree with your union talk. Yes the huge union national groups are garbage and I have dealt with them and hated them. Now I work for a group that has small union that is just us. To me a never you have to have a position in our group and get paid nothing extra. We have very low set rate dues that only are there to cover work days when leaders are meeting with the company and got outside events. We know we are far and few this why we also make sure to maintain a great relationship with company execs and not be dumb/greedy. I have enough things to deal with in this world as I’m a straight black gun-loving conservative.

    • TheAxyx says:

      Its clever double speak that will result in freelance work being nearly impossible. All the more to push us to a unified global currency that we cannot escape. Learn to farm, folks

  37. MarineVetTim says:

    Dude I’m a Truck driver who is an independent contractor and if this passes the senate I’m fucked and so are THOUSANDS of drivers like me

  38. ChristopherMFSchneider says:

    Tim I want to work with you, I have a ton of ideas and I want to help people more than anything I don’t know who to ask for help from but just for starters let’s make an app that is an open to the public rate your local police interaction/experience.

  39. SIlver says:

    About making a show ive heard stargate has been trying to get somthing out for a while now

  40. Geo85 says:

    How much are you willing to accept ?

    • Geo85 says:

      I am willing to die for the freedoms of others my life doesn’t matter to the people imposing their will on us

    • Dansing says:

      Forgive me for being a bit of a chauvinist for a second, but after watching today’s episode, seeing Josie in the thumbnail wearing glasses…. She’s pretty hot with ’em, just saying.

      • Rkessler says:

        I understand your perspective on unions but in the construction field you need it because the companies continually hire illegal aliens which brings V wage per hour down to almost impossible wage and without the union to help slow down the illegal hiring you all would be completely screwed cuz a non-union company is going to take any legal for half the price every time even though they do get into the unions with all the phony paperwork that they have access to

  41. FirstThessalonian says:


    • Unknown says:

      Observation…. if I comment on the first comment, the one at the bottom, my comment technically appears first…


      • RxRomeo says:

        I finally got a membership tonight. 10 dollar member. I’m kinda poor. You’re a huge inspiration. I still think about when you mentioned the way someone had displayed a sort of “spider web” of content creators that showed how you sort of “connected” all these other channels and they alluded to how this made you some sort of far-right catalyst. You’re definitely way more liberal than people tend to give you credit for. I see a bunch of people saying they wanna work for you, and I could kinda see why. To be someone who represents/stands with your ideas is seen as a great honor by many people, to be a part of a revitalization effort in the PRESS that is direly needed. Please keep doing this kinda work! I hope you’re bigger than CNN or FOX in the future.