Cuomo Gets MeToo’d By Three Women, NYC is Run Like TRASH

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  1. valhallakg says:

    when you go on tour you should have a regular person as a guest once per week.

    • Thekentuckyan says:

      The women that wanted to fuck Cuomo were too old for him Cuomo like some in their 20s Chelsea handler’s in her late 40s she’s too old for him now.

  2. Rinyotsu says:

    I just became a member and it’s wierd to hear Tim curse lol XD

  3. Sicrobb033 says:

    Yeah, the robot dog might be the EOD type of robot dog, the ones that are really only for explosive ordinance disposal aka blow it up… but hey I think cities in general can not be ran well due to so many different humans in one place… my needs are different from Tim and different from lydia. The ideas of centralized society is on the out I believe. Besides New York city sucks most of that area sucks in the us, too many people too close and all in each other’s business…

  4. ProofofParadox says:

    I hope you guys start streaming on this site I don’t want to use YouTube anymore ever since that girl came to this site because you couldn’t talk about child trafficking on yt

  5. BTCMccullen says:

    speaking of dehumanizing war remember the original star trek episode when the computers waged the wars and the “victims” went meekly to the termination centers?

  6. ZzirAng3l says:

    Yo Beanie Boy, do me a favor and don’t forget to Add the Word “City” after New York, Not all Upstate is trying to be on board with his Communism. Love you tho dawg.

  7. Element says:

    Cuomo being MeTooed isn’t just distracting from him putting sick people in nursing homes. It is distracting from Whitmer, Newsom, and Murphy doing the same thing too.

  8. Dbihl says:

    Yes of course it was all shut down to hurt trump. Whitmer was considered for VP so you know she is willing to play ball. Let no crisis go to waste.

  9. adam.helsdon says:

    low key flex

    Have you ever BEEN to a White House correspondents dinner??

  10. LabMade says:

    Cussing Tim Pool is best Tim Pool.

    • BrandonB says:

      I just joined and I have to say I’m having a bit of trouble adjusting. I haven’t heard anyone talk like him since I was in high school. Not looking to police anyone’s speech of course, it’s just like yowzas.

  11. adam.helsdon says:

    Cuomo will never resign. The NYS government is the most corrupt state cesspool in the entire country. He is a disgusting mafioso and he will get away with this just like everything else he’s done during his govt tenure. It’s a fact.

  12. SlipperySlothy says:

    Man… First episode behind the pay wall; and hearing Tim say Fuck is honestly cathartic. Year and a half of Tim’s content, and I finally hear him properly! Glad I dropped the $10 for it.

  13. Zac Mullins says:

    Great and glorious Joe Biden our most popular president ever!

  14. Nicen_Warmaneer says:

    The robot dogs from Boston Dynamics don’t do anything. It’s basically a $75,000 remote controlled car. Look up the videos on YouTube. Plus, there are competitive products that are half the price. This is just a toy. They take money from people that need it and spend it on toys for their own amusement.

  15. Wolfeman565 says:

    Regarding your recent comment about Dorsey being evil, it caused me to go back and rewatch the JRE episode. Your comments and questions are almost prophetic seeing the current state of affairs. What ever happened to that 6 month check-in? Haha

  16. catmanmancat says:

    Tim & Co. Please verify your BAT wallet with Brave browser so I can set up recurring monthly donations with the money I make just from using the browser. Ask Luke how to do it if you need to. His new website accepts it & I send tips to him as well.

  17. RobLMissouri says:

    Cuomo, how will we get him to face judgement for the 13,000 deaths he caused?

  18. WaterMilan says:

    Dude Q was saying the left was tanking the economy to fuck trump, we all knew this since the get go of covid bullshit. It’s good to hear you say it. It’s also true that the left is turning on Cuomo to use him as a scapegoat for all of the crimes committed under covid tyranny. We must not let them use him so that they can all get away. Equal justice for all

  19. EpsilonNeon says:

    This was absolutely done to attack Trump. Why? Democrats in 2017 were hoping to the high heavens that the market economy crash because Trump’s economy was booming. The media put out smear pieces and lies saying how bad every was, and that the U.S was under extreme distress with Trump in office as all of the stock markets crashed and jobs dissapeared. Now we know it was the complete opposite. 3 years later, the democrats found the absolute perfect opportunity they needed to ruin the economy and make Trump look terrible.

    They did ALL of this to hurt Trump. I think Cuomo did it intentionally. He didn’t want to make Trump look good, and realized his covid numbers weren’t quite worthy of extreme action. So what did he do? He MURDERED TENS OF THOUSANDS OF ELDERLY just so he could claim “SEEE?! COVID IS SO BAD! ITS TRUMPS FAULT *quick hide the numbers!*”

    You don’t just accidentally kill 13,000+ elderly people. He did this intentionally because oRaNgE mAn bAD

  20. TheJodan says:

    I just subscribed to this website. I’m still not used to hearing Mr. Pool cursing lol

  21. Iamthepyro says:

    We just gonna gloss over that episode of black mirror showing why robot dogs are a bad fucking idea?

  22. Mcnathan369 says:

    Great show again guys, I learned robot dogs are a thing ha I’ma have to some research on that

  23. says:

    How many of these dead old people do yall think would have voted trump

  24. Jazbo14 says:

    I want so badly to go on to Facebook and see what friends who were praising him, are now saying. But I don’t want to give Facebook the traffic. I’d imagine it is quite dismissive.

  25. Wigston22 says:

    Robotic dog that patrols the streets? Sounds like Fahrenheit 451

  26. MatthewTimberlake says:

    I’m sorry but I would kill any and all dogs that another person sicks on me.

    Cops that use attack dogs should be put in jail for life for attacking humans and for cruelty to animals.

  27. Tkahike says:

    David Koresh’s Revenge: Waco and 20 Years of State Terror
    By Anthony Gregory

    April 19, 2013

    There is something about April. From Columbine to Virginia Tech, from Oklahoma City to Boston, mid-to-late April occasions some of the most infamous massacres on U.S. soil. At least, these are the ones we are told to focus on. The killers are called terrorists. Unless they wear uniforms, as they did on April 19, 1993, just outside Waco, Texas. That time, as we are urged to believe, the terrorists were the ones who died. In all these massacres, regardless of specifics, the government portrays itself as all that keeps chaos at bay.

    The state claims to stand against terrorism, but killing people is its stock in trade. Slaughters come in various forms, almost all of which feed the health of the state. The state conducts much killing outright. The state officially poses against other killing, while nevertheless encouraging it through its own violence. Even the killing that the state has no hand in serves as a pretext for the state to grow.

    In Boston this Monday, someone left bombs that murdered three people, including an eight-year-old boy, and injured 176 others. President Obama called the crime an “act of terrorism.” The establishment definition of “terrorism” was always flawed, in that it categorically absolved the government, but at least it specified the targeting of civilians for political goals. Yet these days, even before the motive is known, such as at Boston, or when the targets are not civilians, such as American soldiers abroad, the U.S. government calls any dramatic acts of violence of which it disapproves “terrorism.”

    This February, they called ex-cop Chris Dorner a terrorist. Then the police surrounded him in a cabin to burn him alive, asking the media to cover its eyes like at Waco. Everyone who knew how the state operates had no reason to expect he would get due process. They were going to hunt him down and kill him no matter what. The media dropped the formality of calling him an “alleged” murderer. The LAPD tried and convicted and executed him all on the same day and no one batted an eye. Meanwhile, liberals say all talk of American tyranny is irresponsible and conservatives continue to worship law enforcement.

    Today, violent resistance to the state is called terrorism. Many of the “terrorists” rounded up and imprisoned at Guantánamo Bay were at most guilty of defending their country against an invading army. Some of these people continue to languish in that dungeon, seeing their desperate hunger strike in protest of declining conditions go unanswered, except by an administration willing to cut off their water.

    From February 28 to April 19, 1993, the Branch Davidians resisted. On the morning of February 28, about one hundred ATF agents, concealed in livestock trailers, descended upon their property. The agents had planned and trained for eight months, having practiced their histrionic assault on model buildings. There was no reason for all this other than publicity. The agents could have easily arrested Koresh, whom they had befriended. The agents had conducted an investigation of weapons violations and found nothing. Koresh had cooperated with them. 60 Minutes had recently focused on an ATF sexual harassment scandal, and the agency was accused of racial discrimination during a House subcommittee meeting. The bureau wanted to improve its public image. Officials reached out to the press to make sure reporters could witness their heroics on the last February morning of 1993.

    Unlike the vast majority of the hundreds of daily domestic militarized raids in America, the ATF’s surprise raid “Operation Showtime” faced resistance. When the agents ran out of ammo, the Davidians ceased fire. There were casualties on both sides, although one anonymous agent told the Dallas Morning News that he suspected some agents had fallen from friendly fire. Once the raid became a clear disaster, the ATF forced the press away.

    Then came the standoff. The FBI took over and turned it into a full-blown military operation on American soil. Psychological warfare came down hard on Koresh’s followers. The FBI blared loud, obnoxious music, and sounds of animal slaughter, while shining blinding lights through the night. Agents gratuitously drove a vehicle to defile a Davidian grave. The government cut off this group’s access to family, media, and lawyers. It destroyed their water supply.

    The media demonized the Davidians as a heavily armed cult that abused its children. Journalists tended to report government claims as fact. But they became increasingly critical of the ATF and FBI as well. After weeks of looking like fools in the mainstream press, particularly after a critical exposé in the New York Times on March 28 revealed the initial raid’s bad planning and recklessness, government officials became increasingly hostile to the media. On April 11, ATF intelligence chief David Troy stopped holding his regular press conferences altogether.

    Attorney General Janet Reno, who took office in the middle of the standoff, finally decided to put an end to it. At about 6AM on April 19, the FBI began pumping flammable and poisonous CS gas, banned in international warfare, into the Davidian home. Officials knew that women and children were holed up in the section of the home exposed to this gas. The government continued to deploy gas for almost six hours.

    Chemistry professor George F. Uhlig testified in congressional hearings that he estimated there was a sixty percent chance that the gassing alone killed some children. “Turning loose excessive quantities of CS definitely was not in the best interests of the children,” Uhlig said. “Gas masks do not fit children very well, if at all.” He intoned that the gassing could have transformed their surroundings “into an area similar to one of the gas chambers used by the Nazis at Auschwitz.”

    The FBI brought out an Abrams tank, the Army’s heaviest armored vehicle, to replace its Bradley fighting vehicles. Agents drove the tank, which Attorney General Janet Reno later obscenely compared to “a good rent-a-car,” into the building. FBI sniper Lon Horiuchi, who had shot and killed Vicki Weaver in August 1992 at Ruby Ridge as she held her infant in her arms, was at the scene. FBI agents launched incendiary tear gas canisters. Justice Department spokesman Myron Marlin later declared, “We know of no evidence to support that any incendiary device was fired into the compound on April 19, 1993.” The FBI finally admitted six years later it had indeed used such projectiles at Waco.

    The Davidian home went up in flames in the early afternoon. More than seventy people died, all of them civilian targets, many of them Americans, others hailing from other countries, more than twenty of them children and close to half of them people of color, although somehow the Davidians are often smeared, along with the so-called militia movement, as white supremacists. As the fire raged, the FBI turned back the local fire department. Special agent Jeffrey Jamar claimed that he feared for firefighters’ safety—presumably, the Davidians might shoot at the very people trying to stop the fire that was burning them to death. When it was all over, the ATF hoisted its flag atop the conquered ruins.

    The trial of the survivors was a sham. Confused jurors intended to convict survivors of weapons offenses but not murder charges. The judge sided with the prosecution and defied the jurors’ intentions. By 1999, polling indicated that a strong majority of Americans blamed the FBI for setting the fire. Special counsel John Danforth, a Republican, released a report the next year whitewashing the Clinton administration of all guilt in this atrocity.

    After Sandy Hook, liberals regurgitated every tired gun control argument, but one of the most interesting is that an armed populace fails as a break on tyranny because the government has the military hardware to win any confrontation. And indeed it’s true: most who resist government are swatted down like bugs. Some resist violently, like the Lakota Indians at Wounded Knee in December 1890, and are slaughtered. Others are shot for daring to resist even by throwing rocks at armed troops, like the four students murdered and the nine wounded at Kent State in May 1970. Others are targeted after a few years of relative calm, like the Philadelphia MOVE radicals in May 1985. Liberals are correct that the government has the means and the willingness to crush Americans who dare to resist. This fact never seems to convince liberals that the state is way too powerful and menacing to begin with, and maybe the last thing we should want is to give it more law enforcement powers, such as the monopolization of firearms through a war on guns.

    About once a day police kill an American, but it’s often a criminal and no one cares, or at least a marginalized person like the homeless Kelly Thomas, beaten in July 2011 by five officers in Southern California, dying of complications five days later. Or they are veterans like Jose Guerena, at whom Tuscon police fired 71 rounds in the middle of the night in May 2011 – innocent of any crime, just in his own house at the wrong time. The state saves most of its killing for abroad, where killing is its very policy. And now, thanks to the war on terror, Obama calls America his battlefield and the world his jurisdiction. He has made it official doctrine that the president can order anyone’s death unilaterally.

    Twenty years ago, Waco showed Americans the truth about law enforcement, the U.S. government, and the state itself. It revealed what reality was like for foreigners overseas. Yet most Americans seem totally indifferent to the mass murder the U.S. government has perpetrated and unleashed in the Middle East. On the day three were murdered in Boston, seventy-five died in Iraq. Violence in Iraq nine years ago was called terrorism, unless it was committed by U.S. troops. Today, violence in Iraq hardly makes the news. The state decides whose lives are worth caring about, and when.

    Some critics of state violence dislike the very word “terrorism,” calling it meaningless, but I disagree. The state perverts most words it uses, but these words can still hold value. Terrorism refers to violence intentionally inflicted on the innocent to instill fear and advance political goals. American officials commit terrorism all the time. In the twenty years since Waco, state terrorism has escalated, from the anti-civilian sanctions on Iraq to the double-tap drone attacks on foreign first responders, all the way down to the constant domestic police raids. Even the more pedestrian police measures such as the systematic groping of New York City residents known as “stop and frisk” are there to “instill fear,” as police commissioner Raymond Kelly boasted was the intention, according to former NYPD captain Eric Adams’s testimony. From top to bottom, at home and abroad, the post-Waco American state seems intent on instilling fear in all of us.

    Every April since 2003, I’ve written a piece about Waco. I think Americans should never forget what happened. LRC published most of these articles. They each have a little bit of something different and discuss contemporary events. I also wrote my undergraduate thesis on Waco and the relationship between the media and the police state. Here are my archives for those interested:

    20 Years Ago Today: Operation Showtime (Independent Institute, February 2013)
    We’re All Branch Davidians Now (LRC, April 2012)
    From Waco to Libya: Eighteen Years of Humanitarian Mass Murder (LRC, April 2011).
    Waco and the New Brown Scare (LRC, April 2010).
    The Waco Butchers Are Back (LRC, April 2009).
    Why Waco Still Matters (LRC, April 2008).
    Waco, Oklahoma City, Columbine, Virginia Tech (LRC, April 2007).
    Waco and the Bipartisan Police State (LRC, April 2006).
    Waco, Oklahoma City, and the Post-9/11 Left-Right Dynamic (LRC, April 2005).
    Eleven Years Since Waco and Very Little Has Changed (LRC, April 2004).
    An Anniversary We Must Never Forget (Independent Institute, April 2003).
    “God Help Us, We Want the Press”: The 1993 Waco Disaster and Media/Government Relations” (UC Berkeley Undergraduate thesis, 2003).

  28. Interstellardad says:

    Hey Tim! I love your show and I’ve learned so much from you and the beanie bandits. Do you think in the future you can add AirPlay to the bonus videos? If not I understand just an idea.
    Stay safe and I look forward to your next segment.

  29. Mike says:

    What about hackers getting control of the AI or robot’s? It would be inevitable that this would happen. They have gotten into medical, banks and other businesses.

  30. MrHart says:

    Thanks for the work you do Tim and everyone. You better prepare us all to deal with the world today.

  31. Bruce says:

    They’re calling for his resignation because he is going to become a liability.

  32. YokieWartooth says:

    I can agree, New York City sucks, but Upstate NY is an entirely different culture. Nobody north of the Hudson Valley likes Cuomo or Downstate, unless they’re from the city and only came up here for college.
    That being said, I’m happy to hear that Jefferson is pushing hard to become a state since there was a decent push back in 2017 for a NYS Constitutional Convention where a group of people were looking into having Upstate NY become it’s own autonomous region with separate laws, while still being part of NYS as a whole. With that option going away for 40 years, hopefully the idea gains a bit more traction and Upstate tries to completely divorce itself from NYC / Downstate since they are the only people that Albany cares about.

    • Ziggman says:

      I live in Hudson valley ny my family is from nyc we moved here to get away from the insanity of the city over 20 years ago. There is still a lot of red in HV not as much as 20 years but still mostly red so don’t lump us with nyc and westchester. And what about west ny everyone seems to forget about buffalo is really blue tons of riots and protests in buffalo and rochester and albany is mostly blue now a days too so what would happen with those places if you split the state. I’m not against the idea at all but look at it from all sides. Most of the people I talk to here say they are not happy with cumo.

    • Jason324 says:

      Yeah, I live in upstate NY as well and I thought the same thing about splitting the state, but then like Ziggman said we have Buffalo and Albany to worry about. The cities will always outnumber us when it comes to voting density. I’m not sure what the answer is, but NY is really going to shit fast. Everyone I know hates Coumo and most loved what Trump did for the USA overall… America first was really happening and we could all see the results clear as day until the masks came… We all know the deal at this point and now it’s clearly america last. They are actively trying to destroy free speech, american culture, and of course brainwashing are kids with so much nonsense. I wish I could homeschool!

    • adam.helsdon says:

      New Amsterdam, I was really hoping we could do it.

  33. Vmanzo says:

    “They used COVID to get rid of trump”

    Nah, they CREATED covid to get rid of Trump. This bullshit has been planned out since fauci gave 5 million dollars to the wuhan lab for “coronavirus gain of function research”
    Open your eyes Tim. You’re being unreasonable defending the media narrative.
    The same amount of people died in 2020 than in the previous 5 years. Open your eyes kiddo!!!

  34. GovernmentIsRape says:

    How are you still happy with Trump? He brought in the swamp, kept war going and kept raising spending in an exponential tempo.

    I’d mostly like to say something about Bitcoin. There’s a rift in the crypto community between Bitcoin and the rest. Bitcoiners mostly believe that digital scarcity can only exist once. And Bitcoin has properties that no other crypto can copy. The original creator is unknown and the project started when everyone involved was taking a huge risk by investing in the project. So Bitcoin is the only crypto that can truly be scarce, the lack thereof is the whole problem with fiat currencies.

    Other crypto’s claim they can solve ‘problems’ with Bitcoin. However these are really just tradeoffs and other crypto’s just end up with different problems. Bitcoin is fully programmable, so while it takes a little more work, everything that can be done with another crypto can also be done with Bitcoin. As a result there’s a massive amount of development for Bitcoin, it’ll likely have more features than any other crypto

  35. Whodamus says:

    Took forever to get logged back in. You only pay attention to super chats, us peons don’t matter

  36. Whodamus says:

    Took forever to get logged back in. You only pay attention to super chats, us peons don’t matter

  37. Jeff says:

    Same story here in Massachusetts, they bury the data in the news and hide the data so we can’t analyze it.

  38. Dbrow144 says:

    I used to enjoy John Oliver Eve know though my politics didn’t agree . He has turned into critical race theory pusher . Instead of bitching why doesn’t he look At the facts .

  39. reaper says:

    2024: Trump v Cuomo

  40. says:

    Lydia is infinitely smarter than Tim. My god, seriously, Tim, have you not realized for almost a year that the Left was using covid to destroy Trump? Why the fuck do you think the Leftists engaged in a propaganda/fear campaign. Bro, smarten up.

    Love you guys.

  41. Bignate says:

    Ian killing it tonight! “Robot dogs with machine guns” and “Cuomo doing …. Blow?”

  42. seegs84 says:

    Don’t know how effective the robot dog is, but MWD level dogs are super expensive to train/maintain and you only get 8-12 years out of them. I would say $75K is a fair price to test the technology and improve it by putting it through real situations. And also Cuomo is a frickin dirt bag…

    • GreyCat77 says:

      Yeah, and keep in mind 75 thousand is probably what they spend on one police suv cruiser stocked with all the surveillance shit and click and whistles

  43. 5ths says:


  44. Weezues says:

    witmer is way worse than anyone. you should seriously look into that story. from what ive come from it is cuomo took this from witmer.

    • Ziggman says:

      The big issue I have with this is cuomo should be going down for the real issue of his policies killing people. Whatever happened to the saying sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me. I’m sorry but a few passing comment are nasty and unbecoming of someone in his position but was he pulling some kind of bill cosby thing or something? I want to see go away for MURDER not a slap on to wrist for slapping some ass in the office. This is just to get everyone to talk about something else. 13,000 or more people died earlier than they should have and we are mad because of some words.

  45. MaNicXs says:

    I can only log in with google chrome and not edge right now.

  46. I_am_Boaz says:

    Laissez-foole Capitalism
    That’s what we have now.

  47. Magster73 says:

    Hey Tim, you should see if you can get this guy on your show.

    • Bignate says:

      Oh hell yeah!!! I am a 56 year old white guy and now after hearing Tom MacDonald I get rap music now (Mixed race bc my great great grandmother was a slave, lol)

  48. mwest1970 says:

    Cuomo needs to be perped waly for sure… The Robot d poo g is a waste of resources they could have used that for better training for human officers.. They already have robots for hostage/bomb disposal/rescu ect… Anyway keep up the great work looking forward to see what’s in store..I might bump my membership up… One last thing where was Luke tonight???.. I saw he was expanding his channel to some altt tech where he can express his views much more broadly…

  49. willc233 says:

    If anyone doesn’t understand the Trump phenom: this video nails it to your Momma:

  50. DanTrinkle says:

    Cuomo deserves to fucking die! Give him the death penalty!

  51. WSaggau says:

    I heard police robot dog and immediately thought of Fahrenheit 451. NYC has officially made the penultimate step toward mirroring the society in that book, and those who can should gtfo while they still can.

  52. gingerbeardman says:

    Ian was hilarious on the podcast and and this. things you love to see. hes starting to show his personality more. keep it up!!

  53. Mikejeepen says:

    I think Como is a shit bag and anybody that sexually harasses a woman because of their, power and position over their employees is disgusting!!! That being said… I like you… @ Timcast all agree and understand what you’re saying and completely agree this guy is responsible for many deaths that he could’ve avoided. He should be criminally charged this is beyond him being a pervert it’s criminal. He literally put people that were healthy and vulnerable exposed to a virus that would kill them then had the audacity to praise himself as the supreme handler of the catastrophe! Like all Democrats Hillary Clinton said it best never let a crisis go to waste. These people are purely evil and they don’t give a shit about you or me

  54. JeffreyMcClelland says:

    That dog looks just like the ones on black mirror

  55. Tyler says:

    What is the book name Cassandra suggested about the robots taking over?

  56. Klimo says:

    those lades are working gilds

    • CMC87 says:

      I said from the very beginning guys that the whole covid pandemic was to hurt Trump. I live in PA and so many people just bowed down to the lock downs and mask mandates while Governor Wolf killed thousands of elderly. F mask they do not work had to take classes on them for my job because i had to wear a respirator due to lead exposure. This is all about control and the great reset, prep food, freedom seeds, and anything to live self sufficiently stay say safe.

  57. says:

    Yep!who you know;VP anyone?
    AI nose vs. The real deal, give me the best friend.

  58. TopKnotSkeptic says:

    People are getting the Boston Dynamics dogs and mounting guns on top. A group posted about doing it, and BD contacted them, saying they would give them two free dogs if they would just stop making weaponized dogs. They don’t like the messaging, as people are already scared of robots. The group denied the offer. I am wondering if BD finally caved and is now leaning into the militarization of the robots via NYPD.

  59. IrishAssassin says:

    Black Mirror (by Netflix) has an episode about weaponized dog bots that turned the world into a wasteland where these dogbots nearly wipe out humanity. Its called Metalhead. Watch it. Can’t hit it with a hammer if you can’t get close enough. Also don’t wanna kill it with a hammer if they blow up and shoot out tracking devices that embed in your skin for their buddies to find you if you survive the explosion.

  60. Turk_Longwell says:

    What the Fuck. Of course these a-holes are f-ing a-holes.
    A Robotic Dog with a Tommy Gun Attached. lol. “Chopper, Sick Balls.”
    Fellow Folks:
    You all should read, ‘Robopocalypse’ by Daniel Wilson. It’s a fun read.
    Or read, ‘Wool’ by Hugh Howey.
    or read, ‘Sand’ by Hugh Howey.
    I live in a city, but the woods are right there.

  61. Malarog says:

    On the podcast you mentionned the Children of Musk. Someone already thought of it. Check out the lore on the Horatio from Endless Space. A single philanthropist explorer went on a planet by himself, cloned himself millions of time and created an entire civilization with himself to beautify the galaxy. Perfection.

  62. MykC says:

    Alright, you guys got me off YouTube ?

  63. CapnK023 says:

    I paused this for a second to agree with Ian about the Poison Arrow Effect

  64. Joshletofsky says:

    Who else is excited for the new podcast that Cassandra will be hosting?

  65. DunkinNugget says:

    Bro, if you try and kiss a girl she has ALL the right to push you away and do a light slap. I don’t mind it, the guy shouldn’t get pissed, it’s a NATURAL reaction especially if it was unexpected which it probably was if you got that kind of reaction. I wouldn’t be mad if some chick slapped me in that situation but I would be disappointed for obvious reasons O.o

  66. chrcmurray says:

    Lindsey Boylan’s eyes tho. Looks like she was born on a Wednesday and is looking both ways for Sunday.

  67. Heath2099 says:

    Awww Yissss, Gibs me dat

  68. BlazingSandbox says:

    Thanks, Guys! Great guest tonight. She felt like an old, wise friend. Like someone who knows what’s up and confident in herself and in the good. , thoughtful and interesting discussions….Tim, great segments earlier today on the Anti-racism training, et. al. Missed Luke, but Ian and Lids were awesomely sophisticated and cool, as always. Peace, my friends!

  69. Turk_Longwell says:

    Image Test.