Conservative Boycott Of Disney May be WORKING, Rumors Gina Carano May Come Back To Mandalorian

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  1. Feddy_Von_Wigglestein says:

    As a history buff I absolutely despise 300 – both for its ridiculous take on ancient events and its glorification of Sparta, which is entirely an overrated entity propped up by ancient Greek propaganda that wanted to use the reputation of the city-state as a deterrent to Persian aggression.

  2. hazlema says:

    She should tell them to piss off and that watching them crumble is quite entertaining.

    • BethanyJM23 says:

      She could do SO much better than working with these abusive gas lighters. They don’t care about her as a person…a human being. The ONLY reason They’re considering bringing her back is b/c of optics. I support Gina…not Disney. I’ll NEVER financially support Disney in ANY capacity EVER again. I’ll watch anything she’s in & anything she creates as long as it’s not tied to Disney. God speed dear Gina! God speed.

  3. ssdarling says:

    Tim, you should care if they are watching woke garbage. It perpetuates the ideology.

  4. rhyolite says:

    DoomCock lies all the time for clicks, so I doubt it’s true. That being said, people on the “right” need to start boycotting companies also.

  5. SIlver says:

    For anyone who is still having problems….My problem ( couldn’t log in) I switched from using my tablet to my laptop. Also switched from firefox to chrome.

    • SIlver says:

      but the cookies are terrible

    • Christopher says:

      I just had to reset my password.

    • DorseyWoods says:

      I had login issues and the email for changing the password never would come through. After a few tries I reached out through their “members support” email for and they sent a new password along with a message to clear the cache before using it. Everything worked from then on.

    • RRBB says:

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    • thill42 says:

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  6. Finecast says:

    I think Gina Carano shouldn’t return to the Mandalorian just to step on Disney. Disney has just become so exhausting by dishing out remakes, cashing on nostalgia and buying into the SJW.

    • The Talons of Alan says:

      More thank likely she will because money but at least Disney has to prostrate themselves for her to come back.

      • Frost27 says:

        She doesn’t need the money. Her family is basically Vegas royalty. She would probably only go back if they embarrassed themselves with a very public apology and fired some of their cultists.

  7. Iamthepyro says:

    As much as I love you her character in mandalorian, I hope she tells them to go fuck themselves.

  8. Turk_Longwell says:

    Libby was a solid guest. She had me agreeing with her more than I thought I would… er at least understanding her point of view, esp on the police quitting thing.
    The Mitchells vs The Machines was a fun watch. I checked it out over the week-end.
    Some suggestions, if ya care to check them out.
    Shadow and Bone – way better than expected.
    Tom Clancy’s Without Remorse – Solid.
    Love, Death and Robots – I just re-watched. Love that series.

  9. Bigpapapaco says:

    I guess I’m a milk toast fence sitter too bcuz I see both sides but as usual I gotta side with TP in the end.

  10. ASong says:

    Johnny Cage was in the post credit Easter egg setting up the next film

  11. Maverick says:

    For any members who cant seem to watch any videos and it diesnt allow you to contact anyone ir the Team just doesnt reply , when you’re signing in, try not clicking ‘keep me signed in’.

    • Turk_Longwell says:

      Thanks… but still nothing. unsuccessful. I keep getting kicked out as soon as I log in. The site was great just a week ago or more.. now it’s like clichey. I appreciate the advice though.

  12. says:

    I canceled my Disney Sub as soon as i heard that they had fired her. I was asked to do a survey as to why i canceled it. It was a VERY long survey when i was done with it! I explained to them in as polite of a way as i could, the future that they are helping create by doing what they did….. It was at LEAST 2000+ words. It was set in a dystopian authoritarian world where the radical left had taken FULL control of ever faucet of our world. It was NOT pleasant in the least. After i got done, i made sure to fully explain HOW these things came to pass and exactly WHAT led up to them in VERY detailed explanations. When i sent it to them, i got the customary “Thank you for your opinion!” LOL! Now i can sit back and at least feel SOME sense of accomplishment!

  13. mbaker87 says:

    I think people are beep bop boop-phobic and I find that very offensive lol. If there’s literally infinite genders, why not have beep bop boop?

  14. Boden says:

    Overlord DVD is wrong about FUCKING EVERYTHING

  15. MangoldMachine says:

    I wanted to thank Tim for suggesting watching Falcon and Winter Soldier. It was pretty decent overall but there were some “ugh” moments for sure. I get that Sam’s story arc had a lot to do with race and the perception of a black dude taking on the role to represent “America.” But there were several times where it felt like the show indulged the narrative that basically all white people harbor some deep-seeded resentment or ignorance. If they were really trying to push back against woke dogmas, then a lot of those particular scenes could have had some quick message shutting it down rather than dwelling. It almost seemed like the writers just stepped into a slight “anti-woke” conclusion without making it thematic.

    As far as anything else goes, I would say that for the video game, the guy descending the tower (fighting Antifa thugs) should only use the weapons we saw being used in each of the riots. He could also be able to swap weapons out for limited use before reverting to whatever primary he has. I’m thinking things like lasers, fireworks, frying pans (with the sound bite of that Chad smoking those pink-masked fuckwits), and bike locks. Just an idea.

  16. WingedLion says:

    You need to fix the cookies for the site tim. Otherwise, the site is progressing well

  17. Acyour says:

    Tim should try and get Gina on the show. I believe she watches the Tim.

  18. WafflesSensei says:

    YESSS! You get it! Kano carried it…Kung lao got his flawless…but Johnny wasnt there…..

  19. Drewncharlie says:

    Long live queen gina. I didnt think i would have any effect when i cancelled disney plus in solidarity. I didnt think there was many of us. But there are tens of thousands. Pong live the queen. There is a hilarious video of a “gender fluid” woman with green hair freaking out on instagram because her mother asked her to leave because she wont pay rent. Her response is : waaaahhh but i’m not obligated to pay rent. I am mentally and physically disabled. But then she says she is self-diagnosed. She accused her own mother of misgendering her and that shes just trying to educate her mother. These are the types of people we are dealing with. Spoiled pieces of shit that have never worked for anything. They are victims. That is their entire identity. And they have nothing to offer society. That is woke. They gotta be called out and put to shame as the adult children they are. Their words do not matter. They are not victims. They have chosen to be irresponsible babies. They should be ignored on every platform everywhere, anytime they rear their pathetic gender fluid heads.

  20. Doc1776 says:

    Just finished the full IRL show and wanted to clarify a few things with regards to NYC gun ownership. If you live in the city and want a handgun, anybody can go to 1 police plaza and get a premises permit, if you have a clean record. The permit might take up to a year to get but it’s possible. For a long gun (rifle/shotgun) you have to go into queens to another department and if you have a clean record you can get the permit. A pistol permit is 1 gun per permit, long gun permit unlimited. I was an armed guard in the Diamond district and had a restrictive concealed carry permit through the armored truck company I worked for. Cost was about $1000/year (or every 2 years). You can own semi automatic rifles like the M14, M1, M1 carbine, mini 14/30 as long as there is no muzzle device and the rifle has a 5 round magazine. Regardless all laws against guns are unconstitutional however more people in NYC need to know it’s still possible to get legal guns. Now for the real scary shit with guns in NYC, if you obtain any type of permit for a firearm you are waiving away your 4th amendment right. Police can come in anytime they want to make sure your weapons are being stored properly without a warrant or even cause. Any police officer has the “right” to revoke your firearm permit without cause and confiscate both permit and firearm on the spot. Also I laughed when Libby spoke about that CVS being underground and hearing gunshots, that was the shooting range in Brooklyn I qualified at to get my handgun permit lol.

  21. ShiningLightOnShadows says:

    I think Gina should go back to Disney. I don’t think she should punish herself or fans by not going back just to prove a point. I’m sure she will weigh the options and make an intelligent decision. This also shows me that the non-woke crowd can stand up and get things done when they want to so maybe this will be the beginning of something new.

  22. FoxOFire says:

    pronouns are dumb. now adverbs….that’s where its at.

  23. says:

    Tim, carol danvers (captain marvel) was a (bad guy) at the beginning on that movie that’s the whole point. She had complete disregard for humans as humans are less advanced than the race that kidnapped her. she stole the motorcycle to emphasize that she’s was on the wrong path and by the end she would probably not have done that. Non the less it’s still the worst move in the MCU in my opinion.

  24. Mattical1980 says:

    Last Movie I saw in the Theater – The Gentleman

  25. Zeknix says:

    How does Ian see 300 as a feminist movie? Men went out to protect their nation at any cost…. ??????????????

  26. Zeknix says:

    She’s built like a shit brick house that brings a tear to my eye.

  27. TomGom1984 says:

    Gina carano should not go back to disney. That would be like going back into a concentration camp because they promise to give you a softer bed. Conservatives need to get diamond hands about this authoritarian left wing regime.

  28. Mattical1980 says:

    Glad to catch it when its recorded! Been watching you since the Vice days. Tim, you should’ve mentioned you were moving to MD before you did. I would have promptly told you to run, lol! Totally agree with with the remote podcast thing. I’ve done 2 podcasts consistently over 5 years, and the minute we went to Zoom/Discord I was out. Great show and channel, as always! Cheers to the whole team! Keep up the good work, guys!