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A Closer Look At State Laws Governing Abortion
BREAKING: Supreme Court Has Voted to Overturn Roe v Wade, According to Leaked Draft Opinion
Homeland Security Secretary Says He Could Do a ‘Better Job’ Explaining New ‘Disinformation Board’
Supreme Court Makes It Easier for Americans to Sue Police for ‘Malicious Prosecution’
Large Majority of Americans Are Concerned the US Will Be Drawn Into Ukraine Conflict
Jan. 6 Committee to Hold Contempt Vote for Two Former Trump Aids
Trump Sues Hillary Clinton, Others Over Russia Collusion Allegations During 2016 Campaign
Bill Barr: Biden ‘Lied to the American People’ About Hunter’s Emails
NYPD: At Least 29 People Shot During Violent Weekend in New York City
GALLUP: Vast Majority of Americans ‘Dissatisfied’ with Direction of the United States
Psaki: Biden Will Discuss Inflation, Build Back Better In State Of The Union
Rep. Rashida Tlaib to Deliver Progressive Response to Biden’s State of the Union Address
Biden Calls for Greater Gun Control on Anniversary of Parkland School Shooting
POLL: CNN Survey Shows Biden’s Approval at 41%, Disapproval Rises to 58%
Republicans Ask Biden to Take ‘Cognitive Test,’ Claim President is in ‘Mental Decline’
GALLUP POLL: 17% of Americans ‘Satisfied with the Direction of the Country’
Army Begins 'Involuntary Administrative Separations' for Unvaccinated Soldiers
States Urge Supreme Court To Review Maryland’s Strictest Gun Law 
Joe Biden’s Approval Rating Falls to Record Low in Latest Poll from Associated Press
DOJ forms New Domestic Terror Unit to Combat Threat from Homegrown Extremists
WATCH: Kamala Harris Compares Jan. 6 Capitol Riot to September 11th, Pearl Harbor
JUST IN: Andrew Cuomo Won’t Face Criminal Charges for Allegedly Groping Female State Trooper