Bradon Tatum Explains Why No Knock Warrants Are GOOD, Crew Discusses Wokeness HURTING Minorities

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  1. 99centfury says:

    That was…. inspirational

  2. ShadowChucker says:

    Sense has nothing to do with CRT. It’s all about tearing down the established order in order to gain power.

  3. goaldeerocks says:

    never realized how much tim holds back from using curse words on youtube, until i joined and watched this!

  4. JRob says:

    Such a great conversation. Thank you so much for the inspiration. I’ve always felt I was destined to be something great, & It’s all a matter of how you channel that energy & use it to your advantage. If you NEVER quit at something, how do you truly fail..?

  5. Crowfficial says:

    I was listening to this podcast and halfway through my wife chimes in: “I really like this conversation and the issues they are talking about.”

    Once again, great job Tim.

  6. Vasyl_Park says:

    Honor Killings is black redneck culture. Read Black Rednecks and White Liberals by Thomas Sowell.

  7. LeQuack says:

    Unconstitutional is still Unconstitutional. I don’t care if it’s makes the cops job easier until they’re found guilty they are still presumed innocent and have rights.

    • says:

      If cops break into my home with no warning and I shoot and kill them it should be a justified self defense killing. How do I know it’s not some murderer or rapist breaking in?

  8. Magster73 says:

    Great guest. Need to have him on again.

  9. BernieJAQ says:

    Hard Stop. Selling drugs will never be enough reason to bust through someone’s door to me. When I see police and SWAT arresting doctors who knowingly over prescribe individuals, then I might change my tune. Until then, any law enforcement who ignore the individual freedoms is a threat to America. PERIOD. Stop just following orders and think for yourself.

  10. RonH says:

    Forced integration was possibly part of the problem. Destruction of poor families through welfare was a big force.

  11. WaterEarthMud says:

    Like your mind mr tatum, keep up the vblogs

  12. Nearnirvana says:

    When I got my driver’s license at 16 I was a straight white upper middle class kid living in a rural area driving a pretty nice car. My dad sat me down and gave me “the talk”. Turn on your lights, hands on the wheel, yes sir, no sir.

  13. Yobuyahouse says:

    Absolutely true. Can always change. 2 years sober on 4/11/2021

    • rangspen says:

      The duty of the legislators is to protect the rights given in the Bill of Rights and the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Their job is not to make the police’s job easier. “Better 10 guilty men escape than 1 innocent man be imprisoned…” I support the police, but the no knock raid is unconstitutional. It didn’t happen with Breonna Taylor, but it is not a constitutional way of policing. I wholeheartedly disagree with Mr Tatum on this issue. Otherwise, he is a pretty cool dude.

    • rangspen says:

      oops, did not mean to reply.

  14. Majlraep2883 says:

    I can 100% agree with Tim, I’m white and my dad had the same conversation with me. “Whenever you get pulled over do what the officer asks and you’ll walk away clean. Be respectful, yes sir , no sir and never give an attitude. ” It’s not a racial thing it’s just like Brandon said you’re in the disposition that it’s a race problem.

  15. KingCheops says:

    I really do worry what my daughters will deal with in the future. I hope this is a fever that burns itself out before they finish high school. Will they be excluded because they’re White or will they be excluded because they’re Filipina? Critical Race Theory says “Both!”

  16. Sinn13 says:

    Breonna caught all the bullets and her bf was not hit. Bet ya he was using her as a shield as he fired.

  17. MtRoamer says:

    Ok, he redeemed himself a bit with the after-video

  18. UppityG says:

    Just real quick: I hope the new site builders will put the new comment box at the top of the comment area and add some goodies like edit and delete buttons, reply push notification, etc.

    Now on topic: Tatum is one of my favorite humans on earth. I’ve donated hundreds to his channel and the special fund raisers he does for brethren LEOs who get neglected or even abused by the corporate media. He brought a LOT of wisdom to this guest spot and I would love to see him return again and again.

    My further request to Crossland is to do more listening and less clever metaphor fashioning. You’re not a critical thinker Crossland, not yet. You happen on to it here and there, but then you let your emotions and intellectual dishonesty take it away from you. You’re too old to be this disorganized and immature. Buckle down and really face reality. Not the fantasized reality you want to read into every GD thing, just what is in front of you. Trust your eyeballs FFS.

    Do more listening and asking questions — without drawing conclusions, not yet — of people who have seen real life like so very few of us ever have or ever will, you included. You will learn a lot more and become a wiser, less judgmental, less confused man. I’m asking based on this episode and tonight’s with Jim Hanson.

    You’re inability to call an act of evil, evil, is very troubling. Lastly, I strongly advise you read Hannah Arendt’s book, The Origins of Totalitarianism. If you do, try to ask yourself if you are the Ideal Subject. Because I think you are, just based on your inability to call evil, evil.

    And because you rush to call what US Soldiers do in war, atrocities. Again, very troubling that you have no problem calling your own soldiers evil, but when told about a man walking down the street holding his little girl’s hand who is gunned down in broad daylight, that you won’t call evil. Bizarre and troubling.

    End of request.

    Looking forward to more with the Pool, Crossland, Foster and the guests. And maybe Rudkowski will re-surface some day. I sent that guy over a hundred bucks and then he goes rogue. lol

  19. likesdarkgreen says:

    Brandon talks about how because his family showed love, that enabled him to make the decisions he did to get to where he is today rather than continue on with the gangbanging life. This is exactly what the classical notion of freedom is all about. It’s not freedom to do anything. It’s freedom to do the right thing. Depending on your circumstances, you could be less free to do something good for yourself or others, especially if violence and gang banging or drug addictions are all you know. That love from Brandon’s family, that enabled him to see a better way. He saw more options, and it seemed to him less far away. He was more free.

    In a way, I do agree that the black community in America is still enslaved. It’s just that the shackles aren’t what they claim it is. It isn’t white supremacy. It’s black victimhood taught to them by people who just want votes, and now it’s all they let themselves know, not even trusting a freed man to show them a way out.

    In a way, this mentality is passed on to other minority groups as well. My Dad is all pro-China (I’m not by the way) because he’s half-Chinese, and I get it. There’s some kinship at play. Plus, there was some animosity towards Chinese in the Philippines, where we’re from. After moving to America in the 90s, he got introduced to the American brand of racism with the OJ Simpson trial, and he was convinced that there was no way America could ever not treat minorities as anything other than second-class citizens because of the country’s legacy with blacks. Asians wouldn’t be too far behind. Tying back to the original topic, I’m actually wondering if America could be free enough with its history to find a better way, especially since China discovered how to exploit America’s sensitivity towards racism? I’m hopeful, at least. We’ve seen moments in our history where we’ve overcome our problems, and we at least remember them and many still cherish it. Officer Tatum is some proof, and we’ll need that strength to push back against the so-called “Chinese values” that the CCP keeps pushing around, and they are far more methodical and technologically advanced with their enslavement than the Democratic Party or the critical race theorists.

  20. DaFox says:

    Loved the show. Two of my favorite YouTubers.

  21. groberts1980 says:

    I don’t see a reason to artificially limit length for the special segment. If good conversation is going, why end it?

  22. itsjustanotherhandle says:

    “…more advantageous for ‘us’.”

    This is why the police should not make the laws. Every law will be for “them” and not for the citizens.

    Flash bangs are never acceptable in a civilian environment. If the point of the raid is to sneak in, it means you cannot know what the grenade is going to do. Debating this sort of thing with a member of a SWAT team is futile other than to hear what their arguments are.

    What about the Duncan Lemp “no-knock” assassination? Why is his case so rarely mentioned?

  23. krisrose1986 says:

    The justice system is corrupt they got that shit all catawampus.

  24. Andersondavid88 says:
    Republicans truly are democrats driving the speed limit. Now they are passing bills in Michigan for lockdowns and limiting gatherings.

  25. Chickawhompwhomp says:

    texas hold em is played with one deck, everyone gets cards from the same deck. Nobody brings their own deck to texas hold em. Youre conflating magic the gathering with poker. Once the hand is played, everyones cards are shuffled back into the deck and the deck is shuffled and reshuffled and cut for the next hand to be dealt. Totally fair, 100% of the time. Thats what makes it more about your ability to psyche out your opponent.

  26. TheReigningCobb says:

    Comedy heals deep wounds and that’s how the deep state has gotten the upper hand cause if you cant smile you can only frown

  27. hlam85 says:

    Love how Tim tries so hard to get Tatum to Curse, but Tatum keeps his professionalism lol.

  28. says:

    I love getting people with different perspectives. That being said, it is extremely upsetting to see someone defending blatantly unconstitutional actions, without A) any remorse for killing people whom have committed a crime with no victim (castile shooting) B) no push back from Tim or anyone else, when their position is “I dont care if the law is unconstitutional, I do what im told”…… The nazis also passed laws against the jews, If this gentleman was an officer then, it seems to me he would have happily done his job, and defended the unconscionable position of the state.

    • Katepepper says:

      Thats interesting because I didn’t hear it that way, Tatum points out the citizens need to pay attention to the lawmakers who WE voted in. Police don’t make law, they are law enforcement. The quote is not Tatum saying that’s what he does or advocates but what we as voters need to change by voting in people who don’t make unconstitutional executive orders or Congress passing bad laws down to local governing bodies. We need to push back on the trajectory of these unconstitutional lockdowns etc

      • Nimitz says:

        And police have a duty to refuse the enforcement of bad laws. Cops, even ones as chill as Tatum, are still the Praetorian Guard if they enforce blatantly immoral laws.

  29. FxTwT says:

    I think producing comedy shows would be cool and all, but get some STEM projects going, too!

    • Turk_Longwell says:

      Good call. We do need Critical Social Thinkers in that area as well. Though, my ignorance hopes that they’re so nerdy that they don’t know the Culture War going on. They are focusing on Science. My realistic brain tells me that it’s everywhere else… if not now, than soon Racist ideas will seep into STEM. Yes, @Fxtwt, STEM is super important to a Freedom World of the Future.

  30. mayakrieger13 says:

    There’s a really interesting episode of the podcast Hidden Mind, called “Made of Honor” that talks about this whole idea of a honor society, where it comes from and the types of communities that tend to be honor societies vs “dignity societies” (tends to be communities that are economically unstable and where the rule of law isn’t as strong)

  31. Anarchogrosbec says:

    No-knock raids are home invasions and should be treated as such.

  32. Element says:

    If someone no-knocks on my house I will stand my ground. Police like this murdered Duncan Lemp.

  33. Jacob_C says:

    I think Ian needs to work on his metaphor usage, may be because it was getting late.

  34. Bmwtech says:

    Bull Shit police get the Wrong address all the time! No knock warrants are blatantly Unconstitutional! The police kill innocent people with with these no knock warrants. These warrants are given out like candy by judges.

    • Username. says:

      Can anyone find solid numbers on how often cops read at the wrong house? Here’s a story of a single house being rated 41 times each time it was the wrong house. For something that supposed to be almost impossible seems to happen a lot.

      • Resamar says:

        I will never forget this man, because of the impact he had on me and my life.
        When I was in training for the U.S Postal Service, I had to travel to a training facility where they taught us how to sort mail, and use various devices. In that class, I met a man who’s name I can’t fully remember because it was so foreign to me. But I remember it sounded like “Magicka” from elder scrolls. I think it was Majika. He was from Rwanda.
        He was a very big and tall black man, with a large scar that ran down his forearm from elbow to wrist. I was paired with him, and he and I got to talking. I asked him about the scar on his arm.
        This man proceeded to tell me, he was a child that lived through the Rwandan Genocide. He watched his parents get killed in front of him. The men who did it demanded he fight for them, and when he refused they broke his arm the long way like a kit Kat bar.
        This man survived that horrific experience, and emigrated to America. Had a thick accent, friendly attitude, and was now applying for one of the hardest and most stressful jobs in the country.
        Meeting him and having the honor of talking to him was an experience I’ll always cherish. Because he was amazing to me. If he could go through all that, I knew I could handle whatever life threw at me in this country.

    • JEHOD says:

      A lot of hyperbole: ‘all the time,’ blatantly unconstitutional,’ ‘out like candy by judges.’ Simply incorrect. My father was the coroner in Flint in the 60s-70s and one of his best friends was the Chief of Homicide; they had many conversations about what went wrong with busts back then, many of them Mafia and drug related; the problem was the police showing up with insufficient force and being simply outgunned. In the 67-68 riots, that was what happened in Detroit, Flint and other MI cities. The firefighters were being sniped trying to put out fires and the police could do little so the Guard was called out. The question should be “Do you want a situation to get out of control jeopardizing the majority of innocent civilians over the ‘rights’ of people behaving as criminals?” Or do you want the legitimately constituted police force to be able to quell the violence with an overwhelming response to the criminals and then we adjudicate the arguments in a court of law with much less violence done to the innocent citizenry and the criminals in the process, as the latter generally surrender to overwhelming force? Who in their right mind doesn’t? When the police show up in force criminals are much less likely to act the fool and get a bunch of people killed or maimed, and then we can sort it out peacefully in the courts.

  35. Chach24 says:

    Great show! I can’t wait to get my Timfoil gorilla shirt! Bought one for me and one for the wife, love you guys!

  36. Dn1984 says:

    I like the whole damn analogy. Only part you left out was people can be born with ace/king and lose as well

  37. saccaed says:

    I can understand the support for no knock warrants; I do not share in it. The war on drugs been used to launder more than a bit of constitutional violations. I have yet to be convinced that a military ingress team, that is SWAT(no point in trying to obscure it), is sufficiently impeded by being required to announce. SWAT was created as a misguided approach to dealing with the hard problem of prosecuting the war on drugs. I don’t support eliminating SWAT as I do support having teams at ready to deal with developing events(terror incidents, mass shooters, random acts of HEAT reenactment, etc). Prosecutors having a hard time and coming up with extra constitutional means of solving their problems I have little sympathy for.

    • Spider_Guard says:

      Where I think the law is broken is this- if you no knock and come into my home unannounced, than me shooting and killing you is 100% LEGAL.

      That is where the law needs to be on the side of the citizen.

      By all means, come for me, but if you do, and I defend myself, than that was your decision. We are innocent until proven guilty and a frontal assault on a person’s home is a use of deadly force, or force which should be known to potentially lead to death.

      There needs to be checks and balances.

  38. JeffThaGod says:

    I liked the conversation but I disagree with a lot I what the cop said I feel like if your going to try and stomp on my freedom your going to have to be willing to kill me cuz I’m will to die for them

  39. Malarog says:

    Man, this segment needs to be made public. This entire conversation is a little gem and has so much relevant information on a few key topics. I have many semi-woke friends who would benefit from seeing this. Please consider making this segment public so I can show them.

  40. Turk_Longwell says:

    Yeah man, Normal people understand.
    Tim went straight for the youths tonight.
    Speaking directly to them.
    I mean, most of the time, it’s been family friendly.
    Has been for a long minute.
    And I agree.
    The Saviors of America might have to be the Next Two Generations.
    Maybe One Generation if We Reveal these Frauds.
    It’s a Strong case for Strength in People.
    I do not know.

    Go Team

  41. James_Dorpinghaus says:

    Hopefully y’all will see this now. I’ve superchatted on YouTube 2 nights in a row. For Ian: ZME Science reported that a U.S. company has designed a diamond battery. It’s powered with radioactive waste and encased in nanodiamonds. The diamonds absorb the heat so it never gets hot. Diamonds are also an excellent conductor of energy. And it will never leak radiation. It’s said to supply power for 28,000 years. You should look into it. Also, I always enjoy the show and keep up the good work.

  42. Cristiano says:

    Good convo. You could get Tatum on with Amazing Lucas, Hotep Jesus, or Maj. Any of those match ups would be entertaining.

  43. mitcholeo says:

    Has any one told Tim that Doughnut Operator owns a skate shop?

    • James_Dorpinghaus says:

      He knows about Donut Operator but it’s likely that he doesn’t know that. Donut lives not too far from me now that he’s moved to San Antonio.

    • Pjlittlefoot says:

      When you said you was having a prominent personality that had cop insight in your early segment I was like B Tatum is coming! I was glad I was right, great live show and extras.

  44. johnlocke says:

    Tim, you just contradicted yourself with your argument with Jack from last week. You said pick your battles and the best fight is the one you walk away from. When arguing with Jack you said everyone needs to say fuck you to someone with a gun or knife robbing you.

    • John7095 says:

      Not necessarily a contradiction. Tim was speaking about this in reference to not fighting over frivolous things. Someone robbing you of all you own may not be frivolous to Tim. So confronting muggers, and refusing to acquiesce may be a battle Tim ‘chooses’ to fight.

  45. BrotherPaul says:

    You were talking on your live stream earlier about BMX bikes. GT, Redline, Free Agent, Mongoose still for the most part make all of their own frames and components and have entry level to pro bikes from $1500 down. Just look at their bikes and choose what quality you want or type of riding you wish to do. From a former racer in the 1980’s and Pro Mechanic and Frame Builder.

  46. says:

    Great fkn show. Thanks y’all.

  47. Mygymus says:

    Another point; There’s more to it than elbow grease. You’ll know the thing You’re meant for by how naturally inventive you are with it

  48. Kpilgrim609 says:

    I just seen Brandon for the first time on a random video on fb today and then shiiiiiiit he is on the cast! Great guest, and just have to say…. Ian is killing it bro. Love you all and #freethegraphine

  49. jhudler says:

    I lived through school integration in the late 60’s. He right, I never had a black teacher, even in a school that was formally all black.

  50. Mygymus says:

    I think even more, we live in an age of sensationalism. I rap. I poeticize. Im also midwest rural white. I know i shouldn’t, but i feel dumb, likei’ll be ridiculed instantly. This keeps me quiet and not writing. Im not hood so i cant rap.

  51. Kyle23 says:

    So hyped to see you and Brandon Tatum collaborating! Great video!!!

    • Justinrm86 says:

      I paid the premium so that I could hear Tim be unfiltered, but now I feel like Tim curses just to to get a “shock” value, it feels forced and not natural. Respect for Tatum for not feeling that he needs to curse. Anyway, still love the videos and still will be a subscriber.

  52. says:

    After watching the live show, and before watching this one, I gotta say, this guy seems like verything wrong with “good cops” and shows there are none. A moral coward

  53. FoxOFire says:

    oh hi. : )

  54. drewcgentry says:

    Let us in!! ;D

  55. TheReal_30330 says:

    If you like what you hear 30330

    • James_Dorpinghaus says:

      Lmao, when Seamus did the math last night, I laughed my ass off. (If you weren’t there, divide 2020 by 666 and you get 3.0330)

  56. FirstThessalonian says:


  57. Mygymus says:

    Why is it not available yet?!

    • FirstThessalonian says:

      THe elves of the internet are on lunch break.

      • Mygymus says:

        The elvernets need to cut the slack like construction paper in elementary school

      • Resamar says:

        The police *dont* make the laws.
        The legislators do, the elected officials do. And they get away with it by tricking people into voting for it.
        During the YouTube segment Tatum addressed this specifically and said “we as police, many of us, don’t agree with these laws and don’t want to enforce them”

        As for the “better for us” argument.
        Good luck in life trying to find people who don’t have an in group bias that aren’t white leftists. Of course they want protections for them, it’s a game of life or death, nobody wants to die.
        Flashbangs are non-lethals that incapacitate. It ensures the targets don’t shoot back and draw down. If they aren’t drawing down and posing a threat, then bullets are far less likely to fly, and nobody has to die. Don’t use them, and you have a higher chance of a shootout. As for Duncan, that was a shitty situation and it was wrong. But you can’t base every single instance on the worst scenario because it’s unreasonable.

  58. FirstThessalonian says:


  59. InoQul8er says:

    Just joined, am I early?

  60. says: