BONUS Episode: Michael Malice And Tim Pool Talk Secret To Success And How We Are WINNING

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  1. Snakeroni777 says:

    Man, little Tim back then. I was only 17 and just looking at all that was happening at that time. Makes me wish I ran into Tim’s channel sooner…

  2. dacka says:

    Great episode, love Michael.. He’s very sharp with his observations.

    Bit of feedback on the site: I don’t like having to scroll allllll the way to the bottom to access the comment box. If a video gets a lot of comments it’s gonna be a loooooong scroll.

    See if you can emulate the YouTube UX where the comment input is at the top of the comment feed.

    Otherwise loving the new site.

  3. yamyule says:

    “I might have a blockade about going the distance with you as a business partner” ….Ian, lmao

  4. NorthCounty says:

    Love Michael! He’s almost made me an anarchist. Almost lol but he gets my wheels turning

  5. AstroDuck says:

    Bread only rises on Sunday Ian. Learn the science.

  6. says:

    It’s kinda boring to listen to YouTubers talk about being Youtubers

  7. says:

    In my humble experience, success has always required 3 parts (in no particular order):

    2. Positive attitude
    3. luck

    I’ve known many people who have 2 of the 3 and it’s not enough.

  8. c0de6349 says:

    i love this dood, but he blocked me on twitter for making a joke about welcoming him to the dark side after being black pilled. he is a sissy and cannot take a joke

  9. says:

    I ❤️Michael!

  10. Frost27 says:

    I would tell my younger self “Buy Bitcoin and you can afford to make mistakes”.

    I would also say “No, don’t, she’s married”.

  11. BillH says:

    Very late to the party on this but for our cultural/media momement’s commentary. Tim as a Star Trek fan you must know owning your mistakes and it making who you are is the premise of the Star Trek 5 movie. Also deepfakes were pivotal to the Running Man movie’s plot and this was ages ago. 3’rd like Bill Gates wanting to “black out the sun” is actually the plot of Highlander 2 (yes terrible movie we can all agree) but in 1991 the script was Ozone is gone and the Highlander has to help create a shield around the earth. Then the shield corporation becomes despotic and enslaves most of the human race.

  12. DavesTrippin says:

    I’m glad I got to hear them verbally jerk off Micheal malice. ??

  13. Mygymus says:

    Yo dudes. First comment. Happy to be a part of the timcast community early on. I hope you take the biz by the balls, brometheus.

  14. Yobuyahouse says:

    Lol Ian DMT at 12

  15. whatever says:

    @timcast, talk about the $400bn China-Iran deal?

  16. deathkitti says:

    HEY! Michael Malice ! I hope to marry a man like you. I am conservative and love cooking ancleaning and I want to marry a man I can take care of

  17. HOSEQ says:

    If Michael Malice is Superman, I’m Bizzarro……
    He has some anti- liberty POVs that make no sense, and can easuly be drowned……
    His liberal use of the “”BUZIE”” word which is not an actual word, and only makes people sound STUPID and negatively intelligent, makes the first point of his lack of knowledge, and lack of Intellect on the “”AMERICAN MILLIONAIRE”” knowledge….
    Two, he is in a bubble, speaking to the Leftists more than an “Everyone” crowd, and that makes him more like Bizzarro than me, but lets play……

    Anytime you need a full “BUZIE” aka….Michael Malice, vs an American Blue collar, Cowboy, Oil Well Service, Middle Class, nobody……..Then we can talk…

    Stop pushing the Bullshit,
    FIRST, lets get the verbiage correct…..
    The WORD is and is spoken as “”bour•geoi•sie boo͝r″zhwä-zē′,,,,
    And if you are too stupid to correctly pronounce it, maybe you should not be trying to use it…….

    IF you are soo stupid that you have to chop the word into something that it isn’t, and then try to make it into something special, then you do not really have the capacity to be a thinking intelligent individual….

    Impress yourself and your elders, read a dictionary……..

  18. Blairp says:

    18/40/60 rule

    18- you care what everyone thinks.
    40- you don’t care what anyone thinks
    60- you realize, no one is really thinking about you at all.

  19. aTortis says:

    Not gonna lie, was thinking about canceling my membership, but this episode changed my mind. I am upset that some of these really important bonus segments lie behind a subscription pay wall. I would like to see some pay per view added and also the important episodes made free to help influence other people.

    That being said, needing to build a better system and better culture you have to start somewhere. I’m glad Tim is expanding his business, and will keep sending money to help with that alone (Tim is doing it better than Shapiro). I owe Tim and crew much after turning to his voice of reason and experience after the election. His videos are helping my friends see the light and taking the red pill.

    I want to start building new culture myself, but I’m stuck with working full time and taking care of kids, so there isn’t much room to start, but I’m trying to figure it out.

    Malice, Tim, Lydia, and Ian, I appreciate the blend of comedy, news, and philosophical commentary. Keep up the fight like you have been, and I’ll keep sending people to you.

    • Mrivell says:

      Michael malice has always been a favorite of mine. Michael malice is incredibly important to anarchy , and I believe this anarchist handbook will be one of those books that changes anarchy for so many people. I’m very excited for this book. Please continue to have Dave smith Michael malice on. And Tom woods a friend of both of them is also an incredible person to speak with

    • ShiroKujo1138 says:

      When it comes to Daily Wire… maybe some people go for the Shapiro. But… i think it people stay…. it’s for Matt Walsh or Candace Owens. Micheal Knowles is ok to. I don’t always agree with all those people. Hell I don’t always agree with Tim. But, I don’t need the confirmation bias. I actually kind of enjoy hearing different views… and their reasons for them. As long as their not screeching or cancelling people. I’m running out of bubble gum they better chill.

      • Rosherov says:

        Agreed. I got “red-pilled” via Shapiro, Steven Crowder in late 2016, now Matt Walsh and Tim make up the majority of my news commentary consumption, and I find myself going into more philosophical rabbit holes via Malice, James Lindsay. I try watching the view to see what the latest propaganda is and find it intolerable lol.

  20. MichaelMacPeek says:

    Love when Michael stops in. It’s always some of the best conversations. Love where you’ve taken this Tim Ian and Lidia. Keep on rocking guys. If you need a 3d printer guy, look no further!!

  21. Afkoopa says:

    The episode on Youtube wont play for me since a few hours ago fyi

  22. FoxOFire says:

    oh shit! we can comment!

  23. a73s says:

    Damn, Tim played the media perfectly, 500 IQ.

  24. Slugpudding says:

    I want more of you with Michael. This was so good. Thank you!

  25. Antsith says:

    Michael Malice the best recurring guest you guys have keep bringing him back!

  26. UppityG says:

    I was first intro’d to Malice by Dave Rubin, who is who put me on to Pool. I’d join Locals right this second, if I could pay for a full year membership up front in one payment. Long ago I tried the “let us charge your credit card every month” for a health club membership and when the year was up, I did not renew, and yet they kept dinging my card. It took several months of heated phone calls and threatening legal action for them to finally take their jaws off my card. So, fool me once. Great bonus guys, thanks to all of you.


    Finally a member! It’s weird hearing Tim curse.

  28. UppityG says:

    The more I listen to Crossland opine off the cuff, the more I realize I should not take those words seriously. The “what’s in a name” riff is just more of him swinging off into shallow existentialism. Shallow because he latches into the questioning of X on spot without any focus or intensity, existential because that’s really what he’s aiming for, but he keeps doing so on the run.

  29. Goldwolf says:

    Malice hates me…sniff…how can I go on.

    • Trezrun says:

      You can’t.
      Good luck with picking up the tattered pieces of your life. Though, why you’d bother putting it all back together, I just don’t know.

      Have you tried following him on Twitter????

  30. Trezrun says:

    Dennis prager, I think it is, states don’t let the compliments go to your head then criticism go to your heart.

    Great show. (Had to go out and missed it live, but watching this morning) really enjoy Malice.
    Great show;❤️❤️

  31. itsjustanotherhandle says:

    I disagree with Michael Malice in his claim that only creators with large followings get deplatformed, primarily because this limitation is built around technological limitations. I would be willing to bet Malice is aware that the reason totalitarian regimes make everything illegal is so they can discover dissenters at the earliest stage possible and have the appearance of persecution being legitimate.

    It is actually easier to crush dissent the soonest it can be discovered, and the very soonest would ultimately be in the mind the dissenter. So each technological improvement in dissenter discovery will move the threshold of deplatforming one unit in favor of the bad guys.

    There are already very small creators being broadly deplatformed that nobody here has heard of. However, the actual reason that content creators should not fear this is that each time there is a wave of deplatforming, there is a re-platforming response across alternative platforms, which provides an opportunity for the marginalized voices to be discovered along with the influx of new users who subscribe to the recently deplatformed.

    • itsjustanotherhandle says:

      On a side note, when I typed that comment I can see my browser informing me that I have misspelled deplatform. Deplatform is clearly a negative word, and similarly unfriend* is a negative word. Both words were created as a result of social media, but deplatform doesn’t seem to have yet made it into the dictionary.

      * I have a dictionary from 1991 and it has the word “unfriended”, but the definition states it as an adjective meaning “without friends” while modern “unfriend” is a verb and “unfriended” is past-tense, at least in usage (haven’t looked up what the dictionaries today state).

    • Trezrun says:

      Yes, my guess is Malice does know, his advice for “regular” people is to blend in, fake it. Smile, and do your activism against the regime in secret.
      He mentions is rather often fake it!!! Stay underground! Blend in! Don’t let the regime put a spot light on you.

  32. Renny-d says:

    Great show well worth the subscription!

  33. channasilva2000 says:

    Big Support from Manila , Philippines. Keep it up guys!

  34. Vmanzo says:

    Michael malice ???

  35. Galgacus says:

    These people are all in love with each other

  36. TheInfamousScratch says:

    Michael Malice seems like he’d sell cat nip to his mother, and tell her it’s that good dank shit.

  37. Margie says:

    Always got best guest!

  38. Unknown says:

    Great show tonight.

  39. says:

    When talking hard drug possession and use, as long as you haven’t harmed others, and the only victim of your crime has been yourself your punishment should be help. Keep up the good work Tim & crew, can’t wait to see what various content you come up with. Would be nice to see new shows and such that aren’t woke

  40. InsightOftheAges says:

    You mentioned how the left or some of the misguided Americans that can only perceive of things in a binary fashion are essentially what we’re dealing with when it comes to a number of people misled by the media. There is no greater example than this no more accessible example than this then David pakman. I keep asking you guys to have them on, because he is literally the type you’re talking about. The memes are very Elementary there’s no irony. He seems to be stuck on the MSN narrative. And I think having your shows together with actually progressed America in a way it needs to be done

    • Seazer says:

      I’m actually sad that this part of the conversation can’t be seen by more people. I think many would benefit from this part. Cant wait for Tim’s new projects and for Michael’s books.

  41. Tom says:

    A very enjoyable 52 min. I was sad when it ended.
    Looking forward to seeing all the plans you are making come into being.

  42. InsightOftheAges says:

    Google Glass and its translation software was essentially the Tower of Babel, essentially the Babel Fish. I can say a lot more of it online, I’ll be doing so on my locals

    But essentially the degree to which they are dividing Americans along the lines of communication, essentially keeping us in information bubbles, removing the barrier of language is a technology we currently have, however it is being prevented from being adapted on a global scale, because it will instantly connect us to people that we have the most in common with with the least ability to communicate with. It would completely remove the power and authority of those military powers that control us and seek us to fight Wars instead of find solutions that get us into the Stars.

  43. joea says:

    I didn’t watch the Marjorie Taylor Green video because I got the first vaccine shot and I really don’t want to freak out about what the f*ck is in my arm… Plus most of my family already got it :/

  44. NC_NATE says:

    Thanks to everyone! This was an awesome show!!

  45. Eacowden says:

    “There oughta be a picture of you under the definition of persistence kid.”

  46. LVIII says:

    Another great, insightful, thought-provoking show based on facts, interspersed with comedy. Thank you all.

  47. TammyD32 says:

    Michael Malice is always my favorite guest, you have on the show. He brings out the best of every person in the room.

  48. MtRoamer says:

    Dudes, you guys are awesome. I’ve personally made some big moves this year (for me), and it feels unreal.. you’re openness in this conversation is very refreshing, and since I’m the only one of my friends going where I am.. it helps a lot.

  49. AUDREK says:

    We don’t deserve them. Malice is but a man less a super man. A man within his time and place.

  50. says:

    I believe Tim and Malice will achieve everything they are setting out to do. These guys seriously inspire me to stay true to the grind.

  51. Baalshazar says:

    Longboi wooo!

  52. smymfnc says:

    Tim Mike lyds and Ian I love all of you… I superchated that Mike went from Clark Kent to Superman in the live show… and none of you got.. it you all gave me way to much credit… all I was saying is in the beginning of the show Mike was wearing a suit tie and glasses and by the end of the show he had stripped down to a Superman shirt.. I’m not sure if you guys where playing or not but it was great Mike looked right in the camera an was like screw you lol… my wife was like omg.. keep doing a great job

  53. Aesatidlam says:

    Michael malice is a 4’11 loud faggot.

  54. Scaifey says:

    Sucked me in Tim was thinking about super chatting and I thought screw youtube.

    • MFnHammer says:

      Same here. PLUS, now I get this bonus content. SO, it was a win/win, imho. I DIDN’T give boobtube any of my money, PLUS the extra content. I just joined tonight, right before the boobtube episode ended.

    • AUDREK says:

      Hell yeah welcome to the Dim Fool Beanie Pool. Grace him with your dollars. You like it.

  55. says:

    Birds arent’t real

  56. MunkyDong says:

    Must be a long one if it took this long to upload

  57. CplChaskoIV says:

    Michael Malice switching from Clark Kent to Superman was awesome.
    Oh, and I’m first.