Bonus Episode: HR127 Gun Control COULD Lead To Armed Revolt, Featuring Fenix Ammunition

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  1. MangoldMachine says:

    Let’s also be very explicit when we talk about specific regulations for private sales of Firearms because they are widely varied from state to state. In Indiana, for example, the private sale of ANY non-NFA firearm does not require any 4473 or NICS document check. The idea is that the original owner had to fill out the 4473 and, so long as they do not knowingly sell the firearm to a prohibited person, can do with it what they please. To use a site like Armslist (with which I am intimately familiar) there is a condition that you are not a prohibited person, under 21, etc.

    In Indiana, to purchase a handgun from an FFL, you must be 21. But you can get your carry permit at 18 and you may be gifted or privately sold a handgun at 18 as well. Interestingly, you have to be 21 to purchase “handgun ammunition” in Indiana which is very strange considering the vast inconsistency in which configurations of firearms are somehow absent. I have rifles chambered in 9×19 and pistols chambered in 5.56×45 so the entire idea of “pistol ammunition” is inherently flawed.

    The fact that we have ANY laws restricting firearms from law-abiding citizens is disgusting and unconstitutional. The fact that that BATFE exists should be evidence enough that the systems we have in place no longer reflect the original intent or values of the United States of America.

  2. MangoldMachine says:

    The BATFE would be best served by changing their moniker to the Commission on Marijuana, Explosives, Firearms, Alcohol and Tobacco abbriviated as:
    C ME FAT

  3. jhudler says:

    I rode on the bus with my rifle in case everyday in High School. Our shooting range was in the basement under the gym. There were lockers across the hall from the principles office if we didn’t have space in our locker.

  4. OleT-Ric says:

    AR-15, Glock 19, and a Mossberg 500/Remington 870 in 12 gauge. Can’t forget shotguns boys

  5. ComradeCorgi says:

    The thing with “gun banners” is they always have 2A supporters attacking their methods and objects not their underlying cause. When “gun banners” say that their underlying cause is “about the children” and “safety” blah blah, they’re full of it. The fact of the matter their underlying cause is a total monopoly on the use of force. This for the most part has been achieved in Europe. There are actually cases where people have been prosecuted for protecting themselves in their own homes with whatever weapon they could get their hands on because the government in Europe has a total monopoly on the use of force. The fundamental keystone of their prosecution is that they usurped the government’s monopoly on the use of force and because they did so even if they were merely protecting their own lives they in fact committed a crime. In America government does not have a total monopoly of the use of force. In America the government has a near total monopoly on the use of offensive force, but Americans have a legal right to defend their lives, the lives of others and their property. What the gun banners want is to have a total monopoly on the use of force. They want it because they need to protect their power. There’s a reason “gun banners’ today tend to be urban liberals. It’s because this government, this system, is their system. This system and government is a government and system of, by and for urban liberals. In fact when Government was more “conservative” Ronald Raygun passed some of the first gun control laws in California because black panthers were open carrying. They felt the panthers carrying weapons ostensibly to defend themselves was a threat to their power and their monopoly on force. However their ideological desire for a total government monopoly on the use of force is a failure, has throughout history been a failure. It’s always been a failure because there isn’t some magical shield to defend the government’s total monopoly. To usurp that monopoly all one needs is the will to usurp that monopoly. If someone has the will to usurp that monopoly all that remains is to sort out their victims. Our founders forbade a total government monopoly of force because they understood this simple concept. They also understood that it isn’t uncommon for tyrannical government to outright use force against their people or lend it’s monopoly on the use of force to proxy actors. A modern example of this would be BLM and Antifa who spent six months in the run up to the election sacking US cities. They were essentially given letters of marque in the guise of “Anti-racism” to sack cities and to this day none of them have faced significant charges or investigations unlike the “capital rioters”. This is why “gun banners” will transform into knife banners once every gun has been banned. It’s because they see a total monopoly on the use of force as the way to protect their power. They couldn’t care less about the victims of “gun violence”. They couldn’t care less about crime or safety or the children. They care only for their monopoly.

  6. pgibson0 says:

    The “habitual drunkard” has a definition. If i remember correctly, you are only a “habitual drunkard” if you have had 2 DUI convictions within 5 years without a three year gap. Again, the time frames may be wrong, but that is how one qualifies as a “habitual drunkard”

  7. TomServo says:

    Partner with Lauren Boebert as the 2A video game mom

  8. KoR33 says:

    i filled out two forms this weekend, i did not see “drunkard” on there

  9. Nimitz says:

    They’re boiling the frog way too fast.

  10. RaysGoodLiquor says:

    I graduated in 2005 from a school in West Virginia. Our JROTC drill team carried real rifles. Gym classes had indoor air rifle qualification. During hunting season, 75%+ of the vehicles in the student parking lot had a rifle or a shotgun hanging unsecured in the back window. The last school shooting in that area was in the mid 1980’s when a parent shot a coach at a football game. Saying that guns around kids are extraordinarily dangerous has no basis in statistics or fact.

  11. CilantroParsley says:

    I see a lot of hate on Ian in the comments, this is unacceptable, nor is it acceptable to blame on him.

  12. Markus.Sharette says:

    Hey all, I’m an orchestra teacher and I teach at a fantastic charter school here in the great state of Utah. I love it here for the most part, our government understands and respects the rights of the people. I’m so grateful to be here.
    Our state government just passed a law this last session which makes it legal for any adult 21 or older to conceal carry a gun without a permit! I’m excited to use the handgun defense training I have been taking to good use so I can better protect the students I am in charge of protecting.

  13. colovion says:

    The idea of banning online ammo sales is absolutely ridiculous. My son is 14, he’s been on a Scholastic Clay Target Program competitive shotgun team since he was 10. We live in a rural area in a very blue county. I get most of his ammo from Walmart (it’s the cheapest place to get it, when they have it which is practically never these days) but shooting one event (American Skeet) requires faster ammo with smaller pellets (size 9 shot at 1300fps is what he prefers.) Walmart doesn’t carry that. No stores in our area do. Where do I get it? Online! It’s not cheap but it’s manageable. It’s not like buying ammo online is rare in the sport, practically everyone does it. It’s the perfect way to get niche ammo! And nobody is doing drive-bys with size 9 shotgun ammo… it’s laughable for anyone who knows what that ammo is!

    You gotta interview people involved in the shooting sports Tim. We’re just average people. Well, maybe above average when it comes to friendliness (it’s like a big extended family, in fact families do all of this together, it’s awesome!) Go to the SCTP national championship in Ohio in July, it would be hugely enlightening!

  14. adam.helsdon says:

    Re: Home Depot vs. School

    The 50 year old lady goes to HD of her own free will. She’s not required to be there. She doesn’t have parents that oppose having an armed person in the room she is required to be in all day.

    The student must go to school. The parents must send their children for 6 or 8 or 9 hours or whatever the case may be. Public schools must comply with whatever is in the best interest of the individual student and the parents’ wishes. There are many parents out there who do not want their child around a stressed out teacher with a loaded handgun on their person.

    I carry everywhere, every day. My wife and children all know how to safely handle and operate a firearm. The government will not get my firearms while I am alive.

    That being said, I will be GOD DAMNED if I’m going to allow my children to be forced in to a classroom all day with an armed person that I do not know personally, nor know their training history, proficiency, temperament, etc. I know several teachers in my childrens’ school that shouldn’t be allowed within 1000 yards of any firearm.

    • Nimitz says:

      That’s what parent-teacher conferences are for, change my mind

      • adam.helsdon says:

        If you’re being serious, parent-teacher conferences don’t happen until the middle or end of each marking period. There is no “get to know your child’s teacher” before the school year starts. Conferences also last anywhere between 5-15 minutes, depending on the teacher and the student’s progress. They have one night to get through conferences for all 25-30 students. No way in hell would I be able to get a good handle on proficiency or temperament without continuous classroom observation. It’s not feasible.

        You really have to look at this in a risk vs reward style. What are the chances that a mass shooting will occur in my state? My county? My school district? My children’s school specifically, which is one of three in the district?

        Now add a loaded handgun, in the classroom every minute and hour that my child is also present, on the hip of someone who may or may not be proficient. Chances are EXPONENTIALLY higher that my child gets hit with an ND than a school shooter.

        Risk Management 101.

        • saccaed says:

          I get the wariness of unknown people with firearms. I’m of the opinion optionally armed staff(letting teachers and staff carry) would be preferable to ‘gun free’ zones. School shooters are not that common. NDs are also not that common, especially once holstered. User induced NDs are even less likely when personal responsibility is enforced and everyone involved knows their liability exposure.

        • Brad.Long says:

          You wouldn’t trust with a firearm around your children, but you will accept the training and teaching your children on how to be an adult?

          I understand the concern, I have 3 children of my own. I would for sure be checking out who their teachers are for either scenario, teaching and protection. That being said, I think I would trust the teacher’s values a whole lot more, if they were willing to complete hours of handgun training and sit-down conferences with any parent that has concerns. Versus the other side that hates guns and the people who own them, teaching my child to hate guns and the people who own them.

          It’s why me and my wife are looking into homeschooling, or paying some people in our local church who do homeschool, to teach our kids as well.

  15. MrsShwagger says:

    So my step Dads daughter was accidentally shot & killed by her younger brother when they were just kids! Even considering this horrible tragic accident, my step Dad and our family don’t believe guns should be banned, it’s a matter of teaching/learning gun safety & training. Some kids don’t know the difference between a play gun & real gun, fear of something never makes anything better!

  16. Messenger says:

    Tim I tagged you on Minds in a post.
    My PocketCasts app has stopped streaming all your podcasts. It cut out on your latest one just as you were saying that full auto is less accurate, then it stopped buffering or downloading of all your episodes.

  17. says:

    shut up Ian….less weed…

  18. Vsidious says:

    Dan “I don’t see any voter fraud” Crenshaw is an establishment cuck.

  19. annoy2580 says:

    Ian is probably the most I’ll informed I have ever see on this issue, where has he been living, under a rock for the past 4 years??

  20. Bignate says:

    It was University of Texas where Charles Whitman (the bell tower shooter) killed those people in 1966.

    • Bignate says:

      Just a footnote: Whitman had a brain tumor causing massive headaches which is believed to be the immediate cause of his rage and eventual momentous torrent ending in the death of 16.

  21. Bignate says:

    Long-gun sales between private individuals is why they are ramming universal background checks through. More research on how useless this is needs to be publicly available to kill that law. Excellent dive into the issues with the house bill by the way.

    • Nimitz says:

      90+% of homicides being committed with stolen guns isn’t enough data?

    • robert6715 says:

      They realy need someone who knows the laws to come on & set the record straight. Even this guy who owns an ammo company states falsehoods in this video.

      Federal law states that you can privately sell any federally legal long gun or handgun face to face to a resident of the state in which you reside as long as that person is of legal age. If you sell a firearm to a minor, you have committed a federal offense. If you don’t check that person’s ID to make sure they reside in your state, you have committed a federal offense. If the person resides in a different state, that sale needs to go thru an FFL holder who will do a background check.

      Most gun show organizers do not allow non-dealers to rent tables. Private sales at gun shows are not the norm. They do occur but are a lot less prevalent than the media would like you to believe.

  22. BillH says:

    14:36 Ian says “they got rid of the guns so they could go after the people that were bootlegging the alcohol” So they made a new law to stop people who already breaking the law.. Nothing has changed. Facepalm

    For Tim’s “Universal Gun Care” idea, we have a watered down version of that the Civilian Marksmanship Program. The idea was to train citizens in how to operate firearms and provide them surplus US arms at a discount. It’s changed a lot from what it was originally intended a bit, but it’s still there and M1’s go “ping!”

    On youths with guns, it may be another urban/rural divide where on the 1st day of deer season where I grew up over 1/2 of the male population of my high school called in sick. “Buck fever” we called it…

    He’s right at the 38 minute mark, NRA is the boogey man the anti-gun people want you to fear. But FPC and GOA are way more 2A and the NRA is made up mostly of Fudd’s (think bugg’s bunny)

    • Bignate says:

      Thanks for the shout out to FPC and GOA. However, the NRA is still the big dog and does do most of the heavy fighting taking almost all of the flak. Fudd-laden or not, they have a lot more coverage in all parts of the US and can get there to help.

    • TheFigure13 says:

      More like “the sound of freedom goes ‘ping’”

    • colovion says:

      We moved from Ann Arbor to a rural area 20 miles away when my so was ten, it was at that point he was able to join a school-affiliated competitive shooting team. Several schools in the county have them, but NOT Ann Arbor schools. They would close the schools down entirely before letting that happen there. Now the teams don’t compete at the schools, but rather at Sportsman’s clubs, etc. But my son (who is now a high schooler) can earn a varsity letter in Trap Shooting. It’s school-affiliated, but not school sponsored per-se. Even that is too much for Ann Arbor. It’s wild!

  23. piZan says:

    In 2007 a Texas high school student was expelled for making a counter-strike map of his school.

  24. Turk_Longwell says:

    Your site is tricky. lol. I like that you make people work to comment.
    So yes. Folks need to stand up, not stand down, given the current sitrep. 3D printing is here.
    Besides that, real life weapons are owned by millions. Millions of weapon owners out there. That’s what you’re taught. It’s not a gun,. it’s a weapon. Weapons do destruction and pain. Weapons bring death.
    Sorry, lol, that was my Boot Camp training coming out. lol. it’s funnny. it happens.

  25. dancer57 says:

    the woman would win the gunfight in the alley, the guy is a much bigger target

  26. MikeFTACT says:


    Ask Justin why you should have Adam Kraut, (@theadamkraut), legal director of Firearms Policy Coalition (@gunpolicy) on. I absolutely think Adam would be down cause he liked a tweet I saw suggesting it. He could explain everything you can imagine to ask and much more about all the legal and regulatory games the anti-gun left has and does use to inhibit 2A rights, as well as the ins and outs of fed and state laws and how they hurt people unintentionally and intentionally. FPC’s mission is mainly to sue to protect and restore the 2A.

    Other great gun guests would be, as you mentioned, Colion Noir– good holistic spokesman with a penchant for incisive arguments & perspectives others don’t think to express, Tom Gresham of “Gun Talk” and Cam Edwards of “Bearing Arms,” both of whom are very experienced as journalists and commentators in the world of gun industry, policy, and politics, but very down to earth and real people willing to have honest conversations vs falling back on shallow talking points and tropes. They could both talk at length on the current turmoil at the NRA.

    For an excellent representative of the culture around armed personal defense, John Correia of “Active Self Protection” (check his YouTube channel) is a wealth of knowledge on firearms as a component of general preparedness for personal conflict and is one of the better folks out there for promoting sober and well vetted information and philosophies sourced from highly credentialed subject-matter experts with real-world experience. His channel also has some of the best presented material for safe and functional handling and familiarization for new gun owners.

    For a more technical, sport related discussion you could have a competitive shooter on– someone like J.J. Racaza, who’s a super motivated guy in general –to give some insight into what goes into developing serious skill with a handgun. Though as a competition shooter and former federal agent, he could get shed some serious light on why Justin was being critical when he said 100 or 200 rounds (more like 50 in many places) per year is NOT sufficient for cops to maintain proficiency with firearms. I wish Ian had followed up on the question I think he tried to ask about how many rounds is appropriate for a cop to be proficient, but that’s a whole can of worms of complexity and context I think would be best addressed by both J.J. and John.

    Thanks for broaching this subject in more depth.

  27. Conor says:

    So came here expecting that they would have done the sensible thing and put the offending episode in full with the bonus section on the website but…no?

    Why? I literally subscribed for this exact circumstance (the content being too spicy) and I still can’t see the full episode?

    Vexed as to what the payed membership is really for now ???‍♂️

    • Akjosh907 says:

      Was asking myself the same thing.

    • jmuell says:

      Could not agree more. Really regretting being duped into paying for a subscription.

    • mrmap says:

      This is the full episode.

    • says:

      I think as a general rule Tim and crew post the regular episode in the general area, but he posts the YT version, using YT servers and bandwidth.
      This place will have goofs and setbacks until they get everything up to speed. Hopefully he can download the copy from youtube and post it here soon.
      I’m trying for a month to see how much I like the exclusive content, and so far it’s worth it.
      I’m pretty sure that the regular YT episodes they do don’t cost anything here?

    • ButtonPuncher says:

      I think the main issue is that the Ian’s section needs to be edited out. Tim already mentioned on how people are pulling the videos from this site and redistributing them illegally. Even though they are behind a paywall, that unwanted portion of that video could still be distributed then lawsuits happen and no more Tim.

  28. Akjosh907 says:

    I’m blown away at how many of the people who support this site, also support censorship and self censorship.

  29. DRUNKNBAKED says:

    Where the fuck is the original!!

    • dancer57 says:

      did it occur to you that this is the original? you can only find this video on this site. YouTube only has snippets.

      • Akjosh907 says:

        The original episode was well over an hour long. This the exclusive segment. The original VIDEO is gone. From what I understand you can still listen to it on apple and Spotify. But idk if it has been edited.

  30. DRUNKNBAKED says:

    Did he get his shirt from Bryan at HighImpactFlix? I’m posting this at the beginning so I apologize if they bring it up

  31. jmuell says:

    I preferred Ian on Adam’s channel. The episodes I saw they had actual conversations. On Tim’s channel he’s constantly being interrupted and told he’s wrong. Like he uses him as the resident idiot to make himself look better. Ian is a smart man. Granted he does go off topic at times. Instead of berating him though maybe take it as a clue that he’s not the right fit for the format and direction of the show.

    • Robert says:

      I watched him on Adamcast the other day and Ian seriously said that you can eat graphene. I agree that Ian was much better in that environment, but good Lord he says some stupid stuff sometimes.

      • jmuell says:

        Oh, I completely agree. He says some out there things. I would argue that Tim’s channel isn’t the right environment for him. Also, I just don’t think Tim has the patience to deal with him.

  32. tylerkelley says:

    I think the loophole they typically talk about is 80% lowers. I can order a stripped lower, no background check, and mill the trigger holes with a jig….order the upper online with no bg check. Now, I pass background checks all the time, but although this could be used by nefarious individuals, I like it because they have no way to track it when they come to steal our legally owned firearms. This was what coined the term “ghost gun” they love to toss around. (most likely why they target ar-15 style weapons)

  33. Azuris says:

    Wasn’t able to watch the main video because it was removed from youtube I guess? would be nice if you would upload here.

  34. Aero says:

    Intentional or not, marketing ploy genius: Advertise membership website in case shit hits the fan (nothing wrong with that), have members-only content on said website (nothing wrong with that), get a stream banned due to spreading common knowledge (nothing wrong with that for most sane people), watch people flock to said website to see what they missed.

    Only thing missing is the full recording of last night’s episode, lol.

  35. ButtonPuncher says:

    Please post up the original video. Put up a still of Ian in a dunce cap during the bannable part. I also think that Ian needs to go. He goes on and on about unreleated garbage. I understand that he may be a smart guy but he’s done way too many drugs and it shows.

    BTW, Lydia, please use cuts. Fades are for a change of time or place, or for a transition to a graphic or website. Even then they should be quick. When I did broadcast news, it was more of a soft cut. 5 frames in duration. Also, set the white balance to MANUAL on your cameras. Then it won’t shift during the show. Use a large white piece of foam core where the person will be sitting, then set the white balance. If you camera’s can’t do manual white balance, look in to Blackmagic Designs cameras and equipment. Then you’d have tally lights too. ATEM mini switcher and Studio cameras.

    • Parabolicdeth says:


    • Caerne8 says:

      Aye man they’re doin it their way, I don’t think your in a position to critique they’re members or talk down on they’re editing efforts. I’m sure they appreciate the good spirit in wanting the show to prosper, but if you wanna actually help them up your membership a teir

      • ButtonPuncher says:

        I originally went to school for Television and Video production, eventually got a degree in Electronics Communication technology to become a broadcast engineer. I’ve produced a few shows and I was a Technical Director for broadcast news for a few years. My critiques are valid. I’m only trying to help and make their production more professional looking. If I lived closer, I’d love to help them setup and optimize their studio.

        I’d give more if Tim would post all of his content here. Then I could cancel my YT Premium membership and shift that $ to here.

    • MandyS says:

      Great advice. I hope they see this comment, because you’re spot on about everything in your comment. Ian makes me want to drop my subscription nightly, and after zero response to anyone about the video coming down is ridiculous, especially to paid subscribers.

  36. DCMoore84 says:

    Why isn’t the full stream up on your site? Wasn’t that the point of the site in the first place???

  37. JacquesTim90 says:

    Tim , you all should check out some of Jerry Miculek’s videos and it will you show just how proficient someone can become with a firearm with enough time and practice. (Might give your a little range day motivation as well lol ) Love the show keep up the great work you guys are all the best !!

  38. says:

    I am an Ian convert, and most or all of you will be too if you admire innocence, bravery, and selflessness. Just listen.

    • Akjosh907 says:

      Agreed. It’s ironic because I disagree with him in so many ways. But there’s something to be said for a person who just speaks his mind without censoring himself….Tim.

      • says:

        There is a difference between self-censorship and actually taking a moment to think about what you are saying. He literally blurted out the ingredients for homemade mustard gas. I get that should common knowledge out of safety concerns, but Tim losing his YT channel while this site is still in it’s infancy would basically be the death knell for his streams. So that isn’t even self-censorship, it’s playing by the rules of the platform.

        • Akjosh907 says:

          I don’t pay for the subscription so that Tim Pool can “play by the rules” and continue to suck up as much money as he can after telling his subscribers that the reason for this site was so he didn’t have to self censor. Now the original video is gone from YT, it hasn’t been posted here, and they have given ZERO explanation as to why it was taken down. Play semantics all you want, Tim censored himself at the will of YT for the sake of being able to continue to collect money from both platforms.

  39. says:

    Just listened to the podcast. Justin Nazaroff is easily the most knowledgeable and articulate gun guy I’ve ever heard. Kudos to him and you for having him on.

  40. Ban_Hammer says:

    I just listened to the podcast version of the banned episode and Ian didn’t say anything that got the episode pulled. The guest mention the bomb ingredients the Oklahoma bomber used.

    • JohnTheEmu says:

      Ian started going into details about household products used to make certain chemical weapons. The “I watched the podcast version” imo means you listened not watched the video. Not trying to insult or anything but I watched it live. Ian did start explaining it and Tim looked at him like “great here’s the ban”. That being said I personally don’t understand the issue of explaining the chemicals used since there’s accidents regarding said ingredients all the time.

  41. BrenAce says:

    Went to go watch the episode on YouTube and it’s not there…guess I’ll be watching the clips…but atleast I get the bonuses here!

    • JBrown1859 says:

      i agree, each whole episode should also be on here. I know its probably on bitchute but the more access the better.

      its all on bitcute, all podcasts and vids are backed up there

  42. says:

    When I was in School throughout the 80’s, first I lived in a rural area and one of my chores was to walk through a field with my .22 and shoot varmin, I carried my gun on the school bus and we had a gun closet to store our guns in. When I moved to a large city for high school every student pickup truck had gun racks with guns in them, my high school had a rifle club and a shooting range, and my last year of high school was 1990.

    • says:

      I graduated spring of 91. Rural county in KY. Every hunting season all the (well mostly the male teachers) would be out in the parking lot not looking for guns, but looking for all the rabbits, squirrel, or deer depending on season. Just wanted to see everyones haul they dropped before school.
      Ag and Shop teachers would let us pull around so we could dress out our harvests during class. I mean, it might cost us a backstrap off our deer…. But so worth it to skin them out inside the shop. ?

      • Forky says:

        The worst part is, there’s no way any of that would happen in today’s schools, especially not in the ones I grew up in (born in ’91). Every time I’d hear about something students could do in previous decades, it made me realize how much freer our society was before now.

  43. tanro210 says:

    I lived in a small town and had a hunting and gun safety class in school it was optional but nice to have that (which I took). I think we really should have a class teaching gun safety again, really need to change schools and start teaching kids thing they need.

  44. John_Beart says:

    Ok. Scrolled down all the messages. Now I can type.. Tim Tim Tim… U could have done better.lyds coulda done better… Any fail, is a team fail… Thank god ADAMs gone. Lol

  45. JohnKrstyenIV says:

    What happened to this podcast from last night? I work early mornings with a 2hr drive. The podcast start live when I go to sleep. So I listen to them on my drive in the next day. Got the notification for this but then it was gone in the morning.

  46. StormJem says:

    Tim. Please post last night’s podcast here

  47. TWPOTO says:

    TIM! post last night’s video on here we can’t see it now that butch ass YouTube took it down

    • Robert says:

      Tim took it down himself because Ian blurted out two household chemicals that create dangerous gas when mixed. Probably the funniest TimcastIRL moment I’ve ever seen. Tim looked so disappointed.

      • applejkx says:

        i would like to see them discuss it at the top of the show, not go into detail again but just say what you just said and why it got cut. although honestly, how is this any different than everyone should be educated on common gun knowledge. these chemicals often sit right next to each other under peoples kitchen sinks .

  48. says:

    I grew up in rural west Texas with a home that always had loaded guns available due to rattlesnakes and coyotes that wanted to snack on our chickens. We were taught gun safety from the time we could walk. In high school, most pickups had gun racks with guns on display and we had never heard the term “school shooter”. America doesn’t have a gun problem, we have a people problem.

  49. Nightmareblaze says:

    yall dissing Ian should be ashamed.
    he is a person with feelings just like any of us.
    he is also a person who makes mistakes LIKE ANY OF US.
    if you a perfect ( no on is) then by all means call the dude out.
    otherwise STFU and wait for Tim to re-upload like you know he will.

    honestly tho Ian should be able to say what he wants YT is the problem for censoring this stuff. but yall lose sight of that hella quick when there is blood in the water apparently.

    p.s. idk you Ian but you seem like a cool dude and i imagine if you are anything like me you are kicking yourself plenty and none of us need to do it for you.
    keep your chin up dude and fuck these haters.

    • says:

      I enjoyed listening to this podcast. I learned several things I didn’t know about NRA and why people against gun control were against the NRA. And I think that your arguments about boy v girl is legit. People are really more interested in what everyone else thinks about them than they should be. I still believe that deep down, they know the truth, but they are still afraid to stand up for their rights. Those people will never buy guns, much less use them. So it is up to the common sense people who see both sides of the argument and then make up their minds at “level of difficulty” like your imaginary game to take care of themselves as well as all these guys wearing man-buns and girls thinking they can be Captain America. Good analogy with the game BTW. I’m a gma but I love listening to young people who seem to have good sense. Keep up the good work! I’ll keep listening.

    • says:

      I’m sure he is a great guy irl, he seems like a cool dude to hang out with. However in terms of trying to have an intellectual debate, while he isn’t stupid, he seems too easily distracted and has a horrible habit of completely derailing good conversations towards completely unrelated topics. That drives me nuts.

    • Alexander_Weiland says:

      Ian is a pseudo intellectual who says dumb outlandish shit in a bid to sound smart. The only thing the dude cares about is sounding intelligent and he fails at it every time. His vanity is absolute and he never adds anything to the show other than derailing it. The guy is a walking meme. No one is perfect but that guy is a walking disaster, he is a liability and drags the show down. Everyone knows the chemicals being talked about, he just had to explain it so he could play smart guy but hes to dumb to realize no one said it for a reason. He argues with people just to argue and be a contrarian. The problem is not that he said a naughty, the problem is he is to dumb to realize he should not say the naughty and that goes with everything that comes out of his mouth. I am not ashamed to say this truth and wont ever be. He may have feelings but fuck his feelings. He drags the show down and every time I get into what’s being said Ian comes along to say something stupid and drag the conversation off track. He should go start his own show about freeing the code and other bullshit. He is there to play the token liberal and he sucks at it. Go get a different token liberal.

  50. says:

    Saying we’ve been doing it for years doesn’t do it justice. We’ve been doing it for a CENTURY. It has had ZERO beneficial effect. It has only resulted in unnecessary suffering and further infringements on our rights, to the point that now we are close to the point where they just might be able to go full tyrant. I mean, they already have and people are just taking it, but as bad as it is now, it’ll only be worse WHEN they come for the few remaining paths to legally get guns.

  51. Nimitz says:

    Ian the space cadet and Tim with the thousand yard stare.

  52. Vmanzo says:

    I think they took the full episode down from YouTube

    • Kara says:

      I cannot find last night’s episode on youtube either. I usually watch it in the mornings and it is no where to be found.

      • Vmanzo says:

        Same. I wake up early so I can workout at 5 before working all day in a bank. I always watch the episodes during my morning lift, and was devastated not to see it this morning. I’m a gun owner in Michigan who has actually purchased from Fenix before. Extremely upset to not get the full episode.

  53. SWVAliljon says:

    So I’m a single dad, and my son is 6. He has 2 .22lr rifles; he has a cricket and and m&p15-22. He knows more gun safety than most adults I’ve met. I’m a firm believer that all children should learn scaled gun safety. He only got his cricket because at 4 years old he torn down and reassembled an m1 carbine trigger by himself. It’s all about how you teach your child

  54. LostMarbles says:

    I, for one, love that Ian is on this show. I hate how some people like to claim he’s so dumb or annoying. I don’t know him personally, but I guarantee you he’s the farthest thing from dumb. Annoying? Why, because you don’t agree with him? Go feed your bias somewhere else then. He’s clearly operating on a different level which is probably why Tim likes him on the show. Flavor. Some of the things he says makes me cringe as well, but I take the good with the bad. I’d love to hang out with Ian. I think we’d be good friends.

    • Alanbchav92 says:

      Underrated Ian

    • Patgloria says:

      Totally agree, Ian is not dumb or even stupid. He might be ignorant about some issues, but he admits that. He might have some opinions I disagree with, but I would want to talk to him to try and see his side and meet in the middle with him on some level. If you spout hate at someone you disagree with, how are you to ever reach common ground? Republicans bitch and moan about the Dems doing this, and say they don’t want to work together because of how much they try and put Repubs down. How is dunking on Ian any different. Spend more time spending love and understanding rather than hate and discrimination. Be the change you want to see.

    • Brycedag says:

      He also is the voice of the people that dont really know a lot so when he asks questions it can help people who might have the same question learn if Tim or the guest has the answer or atleast some more insight.

    • Skoomaking90 says:

      Agreed the whole podcast devolved into explaining ways to kill people which you tube was excited for?

  55. 12glocks says:

    Justin Nazaroff did a great job speaking for the gun community in my opinion. Wolverines!

  56. Skoomaking90 says:

    Tim is also at fault because this was very spicy. Everyone is so focused on Ian but like I’m very sure they talked about multiple ways to kill groups/lots of people. AR’s, Chemical Inhalants, how to make guns, flying drones into NYC or any inhibited area, carpet bombing a city like miami from the shoreline, Just stabbing people….we are living in 1984 so doesn’t take much for YT to build a satisfactory case to ban TP. Yes Ian did say something but its not the only reason why. All this information is publicly available on the internet so this podcast wont inspire anyone but MSM sure likes to kick anyone they can in the Balls sooooooo…

  57. Wootdoo4u says:

    I was like an hour behind the live stream and i saw chat going crazy then it was gone. It seems ian said the ingredients for mustard gas. Now myself due to the OG anarchist cookbook i already knew that and plenty other boom boom stuff since i was 15. Me and my buddy brandon(RIP brandon) used to build pipe bombs and all kinds of stuff as kids. Most of it isnt hard. He ended up going into demolitions in the military till he got kicked out for unauthorized use of a rocket launcher. They can try to take our guns but are they gonna ban Walmart and tractor supply? Shit you just need some charcoal, stump remover and garden sulfur and you have gunpowder. The stuff is base level chemistry

    • whatever says:

      > It seems ian said the ingredients for mustard gas.

      I didn’t catch this ep. live but that definitely sounds like something Ian would say. What a goof.

      • says:

        I think he said bleach and ammonia, which makes chlorine gas, not mustard. Tim and everybody else were tiptoeing around it so as not to get banned.
        Pay attention to Ian, if he doesn’t know what everyone else is talking about he will whip out his phone and “research” while tuning out everyone else. When he finds the info he wants he will reengage the conversation often interrupting others. He isn’t trying to be rude, just the way his mind works. I think his mind only has two speeds, idle and 5th gear.
        I don’t know him, but I like the salsa he occasionally brings to their conversation. I just wish he wouldn’t call 5 minutes of Google searching “research”

    • wedonotkneel says:

      They were talking about mixing ammonia and bleach together. I was pry about 5 when I learned from my grandma not to do it. It is amazing that was once basic common knowledge that should be taught to every child is now so taboo that it cannot even be discussed on youtube.

  58. says:

    Ian seems like a good dude, but I stopped watching it live and started watching about 30 minutes after stream start in case I need to jump past his rants on occasion. Seems that wasn’t the play tonight as I can’t finish the video.

  59. tealmarimba12 says:

    Tim probably removed the full vid because Ian is dipshit and spelled out the ingredients for fucking mustard gas. YouTube is looking for a reason to press the cancel button, and I knew exactly what he was talking about when he said household chemicals. God damn it Ian, you saw how carefully he dancing around the topic and you said it out loud, like a fucking moron. Those people just have their finger on the button and you spell out the ingredients for a fucking chemical weapon… God damn, man, could you be any more fucking dense. It’s interesting to hear your perspective sometimes but for fucks sake, catch a fucking vibe and shut the fuck up. You created a goddamned social network. How can you not realize when you’re spelling out the ingredients for a fucking chemical weapon?

    • Maverick says:

      Ians Brain is not what it once was. Tims still sharp as a tac and is constantly monitoring things but then… kaboom. Shame for everyone who wanted to see it.

    • IDW_Belgium says:

      Why are you mad at Ian when it’s obvious that the problem is YouTube?

    • says:

      Having worked with autistic people in the past, I suspect Ian may be on the spectrum, he misses social cues ALL of the time. But he has a good heart.

      • IDW_Belgium says:

        I’m autistic and I approve this message. Though not all of us are bad at social cues! Michael Malice is autistic, yet outperforms most of his conversation partners in terms of humor, wit, empathy and irony.

        Personally I’m more of a middle-lane autistic person. I’m not too fast or too slow. I can overtake the conversation if needed, but will gracefully cede the road to speeding talkers.

  60. says:

    Did you lay into Ian for running his mouth about the 2 components that make things Tim was clearly avoiding naming? I saw the look on your face Tim. I know what’s up.

  61. Zackmcwhut says:

    Dat profile pic life doe…

  62. M_laney says:

    Your trl video on YouTube was unloaded. What happened?

  63. says:

    I find Ian’s whataboutisms funny.

  64. says:

    I remember when I was in 5th / 6th grade going to conservation camp and we got to shoot bows and arrows and target practice with rifles. one afternoon we shot clay pigeons and I still remember the recoil. I can’t help but laugh a little when Tim talks about that reporter or whoever that said he got PTSD from shooting a gun. It amazes me how much the world has changed since then. It seems things mattered more then and people were closer. now people will disassociate if you don’t agree with them and only see each other as a means to some form of power.

  65. LilyAnne says:

    This sounds game sounds like a good idea to do with the daily mail, with their movie Run Hide Fight.

  66. Dbrow144 says:

    Missed the live show tonight why is the full episode not available ?

  67. NawWeGood says:

    Hoping to see the Timcast IRL video in the morning, I usually don’t watch during the live feed so I wasn’t able to watch.

  68. laranator369 says:

    For some reason, I am still able to see the removed video on my device. Will it end up here for members only??

  69. Tazerface says:

    Finally became a member. I’ve been watching the Timcast channels since around 2017 and I always thought that second amendment content would be the secret ingredient to make things truly spicy. It is with great joy and apprehension that I’ve watched Tim grow fond of firearms over the past year. Unfortunately, this is where you become an immediate threat to those whom wish to rule us. This channel(s) dominate with logic. Keep logic alive. Thank you

    • DunningKruger says:

      I love the “Share This” prompt at the 23 min mark

      • Skunkape says:

        In your gun show you were talking about when people stopped carrying guns to school. I went to high school in austin Texas. I graduated in 1979 and we still were bringing rifles to school in our back window gun racks.

        • TexasVeteran says:

          I went to Graduated in 2003 and when I was going to school in Dumas, TX damn near everyone had rifle racks, with rifles in them, in their trucks. There was never a an incident with any firearms at that school. EVER

        • says:

          I grew up in AZ and the high school I went to in Tucson had a rifle club, every truck in the parking lot had gun racks and guns in them, never heard of a school shooting, last year of high school was. 1990. And I remember that the no guns in school thing started directly after Colinbine.

  70. misterbehavior says:

    let’s build that game

  71. Mobius_the_Cat says:

    I missed the full episode live and now it’s gone from YouTube. Did the overlords pull it for being too spicy?

    • I’m in the same boat….says removed by user? Tim & Crew, please put the full episode here underneath the video like you did for the Alex Jones episode.


      • OwnedByCats says:

        I paused the podcast & when I came back it was gone. From what I have gathered from other people, they were talking about two household items you should never put together because it’s incredibly dangerous, Ian then mentioned them specifically and *poof*, the stream was pulled. Hopefully they’ll put it up here at some point.

    • Gyonkarlo says:

      Tim was discussing about a deadly compund you can make by mixing household chemicals, never outright saying it. About 80 minutes into the stream, Ian just outright blurts it out while they’re talking, after Tim stressed multiple times not to say it.

      Probably did it so to not keep his channel from getting a strike or something. Hopefully they reupload it slightly altered.

      PS, The moment Ian says it is priceless, if you can, find it on alt platform.

    • KaziTheGreat says:

      Probably hopefully it comes up here.

    • KaziTheGreat says:

      It’s up on spotify but idk if Tim actually took it down or not from YT

  72. c0de6349 says:

    a ‘universal background check’ cannot be functional without a registry. THAT is the problem with it. how do you enforce the private sale restriction if they dont know who owned the gun in the first place.

  73. Kshthymyla says:

    Maryland’s forms DO say “drunkard” specifically.

    • Kshthymyla says:

      As a pro-2A middle school teacher, I have mixed feelings about carrying in the classroom (how will I keep it safe if students find out it exists, do I keep it on my person, loaded all day every day?), but I do like the idea of choice. Having lockdown procedures that could actually work is important to me. I do drills on the second day of the course, and I’ve had students tell me in EVERY class, “I hope the lockdown drill happens in this class period because I know what to do.” We had people trying to break in and failing, including the assistant principal. God I miss that classroom from my old school, and my custom work-tables. Also, LOVE THE VIDEO GAME idea.

      • 2aRooster says:

        Not trying to being rude, so glad you even are open minded as someone in the education system, but yes. I don’t know why anyone would “carry” a gun, and not have it on your person, with one in the pipe! There is no other way! I’m sorry. If you’re not comfortable, get better equipment. if you’re not confident, get more training. But would love to have you as my kids teacher, especially if you chose to do that!….I mean honestly think about it, thats what it’s for. When you buy grandma life alert do you put it in her medicine cabinet? no she wears it around her neck so it’s there when it matters.

      • Nimitz says:

        On body carry is the ONLY option, you’ll spend the rest of your life getting to it and/or chambering it if things go sideways.

  74. WinterTiger says:

    Is it just me or does it seem as if spanking dwindled in the home, craziness at schools ramped up?

    • Chappy says:

      Did anyone else have the yt episode get deleted

      • KRYPTKEEPER says:

        i think tim deleted it bc Ian said some things that YT wouldnt have liked and Tim acquiesced and bent his knee to google, but that is just conjecture.

        • Colt_Steele says:

          hopefully he puts it up on here, I spent a lot of money on super chats but didn’t get to finish watching it xD

        • says:

          I wouldn’t necessarily call it bending the knee… YT gives him a means to draw in an audience and for ppl to see if they like the content enough to pay for it. It makes sense for him to stay on it as long as he can to get as much exposure as he can. not to mention, given the political/ cultural climate, I don’t know that I would feel comfortable stating what easily available chemicals can be mixed to create something akin to mustard gas… especially in mixed company not knowing who will listen and act on that information. even though that information is readily available, media would pin it on him given the context… they already try to portray him as right wing so they would jump at the chance. I see it as simply being prudent.

  75. Regina says:

    I’m probably not your average listener, I’m a 51 year old female who only got political this past year because of covid. After months of listening to channels like yours, I bought my first gun. I love your shows. I faithfully watch all your channels. I have to go through withdrawals every weekend when you don’t do shows. Oh by the way, I bought my I am a gorilla tee shirt. I love you all.

    • Race says:

      Much love! Got into the whole political atmosphere because of his appearance on Joe Rogan. Been following ever since. By the way I miss Adam on the show

      • Kshthymyla says:

        Agree with both of you. I voted trump in 2016 as a bernie supporter, to get people to pay attention and give him a chance in 2020, but by then I actually preferred trump. While I got my red pill in about 2018 with an ABC piece about some sexist tweet they showed on screen, and I read (it was a STRETCH), I started paying attention here to get an actual sense of the developments in the violence going on around the country and what was being said by all. Tim does an EXCELLENT job with intellectual integrity. And I also miss Adam. Who I have reason to suspect is elsewhere in the same house, which doubles down on it.

        You’ve handled the publicity very well. Not saying is the best move. But I’ve felt moved, at times, to speculate, and I have opinions that all lead to him at least coming on from time to time.

        Ian.. I love you as a human being, and sometimes you have good ideas that get ignored. Please understand you’ve earned very thick skepticism. While technically everything in the universe actually is a “vibration” of a sort, “wave” is a better choice of words and either is often a terrible explanation and even worse conflation.

    • 2aRooster says:

      Awesome welcome to the 2a family, what did you get?

    • jchamilothoris says:

      Similar situation for me. 54 yof who just started watching. I LOVE this show and jones over the weekend, lol. I am trying to do little things to help stop this ridiculous road to socialism. Don’t know quite how to “spread the word”, but is definitely one place to start.

  76. Drewncharlie says:

    So i went to teaching school. I did the 3 years masters and the exams and the internship, the whole 9 yards. Taught us history and AP world history as a student teacher. I had to teach my kids about the very first: “run, hide, fight” plans. at my high school we had pre-thought-out plans for escape or battling a shooter. But also we had another history teacher who was a iraq veteran, and an explosives expert. He had been in his same classroom for 11 years. The common understanding among the fellow teachers was that, in the case of an active shooter, this teacher had the power to stop the shooter. Somewhere in his classroom. And it was common knowledge.

    I also went to school myself in a very rural high school and they had to have an assembly to tell the students to stop bringing their hunting weapons to school in their trucks on their gun racks. You could see em in the windows of the trucks in the parking lot. If you live in hunting country or small town america, guns are not just a right to have, they are a necessary everyday item you find all over the place. Its not weird. And the people know how to use them safely

  77. allgoodguy says:

    I’m just going to bypass the topic 100% to say IAN STFU!

    • BlazingSandbox says:

      Glad this is here and I’m here. Got taken down from YouTube. Kinda freaked for a minute. Wasn’t sure if ya’ll were ok. Glad you are and thank you, Tim, Lydia, Ian, Luke (missed you), and wonderful brave guests!

  78. Braapzakk says:

    I carry everywhere. But once I get to my office building. I have to lock it up or leave it at home…. Makes me feel solo deflated. I have military and civilian training. But because my office doesn’t want it…. Sucks. But I can carry at my local community college when I have class… Wierrd world.

  79. Nightmareblaze says:

    i was watching the stream then just DC’ed 🙁

    i hope it gets uploaded here tho.


  80. FanculoVenatzzi says:

    Here in Canada they are taking away our guns just like your talking about in this video. Basically over night they passed a law that made an already restricted firearm now prohibited. In Canada we have 3 classifications of fire arms. Non-restricted, restricted and prohibited.

    Non-restricted guns include most rifles and shotsguns with a barrel length of 18.6″, restricted guns include pistols, AR15s and anything else thats sort of scary looking. Prohibited guns are just guns they don’t think you should have an AK 47 is prohibited in Canada, completely illegal to own an AK47 in Canada BUT an old Russian SKS that shoots the same 7.62×39 round falls under the non-restricted category. Which means that you can take an SKS out in the woods and blast rounds with your buddies.

    An AR15 is classified as restricted, you need a restricted firearms license and a valid gun club member ship to own a restricted firearm. You can only take a restricted firearm to and from your home and the range essentially. Completely illegal to take out your AR15 out in the woods with your SKS.

    Anyways, the Truedeau government came out with a bill that placed AR15s and a bunch of other random firearms in the prohibited category. So now people with AR15s and any of the guns on this ridiculous list basically cannot remove the firearm from their safe. They have talked about a buy back program but have yet to share the details of it. Some people will be able to keep their firearms without turning them over but by signing a claus stating that the gun is basically now a show piece.

    I could go on and on….

    Our gun laws in Canada are so fucked up, ill gladly answer any questions anyone has about our gun laws.

    Biden might get a tip or two from Trudy, and you guys should be prepared.

  81. MadmanMarines says:

    Just became a member because I’m tired of youtube taking Tim’s videos down when in halfway through. So happy to finally be here!

  82. Cigar_Sam says:

    Why was vid removed from YT and now uploaded here? Video issue?

    • Regina says:

      I’m probably not your average listener, I’m a 51 year old female who only got political this past year because of covid. After months of listening to channels like yours, I bought my first gun. I love your shows. I faithfully watch all your channels. I have to go through withdrawals every weekend when you don’t do shows. Oh by the way, I bought my I am a gorilla tee shirt. I love you all.

  83. Akjosh907 says:

    Seems to me that if YT had deleted the video, it would have been the first thing out of Tim’s mouth. No, I’m confident he removed the video proactively in fear of losing all those sweet YT dollars.

    • Zerref says:

      why do you care? He wants to be able to reach as many people as possible. Yes he removed it. Get over it. Everyone feels so entitled now a days. I hope he continues to keep up the good work.

      • Akjosh907 says:

        My view of this website, and what Tim has said himself, is that it exists as a fallback for the YouTube channel in the event that they are censored. That’s why I paid for the sub. That’s why I care. I kinda feel like I was deceived and Tim’s real intentions aren’t getting the word out, but making money from YouTube and this site.

    • DJKong says:

      Tim probably did delete it. But that’s fine. He’s never misrepresented the fact he operates within the BS rules of YT in order to do his job. It’s more important he gets his commentary out there than letting his channel die so Ian can tell us how to make chlorine gas or even name the name that can’t be named.

      And with all the work he puts in there’s certainly nothing wrong with him earning money through YT or any other platform.

      • Akjosh907 says:

        No problem with him earning money. But it just seems to me that he’s not honest about that. I feel I have been deceived. And as far as Ian goes, it’s kind of ironic. I disagree with 99% of what he says, but I love and respect the fact that he’s the only one who seems to stand on his morals and not his wallet.

    • Akjosh907 says:

      Lol. Are you intellectually inhibited so much that you can’t make an argument of substance and have to resort to insults?

    • Cerevo says:

      If YT did delete it, it may be that they did it while they were recording this so they didn’t know until after this was done. I looked through his twitter and he didn’t mention it there either though.

  84. DJKong says:

    The solution to stopping school shootings is moderately simple.

    Elevate school officers to the same level of specialization, training, and respect as SWAT instead of the joke/throw away position it’s often relegated to. Then create a voluntary program for teachers that certifies them to conceal carry on school grounds and trains them to work with the school officers in an active shooter situation.

  85. Tom says:

    OK, I officially admit to being an old guy.
    I had a gun safety class in High School. My Dad (a HS Teacher) and I would would go hunting before school. We’d go from hunting to school with our guns in the car. No problem. Our car wasn’t the only one with guns in it.

    • Tom says:

      BTW, my first gun was a .22 single shot, bolt action. I was 14.

      • Zerref says:

        I’m 31 and from the south. I was 8 when I shot a 9mm. Got my hunting safety coarse at 10. It is tradition to shoot and hunt in my family. We teach kids young to show them how to be responsible. Safety is always first. I will continue the tradition no matter what policy is put in place.

    • Manville says:

      In 2003 I left my 870 in the back seat when I went to school after deer season, the principal just walked up to me in between classes and said he didn’t want to see it again. Was technically illegal but he never reported it, probably would have been taken out in cuffs today.

  86. Drewncharlie says:

    I love this channel. I mean thank god there are some reasonable and popular voices online to discuss flashpoint issues. And tim thank you so much for not shouting out your twitter at the end of the show. Twitter might as well be bots. It doesnt represent real people. This guy is right. Open defiance on a mass level is the only way to enact change but our communication platforms wont allow us to organize mass civil disobedience unless its like an Antifa situation where at the time it was working for them. . END THE LOCKDOWNS NOW. every bumper sticker, every tshirt, every post, every interview, every protest. Every conversation. It all matters Wake up. Start acting like fucking Americans instead of sheep. Love you guys.

    Except teespring. For christ sake support an indie company.

  87. Zenomorphic says:

    Democrats have become a cartoon level evil group of nutcases. I am beyond sick of these people. The constant ratcheting up of their incendiary rhetoric, the complete disregard for people’s rights, its just freaking wrong.

  88. Agstar says:

    Between 5th and 6th grade had hunter’s safety in summer school. We went to the range one day for class. Well all brought 22 rifles to school on the school bus. This was in the early 90’s.

  89. hawley987 says:

    I’m in a tight spot on gun ownership. I got declared “mentally deficient” by some judges in my early 20’s. The gun form asks if you have been declared mentally deficient. Usually the states are too lazy to turn over the court documents, so it may not be on record and I might pass the background check but ONLY if I were to check NO on the form but then then I’m pretty sure that is a crime. If I check yes, I’m disqualified even if the forms weren’t handed over…I never hurt anyone or committed any crime. So I guess no guns for me forever?

  90. Plaguen says:

    Oh you need a background check to exercise your 2A well then how about we make it the same for your right to VOTE!?

  91. Nemes101 says:

    I’m probably going to up my membership now since YouTube is part of the state

  92. Bigbrocody says:

    Trying to catch up. I get off work as the live steam is gong ago i just start it from the beginning. Tonight i didn’t see anything. Whats going on?

  93. Gamerdude357 says:

    Please post the whole show here. (Or at least what is left after editing out what Ian said)

  94. Russ says:

    I suspect Tim is wisely doing a slight edit to remove a blunder and will then upload the slightly edited version. To stay on youtube and not create a mess for himself to me this is a very good thing to do. The blunder was trivial but annoying.

    • Akjosh907 says:

      The “blunder” is called free speech and I find it entirely hypocritical that Tim is willing to censor himself instead of standing his ground. And for what?….money.

      • Bigbrocody says:

        Still waiting to see the blunder but like he has said in the past he will try and keep the platform on YouTube to get a broader message out. I believe that Tim and the crew will know what hill to die on when it comes up. Still trying to catch up to see what i missed.

      • 3Bananas says:

        That is a pretty hefty assumption. I’d like to give Tim the benefit of the doubt and say that his yt channel is pretty important and influential and the broader viewership that youtube provides is worth taking that bit that Ian said out. while yes, Tim is bending his knee here (in my opinion it’s not that much tho) but, it’s worth that to still be able to get the overall message out.

        • Akjosh907 says:

          What message? The second the video is edited the “message” is lost.

          • Robert says:

            That’s ridiculous. The “message” isn’t lost if Tim edits out where Ian blurts out how to make chloramine gas. Why should Tim give youtube exactly what they need to shut him down?

          • Akjosh907 says:

            He shouldn’t. But he also shouldn’t sell subscriptions to his website under the pretense that he’s doing as a back up to YouTube. He should say, “I’m selling subs and doing YouTube because it makes me more money”. I for one feel deceived, especially for the fact that they haven’t even put the episode up here. Why? I thought that’s what the website was for. It’s certainly the reason I was willing to PAY. I’ve had my suspicions about Tim’s arrogance, but this pretty much confirms it. He’s not about spreading information or a message. He’s about doing whatever he has to in order to keep the money rolling in. Which is cool with me, except that it’s not how he presented himself to those of us who payed for the sub.

          • Akjosh907 says:

            And who the hell doesn’t already know that shit?! And if you didn’t already know it, or someone you love didn’t already know that, maybe it’s for the better that it be said so that the ignorant become educated? Or is it more important to shield common people from information for the sake of bad ones not gaining it too? Sounds a lot like the censorship that Tim so often criticizes….hypocritical much?

      • codywurzer says:

        Second that

      • Whatbroke says:

        I personally completely understand Tim practicing C.Y.A.. Income from YouTube may very well be a factor, but Tim taking action to try to prevent a dangerous situation (one that could lead to someone hurting themself or others) seems very much in line with what he would do considering the strong stance Tim has always had against hurting people.

        I understand the free speech argument, and agree that Ian absolutely had the right to say what he said. However, the right to do something doesn’t shield from the repercussions as a result of taking that action.

        I also agree that the info Ian stated is public knowledge, and ought to be common knowledge as Ian said. However, proper preparation and contextualization by Ian might have helped Ian and Tim coordinate on the best/safest way to share that information with a different result.

      • Johnbird20040 says:

        Its not about money its about how many ears you can reach. If you put a target on your forehead you are just begging to be silenced, and to lose the opportunity to inform so many people. The whole point of this website is so that he can speak freely you get it? Instead you want him to just get banned today, and only reach 200 people instead of millions? Think.

        • Akjosh907 says:

          I don’t want them to get banned. I want them to stand on morals and not bend the knee to YT. I didn’t pay for the subscription so Tim could censor himself.

    • FACTBOT5000 says:

      He should still be able to post the unedited version here on his own site.

      • Johnbird20040 says:

        You want him to talk to just you? Think this is not about a single person he is trying to make sure he can reach millions of people so they can be informed. So many people on here think they know whats best yet they have no idea what goes thru the mind of a person who could very well be the Tipping point for a nation if he plays his cards right. Instead let’s just write kick me on our backs, and cry to ourselves when our ass hurts thats a good idea.

  95. Akjosh907 says:

    Can we get an explanation as to why you deleted the video? If you’re afraid of censorship Tim and willing to “bend the knee”, then I’ll be canceling my subscription.

    • JMGardner says:

      Disagree, tim is doing an amazing job reaching people. That would be a stupid move to be banned.

      • hawley987 says:

        Agree. How many more people would be completely unaware if Tim said fuck it and got himself banned.

        • Akjosh907 says:

          I just have a hard time maintaining any degree of respect or admiration for someone who more or less preaches about free speech and the negativity of censorship, but lays down and CENSORS HIMSELF. Now someone who stands their ground, someone who is willing to sacrifice monetary compensation and not morals, that’s someone who I couldn’t not respect or admire. That’s someone who I would support and donate to and advocate for. Tim just proved himself to be at the will of the dollar…in my opinion.

      • Akjosh907 says:

        He reaches people with certain ideals. However, his actions don’t align with the ideals of which he speaks. Sounds to me like most of his listeners are in the same hypocritical boat. I hope I’m wrong and YT censored the video. But as far as I can tell by watching the way he interacts with people on the show, Tim is arrogant and just about the coin.

      • FACTBOT5000 says:

        That shouldn’t stop him from posting an unedited version here on his own site.

        • Solomon says:

          I’m pretty sure this guy is saying this to seed doubt. Even if Tim did at fuck it. We are paying him directly to do what he likes. Stop being negative. YouTube probably just didn’t like it. They are weird like that.

          • Akjosh907 says:

            I pay for a product. And for me, part of the reason I bought this sub is because I always thought Tim would stand his ground now that he has this website. Pretty obvious that it’s not about spreading the message and is about making money.

    • DJKong says:

      The solution to stopping school shootings is moderately simple.

      Elevate school officers to the same level of specialization, training, and respect as SWAT instead of the joke/throw away position it’s often relegated to. Then create a voluntary program for teachers that certifies them to conceal carry on school grounds and trains them to work with the school officers in an active shooter situation.

    • Johnbird20040 says:

      You want him to talk to just you? Think this is not about a single person he is trying to make sure he can reach millions of people so they can be informed. So many people on here think they know whats best yet they have no idea what goes thru the mind of a person who could very well be the Tipping point for a nation if he plays his cards right. Instead let’s just write kick me on our backs, and cry to ourselves when our ass hurts thats a good idea.

  96. JMGardner says:

    I’m glad I watch this live on YouTube. Luckily caught the Jones episode and this one before YouTube censored it

  97. fairycoffins says:

    balls, I missed the episode tonight 🙁 I hope there’s a recording of it somewhere, i love Fenix Ammo

  98. LISTERFIEND45 says:

    Lol Ian.

  99. Pjlittlefoot says:

    Ok I understand that YouTube took tonight’s episode down but what’s up with this video not being available?

  100. goldskier212 says:

    Man! Only got to watch the first 5 minutes of this one :/ Thank you guys so much though!

  101. ReidWilson says:

    Ian actually helped you out tonight… I was procrastinating becoming a member until tonight lol. I guess it really was a matter of time before YT hit the big red button. I’m sure you’ll get it all figured out and all will end well but how many more times am I supposed to just let this happen to people that simply speak their mind?

  102. WaitWhat says:

    Glad to see you guys continuing the conversation. I was a few minutes behind the live stream and when it shut down I was pretty sure it was the mention of the names of those household chemicals and ferts. We laughed really hard when Ian said that goofy shit and you got really stern. Tf Ian…

  103. TheNightWatch says:

    I think it was deleted because Ian said something he really shouldn’t have on YouTube.

  104. Johnbird20040 says:

    Tim & Gang please give us an update when you get the chance ? praying you guys don’t get banned.

  105. JoeSchmoe says:

    was watching while at work. thankful it has been uploaded here was a great episode so far

  106. DreamB says:

    Where is the main irl from tonight? I had to turn it off to do something else and now it has disappeared?

  107. Vankirk1776 says:

    Keep up the grind fellows. Love the show.