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J. Lee Hammond is a journalist, writer, and intelligence analyst whose experience in counter-terrorism, electoral politics, and media development offers unique insights into the ‘everyday news cycle.’ Using plain words and interesting narratives, Hammond has built a career on turning fact-based stories into must-read articles. Brief History: Published scholar the University of Edinburgh, UK Managing Editor at Multiple Top 100 Websites Former Counter-Terror Officer at the NYPD Stories viewed by more than 50 million readers Personal Motto: Clichés are the enemy.


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    TERROR KABUL: At Least 2 Explosions Occur Near Afghanistan’s Main Airport, Casualties Unknown
    DELTA vs DELTA: Airline Becomes First to Fine Unvaccinated Employees $200 Per Month
    TALIBAN GOES GREEN? Islamic Group Vows to Fight Climate Change from Afghanistan
    THAT’S ALBANY, FOLKS! Emmys Shun Cuomo, Rescind Award Over Sexual Misconduct Allegations
    Biden’s Approval Rating Drops to 41% in New Poll
    2 YEARS to SLOW THE SPREAD? Fauci Hopes to Have COVID Under Control by Spring of 2022
    Press Sec Says It’s ‘Irresponsible to Say that Americans Are Stranded’ in Afghanistan
    CHICAGOLAND: Gang Violence Leaves 7 Dead, 44 Wounded During Bloody Weekend
    Biden Fosters Confusion During 30-Minute Press Briefing
    JAIL MATE: Australian Anti-Lockdown Protest Organizer Sentenced to Eight Months in Prison
    REPORT: FBI Finds Little Evidence January 6th Riot at US Capitol ‘Was Coordinated’
    LOCKED DOWN UNDER: Australian Police Tell Protesters ‘Stay Home or Face Legal Action’
    CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER: NYT Says Anti-COVID Barriers ‘Could Help Spread’ the Disease
    WATCH: Biden Confirms 15,000 American Citizens Are Trying to Flee Afghanistan