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J. Lee Hammond is a journalist, writer, and intelligence analyst whose experience in counter-terrorism, electoral politics, and media development offers unique insights into the ‘everyday news cycle.’ Using plain words and interesting narratives, Hammond has built a career on turning fact-based stories into must-read articles. Brief History: Published scholar the University of Edinburgh, UK Managing Editor at Multiple Top 100 Websites Former Counter-Terror Officer at the NYPD Stories viewed by more than 50 million readers Personal Motto: Clichés are the enemy.

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    Maryland Governor Vows to ‘Re-Fund the Police’ to ‘Increase Crime Control’
    Biden Admin to Reinstate Trump’s ‘Remain in Mexico’ Policy in November
    Chicago Police Union Boss Urges Officers to Defy Mayor’s COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate
    Kamala Harris Criticizes ‘European Explorers’ Who ‘Ushered Wave of Destruction’
    Brooklyn Nets Ban Kyrie Irving from the Team for Refusing COVID-19 Vaccine
    WATCH: Southwest Airlines CEO Says He’s ‘Never Been in Favor’ of Businesses Mandating Vaccines
    14 Businesses in NYC Fined for Defying De Blasio’s Vaccine Mandate
    September Jobs Report Falls Far Below Expectations, 194,000 Positions Added
    REPORT: Donald Trump Asks Courts for Immediate Access to His Facebook Account as Lawsuit Proceeds
    Los Angeles City Council Passes One of the Strictest Vaccine Mandates in the US
    ‘Shrinkflation’ Hits Grocery Store Shelves Across the US, Smaller Products at Higher Prices
    New York’s Largest Health Care System Fires 1400 Employees for Defying COVID Vaccine Mandate
    China Ramps-Up Military Flights Near Taiwan, State Media Declares ‘Excellent Job’
    Gavin Newsom Announces COVID Vaccine Mandate for All Eligible School Children in California