Articles by Hannah Claire Brimelow

Writer and reporter based in the greater Washington, DC area. She covers politics, culture, digital trends, and socio-economics. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, hiking, and stalking historic homes online.


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    Far-Left Activist Follows Senator Sinema into a Bathroom and Records Her
    Global Outage Takes Down Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp
    Ohio Supreme Court Rules Drugs in Systems Does Not Prove Drug Possession
    Black Woman Pretended to be KKK Member and Threatened Neighbors
    North Carolina School Board Votes on Controversial Policy Restricting the Instruction of Anti-American Sentiments
    Democrats Vote Against Bill Requiring COVID Test For Illegal Immigrants Before Their Release
    Smith & Wesson Announce Relocation From Massachusetts to Tennessee
    Most Trump Voters—and Almost as Many Biden Supporters—Would Support Secession
    PwC Offers Remote Work Option to All Full-Time, US Employees
    Oregon School Board Bans Employees From Displaying Political Symbols
    Anti-Vaccine Passport Protestor Blasted With Water Cannons In Slovenia
    COVID-19 Cases Decline Domestically and Abroad
    Former French President Sarkozy Sentenced to a Year in Prison
    Russia May Block YouTube After Two German Channels Were Deleted in Alleged Misinformation Purge