Articles by Hannah Claire Brimelow

Writer and reporter based in the greater Washington, DC area. She covers politics, culture, digital trends, and socio-economics. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, hiking, and stalking historic homes online.

Marine Charged For Criticizing Afghanistan Withdrawal Pleads Guilty
Walmart’s Critical Race Theory Training Says White Employees are Guilty of 'White Supremacy Thinking'
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One Australian State Reopened While Another Fines Unvaccinated People $5,000
Jan 6 Committee Will Vote to Hold Steve Bannon in Criminal Contempt
US Senate Candidate Cancels Fundraiser Because of Organizer’s Twitter Profile Photo
Penn School Teacher Allegedly Threatened A Shooting After COVID Barrier Was Taken Down
New Hampshire Rejects $27 Million in Federal Funding for COVID Vaccine Outreach
Trans Employees At Netflix Will Have 'Day of Rest' To Protest Dave Chappelle's Comedy Special
Catholic Archbishop Says Troops Can Refuse COVID-19 Vaccination
Thousands of Students Register To Attend Lecture by Canceled Professor
United Airlines to Fire Over 200 Unvaccinated Employees
Homeland Security Orders ICE to Stop Workplace Raids
US To Open Border To Fully Vaccinated Travelers from Mexico and Canada