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Cassandra Fairbanks has been working as a journalist for over a decade and a half and has a strong interest in covering stories that the mainstream media will not touch. Her writing and video reports have appeared in countless publications across the globe.


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    Haunted House Actor Accidentally Stabs 11-Year-Old While Trying to Scare Him With Real Knife
    Texas Secretary of State Announces Audit of 2020 Election Results in Four Counties
    Derek Chauvin Appeals Conviction — Representing Himself After Being Denied Public Defender
    Customs and Border Protection Capture 61-Year-Old Wanted for Sexually Assaulting Child in Texas
    Arizona State University Student Harassed for Studying While White in a 'Multicultural Space'
    Tulsi Gabbard Slams Biden Admin: Haitian Migrant Crisis is 'Direct Result of Your Open-Border Policy'
    ACLU Edits Ruth Bader Ginsburg Quote to Erase the Word 'Women' and All Female Pronouns
    Florida State Rep. Introduces Abortion Bill Similar to Texas Heartbeat Act
    Florida Court Grants Temporary Injunction Against Gainesville Vaccine Mandate
    Vermont School Board Votes to Continue Flying Black Lives Matter Flags on K-12 Campuses, Despite Protest From Parents
    Trump Files $100 Million Lawsuit Against New York Times for Publishing Confidential Tax Docs
    Texas Lawmakers Who Voted for New Abortion Law Notified of 'Credible Threat' to Their Safety
    Family Guy Releases 'Schoolhouse Rock!' Style Pro-Vaccine Ad (VIDEO)
    DC Student Athletes, School Staff, Ordered to Get Mandatory Vaccinations