Articles by Cassandra Fairbanks

Cassandra Fairbanks has been working as a journalist for over a decade and a half and has a strong interest in covering stories that the mainstream media will not touch. Her writing and video reports have appeared in countless publications across the globe.


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    Dating Website 'Match' Releases Vaccination Data on US Singles
    Sen. Feinstein Introduces Bill to Require Proof of Vaccine, Negative Test, or 'Documentation of Recovery' For Domestic Flights
    Jan. 6 House Select Committee Subpoenas Records From Groups That Planned Pro-Trump Rallies
    Gov. Kristi Noem Blames Sexism for Report Alleging She's Having an Affair With Corey Lewandowski
    82% of Americans Are Scared That Supply Chain Issues Will Ruin Their Life Plans
    Koch Network Opposes Banning Critical Race Theory in Schools
    Case Dismissed for Wisconsin Woman Facing Felony for 'Hate Crime' Charge Over Feminist Stickers
    San Diego Unified School District Mandates Vaccines for All Staff and Students
    Florida Attorney General Files Lawsuit Against Biden Admin for Not Protecting Border
    Over 100 Americans Evacuated From Afghanistan on Private Charter Flight
    Executive Director of ACLU Apologizes for Removing References to 'Women' From Ruth Bader Ginsburg Quote
    Democrat Lawmakers Introduce 'No Militarization of Space Act' to Abolish the Space Force
    Child Porn Suspect Drove to North Carolina Police Department and Killed Himself
    South Korean President Says 'Time Has Come' for a Ban on Eating Dogs